How to Give Yourself a Blowjob?

Prob­a­bly all men in the world have tried to suck them­selves. Most of them will not have man­aged to suck the glans in a relaxed way with­out any effort. After two or three failed attempts, the sub­ject is “his­to­ry” for the rest of your life. Espe­cial­ly also because most men do not want to have their own sperm in their mouth.

As a cuck­old, the top­ic becomes very top­i­cal again. Because the hotwife demands from her hus­band that he always takes care of his own sperm swal­low. He is real­ly edu­cat­ed to swal­low sperm and trained permanently.

In this arti­cle, we explain to you which tech­niques you can man­age to give your­self a blowjob. We also explain how you can inject your sperm direct­ly into your mouth alone or with the help of a woman.

What Is Autofellatio?

Sperma in eigenen Mund abspritzen
Squirt­ing cum into your own mouth

The fun­ny-sound­ing term “aut­ofel­la­tio” describes the art of suck­ing your own penis. The word deriva­tion comes from the Latin word “fel­lare“ ‘ mean­ing to suck.

The “auto­sex­u­al­i­ty” describes that a per­son sat­is­fies him­self or she is sex­u­al­ly attract­ed to him­self. You can also find the terms self fel­la­tio or self fellatio.

Giv­ing your­self a blowjob is rel­a­tive­ly stren­u­ous. This requires the right tech­nique and desire to prac­tice reg­u­lar­ly. How­ev­er, it is worth prac­tic­ing it, because it feels very horny to suck your own glans and taste the pre­cum (pre-juice).

When the cuck­old wants to prac­tice sperm swal­low­ing, he does it to please the hotwife — or else because the hotwife, or the bull, orders him to.

As already writ­ten in oth­er guides, it is very dif­fi­cult for a cuck­old new­bie to get over him­self to swal­low his own cum always to swal­low. With­in sec­onds of orgasm, the man los­es the desire to taste his cum. This is where aut­ofel­la­tio can be incred­i­bly effec­tive in help­ing you become a horny cum swal­low­er very quick­ly.

If the man jerks and sucks his cock over his face, it is final­ly phys­i­cal­ly inevitable that his own fuck juice is dis­charged com­plete­ly in his own face and/or mouth with mul­ti­ple, horny splashes.

Self suck - Self fellatio
Self suck — Self fellatio

Instructions: What Techniques Are There for Autofellatio?

The pre­req­ui­site is that you are rea­son­ably slim. With a large bel­ly, you can no longer blow your­self. Younger men have it a lit­tle eas­i­er than men of old­er age — but it can be trained.

Self-insemination into the mouth
Self-insem­i­na­tion into the mouth

Also, you should not do an aut­ofel­la­tio imme­di­ate­ly after get­ting up. The back is still much too stiff in the morn­ing. The best time is the after­noon or evening.

To avoid a strain, you should start slow­ly and do abdom­i­nal and back exer­cis­es every day to mobi­lize the spine. Many peo­ple’s backs are short­ened due to their dai­ly work routine.

Technique 1: Sit-up on the Floor

Do you have a big penis of 16 cm, you can try a horny work­out on the floor. Jerk your dick until you are about to cum and lie down with your back on the floor. Opti­mal is a train­ing mat or a car­pet under­neath. It won’t work on the bed because it gives too much.

Do a sit-up. Stand up and try to get as close as pos­si­ble to the tip of the penis with your tongue. Jerk off 20x extreme­ly fast and lean back again. Relax for a few sec­onds. Do a sit-up again, try to get to the dick with your tongue again and jerk off again 20x bru­tal­ly fast. Repeat the work­out until the penis jerks off into your mouth.

This tech­nique is very exhaust­ing but effec­tive. If you are miss­ing 5–10 cm, you need more counter-pres­sure — see tech­nique #3.

Jerk off, train your abdominal muscles ... and practice swallowing your own sperm
Jerk off, train your abdom­i­nal mus­cles … and prac­tice swal­low­ing your own sperm

Technique 2: Bending Forward on a Chair

Sucking own cock on chair (Self fellatio on chair)
Suck­ing own cock on chair (Self fel­la­tio on chair)

It works a lit­tle bet­ter on a chair. Sit naked on it and jerk your cock big. Here you need at least a 15 cm penis size.

Jerk your cock until just before ejac­u­la­tion. Ruin the orgasm and grab your feet. Pull your upper body down a lit­tle more. You’ll also get to your dick a lit­tle bet­ter if you wedge your arms under your low­er legs and pull down.

Try to get to the tip of your penis with your lips and suck the glans into your mouth. Blow the glans and relax again. Jerk the cock again until just before orgasm, and try again. Repeat about ten times and try to make the cock cum through your tongue and lip movements.

This tech­nique is also very exhaust­ing, but if you man­age to cum, the expe­ri­ence is extreme­ly cool. You’re prob­a­bly miss­ing 3–5 cm extra to blow with­out effort here as well.

Bent over self-sucking penis
Bent over self-suck­ing penis

Technique 3: The “Roll Backwards” With Back Against the Wall (Tip!)

Brace your legs against the wall and towards the ceiling of the room
Brace your legs against the wall and towards the ceil­ing of the room

The real­ly best tech­nique is to use a wall to help you. To avoid hurt­ing the ver­te­brae when bend­ing your back, place a rug or exer­cise mat underneath.

Slide your butt com­plete­ly up against a wall and press your pelvis with your feet towards your tor­so. Hike your feet up the wall and pull your back high­er and high­er against the wall. At some point your knees will be almost next to your head, and your penis will hang direct­ly above your face.

Butt in the air position: Perfect for autofellatio. During orgasm you can ejaculate into your own mouth
Butt in the air posi­tion: Per­fect for aut­ofel­la­tio. Dur­ing orgasm you can ejac­u­late into your own mouth 

With erect penis you will be able to touch your penis glans with your lips. Be patient. After a few min­utes, you can com­plete­ly enclose it and suck on it.

Jerk the penis while stiff­en­ing and blow a lit­tle the glans tip, as far as pos­si­ble. Jerk off until just before your orgasm and try to ruin it.

By ruin­ing the orgasm you stay horny and can eas­i­ly absorb the sperm oral­ly. When you have swal­lowed it all, jerk your penis again and let it come to orgasm.

Technique 4: “Ass in the Air” on the Couch (For Beginners)

Very effec­tive and begin­ner-friend­ly is the aut­ofel­la­tio on a couch. Unlike the hard floor, even an untrained spine can be bent using grav­i­ty. Although you don’t get your mouth on your tail quite as well as with tech­nique 3.) but the soft cush­ions dis­trib­ute the pres­sure of the ver­te­bral bod­ies a lit­tle more painlessly.

Lie down with your neck as far as pos­si­ble towards the back­rest and stretch your butt in the air and push your legs towards the ceil­ing. Slow­ly bend your knees to the left and right of your ears. Your penis will inevitably hang over your face.

Now jerk your cock stiff and ruin your orgasm in this case too. Open your mouth to cum and enjoy the taste before your orgasm. When you’ve swal­lowed it all, allow your­self to jerk off to cli­max now and squirt the rest of the cum into your mouth or onto your forehead.

The couch is a great place to blow yourself (blow own cock)
The couch is a great place to blow your­self (blow own cock)

Technique 5: The Halasana Yoga Position

Practice the Halasana yoga position 2-3 times a week and you will be able to give yourself a blowjob very quickly
Prac­tice the Halasana yoga posi­tion 2–3 times a week and you will be able to give your­self a blowjob very quickly

Reg­u­lar yoga is very good for mobi­liz­ing the back. Your penis can also ben­e­fit from this.

If you want to give your­self a blowjob, or you find self-face insem­i­na­tion horny, you should enter three dates in your smart­phone for four weeks.

Prac­tice the Halasana yoga pose for 10 min­utes, and you’ll be sur­prised how quick­ly you can get your back flex­i­ble again and that you can enclose your glans with your mouth.

Pro­ceed with your mouth or face insem­i­na­tion as in tech­nique 3 and 4 with orgasm ruination.

Technique 6: Your Hotwife Behind You

Self Facial by Hotwife (FemDom = Female Domination)
Self Facial by Hotwife (Fem­Dom = Female Domination)

It is very help­ful if your hotwife or a dom­i­nant woman takes over the “jerk­ing off cock” and lets you ejac­u­late your own sperm into your mouth.

While lying on the floor, do a half roll back­wards so that your knees are next to your head. Your wife kneels behind your back and holds your legs. She can now push them down a lit­tle further.

The woman should sta­bi­lize your back a bit with her knees and thighs so that you can blow your fuck dick in a relaxed way. Open your mouth, and don’t resist your own cum rain. Opti­mal­ly, the hotwife should ruin the orgasm once.

Cuckold Sessions

Technique 7: Heel Behind Head — Method

Easier than it looks: Give yourself a blowjob while sitting with the heel-behind-the-head method
Eas­i­er than it looks: Give your­self a blowjob while sit­ting with the heel-behind-the-head method

Anoth­er good method for young or ath­let­ic men is the “heel behind head — technique”.

You sit down on a soft sur­face and try (as much as you can) to get your right foot behind your neck. The forced cur­va­ture of the back allows you to get very close to the penis while sit­ting. It is pos­si­ble to reach the tip of the glans with your lips and can thus blow yourself.

With your free hand, you can jerk your penis. When the dick squirts, you can enclose the glans with your lips and ejac­u­late the entire load of sperm direct­ly into your mouth or squirt on your tongue.

Significant Pleasure Gain With Anal Toys, Prostate Massage or Strapon

If you are famil­iar with aut­ofel­la­tio, you should get involved with your hotwife play­ing with your prostate dur­ing aut­ofel­la­tio or fuck­ing your ass with a strap-on.

Swallow your own sperm during strap-on fuck
Swal­low your own sperm dur­ing strap-on fuck

You can use a prostate stim­u­la­tor in your ass, let your hotwife mas­sage it with her fin­ger, fin­ger your­self anal­ly, or use an anal dil­do. Very good also comes a fuck with a strap-on (strap-on dil­do), while you squirt your­self in the face.

Anal stim­u­la­tion feels incred­i­bly good dur­ing aut­ofel­la­tio and always ends in an incred­i­bly horny and intense orgasm. Note, how­ev­er, that with a dil­do in your ass, you have to swal­low con­sid­er­ably more sperm!

Wank Your Cock Yourself or Let It Wank by Hotwife

With aut­ofel­la­tio tech­niques, it will be a bit uncom­fort­able to mas­tur­bate at first. With prop­er moti­va­tion (threat of pun­ish­ment, praise or cheer­ing). Your hotwife will get back stretch­ing and bet­ter and bet­ter in a few days and weeks. Do back stretch­ing exer­cis­es for 5–10 min­utes a day for 4–6 weeks.

Dominas force slaves to swallow cum (Own facial FemDom)
Dom­i­nas force slaves to swal­low cum (Own facial FemDom)

Thanks to grav­i­ty, it will be easy to wank your cock in such a way that your sperm squirts into your own mouth.

How­ev­er, jerk­ing off is very lim­it­ed due to the lim­it­ed space. You will prob­a­bly only be able to make very short up-and-down move­ments. You’ll see that it works any­way. Just take your thumb and index fin­ger and jerk the glans very fast at a rapid pace.

Rec­om­mend­ed is when your hotwife jerks your cock and she insem­i­nates your face and mouth with your cum direct­ly! She will be very horny to let the penis cum direct­ly into your mouth or face.

Ejaculate in Your Own Face by Means of Autofellatio

Mouth insemination with own cum (own cum facial)
Mouth insem­i­na­tion with own cum (own cum facial)

You should check with your hotwife in advance if you are allowed to come direct­ly to a com­plete orgasm or if you have to ruin your orgasm two or three times at the last moment. Despite ruin­ing orgasm you will cum some sperm (pre­cum) with­out the erec­tion collapsing.

Since the sperm absorp­tion in the mouth is so fast, you won’t have any prob­lems swal­low­ing the whole load. Per­fect for learn­ing to swal­low cum!

If you stick your tongue out slight­ly while ejac­u­lat­ing, you can avoid too much cum pass­ing your mouth.

Selfsuck & Cum eating
Self­suck & Cum eating

If you, your hotwife or the bull want you to cum in your face (facial), don’t aim at your eyes, but at your fore­head, and move the penis over your nose towards your chin! Sperm burns in the eyes!

Left and right move­ments of the glans over the nose also pro­vide a very nice insem­i­na­tion image in your face.

Extensive Pleasure After Face Insemination

After the insem­i­na­tion of the face is not over yet. Suf­fi­cient time should be sched­uled to observe the facial in front of the mir­ror. You can admire your self-facial in the mir­ror, take a self­ie with your smart­phone. The run­ning down sperm looks incred­i­bly horny.

Cuckold squirts cum into his own mouth
Cuck­old squirts cum into his own mouth

After­wards you can push the cum into your mouth with your fin­ger or let the hotwife lick you clean. An exten­sive, ten­der cum kiss with snow­balling are incred­i­bly sen­su­al and con­nects the hotwife and cuck­old extreme­ly emotionally.

Many men also use a spoon to advo­cate the cum from cheeks, fore­head, chin and nose into the mouth. Because that’s where the horny fuck juice always belongs.

Selfcum: Self cum - Review

Conclusion: Practice a Bit and Enjoy the Self-Facial Extensively

Giv­ing your­self a blowjob and squirt­ing the cum into your own mouth is a very horny thing to do.

Milking penis in own mouth
Milk­ing penis in own mouth

An aut­ofel­la­tio pro­vides every hotwife with thick plus points! The sight of the sperm dis­charge in her own face and mouth pro­vides her with such great excite­ment that she will demand it more often 😉 The clean lick­ing and the sperm kiss­es are extreme­ly horny.

You will prob­a­bly pre­fer the “ass in the air” tech­nique. You can already suck your penis after a few days with­out any problems.

The rest is done by physics: open your mouth, stick out your tongue and ejac­u­late into your own face in com­plete relaxation.

If you are enthu­si­as­tic about the Aut­ofel­la­tio, offer your Cuck­ol­dress to play with your prostate. You will be sur­prised how your mis­tress will also come off when you reach orgasm and squirt into her own mouth.

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Gravity helps... With a little training, a self blow job is possible.
Grav­i­ty helps… With a lit­tle train­ing, a self blow job is possible.

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