Cum Ice Cubes — Perfect Toys for Cuckolds

Cum ice cubes are incred­i­bly horny toys for swingers, gang­bang lovers, cuck­olds, cuck­queans, cum-hun­gry mas­tur­ba­tors, gays, and of course horny cum sluts.

When you / your part­ner (in) are horny, you get the sperm ice cube (also named: cum­si­cle, cum sicele, cum­cube, or cum cube) out and can use it in defrost and in pussy, mouth, or on the body to play.

In this guide, you will learn numer­ous prac­ti­cal tips on the sub­ject of “sperm ice”. We explain to you how to best pre­pare sperm ice cubes, how to defrost them, and what to do with them.

Prepare Sperm Ice Cubes — The Wrong Way

The tech­nique to “pre­pare sperm ice cubes” is very sim­ple in the­o­ry: you order an ice cube tray from Ama­zon or eBay, squirt in after/at every mas­tur­ba­tion and hide it back in the freezer.

Your Two Enemies:

“time” and “freez­er burn” can doom the smell, taste, and look of ice cubes. That’s why it’s impor­tant to heed our fol­low­ing tips.

There are many pic­tures on the Inter­net and only a few REAL tips on “cum freez­ing”. But I dare to doubt that the gigan­tic amounts of sperm on the pho­tos real­ly ever end up in a mouth.

Even if the ice cube idea sounds cool at first, you can do a lot wrong. Instead of sperm joy, you will expe­ri­ence dis­gust at worst and nev­er try it again.


Prepare Sperm Ice Cream — The Right Way

To save you from mak­ing mis­takes, you can read our sug­ges­tions here:

1.) The correct containers to freeze sperm:

Sperm in the ice cube tray: Even if the idea is cool - it's not practical
Sperm in the ice cube mak­er / Ice cube tray: Even if the idea is cool — It is not practical!

Don’t make the mis­take and use clas­sic, open ice cube mak­ers or huge freez­er con­tain­ers from super­mar­kets or Tup­per­ware! The sperm becomes unsight­ly and smells unap­pe­tiz­ing when thawing!

Use very small freez­er con­tain­ers with a max­i­mum capac­i­ty of 50 ml (most­ly for spices), with a lid.

We use Tup­per­ware Midgets Dip Con­tain­er, 55ml in semi-trans­par­ent col­ors (red, blue, green) with a capac­i­ty of 40ml. Also, black 35ml film can­is­ters for ana­log cam­eras are a great tip. You can get them for pock­et mon­ey on eBay! Already after 5 — 8 ejac­u­la­tions, you have a small gang­bang togeth­er. Up to 20 sperm loads fit inside.

2.) How do you go about “collecting sperm”?

Jerk off as usu­al in front of your com­put­er. The longer you jerk off, the more cum you pro­duce. Absolute­ly rec­om­mend­ed is penis edg­ing and orgasm con­trol (you can find more instruc­tions in our blog!) to bring the prostate to full speed.

Fozen cum: Frozen sperm in a freezer
Fozen cum: Frozen sperm in a freezer

Lis­ten to your body: if you need to cum, quick­ly go to the freez­er and get the con­tain­er. The impor­tant thing is to do it fast! Jerk off, open the lid, squirt in, close the lid, and IMMEDIATELY back into the freezer!

It makes sense to have a strip of self-adhe­sive paper on the con­tain­er, where you can draw a count line with a pen. Then you know how many sperm loads you have inject­ed there.

  • Inject dai­ly into the sperm con­tain­er for 10 days, you already have mate­r­i­al to replay a small gangbang.
  • Take from the 11th load rather a sec­ond container.

3.) How do you proceed with the “sperm thawing”?

The most impor­tant thing is quick thaw­ing with­out bac­te­ria spread­ing and destroy­ing the smell and taste.

The huge sperm ice lumps on numer­ous pho­tos on the Inter­net are com­plete­ly out of touch with real­i­ty! While these are still frozen on the inside, decom­po­si­tion begins min­utes lat­er in the out­er areas.

Cum cubes
Cum ice cubes: Cum cubes

Get the ice cube cups out of the freez­er and let them float unopened in hot water from the tap (60 °C) for 15 minutes.

A slight­ly cool­er idea is to pro­ceed with a USB cup warmer. You fill the ice cube into a met­al cup and melt the cum there. How­ev­er, cum is lost and the melt­ing process takes longer.

Of course, you can also melt a sperm ice cube like a clas­sic ice cube on warm skin. This also has its charm. How­ev­er, the cube quick­ly slips out of your hand.

4.) How does the sperm get into the pussy?

For the creampie friends among you: A melt­ed ice cube not only looks cool in the pussy, but is also an absolute overkill when lick­ing. You can also fill it thawed or with a speculum!

If you want to get the cum into the pussy, you can do it with a vagi­nal specu­lum or inject it into the pussy with a 20ml dos­ing syringe or a 50ml bub­ble syringe.

With the specu­lum vari­ant, the wom­an’s butt must be ele­vat­ed so that the cum stays inside. How­ev­er, I rec­om­mend suck­ing up the thawed sperm with a dos­ing syringe and inject­ing it into the pussy.

The melt­ed cum is extreme­ly slip­pery and feels crazy horny for the woman. The scent is high­ly awe­some when it soaks into the warm skin and dries.


5.) How can swallow sperm ice cream?

Hotwife plays with sperm ice cubes and rubs her face with frozen sperm
Hotwife plays with sperm ice cubes and rubs her face with frozen sperm

Five cum loads is an extreme amount of cum! Most women and men should be over­whelmed to take a big swal­low! You should not even plan to swal­low it all in the begin­ning!

Rather sow around with the cum on the skin. Rub in nip­ples, cock, and pussy. Use it as a lubricant!

.… and swal­low only a little…

Now the kinky play can begin.…

Sperm Ice Cubes — Perfect for Cuckold Training

Since thaw­ing can be done on the skin, in the pussy, or in the mouth, freez­ing sperm is worth­while for cuck­old and hotwife alike. Very pop­u­lar is frozen sperm as a lubri­cant for dil­dos. Extreme­ly horny gang­bangs with 5 — 30 ejac­u­la­tions can be replayed for two!

Fuck juice to the sperm ice cube (cum ice cube) or to freeze sperm snow in the freez­er, is also a very good idea to allow the cuck­old to prac­tice mate­r­i­al to swal­low sperm. In addi­tion, you can freeze sperm in film cans.

Thaw Sperm Ice Cubes Directly With Speculum in Pussy:

Here a pussy was filled with a sperm ice cube by specu­lum. It is about 5 charges.

The pussy can now be fin­gered at the G‑spot + cli­toris to orgasm and then fucked with dil­dos and your own cock. Cuck­olds, swingers and cum lovers can lick the horny cum cunt nice and clean and even squirt a load fresh behind. Per­fect for cum play (cum play).

Thicken Sperm:

So that the sperm after thaw­ing again has a thick­er con­sis­ten­cy, you can take some arrow­root starch (Engl. arrow­root flour) can. Also, to thick­en the cum for cum cubes, you can use a milk frother.


Conclusion: Freezing Sperm Is a Good Alternative

Sperm ice cream frozen in an ice cube maker
Sperm ice cream frozen in the ice cube maker

If you want to swal­low your own sperm, but always lose moti­va­tion after you cum, you should con­sid­er freez­ing sperm in the freez­er. As soon as the desire is there again, the sperm ice cubes can be tak­en out and used.

Anoth­er pos­si­ble appli­ca­tion is that the hotwife milks the penis by ruin­ing orgasm sev­er­al times and catch­es the cum with a bowl or sperm plate. The sperm can be frozen direct­ly after the desama­tion and used for lat­er sperm games or to learn to swal­low sperm. Sperm ice is also per­fect­ly suit­able for play­ing with dil­dos and as a lubricant.

How­ev­er, it is impor­tant to freeze the love juices cor­rect­ly to avoid freez­er burn. Instead of open ice cube con­tain­ers, we rec­om­mend film cans or mini Tup­per­ware con­tain­ers up to 55 ml. It is also pos­si­ble to pre­pare sperm snow in seal­able Ziplock bags or sperm lol­lipops in ice molds (cum­ci­cles).

Freeze sperm and eat it another day: A clever idea
Freeze sperm to cum-sicles and eat it on anoth­er day: A clever idea

Additional Sources:

Horny sow with armpit hair col­lects a few weeks of cum- ice cubes in the freez­er for a cum cocktail
Cute brat gets the idea to build a sperm lol­lipop in the freez­er while mas­tur­bat­ing with ice.

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