Dominant Education One Cum Cuckolds in Five Steps

This is a les­son in female dom­i­nance and respect­ing your man.

Men almost always want to be in charge of sex. They love their penis and always want to dec­o­rate their part­ner’s body abun­dant­ly with sperm and fill as many female ori­fices as pos­si­ble. Curi­ous­ly, how­ev­er, 98% of men would NEVER want to swal­low their sperm voluntarily.

But did you know that sperm is an excel­lent edu­ca­tion­al tool? There are actu­al­ly men who do it at the request or com­mand of their part­ner after all.

So just turn the tables and demand in the future that HE swal­lows his cum him­self! If he does it, enjoy it. Make sure it is always a pos­i­tive event. This will train his brain to do it auto­mat­i­cal­ly at some point.

With the fol­low­ing 5‑step plan, you will man­age to train your man to swal­low cum. Be curi­ous which stage your man will reach.

Stage 1 — Gentle Motivation With Desire Drops (Pre-cum)

The first stage is first of all about get­ting your man used to sperm con­tact slow­ly and with­out neg­a­tive feelings.

You know those crys­tal-clear drops of long­ing when your man is aroused? When one forms, catch it with your index fin­ger and let him lick it off.

After sex, take a sperm-drop on one fin­ger and lick it off lust­ful­ly. Look deep into his eyes while doing so. Now it’s his turn: hold his chin, so he can’t get out of the way. Give him a blob in his mouth and kiss him immediately.

Kiss him more and more often after you have licked his penis.

If he does­n’t resist (any­more), go to stage 2.


Stage 2 — Light Coercion by Licking off “Some” Semen

Pre ejaculate
Pre-ejac­u­late (drop of desire) leaks from the penis

Since he react­ed pos­i­tive­ly to your first attempts, you should now increase the amount of semen.

Pick up plen­ty of semen with your index, mid­dle and ring fin­gers and force it into his mouth. He may turn his head away. So always hold his chin roughly!

Take his sperm in your palm and rub it stroking­ly on his face. Look into his eyes and tell him, for exam­ple, how for­bid­den horny his skin shines.

Do not force him to swal­low at the begin­ning! This could be too much for him. Praise him and caress / kiss his face!

Does he stick out his tongue to you vol­un­tar­i­ly at some point? Con­grat­u­la­tions! Then stage 3 is wait­ing for him!

Stage 3 — Gentle Threat: No More Sex Without Cleaning Creampie!

From now on, a new rule applies: your man may only cum in and on you if he also licks you thor­ough­ly clean again. He must under­stand and accept that every creampie, every facial ins ema­na­tion, and also every body insem­i­na­tion must be licked up by him in the future if he wants to con­tin­ue hav­ing sex with you!

Show it to him that you mean it! Think of a pun­ish­ment. For exam­ple, 10 slaps on the butt, threats of pain, or a sharp tone in your voice are enough. Then he will already parry.

Men pre­fer to squirt their wives in their mouths. If he wants to cum in your mouth again, threat­en him ici­ly that you will spit the whole load into HIS mouth to swallow!

Eat own creampie
Eat own creampie means eat your own creampie.

When he cums in your pussy, from now on let him ALWAYS clean up the com­plete creampie out of you, and then he has to lick your labia clean.

To do this, kneel over his face and push a lit­tle. You can also use your fin­gers. NEVER give in and demand thor­ough­ness to the last drop!

Your man will want to move to your breasts, armpits, and bel­ly. But tough luck! Press his head down rough­ly with­out a word to clean the cum! Grab him firm­ly by the hair. With­out yield­ing, ALWAYS let him lick your body clean.

When you lick the penis clean, you no longer swal­low the sperm your­self, but sim­ply spit it into the mouth of her husband.

Always say in a seri­ous voice, “And now swal­low nice­ly!” or point with your index fin­ger, “There’s still some!” If he did it well, you should praise, praise, praise him!

Stage 4 — Full Surrender: Practice Swallowing Sperm Regularly!

After a few weeks, you should already be able to dom­i­nate your man sex­u­al­ly in an excel­lent way. Prob­a­bly he will do every­thing you say!

He should be trained from now on to be able to swal­low a com­plete sperm load with­out any prob­lems and with­out com­plain­ing! Make it clear to him that “every­thing that is pro­duced must also be con­sumed again” and do not tol­er­ate any discussions.

Aut­ofel­la­tio: This method is excellent!

Have him squirt his semen into a glass and com­mand him to drink it. If he is wear­ing a con­dom, always pour the entire con­tents into his mouth now. A plate and spoon are also good for swal­low­ing the whole load.

Tie his legs over his head, back against the wall, and let him ejac­u­late into his own mouth. This prac­tice is called aut­ofel­la­tio and is high­ly successful!

Order him to freeze his sperm splash­es “dur­ing the week” in the freez­er as sperm ice cubes! When you have fun togeth­er again, he can melt them in his mouth or your vagina.

Some­times it makes it eas­i­er for him to swal­low the cum with some­thing sweet. Be cre­ative in how you can make it eas­i­er for Him to swal­low the com­plete cum load.


Stage 5 — Complete Domination: Husband Licks up His Cum on His Own Without Prompting

Creampie eating
Creampie eat­ing: a win-win for both hus­band and wife

By now, you and he should have found fun in the dom­i­nant after­glow. If you have reached lev­el 5, it is time to set stricter rules and pro­voke him hus­band further.

For­bid your man to cum while secret­ly mas­tur­bat­ing “dur­ing the week”. From now on, they will only cum togeth­er with you, if you allow it.

Delay cum­ing for sev­er­al hours by play­ful­ly train­ing his orgasm (mul­ti­ple orgasm ruin­ing). Pro­hib­it him from doing the usu­al 5‑minute num­bers that you have noth­ing of.

Put on panties after insem­i­nat­ing your pussy, and post­pone the cleanup for a few hours. (A night out, a walk, going shopping)

Put on a strap-on, wet it with plen­ty of sperm / thawed cum ice cream, and let it suck clean. While you’re at it, tell him it’s some­one else’s cock. Then fuck him again vio­lent­ly in the ass!

If you wish, you can address dur­ing sex that the thought makes you com­plete­ly horny if strange men were allowed to fuck you and cum inside you. Ask him if he allows stranger fuck­ing and stranger insem­i­na­tion. Also, bold­ly go one step fur­ther and ask him if he would con­tin­ue to lick you clean so nice­ly even if you had stranger cum.

Cum eating cuckold
Cum eat­ing cuck­old: creampie clean lick­ing is a cuck­old duty and must be trained regularly

Are You Wondering What You Should Get Out of It When the Man Swallows His Sperm?

Very sim­ple: It’s prac­ti­cal! 🙂 The ques­tion “Where to put the sperm” has become super­flu­ous. Your man is from now on ALWAYS respon­si­ble for that. Your pussy is almost clean, and you no longer have to run to the bath­room in a panic.

It feels crazy pleas­ant when his tongue dri­ves over your excit­ed skin for anoth­er five to ten min­utes. Enjoy the relax­ing and tin­gling feeling!

You will get one or two lick­ing orgasms after sex, and it is a pleas­ant feel­ing of pow­er and con­trol over your part­ner as a woman. Your man feels com­plete­ly sub­ju­gat­ed and does the “lick­ing up fuck juice” only for your love.

The pussy lick­ing clean is a crown­ing finale for a horny sex number.

You now have the reins in your hands sex­u­al­ly and com­plete­ly uncon­scious­ly made your sex life more excit­ing. Have you noticed that you have become much more imag­i­na­tive, and your man prefers to enjoy him­self with you for sev­er­al hours instead of doing his stan­dard number?

Even if you don’t believe it cur­rent­ly, but one day between you and your cuck­old the sub­ject of sperm will be so nor­mal that even pas­sion­ate, very inti­mate sperm kiss­es with snow­balling and horny sperm games will sim­ply be part of good sex.

Pussy cleanup: Muschi sauberlecken
Pussy cleanup of a mature ama­teur cou­ple: Hotwife finds the cleanup lick­ing of her insem­i­nat­ed cum cunt very horny.

Conclusion: Swallowing Sperm by Yourself Can Be Learned by Every Man!

Even if it seems almost inhu­man for every cuck­old new­bie at the begin­ning — It is actu­al­ly pos­si­ble with­out any prob­lems as a woman to teach the hus­band or part­ner to swal­low sperm.

Through the pow­er of fem­i­nin­i­ty, every woman man­ages to break the will of every man. With var­i­ous rules, “sug­ar loaf and whip”, but also through respect, the man will grad­u­al­ly lose the fear of his own cum 

Reg­u­lar­i­ty and con­sis­ten­cy are also impor­tant when he wants to escape or evade.

Win­ners are both part­ners because after a few months, the “creampie cleanup” with attached horny sperm kiss­es, snow­balling, and sperm games will be com­plete­ly nor­mal the icing on the cake after a horny sex act. The man will be able to eat his creampie out of his pussy in three to six months.

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