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On the fol­low­ing pages you will find prac­ti­cal instruc­tions and hot inspi­ra­tions that will help you to be a good cuck­old. For the wife shar­er, the arti­cles pro­vide cre­ative ideas on how to pre­pare sex par­ties with his wife. Hotwifes can find valu­able tips in the guide arti­cles on how to expe­ri­ence unfor­get­table moments with their bull while keep­ing their cuck happy.

You have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to share your per­son­al expe­ri­ences, opin­ions, ques­tions, and thoughts with the com­mu­ni­ty below the articles.


Pornos auf Fernseher streamen

How To: How to Stream Porn Videos to a Television?

Eight Ways to Watch Porn on a Smart TV In recent years, streaming movies, series, and TV programs via smart TVs or external HDMI receivers...
Tutorial - Anleitung: Mein eigenes Sperma schlucken

Guest Post: How I Learned to Swallow My Own Sperm.

Tutorial: My Personal Guide for Still Hesitant Men Who Want to Learn to Swallow Their Own Sperm This tutorial was sent to us by Carsten...
Objects in pussy

Objects in Pussy: Misused Household Items as a Dildo Substitute

Cunt stretching with MagLite flashlight
Vorbereitung zur Sexparty: Tipps für Lover und Bulls

Tips for Lovers and Bulls: Preparation for the Sex Party / Sex Date With...

10 Golden Rules of Preparation for Men If you are a lover or a bull on a date with a hotwife, or you want to...
Ehefrau fremdbesamen lassen

Tutorial: Wife Insemination by Strange Men

Foreign Insemination: How to Get a Woman to Do That? For most men, it wouldn't be remotely conceivable that their sweetheart would fuck strange men....
Mental block against own cum

Tips to Break the Mental Block of Eating Your Own Sperm

How Can You Learn to Swallow Your Own Semen? If you search Google for the English terms "own cum eating", "own cum swallow" or "swallow...
Swallow own cum

Exercises for Beginners: Swallow Own Cum

How to Learn to Eat Own Sperm? When men are ratty, they often have a desire to swallow on sperm. But, as soon as the...
Spermageschmack verbessern: Better sperm taste cum

Instruction: Improve Sperm Taste

Better Cum Taste: How Can I Improve My Flavor of Cum One of the greatest sexual desires of all men is that their female partner...
Mehr Sperma abspritzen

Tutorial: Ejaculate More Cum

How Can I Increase My Sperm Volume? The desire to squirt more cum is very much ingrained in most men. In the cuckold world, all...
Orgasmuskontrolle & Edging lernen

Guide to Learning Orgasm Control Without Partner

Tutorial to Ruin Your Orgasm Alone Orgasm control is a topic that interests many men. It is also called edging, tease and denial, cock milking,...
Orgasm ruin, Edging, Orgasm control

Hotwifes Guide: Male Orgasm Control

Orgasm Control: Men Should Cum Less Often and More Controlled! Ever get bored jerking a dick until your arm goes lame? Do you lack the...
Sperma auffangen mit Teller & Schalen

Horny and Useful: Use Plates or Bowls to Collect Sperm

Cum Collect - Catch Squirt and Cum Skillfully With Jars Surely, you have seen in the gangbang porns of GGG, SpermMania, Jules Jordan, or Gangbang...
Cum on pussy

Cum on Pussy: Perfect for Licking Clean

Labia and Mons Veneris Inseminated With Sperm... A Feast for Every Cuckold! Did you know that squirting "on" the pussy is a very popular cum...
Tutorial für Cuckolds: Eigenen creampie essen lernen

Cuckold Tutorial: Learn to Eat Own Creampie From Pussy

How to Eat Your Own Sperm From a Pussy? Sex between lover and hotwife takes place in most cases without a condom. In front of...
Teach your cuckold the cleanup licking

Tutorial for Hotwifes: Teach Your Cuckold to Lick Cum Clean

Cuckolds Need to Learn How to "Lick Clean" First Every hotwife feels the desire to teach her cuckold how to "lick clean" cum. But as...

Autofellatio: Suck Yourself off | Instructions and Tips for Men

How to Give Yourself a Blowjob? Probably all men in the world have tried to suck themselves. Most of them will not have managed to...
Cum collecting: Frozen cum (cum snow) with Ziplock foil bags

Cum Collecting by Freezing: Prepare Sperm Snow With Ziplock Foil Bags (Frozen Cum)

Collect Your Frozen Sperm With Ziplock Bags Regardless of whether the partner is only cross-inseminated in fantasy or in reality, it is a great desire...
Cum popsicle - Spermaeis am Stiel

Frozen Cum: Sperm Ice Popsicle Stick (Sperm Lollipop, Cumsicle Stick, Frozen Spermcicle)

How to Prepare Sperm Ice Cream on a Stick or Sperm Lollipop? Especially cuckold couples, but also sexually open-minded and experimental men and women will...
Cumsicle, cumcube & cum cube

Instructions: How to Prepare Sperm Ice Cubes?

Cum Ice Cubes - Perfect Toys for Cuckolds Cum ice cubes are incredibly horny toys for swingers, gangbang lovers, cuckolds, cuckqueans, cum-hungry masturbators, gays, and...
Licking clean a creampie

Instruction: Lick a Sperm Creampie Perfectly Clean

How to Decently Lick Clean a Horny Cum Cunt? By default, every cuckold has the task to always lick clean the fully cummed vagina of...
Sperma schlucken lernen als Hotwife

Hotwife Tutorial: How to Learn to Swallow Cum

Learn to "Like" Sperm as a Cuckoldress Whether to spit or swallow semen is a highly emotional controversy among women. For most vanilla-sex women, sperm...

Techniques, Toys, Hints, and Tips for Fisting, Squirting and Pussy Pumping

A Fisting Guide by Couple Kira and Eric Hello dear readers, my wife Kira asked me to write down our personal experiences with fisting and...
Cum swallow learning for couples

Cuckold Training: Cum Swallow Learning for Couples

Learning to Swallow Your Own Sperm With Your Wife A lot of cuckolds and wifesharers take it upon themselves to swallow their own sperm and...

Hotwife Guide: Teach Your Man to Swallow His Own Cum

Dominant Education One Cum Cuckolds in Five Steps This is a lesson in female dominance and respecting your man. Men almost always want to be in...
Orgasm control cuckold

Orgasm Control of the Cuckold

Allocation and Monitoring of Cuckold Orgasms In a cuckold relationship, the roles are clearly distributed. The hotwife has the power and exercises control over her...
Hotwife and Cuckold watching porn together

Education to a Cuckold: How Can a Woman Raise Her Life Partner to Be...

Guide to Raising Your Husband to Be a Cuckold If you are a woman and you are reading this right now, you will have already...
Watching porn together

Watching Porn Together in Cuckold Relationships

Watching Porn - Why Is It So Important for Cuckold and Hotwife? Pornography is widespread on the Internet. It is estimated that a quarter of...
Tease and denial bei der Hotwife

Tease & Denial — Hotwife Orgasm Control

Vagina and Clitoris Edging at the Orgasm Boundary When our cuckold blog talked about orgasm control so far, the tips primarily referred to the men....
Künstliche Besamung mit Sperma Gleitmittel

Artificial Insemination With Sperm as Lubricant

Acting Out a Gangbang With Dildos and Frozen Sperm Probably every cuckold couple has wondered how to reenact a gangbang. The main problem is always:...
Sextreffen mit Bull organisieren

Level 1 for Beginners: How to Organize Sex Meetings With a Lover / Bull?

Tips for First, Successful Wife-Sharing Dates Wifesharing and cuckold relationships do not develop "overnight". They develop - comparable to the growth of a plant...
Gangbang im Swingerclub - Herrenüberschussparty

Level 2 for Advanced: Men’s Surplus Party: The Gangbang in the Swingers Club

First Group Sex at a Men's Surplus Party The Hotwife and her Cuckold are from a certain point very eager to gain new practical experience....
BBC Gangbang

Level 4 for Professionals: The BBC Gangbang: Dream of Every Hotwife

The BBC Orgasm Contest for Experienced Hotwifes Once the hotwife starts acting out her lust, her appetite for cock grows more and more. The crowning...
Private Sexparty organiaisieren & planen

Level 3 for Advanced: How to Organize a Private Sex Party?

How to Make Your Private Gangbang a Success More and more couples enjoy the tingling experiences of an unconventional sex life. Wifesharers, swingers, and cuckolds...
Edging: Orgasmuskontrolle / orgasm control

Edging: The Art of the Ruined Orgasm

Edging and Orgasm Control of the Cuckold In the cuckold relationship, the woman is the dominant partner. She determines the sex life of the husband,...
Eigenes sperma schlucken lernen

Learn to Swallow Own Sperm

How Can You Learn to Swallow Your Own Cum? Surely you have often intended to swallow your cum. But as soon as you have cum,...
Nipple clamps - Cuckold Spiele an Brustwarzen

Pleasure Pain: Breast Nipple Stimulation of the Cuckold

Stimulation of the Nipples Is Extremely Horny The stimulation of the nipples has a positive effect on the sensation of pleasure in both women and...

Potency Training: Edging, Pelvic Floor Training, Anal & Prostate Training

Potency Training - How Do You Train Stamina and Endurance? Cuckolds are under enormous pressure in the relationship because their hotwife decides when, where and...

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