Acting Out a Gangbang With Dildos and Frozen Sperm

Prob­a­bly every cuck­old cou­ple has won­dered how to reen­act a gang­bang. The main prob­lem is always: you don’t have enough sperm!

Artificial insemination: Massive pussy tanking with 200ml artificial sperm
Arti­fi­cial insem­i­na­tion: Mas­sive pussy tank­ing with 200ml arti­fi­cial sperm

Sur­pris­ing­ly many cou­ples replay their gang­bangs in pan­dem­ic times with var­i­ous dil­dos and porn (fan­ta­sy cuck­old­ing). Many are look­ing for a solu­tion to insem­i­nate their pussy with sperm.

In an Eng­lish cuck­old forum, a live­ly dis­cus­sion on the sub­ject of “arti­fi­cial insem­i­na­tion” arose in this regard in a Coro­na thread. Three pos­si­bil­i­ties were favored in summary:

  • Arti­fi­cial semen (e.g. from Ama­zon, see pho­to on the right) 
  • For­eign sperm from bulls, lovers, and inter­net acquain­tances by pack­age dis­patch / deliv­ery at the front door
  • Cuck­old sperm col­lec­tion in the freezer

We have dealt with the top­ic “Arti­fi­cial Insem­i­na­tion” and col­lect­ed the most rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion in this Cuck­old Guide. If you have any ques­tions, own ideas, or sug­ges­tions, please write us a com­ment below this text.

Why Collect Sperm and Artificially Inseminate a Pussy?

Espe­cial­ly in the Coro­na pan­dem­ic, many cou­ples had to come up with new ways to sat­is­fy the hotwife. In our arti­cle Over­com­ing Idle Phas­es in Swing­ing, Wife­shar­ing and Cuck­old­ing, we point­ed out var­i­ous alternatives.

A cuckold meal: 20 ml of thawed cum is inserted into the vagina with a syringe
A cuck­old meal: 20 ml of thawed cum is insert­ed into the vagi­na with a syringe

How­ev­er, there are also cuck­old and wife­shar­ing cou­ples who do not want to expe­ri­ence their incli­na­tions in real­i­ty at all, but only in their shared fantasy.

For out­siders it is dif­fi­cult to under­stand that espe­cial­ly in the wife­shar­ing and cuck­old area not only the “sex act” with strangers is impor­tant, but also the abun­dant insem­i­na­tion of the vagi­na and the body of the hotwife with for­eign sperm plays a very sig­nif­i­cant role.

To be able to sim­u­late the for­eign insem­i­na­tion, there are only the three pos­si­bil­i­ties: Arti­fi­cial semen, for­eign semen or cuck­old semen. The col­lect­ed semen is insert­ed into the vagina.

Cuck­old as well as hotwife can play with the sperm lubri­cant excel­lent dur­ing fist­ing or dil­do play.

The cuck­old can ful­fill his cen­tral role after arti­fi­cial insem­i­na­tion to clean lick the sperm pussy and also clean lick the full dil­dos. Sim­u­lat­ed sperm is also a very good lubri­cant for fuck machine fucks.

The real­is­tic leak­age of sperm dur­ing dil­do fuck con­tributes sig­nif­i­cant­ly to the increase in plea­sure of the couple.

Creampie Cathy

How to Harvest and Collect Sperm?

Variant 1: Collecting Sperm Through the Cuckold (Cum Collecting)

Com­pared to stor­age, milk­ing cum is com­par­a­tive­ly easy. The cuck­old can har­vest a con­sid­er­able amount of pre­cum already in a week by dai­ly mul­ti­ple orgasm ruin­ing (edg­ing).

The col­lec­tion of his love juices must nec­es­sar­i­ly be done in the ice­box or freez­er. You can pre­pare sperm snow, sperm ice cubes or sperm lol­lipops. It is not enough to store sperm in a nor­mal refrigerator.

Variant 2: Collect Sperm From Internet Acquaintances, Bulls or Lovers

If, on the oth­er hand, the hotwife wish­es to col­lect sperm from strangers, it becomes much more dif­fi­cult. Because the cold chain must not be inter­rupt­ed. It is fun­da­men­tal­ly required a close coop­er­a­tion of the stranger donor.

External insemination of the pussy with funnel (cum funnel)
Exter­nal insem­i­na­tion of the pussy with fun­nel (cum funnel)

We strong­ly do not rec­om­mend you to pur­sue the idea that a stranger sends you sperm by mail or par­cel in knot­ted con­doms or sim­i­lar. The result is any­thing but erotic.

Look for a sperm donor in your town or near­est big city. Either he will fol­low the above pro­ce­dure of the cuck­old and freeze sperm or he will deliv­er it to you fresh in a cool­er with cold packs with­in 1 — 2 hours after ejaculation.

How to Freeze Sperm?

There is a lot you can do wrong when freez­ing sperm. Don’t make up the ideas of ejac­u­lat­ing into a large Tup­per­ware over and over again. The result when thawed is absolute­ly not what you hope for!

Sperm games with 50 loads of frozen sperm
Sperm games with 50 loads of frozen sperm

We strong­ly rec­om­mend you the vari­ant with the sperm snow in small alu­minum zip bags. Per ejac­u­la­tion / orgasm ruina­tion real­ly use only ONE bag, so that the frozen sperm does not thaw again. Make sure that the pres­sure seal is com­plete­ly closed and that no air can enter.

Against freez­er burn you should store the small zip­per bags again in a Tup­per­ware, as deep in the freez­er as possible.

A very good alter­na­tive is a so-called dos­ing syringe, or insem­i­na­tion syringe. Either you suck up your sperm before freez­ing or you pull out the plunger to the back and inject from behind into the syringe. Again: Only one insem­i­na­tion per syringe! And also here: Store your sperm syringes in a Tup­per­ware con­tain­er or an air­tight large zip­per bag.

How Do You Fill Sperm in Your Pussy?

If you’ve col­lect­ed sperm ice cream in the freez­er, there are five ways to get it into your pussy. How­ev­er, we clear­ly rec­om­mend vari­ant a).

Keep in mind in advance that as a man, you usu­al­ly only have one shot to get a woman excit­ed about such dirty sperm games. Say: The first attempt must work 100%! Take your time to plan the arti­fi­cial insemination.


a) Dosing Syringe / Bladder Syringe

To inject the thawed sperm into the pussy, you have two options 

Cucki injects his Wife with a syringe deep frozen sperm deep into her pussy
Cuc­ki injects his Wife with a syringe deep frozen sperm deep into her pussy

If you decide to use the small syringe, you should first thaw the sperm ice in a black sperm bowl.

Slide a pil­low under the hotwife’s butt or tie her up with calf wrist cuffs or a spread­er bar hang­ing from the ceiling.

Suck the cum into the syringe and apply the entire load into the pussy. Then put on a vibra­tor and let her orgasm first. Then you can start with dil­do fucks.

With a big syringe, pull out the plunger at the back and drop in sperm ice cubes or sperm snow. Pro­ceed as described above once the cum has thawed. If you want to use a hose, cut it to 5 cm so that not too much sperm is wast­ed in the hose.

b) Funnel

A fun­nel insem­i­na­tion is ide­al if the sperm should run very slow­ly but steadi­ly into the pussy. For exam­ple, in com­bi­na­tion with a BDSM session.

Frozen sperm is introduced with a funnel
Frozen sperm is intro­duced with a funnel

If you want to fill the pussy with sperm using a fun­nel, we rec­om­mend a mod­el that has no tip. Because this could hurt the woman dur­ing inser­tion. We rec­om­mend a stain­less-steel fun­nel with a long filler neck.

Before the arti­fi­cial insem­i­na­tion, you have to fix the hotwife with calf-wrist cuffs or a spread­er bar hang­ing from the ceil­ing so that the pussy stands steeply upwards. Also in the dog­gy posi­tion, the pussy can be filled well with a funnel.

Insert the warmed fun­nel care­ful­ly and then add the thawed sperm ice cubes, or the sperm ice. The sperm slush will find its way by itself.

Because there is a lot of sperm at the entrance of the vagi­na and does not go deep, you should def­i­nite­ly have a sperm bowl or sperm plate ready! There are huge amounts of creampie run­ning out of the pussy in long threads. With a bowl, you can eas­i­ly col­lect the mess and refill the fun­nel fresh again and again. 🙂 

With a fun­nel, it is a lot of fun to play total­ly kinky creampie cum games. You should stim­u­late the cli­toris with a vibrator.

c) Speculum

A specu­lum insem­i­na­tion is excel­lent if you want the pussy to be insem­i­nat­ed very deep and the leak­age of the creampie should be reduced to a min­i­mum. In addi­tion, you have a great insight into the sperm pussy.

We rec­om­mend you to avoid cheap spec­u­la, but to buy the Collins specu­lum because the vagi­na is expand­ed laterally.

Cum of a bull is applied via speculum
Cum of a bull is applied via speculum

The but­tocks of the hotwife should in any case seein ele­vat­ed before fill­ing with a pil­low. It is also opti­mal if the legs are ele­vat­ed as on a gyn couch / gyn chair. 

Care­ful­ly insert the pre-warmed specu­lum, spread the vagi­na and fill the half-thawed sperm direct­ly into the pussy.

Alter­na­tive­ly, you can also apply the sperm using a sperm bowl and sperm spoon or sperm syringe.

d) Syringe for insemination / home insemination

Insemination of 10 sperm loads using insemination syringe
Insem­i­na­tion of 10 sperm loads using insem­i­na­tion syringe

Sev­er­al times you can find on an Eng­lish cuck­old blog and a wife­shar­ing forum the tip to use syringes for insem­i­na­tion (arti­fi­cial insem­i­na­tion at home / home insemination).

Although the cum should not enter the uterus, but the syringe type is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed when sperm should be applied very deep into the vagina.

Com­pared to the fun­nel method or nor­mal syringes, the creampie will be less intense.

A hint from us: With three syringes of thawed frozen cum you have the amount of 20 men! 🙂 You can sim­u­late a huge gang­bang par­ty while watch­ing porn movies and play creamy cum games dirty, with sev­er­al dildos.

e) Lubricant Applicator

In a gang­bang forum, I read to use a so-called lubri­cant appli­ca­tor. Ama­zon also has an inter­est­ing mod­el on offer.

The advan­tage is that this vari­ant does not look too mecine and the appli­ca­tor is not trans­par­ent. This could be a plus point for your wife in terms of aesthetics.

Pro­ceed accord­ing to instruc­tion a).

sexy cuckold review

f) Insemination With a Whisk

Com­plete­ly crazy, but high­ly effi­cient is the insem­i­na­tion of the pussy with a whisk. Not only is a whisk excel­lent for induc­ing a vagi­nal squirt­ing orgasm — it spreads the entire vagi­na com­plete­ly, so that the filled sperm can be dis­trib­uted very well over the entire area.

You can choose this insem­i­na­tion method if you want a nice insight into the pussy, and you want to fill in plen­ty of sperm (approx. 100 — 200 ml = giant gang­bang with 40 — 50 men). It runs with this method no sperm next to it and pure plea­sure is guar­an­teed to the woman at the whisk fuck. 

Hint: You should hold a strong cli­toral vibra­tor to the clit dur­ing the whisk fuck. Try to deny the female orgasm two or three times before she is allowed to climax.

Artificial insemination with whisk and sperm syringe. The horny smelling sperm cunt is fucked with the whisk horny until orgasm nice creamy and hard
Arti­fi­cial insem­i­na­tion with whisk and sperm syringe. The horny smelling sperm cunt is fucked with the whisk horny until orgasm nice creamy and hard

g) Sperm Ice Cubes Frozen Stick in the Pussy

If you are very fast and have pre­pared sperm ice cubes, you could also super direct­ly frozen push into the pussy. It is best that the woman lies down on a high pil­low with her legs bent so that the pussy is diag­o­nal­ly upwards. Oth­er­wise, they always slip out and the cum runs between the but­tocks on the sheet!

Pussy was filled with 5 sperm ice cubes. A huge sperm mess like a gangbang!
Pussy was filled with 5 sperm ice cubes. A huge sperm mess like a gangbang!

Then the man gets the sperm ice cube from the freez­er or freez­er. He dash­es to the woman, takes one to three ice cubes out of the con­tain­er and sinks them into her pussy.

You should imme­di­ate­ly close the labia and play the filled pussy exten­sive­ly with a vibra­tor until orgasm. After about 5 min­utes, the love juice should be thawed, and you can fuck the sperm pussy nice and hard with a dildo.

The cream is very deep in the hotwife with her pussy up and the cuck­old can lick the foamy fucked cum pussy clean very slow­ly and with plea­sure. With three cum cubes it will be math­e­mat­i­cal­ly 12–15 sperm loads with about 80 ml of sperm — so a nice gangbang.

Fisting With Sperm

As a final thought, we would like to point out that the two solu­tions for­eign sperm and cuck­old sperm are prop­a­gat­ed and rec­om­mend­ed again and again in rel­e­vant cuck­old and wife­shar­ing forums.

Espe­cial­ly after gang­bangs or a mass insem­i­na­tion at sex par­ties, many women report how stretchy and pleas­ant­ly “soft” the pussy has become due to the many sperm.

It is def­i­nite­ly a great idea if you per­form stretch­ing games with thawed frozen sperm dur­ing your next pussy stretch­ing train­ing with dil­dos, pump-up plugs and inflat­able dil­dos. The same is true if you are plan­ning a fist­ing evening.

Creampie Cathy

Conclusion: Artificial Insemination — Simply Optimal for Horny Dildo Games 

Admit­ted­ly, the method sounds very bizarre to fill the pussy with arti­fi­cial sperm, sperm ice cubes, thawed exter­nal sperm, with a syringe, fun­nel, or specu­lum.

Expe­ri­enced cuck­old cou­ples know, how­ev­er, that this is the only way to recre­ate a real gang­bang in a ful­ly sat­is­fy­ing way. Not only does the result­ing insem­i­na­tion effect look real­is­tic with the foamy fucked cum, but the cuck­old can also ful­fill his clean­ing duties.

The loss of real gang­bangs due to coro­na pand­mie is painful for any hotwife and vagi­na insem­i­na­tion is an opti­mal alternative.

Other Sources


Fist­ing with arti­fi­cial sperm
Insem­i­na­tion with syringe and hose (5 ml of for­eign sperm)
20 loads of frozen BBC sperm (frozen cum) poured in with funnel
20 ml is inject­ed into the cunt using a large blad­der syringe with a tube
Sperm appli­ca­tion by speculum
Cuck­old squirts into cum filled insem­i­na­tion syringe and squirts 10 ml of cum into his hotwife

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