Collect Your Frozen Sperm With Ziplock Bags

Regard­less of whether the part­ner is only cross-insem­i­nat­ed in fan­ta­sy or in real­i­ty, it is a great desire among all cuck­old cou­ples to get “more sperm” to play with.

Col­lect­ed sperm can be used to reen­act gang­bangs, for exam­ple, it can be used as a nat­ur­al lubri­cant for thick dil­dos, and of course: the bel­ly, breasts, labia and face can be played with the abun­dant cum. Some cou­ples even like to inject col­lect­ed sperm into their pussy with a syringe.

Besides a longer absti­nence (sev­er­al days of cum ban), freez­ing spem is the only sen­si­ble way to col­lect a lot of cum. A good alter­na­tive to sperm ice cubes and sperm ice on a stick is col­lect­ing sperm in small Ziplock bags. If the cuck squirts in only once per bag, about 5 grams of sperm snow will result.

How to “col­lect sperm with Ziplock bags” goes and what things should be con­sid­ered, you will learn in this guide.

How to Collect Frozen Sperm in Ziplock Bags

Horny squirt­ed sperm, fra­grant pussy juice, milked pre­cum, vio­lent­ly squirt­ed squirt and leak­ing creamp­ies are invari­ably recy­cled by cuck­old cou­ples. Hand­ker­chiefs, kitchen tow­els or even toi­let paper are an absolute no-no for sex­u­al­ly open-mind­ed men and women.

Each Cuck­ol­dress has thievish fun to edu­cate her Cuc­ki to swal­low sperm. But the fun leaves some­thing to be desired! Even with 6 — 8 pow­er­ful sperm splash­es, it is still only ridicu­lous 5–6 ml of cum. So many cou­ples get the idea to freeze sperm to get 5 to 10 times the amount to play with.

The good news in advance: Yes! It is pos­si­ble to freeze sperm in the freez­er or deep freeze. The big “BUT” is, you have to know exact­ly “how” to col­lect cum correctly.

Cum eating challenge: Mit kleinen Plastkbeuteln Spermaeis bereiten und Schlucken üben
Cum eat­ing chal­lenge: Pre­pare cum ice cream with small plas­tic bags and prac­tice swal­low­ing it
Cuckold Sessions

a) Freeze Cum (Sperm Ice Cream) Correctly

Basi­cal­ly, the idea of “freez­ing sperm” sounds quite sim­ple. But to achieve a real­ly good result some things have to be considered.

1. Buy Colored Aluminum Ziplock Bags

Ideal eignen sich zum Sperma-sammeln 10cm Aluminium - Tütchen mit Druckverschluss zum Einfrieren
Ide­al for sperm col­lec­tion are 10 cm alu­minum bags with pres­sure seal for freezing

You can buy the »col­ored alu­minum foil Ziplock bags« also named »Mylar Ziplock Bags« at Ama­zon, Aliba­ba, or eBay. 

They have a pres­sure clo­sure and are avail­able in vibrant col­ors, such as blue, white, pink, black, pur­ple, green, or gold. They are avail­able in glossy and matte.

It is impor­tant that you buy small bags! Max­i­mum 10 x 15 cm (3.9 x 5.9 inch). Because, as already writ­ten at the arti­cle sperm ice cube pre­pare, also applies here: The small­er the amount of sperm, the better!

When you use these small pouch­es, the sperm ice looks more aes­thet­ic and is bet­ter pro­tect­ed against bac­te­ria. In this way, you can be sure that no freez­er burn will destroy your cum. It is opti­mal to store the small alu­minum bags in a large alu­minum bag (18 x 20 cm / 7 x 8 inch) or a Tup­per­ware container.

2. Only One Sperm Load per Bag

Make your­self com­fort­able while mas­tur­bat­ing and jerk your dick sev­er­al times to the point of no return. Squirt into the bag and close the ZIPPER cap. Put the sperm bag IMMEDIATELY in the freez­er or freez­er com­part­ment and as deep as pos­si­ble to the back.

3. Spoon Creampie Out of Pussy

A creampie is also very prac­ti­ca­ble to use as cum-snow. It is very dif­fi­cult to cap­ture a creampie in a zip­per bag. It’s best to spoon out the horny cum cunt with a black, long ice cream spoon, or you can use a teaspoon.

4. Knead Sperm Ice Cream Regularly — It Must Remain Sperm Snow.

If the cum is frozen, you need to knead it occa­sion­al­ly to avoid the for­ma­tion of large chunks. It should always have a con­sis­ten­cy like snow.

b) Defrosting Cum Ice Correctly

With a Ziplock bag, sperm ice is very easy to thaw and use because of the snowy tex­ture. It should be used imme­di­ate­ly after removal from the ice­box. Defrost­ing is in a water bath or even in the microwave is not rec­om­mend­ed. It is best to quick­ly cut the Ziplock bag with a pair of scis­sors and thaw it in a small bowl.

1. Thawing on the Skin of the Hotwife

The best way to reuse love juice is to sprin­kle it on the breasts, bel­ly, face, and of course pussy.

2. Thawing on Pizza, Cakes, Cookies, in Sauces, and in Cocktails

Sperm snow can be per­fect­ly used to refine dish­es and drinks. It is espe­cial­ly rec­om­mend­ed for piz­za, cakes, cook­ies and piña cola­da cocktails.

It can also be used to bake cakes in bat­ter. Sperm cake is a great birth­day gift. 😉

Selfcum: Self cum - Review

Conclusion: Frozen Cum Can Be Perfectly Collected in Colored Aluminum Ziplock Foil Bags

Cum popsicle: Spermalutscher aus Eis
Sperm ice cream in the mouth

Freez­ing fuck juice, pussy cream, squirt and creampie is done quick­ly. How­ev­er, it is impor­tant to freeze the horny love juices prop­er­ly!

The tips found on the Inter­net of freez­ing sperm by the liter are not prac­ti­cal! Pre­serv­ing jars, screw jars, open ice cube mak­ers, and large Tup­per­ware con­tain­ers will at worst cause dis­gust when defrosted.

It’s smarter to use small, black alu­minum bags with a reseal­able Ziplock clo­sure and store them in a Tup­per­ware con­tain­er in the freez­er. They can be super­po­si­tioned love juices and thawed to play with.

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