How Can I Increase My Sperm Volume?

The desire to squirt more cum is very much ingrained in most men. In the cuck­old world, all hotwifes with­out excep­tion find pow­er­ful cum squirts from their bulls and cuck­olds incred­i­bly stimulating.

If you look into the top­ic of “increas­ing sperm vol­ume”, you will find count­less web­sites that are sup­posed to increase ejac­u­late vol­ume with mir­a­cle cap­sules. Some sperm boost­ers promise up to 500% more sperm! While it is pos­si­ble to increase sperm vol­ume through cer­tain foods and sup­ple­ments (sup­ple­ments), most prod­ucts unfor­tu­nate­ly do not achieve the desired effect.

We sub­ject­ed our­selves to a test and want­ed to find out if it is pos­si­ble to “shoot more sperm”. For this pur­pose, we tried dif­fer­ent sup­ple­ments, foods, and tech­niques. You can read our find­ings here.

Increase Ejaculation Quantity: More Fun for Cuckold Couples

The hotwife, i.e. the wife, girl­friend or life part­ner of a cuck­old always feels an abun­dant insem­i­na­tion extreme­ly horny. They uncon­scious­ly eval­u­ate it as a reward for the horny fuck, or as a great compliment.

Although bulls and lovers love to squirt direct­ly into the horny pussy — but also very much like to insem­i­nate the body, pussy or face of the cuck­ol­dress with huge sperm loads.

Ejaculate more cum: Violent ejaculations can be trained
Ejac­u­late more cum: Vio­lent ejac­u­la­tions can be trained

A cuck­old inevitably feel the desire to impress his hotwife with com­pa­ra­ble huge spurts of cum, as bulls usu­al­ly can naturally.

They are often already pun­ished with a small­er penis any­way, less sex­u­al sta­mi­na, and even pre­ma­ture ejac­u­la­tions.… Cuck­olds at least want to make up for these deficits with horny ejac­u­la­tions on their beloved wom­an’s mons vener­is (mons pubis), bel­ly, breasts or face.

“More cum” for cuck­old cou­ples also means notice­ably more cum for creamp­ies, for cum swal­low­ing prac­tice, for horny cum kiss­es, per­vert­ed cum games, cum ice cubes, cum lol­lipops, cum snow and snow­balling. It is fur­ther used for insem­i­na­tion of food like piz­za, cakes, pas­tries as well as worn ladies panties and objects.

Simply hot: Vigorous insemination of the female body
Sim­ply hot: Vig­or­ous insem­i­na­tion of the female body

Cuck­olds also like to film their ejac­u­la­tion very much. How­ev­er, very pow­er­ful sperm splash­es also come out incred­i­bly horny on black back­grounds (e.g. place mats), black plates.

The cou­ple should have seri­ous inter­est on both sides that the cuck can cum abun­dant­ly and pow­er­ful­ly. How to do that, you will learn in the fol­low­ing text.

You can mea­sure the amount of sperm by order­ing a mea­sur­ing cup or mea­sur­ing glass (sperm glass) on eBay or Ama­zon. There are also prac­ti­cal shot glass­es with mil­li­liter and tea­spoon scale.

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How to Cum “More Sperm” and “Stronger”?

Increas­ing the amount of semen requires lifestyle and diet changes.

Age, dis­eases, food, nico­tine and alco­hol intake, dai­ly flu­id intake, med­ica­tion intake, mas­tur­ba­tion fre­quen­cy, exer­cise, hor­mon­al sta­tus, and psy­cho­log­i­cal state are instru­men­tal in deter­min­ing how much semen a man can ejac­u­late and how the semen looks and tastes.

Even small changes in habits are very promising.

Rule Number 1: Focus You on Your Sperm

Cumshot on plate: Sperma auf Teller
Cumshot on plate: Sperm on dish

Expe­ri­ence has shown that most women do not like large amounts of sperm. Espe­cial­ly not if it splash­es uncon­trol­lably and you hit her eyes, for exam­ple. Swal­low­ing sperm is a no-go for many vanil­la women.

You must pro­ceed tac­ti­cal­ly clever to your inten­tion on the part of your wife not to nip in the bud in advance!

If you want to cum more, you should first(!) Say good­bye to the thought of your girl­friend, part­ner or wife to want to splash mas­sive­ly with sperm!

Buy a black table­cloth, a large black din­ner plate or a piz­za plate and prac­tice for your­self alone the cum. Learn to cum on a cake or pizza.

Exper­i­ment with tens­ing tech­niques as you con­scious­ly tense your pelvic floor while ejac­u­lat­ing to aid in ejaculation.

Rule Number 2: Food Supplements: Zinc

More sperm with zinc
More sperm with zinc

The only dietary sup­ple­ment that has been proven to be tru­ly effec­tive is zinc.

With a dai­ly intake of 10 ‑15 mg you will notice a sig­nif­i­cant increase in sperm volume.

You can buy zinc sup­ple­ments on Ama­zon and Ebay. How­ev­er, we advise you to buy Ger­man prod­ucts that are avail­able in phar­ma­cies, because there the qual­i­ty and con­tent of zinc is monitored.

Sup­ple­ments to improve fer­til­i­ty (abil­i­ty to con­ceive) like Mas­cuPRO or Ortho­mol fer­til male con­tain very pure zinc and oth­er good ingre­di­ents to increase sperm vol­ume. The motil­i­ty and con­sis­ten­cy of the sperm are also optimized.

With sperm boost­er prod­ucts from Amer­i­ca or Chi­na, it is not real­ly pos­si­ble to con­trol which ingre­di­ents are in the cap­sules and tablets.

Rule Number 3: Protein Powder for Athletes

Mehr Sperma durch Proteinpulver
More sperm with pro­tein powder

Have you won­dered why porn stars can always squirt so much sperm in the face or on the body of the woman?

A few men, such as Peter North tell us their secret recipe: they do a lot of sports, eat a healthy diet and take a lot of pro­tein pow­der in the form of pro­tein shakes to build up their muscles.

As a pos­i­tive side effect, a notice­able increase in sperm is already notice­able after 6 — 8 weeks. The pro­tein also sig­nif­i­cant­ly improves the con­sis­ten­cy and color!

After our own exper­i­ments, it turned out that pro­tein pow­der actu­al­ly has a pos­i­tive effect on sperm! The cum becomes snow-white, slight­ly creamy and the taste is also more optimal.

How­ev­er, a com­bi­na­tion with sup­ple­ments like zinc is necessary.The effect of zinc has been med­ical­ly proven. For exam­ple, it is also pre­scribed by doc­tors in prepa­ra­tions if there is a desire to have children.

So horny, deli­cious cum is anoth­er rea­son to get your butt off the couch and go to the gym, jog­ging or cycling at least once a week.

Then, right after your work­out, you should drink a big glass of pro­tein shake.

Rule Number 4: Natural Celery Vegetables From the Supermarket

Massive cumshot after taking zinc and protein powder
Mas­sive cumshot after tak­ing zinc and pro­tein powder

Maybe not the tasti­est tip, but very effec­tive has proven to eat 3–4 stalks of cel­ery dai­ly for 2 weeks.

Cel­ery stalks con­tain the pheromone androstenone, which is sex­u­al­ly attrac­tive to women. In addi­tion, cel­ery enhances increased sperm pro­duc­tion and improves sperm con­sis­ten­cy to notice­ably increase the pow­er­ful out­put of sperm.

Cel­ery stalks have been used as a sex­u­al enhancer for many cen­turies and are also called “Veg­an Via­gra” nowadays.

Bit­ing the stalks “pure” is not very tasty. You get used to it, but you can cut the cel­ery into a sal­ad or mix it with a blender. The impor­tant thing is: it must be raw and not cooked.

Rule Number 5: Reduce the Jerking off to Once a Week

On the oth­er hand, the amount of sperm depends specif­i­cal­ly on how often you ejac­u­late. After each ejac­u­la­tion, the amount of sperm decreas­es significantly.

Stay absti­nent for 5–10 days. Watch­ing porn and jerk­ing off while doing so + ruin­ing the orgasm have a very, very pos­i­tive effect on the amount of sperm.

Fuck­ing and ruin­ing the orgasm also works great. Even milk­ing some pre-cum dur­ing a prostate mas­sage is total­ly okay — but pull your­self togeth­er and avoid the cum orgasm for that time.

Arrange a reward with your hotwife if you real­ly persevere.

Such a massive, thick cum shot is possible if you're willing to experiment!
Such a mas­sive, thick cum shot is pos­si­ble if you’re will­ing to experiment!

Rule Number 6: Eat a Little Healthier

Your diet and lifestyle also have a big impact on your sperm quantity.

If you eat an unhealthy diet with unsat­u­rat­ed fats and tend to be over­weight, your semen vol­ume can decrease significantly.

Avoid fat­ty cheap meat — Go for beef or poul­try instead. Get used to veg­eta­bles instead of chips and mayo. You can eat veg­eta­bles as much as you can.

Go for apples, kiwis, pineap­ples and cit­rus fruits instead of choco­late. This way you can also improve your sperm taste.

A pro­tein-rich diet has a sig­nif­i­cant impact on sperm con­sis­ten­cy. Eggs and poul­try are true sperm boosters.

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Rule 7: Alcohol and Cigarettes

It has been proven that stim­u­lants, such as alco­hol and cig­a­rettes, and also drugs reduce sex­u­al per­for­mance and also ejac­u­la­tion quantity.

A good rea­son would be to reduce smok­ing and when it comes to alco­hol, at least switch from beer and from hard alco­holic bev­er­ages to white wine.

For most men, erec­tion wors­ens any­way after drink­ing alco­hol. Think about whether it is worth the renun­ci­a­tion of the super­flu­ous stim­u­lants to be a horny stud in bed again.

The stim­u­lant cof­fee is also sus­pect­ed of hav­ing an unfa­vor­able effect on sperm for­ma­tion. How­ev­er, we can­not con­firm this.

Rule 8: Get Moving! Do Sports and Train Your Pelvic Floor

Big sperm jizz through exercise
Big sperm jizz through exercise

Sport in the nor­mal range has been proven to pro­mote sperm qual­i­ty. Com­pet­i­tive sports, how­ev­er, decrease sperm quantity.

You don’t have to become a body­builder, but make a firm com­mit­ment to go jog­ging, walk­ing or to the gym two to three times.

When you feel fit­ter and more con­fi­dent, you will auto­mat­i­cal­ly feel more like hav­ing sex than a lazy couch potato.

You can find pelvic floor train­ing pro­grams on the Inter­net. If you watch TV in the evening, you can train your pelvic floor mus­cles and sta­mi­na by rhyth­mi­cal­ly tens­ing your pelvic floor. A good tip is also: How to do pc mus­cle exer­cis­es.

Rule 9: Supplements L‑Arginine and Maca

Just like “rule num­ber 2”, there are still two rec­om­mend­ed dietary sup­ple­ments: the nitro­gen-rich amino acid L‑arginine and the root tuber Maca!

Although the body can pro­duce L‑arginine itself, if you don’t eat a var­ied enough diet or do a lot of exer­cise, you can take L‑arginine as a dietary sup­ple­ment. Nuts, legumes, soy, corn, rice, but also beef and pork are a nat­ur­al source of L‑arginine.

Maca is avail­able in Europe only as pow­der and cap­sules. The sup­ple­ment is rec­om­mend­ed to increase fer­til­i­ty and libido. Thus, a Maca cure can also be use­ful to increase sperm volume.

Rule 10: Clarify Health Problems With a Doctor

But nerve dis­or­ders or hor­mon­al changes can also play a role. If you suf­fer from depres­sion or have a trau­ma, it is quite nor­mal that sperm pro­duc­tion decreas­es. Spe­cial med­ica­tions, espe­cial­ly anti­de­pres­sants and hair loss reme­dies, also have a dis­turb­ing effect.

Huge cum shot: Squirting more sperm
Huge cum shot: Squirt­ing more sperm

Age also plays a major role. With increas­ing age, the amount of sperm decreas­es due to phys­i­o­log­i­cal signs of aging.

Pre-exist­ing con­di­tions or med­ica­tion can also be a prob­lem. For exam­ple, the ure­thra may be blocked or there may have been an oper­a­tion in the abdomen. The most com­mon dis­or­der is caused by prostate disease.

Rule 11: Bring Yourself Several Times to Near Orgasm Climax

When you have sex or mas­tur­bate, notice your point of no return (PONR). This is the moment when you can no longer hold back your ejaculation.

You can increase your ejac­u­la­tion pow­er by stim­u­lat­ing your­self sev­er­al times until very close to this point. Then you stop jerk­ing off and take your hands off the penis INSTANTLY! This is called orgasm ruin­ing or orgasm con­trol. When you have calmed down a bit, start again.

Try out how many times you can get to PONR and how that affects your semen. Try to pre­vent pre­cum leak­age dur­ing the work­out to detect the PONR time as ear­ly as possible.


Summary: Squirting More Sperm Is Possible!

It is def­i­nite­ly pos­si­ble to vis­i­bly increase the amount of semen sig­nif­i­cant­ly. There are ways to act on the biol­o­gy of man.

Mini measuring cups are perfect for measuring cum quantity
Mini mea­sur­ing cups are per­fect for mea­sur­ing cum quantity

The most effec­tive are edg­ing (ruin­ing orgasm) in com­bi­na­tion with 7–10 days of orgasm absti­nence. The longer and more fre­quent the dura­tion of arousal, the more sperm is pro­duced in the prostate and testicles.

Active sports, pelvic floor train­ing, and healthy diet have a pos­i­tive effect on the male body. Avoid or reduce cof­fee, alco­hol, and nicotine.

Add more pro­tein to the body. If you want to try sup­ple­ments (dietary sup­ple­ments), the prepa­ra­tions with zinc and L‑arginine will pro­vide an increase in sperm volume.

You can mea­sure the suc­cess of your sperm boost­ing method, for exam­ple with this mea­sur­ing cup.

Have you been able to increase your sperm vol­ume? What is your strategy?

More sperm with zinc, protein and edging
More sperm with zinc, pro­tein, and edging

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