Why Do Women and Men Like Insemination

Sta­tis­tics show that a lot of men around the world like to watch gang­bang porn with for­eign insem­i­na­tion of wives. The Eng­lish terms “wife­shar­ing” and “wife shar­ing” are among the top search terms on the Inter­net. Cuck­olds get excit­ed when their own wife, girl­friend or life part­ner is also mount­ed by strange men in reality.

Like­wise, numer­ous stud­ies have found that one of the most com­mon fan­tasies of women is “group sex” and “sex with strange men”. Very many women find it extreme­ly arous­ing in fan­ta­sy when they are fucked unin­hib­it­ed­ly, hard and splat­tered with sperm by strange guys with­out a rubber.

Pure lust in three­somes! Cuc­ki is run­ning out of lust while his wife is fucked very hard!

But why is that so? In this exten­sive Cuck­old guide — con­tri­bu­tion we go to the bot­tom of the ques­tion, why the sex­u­al woman exchange with for­eign insem­i­na­tion exerts such a strong attrac­tion on both sexes.

The Desire for Sex With Strangers Arises in Midlife

In the mid­dle phase of life, between 30 — 50 years, most women are mar­ried and have (almost) put fam­i­ly life with chil­dren behind them. They want to live out their sex­u­al­i­ty freely again and are con­sid­er­ably more will­ing to exper­i­ment than before.

The desire for for­eign skin and chang­ing sex part­ners comes very much to the fore again in this phase of life. How­ev­er, the woman still does not want to do with­out her life part­ner and the built-up life. Many women find them­selves in a dichoto­my at this age.

If the cou­ple man­ages to talk open­ly about mutu­al sex­u­al fan­tasies, the solu­tion is to find and meet like-mind­ed cou­ples and sex part­ners accord­ing to their inclinations.

Can­daulism is the name giv­en to a mod­ern sex­u­al trend in which con­sen­su­al cheat­ing is per­mit­ted and explic­it­ly desired. The basic require­ment here is that the man is per­son­al­ly present at the group sex or gangbang.

It is main­ly up to the hus­band’s deci­sion whether his wifey is allowed to be for­eign-insem­i­nat­ed. Once he has cleared the way, he opens the “Pan­do­ra’s Box” for a new, excit­ing chap­ter in the cou­ple’s relationship.


What Is Cross-Insemination?

The term “for­eign insem­i­na­tion” is pri­mar­i­ly about the injec­tion of sperm into the vagi­na by one or more men. All par­tic­i­pants have to legit­imize them­selves in advance with a med­ical test against STDs or at least with a rapid HIV test.

In the opin­ion of most fuck­ers, sperm belongs inside the woman. How­ev­er, there are also very many men who pre­fer to ejac­u­late on the pussy, on the bel­ly, on the breasts, and in the face of the woman. Squirt­ing on with semen is an ancient, deep-root­ed male urge to mark the cov­et­ed “prey”. With pri­or con­sent, some guys may even squirt into the wife’s mouth, which also counts as for­eign insemination.

Mar­ried cuck­old hus­band lets his wife get fucked and insem­i­nat­ed by a stranger. He jerks off & watches!

With one to three men, the refu­el­ing of the wife with for­eign semen takes about an hour. Then, even with good dis­ci­pline, the sperm is usu­al­ly com­plete­ly shot. A mass for­eign insem­i­na­tion on the oth­er hand, also called “AO Gang­bang”, often lasts for sev­er­al hours. “All With­out” is the mot­to. The abun­dant sperm acts as a lubri­cant so that the pussy does not get sore despite the hard sex with many cocks. While the mar­i­tal mare has her pussy filled over and over again, moan­ing loud­ly, there is a hap­py, lust­ful par­ty atmos­phere. All the man pro­duce a com­mu­nal creampie.

Once the mul­ti­ple insem­i­na­tion is over, the cuck­old cou­ple enjoys the scents of love at home, snug­gled close togeth­er. They process their intan­gi­ble mem­o­ries and horny impres­sions. Not infre­quent­ly, the cuck­old fucks his insem­i­nat­ed wife him­self one, two times through and final­ly refines even the for­eign insem­i­nate, scent pussy.

Dream Of Many Men: The wife should be inseminated by a stranger

Why hus­bands will­ing­ly make their part­ners avail­able to oth­er men for wife­shar­ing (wife swap­ping) and gang­bang is psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly unexplored.

It is gen­er­al­ly a deep-root­ed sex­u­al desire of many men to leave his wife to strange guys to fuck. It goes way back to ancient times, where clay jars with clear posi­tions of “One woman with many men” and also orgies can be seen. This whim­si­cal fea­ture also runs through all eras of mankind in oil paint­ings and lat­er in writings.

Cuck­old (right) has his wife insem­i­nat­ed by 5 men

It is a mis­con­cep­tion that only men are into kinky hard sex, heavy cum shots and group sex in fan­ta­sy. Many women are even more imaginative.

Espe­cial­ly mar­i­tal mares in long-term rela­tion­ships want to be fucked now and then “times to their lim­its and beyond” real­ly horny. They want to be “seduced” and then used with­out restraint. Big (black) cocks, mus­cu­lar men, anal sex are explic­it­ly desired.

Oscar Wilde had once said, “Temp­ta­tions, you should give in to — you nev­er know if they will come back!” Some fan­tasies are so ingrained in the brain that the only way to get rid of them is to act on them at least once. It’s a win-win sit­u­a­tion when both hus­band and wife get involved.

How Does Cross-Insemination Feel for a Woman?

Group sex is like a roller coast­er ride for a woman. First, she is curi­ous, then she is scared, but dur­ing the ride she feels fun. After the ride, the desire to do it again and again arises.

In an AO gang­bang, what the woman expe­ri­ences is infi­nite­ly more than hav­ing sex with just one man. Both in relaxed group sex in a small group or in a larg­er Gang­Bang, the pussy is fucked hard and filled with cum to overflowing.

Hotwife enjoys one orgasm after another

The vagi­nal orgasms are breath­tak­ing and the feel­ing dur­ing sex infi­nite­ly horny. When a pussy is filled with hot sperm, it feels extreme­ly good. Quite a few women com­plete­ly switch off dur­ing sex.

Some­times the ladies just close their eyes for min­utes and enjoy loud­ly moan­ing sex in a kind of “tun­nel”. They open their eyes only to lust­ful­ly observe the horny sperm splash­es dur­ing the man’s orgasm.

Once a woman has been real­ly pumped full of cum at a gang­bang par­ty, there is usu­al­ly no turn­ing back. This expe­ri­ence has burned itself so deeply into the brain that it wants to expe­ri­ence again and again.

The fact that the female bod­ies are extreme­ly insem­i­nat­ed and ful­ly sprayed dur­ing fuck­ing is part of group sex, three­somes and gang­bangs. Thus, both part­ners should have no fear of con­tact with sperm and semen.

Sperm is ini­tial­ly thick white. How­ev­er, it quick­ly liq­ue­fies and is absorbed into the skin. It is a strange feel­ing when it slow­ly dries on. Due to the unimag­in­able plea­sure of the woman, the cum is usu­al­ly glad­ly swal­lowed. What excites her most about her facial insem­i­na­tion is that the sit­u­a­tion is “extreme­ly horny” and com­plete­ly “humil­i­at­ing” at the same time.

Dream of Hotwife, Wife­shar­er, Cuck­old, Bull and Lover: A vio­lent­ly fucked and abun­dant­ly insem­i­nat­ed cum cunt

What Do All the Men Get Out of Gangbanging?

Few men are lucky enough to have their wife/partner agree to group sex or even a gang­bang. Thus, they project this fan­ta­sy onto the woman in the swingers club.

Many guys are also in a kind of “tun­nel” and fix­at­ed on the sight of one cock after anoth­er part­ing her pink labia and — when he has cum and pulls out the penis — always a good load of sperm run­ning out of her open love hole.

Massiver Creampie beim Gangbang
Mas­sive creampie dur­ing gang­bang is caught by cuck­old with cum bowl

When the wife is fucked extreme­ly hard by a stranger’s cock, the hus­band and the men stand­ing around cull their hard cocks like crazy. 🙂 When one comes to orgasm, it is not uncom­mon for more guys to cum on the wife at the same time.

They all want to see exact­ly how the creampie is ooz­ing out. One after the oth­er they put their pis­tons in the horny cum hole, ram extreme­ly hard on it and squirt their own sperm deep into the vagi­na. When pulling out the penis always some cum runs out of the com­plete­ly over­filled pussy 

The sight of the insem­i­nat­ed and foamy fucked pussy is incred­i­bly horny. That’s why mass insem­i­na­tion is often dubbed with the unat­trac­tive word “pussy push­ing”. Some men are so excit­ed that they cum two or even three times! How­ev­er, then only thin splash­es of sperm come, but this does not both­er anyone.

Men are very vul­gar dur­ing gang­bangs. They call the woman or her pussy “cunt” or sex “push­ing mud”. The woman quick­ly then gets used to the vocab­u­lary, ignores it and books it under “dirty talk”. She can’t change it anyway.

There are also men with cuck­old or bi ten­den­cies at gang­bangs who lick the sperm away. Depend­ing on the gang, the cleanup lick­ing (creampie cleanup) is com­ment­ed on pos­i­tive­ly or negatively.

In Group Sex, Several Factors Come Together to Excite Men:

  • Fuck­ing a mature, starved woman togeth­er is def­i­nite­ly already inde­scrib­ably horny.
  • The sight of a woman melt­ing with horni­ness and com­ing to orgasm, again and again, is extreme­ly arousing.
  • A pussy smeared with cum foam looks horny.
  • The woman has a com­plete­ly “insane” look. Pure lust flames from her eyes!
  • There is an incred­i­bly horny atmos­phere when a kind of “com­pe­ti­tion” aris­es, who can fuck the hard­est and fastest — or cum the most.
  • Watch­ing anoth­er man fuck is like watch­ing a live porn where you can active­ly participate.
  • When a strange woman is stranger-insem­i­nat­ed and the sperm just runs out of her pussy, it excites her to re-fuck direct­ly as a mud push­er and also cum into the plea­sure grot­to, on the body or face of the woman.
  • The smell of sperm, squrit, and pussy juice is unfor­get­tably horny.
  • The sight when the cuck­old, a strange man or woman licks the stranger insem­i­nat­ed cunt clean is incred­i­bly horny.
  • Fuck­ing an insem­i­nat­ed cum cunt feels insane­ly horny.
  • Stroking and knead­ing the fucked woman togeth­er with the oth­ers is high­ly exciting.
  • When it’s the man’s turn, the oth­ers watch him, which is a real kick and you make an extra effort to fuck extra hard.
  • When the man cum, it is a thanks and music to his ears when the woman says “horny” and rub­bing the sperm on her body with plea­sure or even swallows!
  • The com­mu­nal feel­ing of fuck­ing and jizzing on the woman with many unknown men is extreme.
  • The lovers want to make the woman bathe in sperm.
  • After the guys have fucked and insem­i­nat­ed, it is very horny to whisk now and then the whole cum with 2 fin­gers hard.
  • They are total­ly into watch­ing my wife squirm and moan.
  • Her moan­ing and whim­per­ing when a man emp­ties his semen moan­ing in her is the high­est of feel­ings for them.
  • The eye con­tact between the mare and her hus­band is horny. She presents him provoca­tive­ly and proud­ly the ful­ly sprayed vagina.
  • and last but not least: The grate­ful smile and the wide grin is very horny.

How Is the Cuckold During the Foreign Insemination?

Cuck­olds usu­al­ly enjoy watch­ing the wife being for­eign fucked. If he does­n’t con­sid­er his role as just a “game”, but has real­ly inter­nal­ized it, he should be okay with his wife hav­ing sex with sev­er­al strange men with­out a con­dom dur­ing a mass insemination.

Cuckold cleanup: Auch bei einem Gangbang muss ein Cucki die Frau sauberlecken
Cuck­old cleanup: Even dur­ing a gang­bang a cuck has to lick his wife clean

Fur­ther­more, it is his self-evi­dent basic task that he must thor­ough­ly cleanup and lick out his wife / part­ner after the insem­i­na­tion (at the lat­est at home).

So the cou­ple must learn sperm swal­low­ing before the cuck releas­es his wife for gangbang.

Many cuck­olds don’t even want to active­ly par­tic­i­pate in group sex and wait to be “last” to have their turn or only get to have sex at home. Watch­ing and mas­tur­bat­ing is an incred­i­ble love kick for them.

At this point, we have to clear up a cuck­old stereo­type: in big com­pa­ny, most cuck­olds are too embar­rassed to lick their wife’s body or pussy clean every time. Even rar­er he sucks off sperm-smeared for­eign cock or gets the semen from her pussy. This is usu­al­ly more in a small round with a bull the case.

How­ev­er, what you often see is that many hotwifes make out with their cuck­olds. Inti­mate cum kiss­ing and snow­balling are often even hon­ored with applause.

How­ev­er, at home and the insem­i­nat­ed cunt is always licked horny clean. After cuck­olds have learned to eat their own creampie from the pussy, it takes only a few months that they also get inter­est­ed in for­eign sperm.

Cum creampie mit Teller auffangen!
Catch cum creampie with plate!

But Beware

Begin­ner cuck­olds are usu­al­ly very sur­prised at their hotwife’s first gang­bangs. In the pussy fits eas­i­ly half a cup full of sperm.

That’s real­ly very, very much, and the cuck­old will be com­plete­ly over­whelmed! A Cuck should nev­er have the false ambi­tion of want­i­ng or need­ing to swal­low everything.

He should always have the pos­si­bil­i­ty to col­lect for­eign sperm on a plate or with a sperm bowl, if it seems too much for him.

Rules Must Be!

A gang­bang is an incred­i­ble plea­sure expe­ri­ence for a woman. She real­ly freaks out and does things that leave her hus­band’s mouth open. So that the plea­sure does not end in a dis­as­ter, it is nec­es­sary to talk open­ly about all fears and con­cerns BEFORE the swinger evening, group sex event, or gangbang.

Both part­ners must not sim­ply “dis­miss” the objec­tions, but rules must be cre­at­ed and adhered to. This can be kiss­ing, for exam­ple. A taboo is also secret­ly exchang­ing phone num­bers or oth­er secrecy.

A “key­word” — in case one is not well, is also very impor­tant. Also, the ques­tion of col­lect­ing and lick­ing up the sperm by the cuck­old must be clar­i­fied in advance.

Is There Always a Shower After the Gangbang?

It is very dif­fer­ent whether sperm is show­ered off after a gang­bang. At gang­bang with video record­ings or wife­shar­ing par­ties, is most­ly show­ered. How­ev­er, with a major­i­ty of cuck­old cou­ples, it can be observed that they “steal away” very quick­ly after the event with­out showering.

This is due to the fact that cuck­olds and hotwife are extreme­ly fond of love scents. After the pack fuck it makes them so horny, if I the woman after the extreme­ly exhaust­ing sex still some­thing after fresh sweat and pheromones and after sperm from the oth­er men smells. At home, the hus­band wants to fuck his hotwife in peace with­out wash­ing it off. Even though it sounds unap­pe­tiz­ing to many peo­ple, it is a tremen­dous thrill for the couple.

Many hotwifes love espe­cial­ly hours lat­er the scent that turns them on so much that they have to mas­tur­bate again sev­er­al times. The cuck­old also loves the scent and licks the pussy clean over and over again. Most of the time he is allowed to fuck his wife as many times as he can and is also allowed to cum into the scent­ed pussy each time. She is cleaned up to 12 — 24 hours only with the cuck tongue.

Why Are Condoms Not Used During Gangbangs?

Almost all men find it insane­ly horny to mount their “mares” bare and insem­i­nate deeply dur­ing gang­bangs. In their opin­ion, a woman who fucks with con­doms “can also fuck her­self at home with a dil­do. It would then come out the same!

Of course, no woman is forced to have sex unpro­tect­ed. A gang­bang with rub­ber is basi­cal­ly already very inge­nious. Most­ly used rub­bers are then emp­tied on her body, which also has its charm.

How­ev­er, the woman makes such a thing max­i­mum twice! They like to feel the tails hard and bare dur­ing the pack fuck. They find it much hornier with plen­ty of sperm than when the men have to squirt into the con­dom. Even mor­al­iz­ers fall silent in the heat of the moment very quick­ly and at some point real­ly beg to be insem­i­nat­ed “in kind”.

When “blank fuck­ing” the pussy is very well lubri­cat­ed. The next day it hurts much less than with a condom.

Fremdbe­samte wife: 5 men squirt­ed one after the oth­er in the horny pussy

How Many Men Participate in the Group Insemination?

In fan­ta­sy, most women want to be stranger fucked by one or three men. Opti­mal for the sat­is­fac­tion of a woman are at least 5 — 7 cocks. Because either one comes too ear­ly or the penis does not “stand”.

Even if vanil­la women find it hard to imag­ine, but hotwifes like to be extreme­ly pumped sev­er­al times by the max­i­mum num­ber of men avail­able in the room.

A woman can eas­i­ly cope with 10 — 30 gen­tle­men. Name­ly, she can serve about five cocks at the same time. How­ev­er, at some point she reach­es the point where she no longer sees “men”. She only sees cocks, switch­es off men­tal­ly com­plete­ly, and sim­ply enjoys one orgasm after the oth­er in her emo­tion­al world. She does­n’t care about the faces and looks of the men.

The G‑spot is mas­sive­ly mas­saged dur­ing stranger fuck­ing so inten­sive­ly that the pussy cum again and again and pro­duces very, very much pussy juice herself.

How to Find Wifesharing Contacts?

If a cuck­old cou­ple, wife­shar­er, or swinger wants to find “fuck­ing guys”, there are the fol­low­ing rec­om­mend­ed sources. Under the search term “Mar­riage whore look­ing for BBC” you can find the fol­low­ing portals:

Creampie Cathy

Conclusion: A Foreign Insemination Is for Fucker, Hotwife & Cuckold a Profit!

Incred­i­bly many men get very excit­ed by the thought of their wife, girl­friend or life part­ner being fucked real­ly hard and sprayed full of cum by one or more men.

For­eign insem­i­nat­ed, very sat­is­fied hotwife

How­ev­er, for most gen­tle­men, it remains just an unful­filled wish. Many guys get this fan­ta­sy secret­ly on “com­pa­ny trips”, “over­time” a vis­it to a “bud­dy” at men’s sur­plus par­ties and gang­bangs for pay.

From the ini­tial head, cin­e­ma grows with many Hotwifes the firm desire on the con­ver­sion of for­eign insem­i­na­tion. If the cou­ple dares, such an event is an absolute blast in most cas­es. The expe­ri­ences and mem­o­ries gained spark new fan­tasies and have a very inspir­ing effect on the part­ner­ship rela­tion­ship. Inevitably, the desire for more men at a mass-insem­i­na­tion aris­es in the hotwife at the pos­i­tive experience.

In terms of health aspects, a gang­bang is a risk, and it should insist on the pre­sen­ta­tion of a cur­rent, writ­ten med­ical cer­tifi­cate. Oth­er­wise, con­doms are mandatory!

Further Sources

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