Cum Harvest: Ruining the Male Orgasm Multiple Times and Milking the Penis in a Controlled Manner

Many sex­u­al­ly open-mind­ed women, hotwifes, and dom­i­na­tri­ces love to play­ful­ly tease their part­ner, hus­band, cuck­old or slave. Tease and denial is a very pop­u­lar type of play. Some also call it penis edg­ing, cum con­trol, or orgasm con­trol.

In this guide, we would like to give you var­i­ous sug­ges­tions and tips on how you can have an unfor­get­table hot edg­ing ses­sion as a couple.

Penis abmelken
Tease and denial: ruin mul­ti­ple orgasms and milk the penis very gently

The aim of this ‘cum har­vest’ edg­ing game is to ruin the man’s orgasm three to five times. Pre-ejac­u­late (pre­cum, pre-cum, pre cum) will run or squirt out of the penis, which is called “milk­ing the penis” or “har­vest­ing sperm”.

The dura­tion of the game can be 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. 

You can use this edg­ing game as reg­u­lar poten­cy train­ing, to prac­tice swal­low­ing sperm, or to reward or pun­ish the cuckold.

We hope you enjoy read­ing these instruc­tions as well as copy­ing them and look for­ward to your com­ments, ideas, and tips.

1.) Plan the “Cum Harvest” Edging Game and Set the Rules of the Game

Decide before you start the edg­ing game Cum Harvest:

  • Where and in what posi­tion should the edg­ing game be played?
  • How often should the orgasm be ruined?
  • How long does the man have to endure the game?
  • Which sex toys will be used?
  • Should BDSM (e.g. penis bondage, nip­ple play, can­dle wax) also be used?
  • Are anal toys, a strap-on fuck, or a prostate mas­sage desired?
  • How are love drops, pre­cum, and sperm collected?
  • Does the cuck­old have to swal­low his own sperm?

Write down your rules, ideas, and wish­es on a piece of paper and try to stick to them.

Creampie Cathy

The Edging Position

The man should lie relaxed on his back on a bed or couch. He may well feel some­what exposed. For exam­ple, on two quilts fold­ed in four, or a pil­low under his bot­tom — so that he lies a lit­tle higher. 

Advanced men can also kneel or sit on the edge of a chair, lean­ing back­ward with their legs spread wide apart and a pil­low behind them.

“Stand­ing up won’t work as well, as most men even­tu­al­ly slump down.

Cou­ple play­ing edg­ing in a kneel­ing posi­tion. The orgasm is ruined twice over and the penis is milked for all it’s worth. Uten­sils: mas­tur­ba­tor, rope, egg spoon

Bound and Isolate the Cuckold

We rec­om­mend that the man should be tied up and blind­fold­ed in the Cum Har­vest game. It is effec­tive to tie his hands above or behind his head. In the Fem­Dom area, tying the wrists to the thighs or low­er legs with bondage ropes is also popular.

The man can also be “iso­lat­ed” with qui­et music (trance, eso­teric music, the sound of the sea) using head­phones so that he can con­cen­trate more on his senses.

Determine the Number of Orgasm Ruins

Orgasm ban: The woman decides whether and when the orgasm is allowed or ruined.

To make the edg­ing game a lit­tle chal­leng­ing, we rec­om­mend that you per­form at least two orgasm ruins. 

Three ruins are ide­al and even five orgasm ruins are real­ly cool for advanced play­ers in order to milk the penis com­plete­ly dry. 

From the fifth time onwards, “milk­ing the penis” becomes a real tor­ture, as the prostate is already emp­ty. How­ev­er, more than six ruina­tions are not possible.

Determine the Duration of Edging

We rec­om­mend that you per­form the edg­ing for at least 30 min­utes. How­ev­er, 60 to 90 min­utes is ide­al. How­ev­er, play­ful cuck­old cou­ples also enjoy 120 minutes.

You should set the time using a smart­phone timer. It is bind­ing for the cuck­old or slave! Pre­ma­ture “com­ing to orgasm” will be sanc­tioned with a punishment!

You can also use an “Edg­ing Hero”, “Cock Hero” or “Edge Hero” web­site, where you can set times, jerk-off speeds, and inter­vals. For exam­ple

Slutwife Trainig

The Three-Finger Rule

It is help­ful if the cou­ple agrees on the three-fin­ger rule: 

  • Thumbs up = OK! All clear, no risk of cumming.
  • Thumb and index fin­ger out = CAUTION! Stim­u­late more care­ful­ly! Oth­er­wise, I’ll squirt. Rec­om­men­da­tion: Switch to “six start-stop intervals”.
  • Extend thumb, index fin­ger, and mid­dle fin­ger = DANGER! Only stim­u­late very care­ful­ly. High­est risk of cum­ming! Rec­om­men­da­tion: Only “three start-stop intervals”.

The STOP Rule

Analer Orgasmus durch Penis - Edging
Anal stim­u­la­tion of the prostate dur­ing penis edg­ing (Source:

The most impor­tant rule in the “Cum Har­vest” game is the STOP rule!

The man should be unmis­tak­ably clear that he is not allowed to reach orgasm. He must shout “Stop!” in good time at the onset of orgasm.

If the cuck­old says or shouts “STOP”, the woman must IMMEDIATELY remove her hand from the penis and cease all stim­u­la­tion. In most cas­es, the release of pre­cum and uncon­trolled twitch­ing and quiv­er­ing of the penis indi­cates that an orgasm has been ruined.

Establish Cuckold Punishments:

To make sure the man real­ly sticks to the rules, you should set unpleas­ant sex­u­al pun­ish­ments togeth­er. The worst pun­ish­ment is if the man does not shout “STOP” in time or orgasms with­out permission.

Exam­ples of punishments:

Penis Edging
Edg­ing: orgasm con­trol until the penis cries.
  • wear­ing clothes­pins on the nip­ples for 10 minutes
  • a strap-on dil­do fuck
  • Anal fuck­ing with a dildo
  • Wear­ing a chasti­ty belt / penis cage
  • Slap­ping with a pad­dle or hand on the buttocks

Minor offens­es could also result in minor punishments:

  • refus­ing to swal­low cum
  • Moan­ing
  • refus­ing something

2.) Prepare the “Cum Harvest” Game

    Spermalöffel : Sperma Löffel
    Sperm spoon for cum har­vest­ing: Baby food spoons made of soft sil­i­cone are great for col­lect­ing pre­cum and sperm

It is impor­tant that the man has not had an orgasm for a few days so that the prostate is well-filled. It makes sense for cuck­olds to keep an orgasm calendar.

Once you have agreed on the day and time, you should pre­pare the game as follows:

  • The room should be at a warm temperature.
  • The man should lie, sit, or kneel in a relaxed and com­fort­able position.
  • Place a tow­el under his bot­tom! Plen­ty of sperm can squirt!
  • Before stim­u­la­tion, you can prepare: 
    • Mas­sage oil
    • Mas­sage device (e.g. Hitachi Mag­ic Wand)
    • Mas­tur­ba­tors (e.g. Ten­ga, Flesh­light)
    • Bondage ropes for penis bondage
    • sev­er­al penis rings
    • nip­ple toys if nec­es­sary (e.g. nip­ple chain, nip­ple suc­tion cups, wood­en clothespins)
    • Wom­an’s panties / knickers
    • Feath­ers to stroke
  • Sperm plate, sperm bowl, or sperm glass to col­lect sperm
  • Sperm spoon to catch drops of desire, pre­cum, and sperm directly.
Three orgasms ruined in the Edge Hero game

3.) Instructions for the Woman: How to Play the Edging Game

Are you ready, is the cuck­old fixed, are the toys, spoon, and bowl in place? Then you can final­ly get start­ed with the Cum Har­vest game:

Schwanzmassage Precum
Cock mas­sage with milked precum
  • Start the timer.
  • Spoil the penis at the start of the game. Cum, rub, knead, kiss, and blow the penis exten­sive­ly and slow­ly. The ini­tial aim is to make the man feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Start to wank the penis at light­ning-fast inter­vals of 50. Then count to ten and start again.
  • When the cuck­old’s breath­ing quick­ens, only jerk off in inter­vals of 30. Count to 5 and start again.
  • Once you have agreed on the three-fin­ger rule, he will even­tu­al­ly show “2”. From now on you have to be more atten­tive!
    Only jerk off at 20-fin­ger inter­vals with a 3‑second break and observe whether the ure­thral open­ing widens, the penis starts to twitch, pul­sate, or if oth­er sig­nals come from the man! Then stop all stim­u­la­tion and count to 5.

Here We Go! The First Orgasm Is Ruined!

  • It won’t be long before the cuck­old is on the verge of orgasm. When he indi­cates “3” with his fin­gers, it gets exciting! 
  • Your goal is to hit the point of no return, i.e. the point where the orgasm can no longer be stopped!
  • Only jerk off in inter­vals of 10 with a 3‑second break.
  • Feel your way clos­er and clos­er to orgasm. Reduce to inter­vals of 5 or 3 and extend the wank­ing breaks accord­ing to how you feel.
  • Strong signs of impend­ing ejac­u­la­tion are when the tes­ti­cles are very tight­ly con­tract­ed, the glans looks deep red and shiny. The veins pro­trude strong­ly and the open­ing of the vas def­er­ens is wide open. A crys­tal-clear drop of desire forms.
At the point of no return, STOP imme­di­ate­ly!!!
Harvest Your Cum
  • If you have the feel­ing that your man is about to orgasm, place a sperm bowl or a sperm plate under the penis.
  • As soon as the man shouts “STOP” or the penis starts to twitch vio­lent­ly, stop all stim­u­la­tion IMMEDIATELY. The incip­i­ent orgasm must be stopped as soon as possible!
  • Your man may groan vio­lent­ly and even rebel because this orgasm ruin­ing is real­ly ago­niz­ing­ly intense. The penis can rotate uncon­trol­lably, bounce up and down and twitch vio­lent­ly. Pre­cum and sperm can squirt out very far in 1–3 breath­tak­ing­ly vio­lent spurts.
  • But it’s impor­tant to keep a cool head here! Don’t be dis­tract­ed by all your hus­band’s fuss and con­cen­trate on catch­ing his love nectar.
  • Your cuck­old is in an extreme­ly high­ly aroused phase! Take advan­tage of this and let him lick his own juice off the spoon or sperm plate. Sperm recy­cling is impor­tant to teach him to swal­low sperm. Don’t accept any eva­sion, if nec­es­sary fix­ate his head and tell him in a seri­ous voice “Be good! Open your mouth!”. He will obey!
Orgasm control - Orgasmuskonrolle
Orgasm con­trol: Ejac­u­la­tion has been aborted

Tease and Denial (Orgasm Control): Rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5:

Penis Orgasmuskontrolle
Orgasm con­trol by very light stim­u­la­tion of the under­side of the penis glans
  • Well done. Your man remains horny, and his penis is nice and hard…
  • Don’t give your man time to recov­er. Use lots and lots of oil and start again with very fast 30 jerk-off inter­vals and a 3‑second break. 
  • When the penis is rock hard again, it’s time to add some vari­ety and “dri­ve your man crazy”! Stim­u­late the penis as you wish: 
    • Blow, suck, and lick the penis. The under­side of the glans at the frenu­lum is par­tic­u­lar­ly sensitive.
    • Put on a cock ring or tie the cock off with a rope to cause blood to pool.
    • Wank the cock with a mas­tur­ba­tor or a pock­et pussy.
    • Use a penis massager. 
    • Don’t for­get to pam­per his oth­er eroge­nous zones: Mouth, neck, ears, nip­ples, anus.
    • The man is incred­i­bly resis­tant to pain at his most aroused! Use weights, clamps, rulers, flog­gers, pad­dles, whips, wax, and ice cubes on the nipples.
    • Com­bine edg­ing with anal plea­sure via fin­ger, dil­do, anal vibra­tor, anal plug, inflat­able plug, strap-on or fuck­ing machine! This stim­u­lates the prostate so that even more sperm leaks out. We guar­an­tee to ruin the man’s goose­bumps dur­ing orgasm!
Fast Jerk-off Intervals and Alternating Penis Games!
Hotwife ruiniert Orgasmus
Hotwife ruins orgasm

Atten­tion: Despite your penis games, your inter­val wank­ing is very, very impor­tant! You will quick­ly get a feel­ing for which inter­val is best. The inter­vals should become short­er and short­er and only be per­formed with very light pres­sure from your thumb, index fin­ger, and mid­dle finger.

Your penis games and your wank­ing inter­vals will inevitably lead to ejac­u­la­tion. Your man will start to trick you so that he can secret­ly reach orgasm!!! 

So be very, very atten­tive! Stop any stim­u­la­tion IMMEDIATELY at the slight­est twitch, spring, or tremor! This will bring your man as close as pos­si­ble to his point of no return.

Which will sur­prise you: If you ruin your man’s orgasm a few more times, pre­cum, love drops, and sperm will just run out. It does­n’t actu­al­ly squirt at all. You can eas­i­ly col­lect the hot cream with a spoon or bowl and feed your cuckold.

30 ruined orgasms

The Finale: The Agonizing ‘Dry’ Orgasm

Tease and denial: Ruinierter Orgasmus
Tease and denial: ruined orgasm with vio­lent penis twitching

After four to five ruined orgasms, the prostate is prac­ti­cal­ly milked dry. Nev­er­the­less, the cuck­old begs for his redeem­ing orgasm. But it is any­thing but relaxed for him!

The dry orgasm with­out ejac­u­la­tion is unspeak­ably intense, almost ago­niz­ing, and asso­ci­at­ed with a vio­lent dis­charge of pleasure!

Moan­ing loud­ly and twitch­ing vio­lent­ly, the cuck­old wrings out only tiny droplets of sperm. Hotwife is mas­sive­ly aroused by this spectacle.

The orgasm can be inten­si­fied even more if the man has to wear an anal plug (prefer­ably Nexus or Aneros). Almost with­out excep­tion, the orgasm leads to cramps and an inde­scrib­ably intense feel­ing of pleasure!

AEBN Best porn source

Cum Harvesting With Spoons, Plates, and Bowls!

As already men­tioned above, you should agree that nei­ther drops of desire nor pre­cum or sperm are wast­ed. This is because, dur­ing tease and denial play, the man remains extreme­ly sex­u­al­ly aroused — which allows the man to receive sperm with­out any prob­lems. Even larg­er amounts of ejac­u­late are no prob­lem to swallow.

Sperma mit Teller Sammeln
Col­lect semen with a plate

We there­fore rec­om­mend that you order black break­fast plates, black din­ner plates, black bowls, Chi­nese soup spoons, and sil­i­cone spoon hold­ers from Ama­zon or eBay to col­lect love juices.

As already men­tioned, sil­i­cone spoons are ide­al for baby food. Unlike clas­sic stain­less steel spoons, they do not scratch the penis, they are warm, the sperm stays warm on them and the cum looks aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing. Black egg spoons or black, long-han­dled ice cream spoons are also ide­al for receiv­ing or feed­ing cuckolds.

A lit­tle tip: An exten­sive cum har­vest is also ide­al for mak­ing sperm ice cubes. Sim­ply milk the penis sev­er­al times in a con­tain­er (film can, Tup­per­ware spice jar, ice cube mak­er) and freeze. After three to five ruins, you will have an impres­sive amount of cum. 🙂

Penis Milking & Cum freezing: Penis wird in einen Behälter für den Tiefkühlschrank abgemolken
Penis Milk­ing & Cum freez­ing: Penis is milked into a con­tain­er for the freez­er. (Source:

Conclusion: The Edging Game “The Cum Harvest” Is Worthwhile

Cou­ples who deal with orgasm con­trol know that a ruined orgasm can trig­ger one of the hottest and most intense feel­ings of plea­sure in men and women.

BDSM: FemDom ruiniert Orgasmus
BDSM Fem­Dom: Woman ruins man’s orgasm (source

Since you can eas­i­ly ruin the male orgasm three to five times, this is per­fect for exten­sive edg­ing play.

The woman can expect a breath­tak­ing spec­ta­cle, a cer­tain feel­ing of pow­er, gloat­ing, and max­i­mum arousal.

We hope that we have been able to give you some great ideas and tips for an unfor­get­table and beau­ti­ful­ly kinky Fem­Dom evening with the edg­ing game “The Cum Harvest”.

If you would like to share your opin­ions, addi­tions, or com­ments with us, please write us a comment. 

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