Wifesharing Hotwife Creampie Cathy Gives Us Insight Into Her Kinky Sex Life

Jerk­ing off into a pussy is the most nat­ur­al, yet unspec­tac­u­lar way to insem­i­nate a woman. It has there­fore become accept­ed in porn movies that men usu­al­ly ejac­u­late out­side the pussy into the face, on the breasts, on the body or on the mound of Venus.

Ama­teur MILF Cathy finds the creamp­ies extreme­ly horny and loves to be abun­dant­ly insem­i­nat­ed by sev­er­al men. She real­ly cel­e­brates the cum loads, likes to suck around with sperm and swal­lows it very glad­ly. On her pri­vate sex site CreampieCathy.com Cathy gives us an insight into her love life.

Since Cathy’s porn site makes every cuck­old and wife­shar­er’s heart beat faster, it was absolute­ly clear that she has to be sub­ject­ed to an erot­ic site test by us. In this review, we will explain to you whether it is worth pay­ing mon­ey for a mem­ber­ship. We com­pare the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages and tell you what con­tent is hid­den in the mem­bers area. Please share your opin­ions and expe­ri­ences with us if you already know the site

Vis­it CreampieCathy.com

Who Is Creampie Cathy?

In the world of wife­shar­ers, swingers and cuck­olds Creampie Cathy is some­thing of a leg­end. She hails from Aus­tralia, but has been liv­ing in Los Ange­les for many years. Sur­pris­ing­ly, Cathy has been hap­pi­ly mar­ried to her hus­band Peter for more than 25 years. The cou­ple is very active in the wife­shar­ing and swinger scene

When their first web­site went online in 1998, she her­self was sur­prised by its suc­cess. Since then, Cathy says she has had sex with more than 4,300 men and got about 10,000 creamp­ies in her pussy and butt. The high­est dai­ly num­bers are: Sex with 38 men in one day and 58 creamp­ies in a sin­gle day

Cathy loves creamp­ies. For her it counts as sex only if the man cum inside her while fuck­ing. Dur­ing her first sex, her boyfriend squirt­ed then into her vagi­na and trig­gered a strong orgasm in the insem­i­nat­ed cum pussy. Since then, she is into being fucked and insem­i­nat­ed bare.

In many video clips, she has sex with black men and gets pumped full of their huge cocks. Cathy often plays the role of a teacher and intro­duces younger ama­teur per­form­ers to the world of creamp­ies, cum games, and gangbangs.

Creampie Cathy: Cum swapping at a gangbang
Creampie Cathy: Cum swap­ping at a gangbang

The Preview Area of Creampiecathy.com

Dur­ing my review of CreampieCathy.com, I always start by look­ing at the pre­view area. This shows extreme­ly well what a mem­ber can expect on this website

As an intro­duc­tion, Cathy tells a bit about her­self. You can see thumb­nails of almost 100 videos. If you point the mouse cur­sor at a pho­to, you will see an ani­ma­tion of what is hap­pen­ing in the clip

Besides Cathy, numer­ous oth­er girls are fucked in the videos and get creamp­ies, of course. Already in the demo videos of Cathy you can see that not only horny sex with strange men is in the fore­ground, but espe­cial­ly the insem­i­na­tion of the pussy as well as the clean lick­ing and cum swallowing.

Facts and Figures About the Website

CreampieCathy.com is already online since Novem­ber 2003. Besides the Creampie project, Cathy also runs the web­sites CathysCraving.com and CathyDoesBlacks.com.

An impor­tant point in any review is the cost and options of mem­ber­ship. At CreampieCathy.com they look like this:

  • Sub­scrip­tion with 1 month term: $24.95
  • Sub­scrip­tion with 3 months dura­tion: $44.95
  • Annu­al sub­scrip­tion: $8.33 /month. Will be deb­it­ed as an amount of $ 99.95

Cred­it cards can be used as a means of pay­ment for mem­bers from Ger­many. Both Visa Card and Mas­ter­Card are accepted.

Test Report: Review of the Member Area of Creampiecathy.com

Site Structure, Content and Special Features

On the CreampieCathy.com web­site, things are real­ly intense. It’s amaz­ing how Cathy just craves to get one creampie after anoth­er. It’s rare to find some­thing like that in a woman

Cathy enjoys every cock, every thrust, and every sperm splash well vis­i­ble. Her hus­band, as a self-con­fessed wife­shar­er, is the cameraman.

Accord­ing to their own infor­ma­tion, mem­bers can watch more than 2,000 videos there. All clips were shot in full HD, the new­er ones even in 4k (UHD). They are sup­ple­ment­ed by about the same num­ber of pho­to sets. One set con­tains about 100 images. You can down­load or stream the videos. There is no dai­ly lim­it. All con­tent on the site is exclusive.

In many films, she gets active sup­port from young girls. In this con­text, I noticed not only that Cathy likes to be fucked by black men but also that many of “Cathy’s girls” are black or brown women.

Advantages of the Creampiecathy Sex Site

No sex with con­doms is tol­er­at­ed on Creampie Cathy. The girls are all fucked bare and insem­i­nat­ed. After all, this is the most nat­ur­al thing in the world. When you have sex with an attrac­tive woman, you want to feel her ful­ly and pump your sperm into her pussy or ass­hole when you climax

You can see that not only men enjoy it, but also their female guests like to be fucked horny and filled with plen­ty of cum.

Disadvantages of the Porn Site

In my review, it both­ers me that there is no tri­al access. There is no way to avoid sign­ing up for at least a month­ly subscription

The res­o­lu­tion of the old­er videos leaves a lot to be desired. How­ev­er, it must be said that the tech­nol­o­gy was not yet so far back then

Anoth­er neg­a­tive aspect is that there are no real part­ner sites. The linked web­sites like Cathy’s Crav­ing or Cathy goes Black basi­cal­ly have the same content.

Review Conclusion: Is creampiecathy.com Recommendable?

My final ver­dict of this review of CreampieCathy.com is def­i­nite­ly pos­i­tive! Every wife­shar­er, cuck­old, bull and also every hotwife will find Cathy’s porn strong­ly arousing

Her ama­teur char­ac­ter and the thought that the hus­band Peter is the cam­era­man pro­vides for horny wife­shar­ing and cuck­old asso­ci­a­tions. You can prac­ti­cal­ly imag­ine your­self in a role of kinky wife­shar­ing porn.

I like Creampie Cathy because I love creamp­ies and unin­hib­it­ed ama­teur sex with­out a script. There are plen­ty of horny scenes of it on this porn site. In anoth­er point I share Cathy’s opin­ion: For me also only sex with­out a con­dom with a creampie at the end is “real sex”

If you can’t be at such a gang­bang, the web­site offers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to watch it. In my opin­ion, Cathy’s group sex porn can also be watched togeth­er on a porn night. They pro­vide insights into how self-orga­nized sex par­ties can go.

Vis­it CreampieCathy.com

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