Selfcum: Cuckolds Love to Shoot Their Own Cum into Their Own Mouths

When strong­ly aroused, many guys feel the desire to blow their own penis and swal­low their own sperm. In ado­les­cence, the per­cent­age of men who occa­sion­al­ly shoot their sperm into their own mouths is par­tic­u­lar­ly high.

But cuck­olds have also grad­u­al­ly lost the shy­ness of their sperm com­plete­ly. They even love to swal­low their sperm them­selves one day. Many of them like to ejac­u­late direct­ly into their mouths to eat their cum. 

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, instruc­tions on how to learn to swal­low your own sper m and what posi­tion is best for this can be found pri­mar­i­ly only on Eng­lish web­sites. This is also the case with the extra­or­di­nary porn site, which I present to you in this review. 

As a cuck­old, I am always inter­est­ed in unusu­al mas­tur­ba­tion tech­niques and cum swal­low­ing tech­niques, so I was amazed when I found this porn site. In the fol­low­ing review, I would like to explain to you what con­tent awaits you as a mem­ber and what advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages Self­Cum offers. Feel free to send me your ques­tions, expe­ri­ences and opin­ions in the com­ment box below the review.


The Eternal, Unfulfilled Desire to Swallow Your Own Sperm

Before we get into the Self Cum review, I would like to give you a brief expla­na­tion of why the desire to swal­low your own sperm so often fails:

Most men like to watch porn and mas­tur­bate while doing so. Espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar are cum porn movies where guys with big dicks ejac­u­late over a wom­an’s face. By fre­quent­ly watch­ing cumshots, ejac­u­la­tions and facial insem­i­na­tions, many men get the idea to ejac­u­late their own cum on their face. 

As long as they are aroused, the thought of it is also very horny! You wish to jerk the cock nice and hard and then squirt his horny sperm direct­ly into his mouth.

Ejaculate yourself in the mouth
Rather a wish than real­i­ty: Ejac­u­late your­self in the mouth

But usu­al­ly, it remains only with the inten­tion! Often the penis is not long enough, the back is too tense, the sperm does not squirt far enough… and, many men have after the ejac­u­la­tion abrupt­ly at once a men­tal block to take their own sperm in the mouth.

And so, it is the same every time: Despite all inten­tions, the search­ing gaze des­per­ate­ly wan­ders through the room in search of paper tis­sues or socks under the bed. Each time, you’re faced with the pan­icked ques­tion, “Where to put the sperm?!” Your own mouth? No, thanks! In an emer­gency, you sim­ply have to use your belly. 

But there is a trick: You have to swal­low the sperm before this men­tal block sets in. For this, you have a time win­dow of only five seconds!

The porn site Self­Cum offers you a lot of ideas and tech­niques how to trick the men­tal block. With prac­ti­cal exam­ples, you can learn to swal­low your own sperm with these tuto­ri­als (instruc­tions). The sex­u­al tech­nique “self cum” or “self suck”, is in Ger­man: self-cum, self-suck, self blowjob.

Selfcum: Self cum - Review

Facts and Figures about the Website

Many men fail at the hur­dle of swal­low­ing their own sperm. In order for this wish to final­ly become a real­i­ty, one needs moti­va­tion, com­pe­tent instruc­tions and prac­ti­cal help. But unfor­tu­nate­ly, there is lit­tle infor­ma­tion on the sub­ject on the Internet 

The dark fig­ure is high, but nev­er­the­less no man talks about this enor­mous taboo top­ic! Nei­ther with his wife or part­ner nor with his bud­dies. Those who do, remain silent.

The porn site clos­es this gap and offers you explo­sive first-hand infor­ma­tion on this top­ic of self-cum. Self­Cum is online since 2013. Every day 500 to 1000 men romp on this web­site and get inspired to self-cum 

The project is part of the Bru­tal­Bucks net­work. With your mem­ber­ship you also have access to the fol­low­ing porn sites included:

The preview area of

The pre­view area that you can see when you vis­it is also called pre­view area or demo tour. When you call up the web­site for the first time, you will see direct­ly at a glance what the top­ic is about here: inject­ing your own sperm into your own mouth.

Self insemination in mouth
Self insem­i­na­tion in mouth

In the upper part of the page, a nice draw­ing and four screen­shots show how men ejac­u­late into their own mouths in an artis­tic way. The mot­to of the porn site is “Self cum drink­ing and guys who love to eat their own sperm. Watch them ejac­u­late direct­ly in their own mouth to self cum swallow”.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the text is very sparse. Self Cum only claims to be a unique porn site that shows videos of ordi­nary men “from next door” insem­i­nat­ing their own mouths with own cum.

If you scroll down the home­page, you will find 55 video screen­shots with exam­ples, ideas, and instruc­tions of dif­fer­ent ways you can learn to cum on your face or in your mouth.

When you click on the thumb­nails, the so-called scene page opens, where you can see the embed­ded video, but where a pay­ment win­dow over­lays it. Under a head­ing, you will find the release date and a descrip­tion text of the porn.


Membership costs

In order to watch videos, you need to become a mem­ber via the “Click Here To Join Now” link. The mem­ber­ship costs:

  • 1 month mem­ber­ship (sub­scrip­tion) $32.95
  • 1 month mem­ber­ship (with­out sub­scrip­tion) $39.95
  • 3 months mem­ber­ship (sub­scrip­tion) $64.95

As pay­ment meth­ods, you can choose between cred­it card, Pay­Pal and SOFORT bank trans­fer. The pay­ment ser­vice provider is the rep­utable com­pa­ny EPOCH.

Test Report: Review of the Members Area of SelfCum.Com

Site Structure, Content and Special Features

As a logged-in mem­ber, you have to ori­en­tate your­self a bit at first. How­ev­er, you will quick­ly find the Aut­ofel­la­tio and Self­Cum porn you are look­ing for. It is a lot of fun to browse the mem­bers area “page by page”.


You can expect close to 200 very authen­tic videos of nor­mal guys jerk­ing off into their own mouths and swal­low­ing their own cum 

Men drink­ing and eat­ing their own cum and swal­low­ing their own sperm are pret­ty rare in porn these days. Few web­sites offer so many tech­niques and options for self-cum, facial ejac­u­la­tion and mouth ejac­u­la­tion with your own cum.

Squirting into your own mouth
Squirt­ing into your own mouth

Qual­i­ta­tive­ly, you can clas­si­fy the movies in the mobile sec­tor. Most of the clips make the impres­sion that they were shot by the guys them­selves. How­ev­er, some­times a sec­ond per­son, e.g. the wife / hotwife has made the recordings 

Despite the ama­teur­ish­ness, the movies where the guys milk their cock have a very stim­u­lat­ing character.

You can down­load all the movies indef­i­nite­ly and keep them on your hard dri­ve for as long as you want.

Varied Self-Cum Videos: A Paradise for Cuckolds

As a cuck­old, it’s kind of delight­ful to watch oth­er men mas­tur­bate and shoot their cum into their own mouths 

It direct­ly makes you want to try out var­i­ous tech­niques your­self to swal­low your own sperm by yourself.

Although “swal­low­ing your own cum” is such a nar­row niche, Self Cum still proves to be var­ied and horny. Just when you start to think that these videos must all be the same, you see dif­fer­ent guys, dif­fer­ent dicks, and always a tech­nique you don’t know.

You won’t believe how mul­ti­fac­eted the top­ic of self-cum is. You will find the fol­low­ing tags (key­words):

self cum faceCum in own face
cum in own mouthcum in own mouth, jerk off in own mouth
self facialSelf facial cum
eat own loadeat own cum load
swal­low own cumswal­low own cum
self suck cumCum while self sucking/ self suck­ing penis
eat own cumeat own cum
self cum eatingeat own cum
drink own cumdrink own cum
self cum swallowswal­low own cum
eat own semeneat own semen
cum in own mouthCum in own mouth
male self facialMan insem­i­nate his own face
self facial videoVideo of own face insemination
cock milk­ing in own faceCock milk­ing in own face
eat own spermEat own sperm
self facial compilationCum in own face Video compilation
guy self facialGuy self facial cum
self cum compilationSelf facial video compilation
mas­sive self facialmas­sive self facial cum
self oral cumself-induced oral ejaculation
own facial ejaculationSelf facial ejaculation
sperm in own mouthSquirt­ing sperm in own mouth
eat­ing own cumeat own cum
self cum eateat after self cum
aut­ofel­la­tiogive your­self a blowjob
self cum shotSelf cum shot
Aut­ofel­la­tio: suck your­self cum shot

Advantages of the Sex Site

  • horny, very unusu­al theme for self cum shot, self facial ejac­u­la­tion and self oral ejaculation
  • com­plete­ly nat­ur­al men
  • no fake sperm
  • Pay­ment by PayPal

Disadvantages of the Porn Site

  • too few videos, but this is com­pen­sat­ed by the net­work again.
  • lit­tle text
  • part­ly back­ground noise
  • no HD or UHD

Why Do Men like to Squirt Themselves in the Face?

Aut­ofel­la­tio in com­bi­na­tion with self-insem­i­na­tion is a wide­spread sex­u­al fan­ta­sy — no mat­ter in which age group and no mat­ter if among het­ero­sex­u­al, bisex­u­al or homo­sex­u­al men.

Hotwife Selbstbesamung Cuckold
Hotwife sup­ports her cuck­old with self insemination

Men who like to insem­i­nate them­selves can’t real­ly explain why they like to do it so much. There’s some­thing so “deli­cious­ly dirty” and at the same time “inde­scrib­ably horny” about play­ing with your stiff, hard penis and bend­ing down dur­ing orgasm to squirt your horny cum load right into your own mouth!

The con­cen­trat­ed pow­er of ejac­u­la­tion and the hor­mon­al plea­sure kick dur­ing squirt­ing, in com­bi­na­tion with the vio­lent orgasm make a self insem­i­na­tion to some­thing com­plete­ly spe­cial! Often it is also just the thrill of doing some­thing com­plete­ly for­bid­den and dirty.

Count­less women would give any­thing to be allowed to watch their man in the com­plete­ly kinky spec­ta­cle! Hotwifes almost always watch their cuck­olds dur­ing his oral self-insem­i­na­tion with great excite­ment and sup­port him.

Sure­ly, you have already thought about it or even tried it to swal­low your own sperm or to suck your­self. 😉 The porn site Self­Cum will help you to real­ize your desire to final­ly like your own sperm.


Tips for Self-Cum: How Can I Cum in My Own Mouth?

Last but not least, I would like to give you some tips from my own expe­ri­ence so that your first own mouth and face insem­i­na­tion will real­ly be a success.

If you real­ly want to learn to swal­low your own sperm, you can’t help but exper­i­ment a bit. To trick the “men­tal block”, I rec­om­mend that you ejac­u­late not into your hand — but direct­ly into your mouth.

Get inspired by the Self­Cum videos on how it works best to inject your own cum into your mouth. Copy the tech­niques and find the most com­fort­able way for you.

The “back against the wall and legs next to your ears” posi­tion seems to work best. I per­son­al­ly do this on my couch, which works great.

Improve cum taste and cum more cum

To help you cum more sperm and sweet cum dur­ing your self-cum, do the following:

  • Drink at least half a liter of pineap­ple juice every day for three days before your­self insemination.
  • Eat half a pineap­ple dai­ly for three to five days
  • Do light back exer­cis­es such as sit-ups, wind­mill, side twist­ing, arm cir­cles and prac­tice the ass-in-the-air posi­tion for 5–10 min­utes every day for five days beforehand
  • Engage in 1–3 hours of edg­ing while watch­ing porn on the self-insem­i­na­tion day before ejaculating.
  • Advanced users should use an anal dil­do or anal plug from Aneos / NEXUS.
  • Advanced users should jog 1–2 times before “Self Suck”.

Review Conclusion: Is Recommendable?

As a cuck­old I love to swal­low my sperm, so I find extreme­ly horny and high­ly recommended. 

Eigenen Penis blasen
Blow your own penis

The porn site offers inspir­ing and very excit­ing ama­teur porn, with very var­ied and exper­i­men­tal jerk-off ses­sions that invite you to join in and fol­low along. The very spe­cial focus is on the self-insem­i­na­tion in the face and mouth.

Pleas­ant is that here are the most diverse guys to see. There are well-endowed men and numer­ous guys with stan­dard penis. But all of them jerk their cocks eager­ly and try to bend their bod­ies to the max­i­mum so that their hot, horny load of cum squirts direct­ly into their own mouths. 

Since most guys swal­low their loads com­plete­ly and don’t spit them out, their aut­ofel­la­tio tech­niques actu­al­ly seem to work. With these options, you can actu­al­ly trick the men­tal block on cum swal­low­ing after orgasm.


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