Tutorial to Ruin Your Orgasm Alone

Orgasm con­trol is a top­ic that inter­ests many men. It is also called edg­ing, tease and denial, cock milk­ing, penis milk­ing, or orgasm ruin­ing.

Orgasm control: Precum runs abundantly from the cock during penis edging without orgasm.
Orgasm con­trol: Pre­cum runs abun­dant­ly from the cock dur­ing penis edg­ing with­out orgasm.

Even though it is not that dif­fi­cult to learn edg­ing, there are only a few good instruc­tions to be found in Ger­man-speak­ing coun­tries on how to prac­tice it explicitly.

In this guide, we want to teach you the basics and give you numer­ous tips and ideas from prac­tice on how you can quick­ly learn orgasm con­trol and enjoy it optimally. 

Even though it is much, much hornier when anoth­er per­son takes over the edg­ing of your penis, we rec­om­mend that you first prac­tice it with­out a part­ner at the begin­ning of your training.

Please take your time and share your per­son­al opin­ion and expe­ri­ence with us at the end of this tuto­r­i­al. How did you learn orgasm con­trol? Do you have any tips for oth­er cuck­olds and wife­shar­ers on how to prac­tice and enjoy “ruin­ing orgasms”?

In 5 Learning Steps to Perfect Ejaculation

For 80% of men, ejac­u­la­tion is a very short plea­sure. It is mas­tur­bat­ed for 5 ‑10 min­utes, cum, dis­pose of the sperm in the trash can and: Done!

Ruined Orgasm: When the Penis cries...
Ruined Orgasm: When the Penis cries…

The key to orgasm con­trol, how­ev­er, is that you under­stand and inter­nal­ize that it’s much more awe­some to ruin your orgasm sev­er­al times in a longer ses­sion instead of “wag­ging one off your palm”.

You Must First Learn

  1. to rec­og­nize the feel­ing at the onset of orgasm with accom­pa­ny­ing ejaculation.
  2. that ruin­ing the orgasm sev­er­al times will give you much more pleasure.
  3. that giv­ing up orgasm for sev­er­al days increas­es your libido (horni­ness) enor­mous­ly, even dur­ing the day.
  4. how to catch your love juices every time in the future.
  5. how to take up desire drops, pre­cum (pre-cum, pre-juice, pre-ejac­u­late) and your sperm in your mouth.

You’ll quick­ly real­ize that when you mas­tur­bate, the “way” is your goal: you feel and see your penis rag­ing, twitch­ing and angry when you don’t let it orgasm over and over again dur­ing hours of edg­ing! You watch him cry­ing — leak­ing love juice while you mer­ci­less­ly ruin his orgasm.


This Is How You Prepare for Your Edging Marathon:

Avoid any sources of dis­tur­bance and make absolute­ly sure that nei­ther your part­ner, nor fam­i­ly mem­bers burst in dur­ing your three-hour mas­tur­ba­tion session.

Penis leaks massively after 1 hour of edging without orgasm
Penis leaks mas­sive­ly after 1 hour of edg­ing with­out orgasm

Put a black tow­el under your butt because you will sweat, and your dick will inevitably leak and cum uncon­trol­lably all the time.

Get ready: a black break­fast plate, a shot glass with a cal­i­bra­tion mark or a black egg cup, a spoon rest, a black plas­tic egg spoon (or melanin ice cream spoon).

You will also need: a Flesh­light, a mas­sager or a mas­sage gun.

For your orgasm you will need at the end of your ses­sion: black din­ner plate or black place mat.

Very cool is to film the ruined orgasms. If you want to, have a cam­era or an old, dis­card­ed cell phone ready to film or pho­to­graph the moments. A tri­pod does­n’t cost 10 euros to put the penis in a per­fect scene.

Absolute taboo are paper tow­els! Ban all tis­sue packs, Kleenex box­es and kitchen rolls from the room. You’ll train to swal­low your cum start­ing today!

Precum (pre-ejaculate): A crystal clear, very slippery and sweet tasting drop of love juice
Pre­cum (pre-ejac­u­late): A crys­tal clear, very slip­pery and sweet tast­ing drop of love juice

Orgasm Control Tutorial: Orgasm Training Guide

  1. Set your smart­phone timer to 3 hours. Only after this time, you are allowed to trig­ger your orgasm! Until then, you will ruin EVERY, but also EVERY attempt of your penis to cum.

    Be sure that your penis will be very sneaky and will want to seduce you to orgasm sev­er­al times. Deny him this with­out excep­tion. Remem­ber, it’s not about his plea­sure, it’s about juic­ing him as gen­tly and as often as pos­si­ble! ALL ejac­u­la­tions MUST be ruined.
  2. Stim­u­late the penis slow­ly and gen­tly. Make sure you get very visu­al­ly aroused for 3 hours. Watch horny porn, read sex sto­ries, col­lect sex pho­tos, watch wife­shar­ing / cuck­old­ing cap­tions or engage in porn social media.
  3. Avoid too much stim­u­la­tion and jerk­ing off too fast. Stim­u­late your penis just enough to keep it per­ma­nent­ly stiff. Care­ful, quick jerk inter­vals of 30x, 20x, 10x and 5x are per­fect­ly fine. Reduce stim­u­la­tion when the plea­sure sen­sa­tion of an orgasm begins.
  4. When jerk­ing off, you will notice that the pelvic floor always wants to pull towards the inner abdomen. Rec­og­nize the feel­ing and avoid it. Instead, relax your pelvic floor as if you were pee­ing. Gen­tly press out the feel­ing. Breathe out in a con­trolled manner.
  5. If porn is too horny, and you would like to cum, watch porn that does­n’t make you quite as horny. It might make you stim­u­late too much.
  6. Stop ALL stim­u­la­tion IMMEDIATELY when the penis starts mak­ing reflex­ive move­ments, puls­ing, or bounc­ing up and down! The hornier you are, the more dif­fi­cult it will be to deter­mine the exact moment to ruin orgasm!
  7. Each time you ruin your ejac­u­la­tion, some pre-cum (pre-ejac­u­late, pre-juice) will come out of your penis. Your semen must not splash in any case! If the semen spurts, it means that you stim­u­lat­ed it too much. Stay con­trolled and concentrated!
  8. Be sure to avoid touch­ing or stim­u­lat­ing the penis in any way if you have ruined an orgasm. Also, be very care­ful when clean­ing up desire-drops and pre­cum. Real­ly don’t touch it again until it is com­plete­ly at rest again. In this way, you avoid that you acci­den­tal­ly cum!
  9. Note that it is absolute­ly for­bid­den to waste sperm while edg­ing! If you notice while jerk­ing off that some desire drops or pre­cum ris­es in the penis, imme­di­ate­ly put your sperm plate or sperm bowl under your cock. Let it leak and squirt out in the bowl in a con­trolled man­ner. Place your penis in the sperm bowl even dur­ing jerk-off breaks, as it will con­tin­u­ous­ly leak. Col­lect­ing sperm is also called cum col­lect­ing.
  10. After every suc­cess­ful orgasm rinse your fuck dick with your index fin­ger or your black cum spoon and recy­cle the horny cum in your mouth.
Small plates and bowls are very handy for collecting pre-ejaculate, drops of desire and sperm.
Small plates and bowls are very handy for col­lect­ing pre-ejac­u­late, drops of desire and sperm.

Jerk off Instructions: Cock Hero Challenge, Try to Not Cum Challenge

Very horny for orgasm con­trol are also videos with jerk-off instructions.

Cock leaks during penis jerk off challenge
Cock leaks dur­ing penis jerk off challenge

These porn videos are also called Cock Hero Chal­lenge, Edg­ing Chal­lenge, JOE instruc­tions (Jerk off encour­age­ment) or CEI Instruc­tions (Cum eat­ing instruction).

You are visu­al­ly giv­en jerk off inter­vals and count­downs, which are backed with match­ing porn scenes and often also with music or a metronome beat.

The chal­lenge is to pass the chal­lenge with­out cum­ing. These mas­tur­ba­tion chal­lenges are usu­al­ly very hard and demand max­i­mum self-control.

You should adapt these videos a bit for your­self and extend the time win­dow to 2 hours or longer.

Tip: Film and Photograph Your Controlled Ejaculations

We rec­om­mend you to cap­ture your ruined orgasms on videos or pho­tos. It’s absolute­ly impres­sive how furi­ous­ly the penis reacts every time you don’t cum dur­ing orgasm, but just milk your semen in a con­trolled way.

Precum cumshot into a shot glass
Great filmed pre­cum cumshot into a shot glass as an ani­mat­ed GIF.

When film­ing, make sure that you only film your penis, nev­er your face, oth­er body parts, iden­ti­fy­ing fea­tures or objects from your surroundings.

Very cool is shar­ing these videos, pho­tos or ani­mat­ed GIFs. The plat­forms sharesome.com, xhamster.com are great for shar­ing your cum videos.

It makes very hap­py (and horny) to expe­ri­ence the encour­age­ment, con­struc­tive crit­i­cism and sup­port of the community.

You are also wel­come to email us your videos and sto­ries via our con­tact form. Send us a mes­sage if you have start­ed a sexblog. We will be hap­py to link you.

Tip: Collect Your Milked and Squirted Love Juices

In var­i­ous Eng­lish cuck­old forums, you read again and again the tip to col­lect sperm (cum col­lect­ing). Since cum decays very quick­ly, your only option is to col­lect cum in the freez­er or freezer.

There are three viable ways to freeze your har­vest­ed pre­cum and semen:

You can use your col­lect­ed cum togeth­er with your hotwife to make love and play gang­bangs and melt it in her pussy / on her skin. But you can also use it in smooth­ies, sauces and to cook food, or just thaw it alone in your mouth or on your skin and train cum swal­low­ing.


Conclusion: Practice and Train Orgasm Control Regularly

Have you got a taste for it and want to ruin your orgasm more often from now on? Fan­tas­tic! Make orgasm con­trol a task for your­self in the next few months.

The penis after 2 hours of edging completely red jerked and at the end of his strength! And yet precum keeps running into the jar over and over again!
The penis after 2 hours of edg­ing com­plete­ly red jerked and at the end of his strength! And yet pre­cum keeps run­ning into the jar over and over again!

Dur­ing your long mas­tur­ba­tion ses­sions, you will inevitably become very con­cerned with the way your ejac­u­la­tion feels and how it happens.

You will under­stand and accept that it is extreme­ly horny and plea­sur­able when you con­trol and vol­un­tar­i­ly reduce your orgasms.

Your main goal should be to ruin your orgasms at least once in the future before you are allowed to climax.

The sec­ond goal should be to always recy­cle your desire drops and sweet pre-cum before orgasm, so that one day you can swal­low your own sperm.

Edg­ing for hours with­out ejac­u­la­tion is great for cuck­olds as poten­cy train­ing. You’ll be more and more per­sis­tent dur­ing sex, and you’ll be able to ejac­u­late much more vig­or­ous­ly and sperm more abun­dant­ly after just a few months.

More Resources on Orgasm Control:


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