Does a Cuckold Really ALWAYS Have to Lick Clean His Own Cum, Other People’s Cum, and Creampie?

An out­sider can­not even imag­ine how mul­ti­fac­eted and dif­fer­ent­ly pro­nounced the cuck­old­ing fetish can be. Numer­ous fan­tasies, erot­ic desires, sex­u­al imprints, and incli­na­tions sur­round this lifestyle. Espe­cial­ly in the vanil­la sex realm, most cuck­old prac­tices meet with rejec­tion and prejudice.

A wide­spread myth is that the hus­band or life part­ner must always lick his beloved wife clean after sperm insem­i­na­tion by him­self, by a bull, or even by sev­er­al lovers.

But is it real­ly true that a cuck­old is oblig­ed to per­form oral sex after the hotwife’s pussy has been insem­i­nat­ed? In this guide, we’ll get to the bot­tom of this question.

We’ll explain to you what the cuck­old’s clean­ing duty is, why it’s prac­ticed, and what the ben­e­fits are for the cuck­old, the hotwife, and the bull.

Cum Recycling: Clean up sperm pussy after insemination
Cum Recy­cling: Clean up sperm pussy after insemination
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What Is Creampie Cleanup?

The Eng­lish phrase “creampie cleanup” is a word com­bi­na­tion of two processes:

  • When semen leaks out of the pussy, it looks like a vanil­la dough­nut, which is called a “creampie”.
  • The lick­ing off, or “clean lick­ing” is called a “clean up” or “cleanup”.

So, in terms of cuck­old­ing, men lick clean the cum-filled pussy of their wife, girl­friend, or life part­ner. It can be their own ejac­u­late or stranger’s sperm from a bull or sev­er­al lovers.

What Distinguishes Vanilla Sex Couples From Cuckold Couples When It Comes to Sperm?

Mil­lions of men con­sume porn every day. To the male brain, the sight of copi­ous facial cum, body cum, or pussy cum exerts a strong sex­u­al appeal.

Licking pussy clean: The modern man
Lick­ing pussy clean: The mod­ern man

Most guys (espe­cial­ly at the begin­ning of new rela­tion­ships) hope for an iden­ti­cal cum horni­ness from their female part­ners as they do from porn actress­es. How­ev­er, most women often don’t show much inter­est in sperm. This not infre­quent­ly caus­es feel­ings of rejec­tion, incom­pre­hen­sion, and ulti­mate­ly often even frus­tra­tion among men.

How­ev­er, the vanil­la sex man him­self also strict­ly rejects oral con­tact with his own sperm. The thought of hav­ing one’s own or some­one else’s sperm in one’s mouth is more like­ly to cause gag­ging than erot­ic fantasies.

Thus, the top­ics “sperm in the mouth” and “for­eign sperm” remain a red rag for most nor­mal cou­ples. In the course of many years of mar­riage, quite a few vanil­la cou­ples lose sex­u­al inter­est in each oth­er because there is too lit­tle vari­ety and new inspiration.

Vanilla Sex vs. Cuckolding

In cuck­old­ing, on the oth­er hand, the cou­ple’s sex­u­al­i­ty has changed into an open and exper­i­men­tal form of rela­tion­ship. Very many cuck­old rela­tion­ships emerge from nor­mal rela­tion­ships from the age of 40 to 60, when the chil­dren are out of the house.

Cuck­old­ing: In the case of for­eign insem­i­na­tion, there is often a very close rela­tion­ship between the partners

After the wom­an’s com­ing out or the man’s com­ing out, the sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion of the woman is strong­ly in the fore­ground (after a peri­od of mat­u­ra­tion). It is a con­sen­su­al “female non-monogamy” and “male monogamy”.

Most cuck­old cou­ples love var­ied sex games, such as orgasm ruin­ing, BDSM, prostate stim­u­la­tion, sex toys of all kinds, squirt­ing, milk­ing penis, and watch­ing porn togeth­er.

Almost all cuck­old cou­ples have com­plete­ly lost the fear of sperm one day. Sperm games, sperm kiss­es, and “creampie cleanup” sim­ply become the norm.

Why Is the “Sperm Pussy Cleanup Lick” Perceived as So Horny?

The creampie cleanup exerts an enor­mous stim­u­lus on all per­sons involved in the stranger fuck:

  • The hotwife has already very strong sex­u­al fan­tasies with her bull, her lovers, and with sev­er­al strange men any­way. Her pussy is con­stant­ly wet and wild with a desire for real men’s cocks. Kinky porn and effec­tive sex toys do the rest and add fuel to the fire. Besides the horny lick­ing of the hus­band, the dom­i­na­tion and exer­cise of pow­er towards him is also a rea­son for her per­ma­nent excite­ment. That the hus­band must always lick her pussy clean after self and for­eign insem­i­na­tions, turns Hotwifes on ani­mal! Once start­ed, this dom­i­nant ges­ture acts almost like a drug.
  • The Bull, the Lover and the fel­low fuck­ers on sex par­ties are indeed pri­mar­i­ly inter­est­ed only in the hotwife — But the humil­i­at­ing of the cuck­old after her insem­i­na­tion kicks them then nev­er­the­less. It fills them with sat­is­fac­tion and scorn when the cuck­old kneels down and has to lick the strangers sperm out of the vagi­na and clean it from the insem­i­nat­ed body.
  • The cuck­old loves his wife and vir­tu­al­ly wor­ships her pussy. He is sex­u­al­ly and phys­i­cal­ly infe­ri­or to the bull and lover. If sev­er­al strange men fuck his beloved woman, he also feels the pres­sure of the group men­tal­ly. In any case, the cuck uncon­scious­ly takes a sub­mis­sive posi­tion in the pow­er imbal­ance. The vig­or­ous sex of the strangers with his wife makes the pre­juice (pre­cum, pre-ejac­u­late) just drip from his penis. What counts for him is “her” plea­sure. He kicks the dom­i­nance and the praise at the same time, when he “may” clean the foamy fucked creampie of his beloved wife.
Husband cleans sperm cunt of his hotwife
Hus­band cleans sperm cunt of his hotwife
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How Does a Man Become a Cuckold Cleaner?

Although it is a very horny sex­u­al fan­ta­sy for very many men to lick their wife’s horny cum cunt clean after insem­i­na­tion, most of them fail to do so. This is because there is a huge prob­lem: right after ejac­u­la­tion, any desire to get his own sperm in his mouth auto­mat­i­cal­ly goes out.

Creampie cleanup Cuckold
Creampie cleanup Cuckold

The blowjob of a penis and also the inevitable sperm con­tact has become com­plete­ly auto­mat­ic for many women already in their teenage years. How­ev­er, before you can inspire a nor­mal man to swal­low sperm, the earth rather turns the oth­er way around! 😉

We have already writ­ten var­i­ous instruc­tions on how men can trick the libido crash and learn to swal­low sperm:

Learning to Swallow Cum: “Learning Pressure” and Constant Repetition Are Necessary!

There are basi­cal­ly only two ways as a man to learn to love his sperm

  • The dri­ve comes from the man him­self while masturbating.
  • The sex part­ner / life part­ner must “edu­cate” him into his clean up role.
Make him clean up his mess
Make him clean up his mess.

Cuck­olds learn to clean up a cum cunt expe­ri­en­tial­ly through seri­ous, deter­mined, and inescapable clean­ing instruc­tions from their part­ner. In oth­er words, the girl­friend, wife or life part­ner leaves her man no oth­er choice to real­ly fol­low through with his plan.

He must promise it to always be respon­si­ble for the clean lick­ing of cum from now on. The woman must demand this promise with­out excep­tion and mon­i­tor the thor­ough­ness. The cuck­old should con­sid­er the clean-up ser­vice as a per­for­mance duty from now on.

After only a few weeks, sperm recy­cling will “grind in” so that it becomes a mat­ter of course, and the man shows less and less resis­tance or “for­get­ful­ness”. Again, a few weeks or months lat­er, this rit­u­al is sim­ply part of sex.

Practice Makes Perfect! Also, for Cuckolds…

Be real­ly patient and stay on the ball, even if it does­n’t real­ly work out with lick­ing up sperm in the begin­ning. It can real­ly take some time until the final sperm-clean­ing phase is firm­ly root­ed in your sex life. Every cuck­old cou­ple should be aware of this and accept the learn­ing phase.

Sperm recycling: Licking clean your own creampie
Sperm recy­cling: Lick­ing clean your own creampie

Sperm swal­low­ing is real­ly a big step, and it won’t come easy to most men. Men are not pro­grammed to eat sperm — whether it’s their own or some­one else’s.

How­ev­er, there is one small weak­ness that all men pos­sess: That is sex­u­al arousal, also known as “horni­ness”!

The hotwife should take full advan­tage of this weak­ness and moti­vate the cuck­old with kinky games, chal­leng­ing tasks, kinky videos and horny pho­tos to get him ready for cleanup duty after the for­eign insemination.

Very effec­tive tools to dras­ti­cal­ly increase the desire for sperm are for example

The role of the hotwife is enor­mous­ly impor­tant. She must moti­vate her cuck with “cer­tain coer­cion”, praise him — but also pun­ish him in case of dis­in­ter­est, feigned tired­ness or unsub­tle clean licking.

Cuckold leckt Creampie sauber
Cuck­old licks creampie clean

What Does the Cuckold Couple Get Out of It if He Learned to Swallow Sperm?

Sure, cuck­old train­ing sounds like a bit of work. If it has become a mat­ter of course for the man to clean his wife, life part­ner or girl­friend every time after insem­i­na­tion, this has sev­er­al advantages:

  • Sex takes on a whole dif­fer­ent quality
  • The unin­hib­it­ed con­tact opens the door for oth­er sex­u­al incli­na­tions and fantasies.
  • Creampie eat­ing pro­vides a close emo­tion­al con­nec­tion and deep­ens the cou­ple bond.
  • The woman is guar­an­teed to have an orgasm after every sex if the man is com­mit­ted to lick­ing, fin­ger­ing and play­ing with sex toys while clean­ing her to orgasm at the end.
  • This kinky, dom­i­nant ges­ture kicks and excites a woman tremen­dous­ly, hours before sex.
  • The clean­ing prob­lem, like “run­ning to the toi­let”, “unro­man­tic paper hand­ker­chief wipe” and “have to show­er imme­di­ate­ly” is passé.
  • The cou­ple inevitably los­es togeth­er any shy­ness about sperm, even with larg­er amounts of ejac­u­late, and auto­mat­i­cal­ly begins to like dirty sperm games.
  • If the woman did not like to swal­low her­self until then, she will also shed the prej­u­dices or shy­ness more and more.
  • The man learns play­ful­ly how to deal with cum dur­ing his clean-up ser­vice and los­es the shy­ness of for­eign sperm.
  • At sex par­ties, the clean lick goes down incred­i­bly well!

Conclusion: Creampie Cleanup and Cum Licking Clean — The Mandatory Program for Cuckolds

Cuckold leckt Hotwife sauber
Cuck­old licks hotwife clean

For cuck­olds, it is one of the manda­to­ry basic duties to thor­ough­ly clean up the insem­i­nat­ed pussy of his hotwife after every horny fuck. If he has sprayed her breasts, bel­ly, labia, pubic mound or face with man cream, it is a mat­ter of decen­cy alone to lick the cum mess clean again.

In any case, reg­u­lar prac­tice and train­ing with the horny creampie is worth it! With­out excep­tion, this proof of love will make every woman incred­i­bly horny. One day the cou­ple will not even want to have sex with­out cum recy­cling. Because the creampie cleanup pro­vides a very close, emo­tion­al fusion and deep­en­ing of the cou­ple bond.

Spermamuschi sauberlecken
Lick­ing cum pussy clean

Whether the cuck also has to lick up for­eign sperm is deter­mined by each cou­ple indi­vid­u­al­ly. Most­ly, “swal­low­ing sperm” is a learn­ing process any­way, so that a real cuck­old, accord­ing to expe­ri­ence, has no more prob­lems one day even when gang­bang­ing with sperm from strange men or a potent BBC Bull.

Most of the time a dili­gent cuck reaps enthu­si­asm, encour­age­ment, and atten­tion from all the peo­ple who are present at the stranger fuck.

But: Cuck­olds also have to learn how to swal­low cum first. It is a huge over­com­ing for the young cuck, and the learn­ing process can take a few months. It is unfa­mil­iar at first, but every cuck­old cou­ple man­ages it through per­sis­tence and dom­i­nance of the woman, through self-imposed rules, with sweet pun­ish­ments, and fre­quent repetitions.

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