Cum Collect — Catch Squirt and Cum Skillfully With Jars

Sure­ly, you have seen in the gang­bang porns of GGG, Sper­m­Ma­nia, Jules Jor­dan, or Gang­bang Creampie and var­i­ous ama­teur and bukkake porn videos, that the sperm, creampie, pre-cum and squirt are col­lect with plates, bowls, dish­es and glass­es. Very pop­u­lar are and Pre­mi­um Bukkake.

Sperm in the Martini jar
Sperm in the Mar­ti­ni jar

What seems very bizarre at first glance, but after a lit­tle thought, turns out to be exceed­ing­ly practical!

As you know, every sperm splash is unpre­dictable: Either the sperm can just drip out of the dick, or it can splash over a meter! Squirt can also run out or like­wise gush out half a meter. Dur­ing female ejac­u­la­tion (squirt­ing), 200 ml of squirt can eas­i­ly be collected!

If the valu­able love juices land on home tex­tiles, bed linen, or car­pet, this is not only annoy­ing but also a pity. Because it is hard­ly pos­si­ble to catch them for sperm games, sperm kiss­es, and snow­balling.

In this cum-col­lect guide, we’ll give you ideas on how to catch your love juices in the best pos­si­ble way. We go into the shapes and types of ves­sels and give you prac­ti­cal tips on insem­i­na­tion and sperm recycling.

Which Vessels Are Suitable for Collecting Sperm and Squirt

Cum cocktail in a jar
Cum cock­tail in a jar

Basi­cal­ly, the pur­pose is deci­sive, which ves­sels you need to col­lect love juice: Do you want to col­lect a facial insem­i­na­tion, a creampie, or a pow­er­ful squirt of sperm? Or would you rather col­lect squirt or even freeze some of it?

Gen­er­al­ly speak­ing, in our expe­ri­ence, you should always use black or dark blue ceram­ic to col­lect love juices.

Plas­tic plates or melamine plates may well have gaudy col­ors. How­ev­er, to bet­ter show off sperm and pussy cream, dark col­ors are rec­om­mend­ed here as well.

Glass is some­what prob­lem­at­ic in the bed­room and should be used with cau­tion. If the man’s sperm looks rather yel­low­ish, the swal­low­er quick­ly los­es his appetite. There­fore, glass con­tain­ers should be reserved for advanced sperm swallowers.


The fol­low­ing ves­sels are basi­cal­ly very suit­able to cum collect:

1. Cake Plate or Breakfast Plate for Facial Insemination and Creampie

If you want to insem­i­nate the face of your hotwife, you sure­ly know how incred­i­bly dif­fi­cult it is not to squirt any­thing next to it. Very quick­ly, the sperm runs down the chin and nose. If you want to catch the sperm, you have to be real­ly nimble!

Catching creampie with plate
Catch­ing creampie with plate

The same applies to a fresh­ly insem­i­nat­ed sperm pussy: Already a few sec­onds after the insem­i­na­tion, the creampie runs uncon­trol­lably out of the pussy.

So that no cum is wast­ed, you need a flat, small plate to catch it. It should be as black and glossy as pos­si­ble. Cum and creampie pro­vide a beau­ti­ful con­trast when col­lect­ing cum on the black porcelain.

Melamine or plas­tic plates in the basic col­ors of dark red, blue, green or pas­tel shades are also suit­able. The white col­or should be avoid­ed, because sperm on it can look unap­pe­tiz­ing. How­ev­er, glass cake plates for the cof­fee table or even stain­less steel plates are good.

To catch a creampie, you sim­ply put a plate under the ful­ly sprayed pussy. The cuck can lick it clean while run­ning out in a relaxed man­ner. The hotwife can enjoy her facial insem­i­na­tion by the bull or the lover dur­ing the gang­bang also stress-free. Sperm that becomes too much for her, she sim­ply lets run on the sperm plate for the cuckold.

The Cuc­ki can be giv­en sperm and creampie after the insem­i­na­tion of his wife with a plate eas­i­ly in the mouth. He should of course get the task to lick the sperm plate thor­ough­ly clean in conclusion.

If a man wants to safe­ly col­lect leak­ing drops of desire, sperm and pre­cum by repeat­ed­ly ruin­ing his orgasm, break­fast plates are also a good choice. Sperm plates are great for learn­ing to swal­low sperm.

2. Dinner Plates and Pizza Plates for Cock Jerking and Milking Off

Cum plate - Sperm plate
Cum plate — Sperm plate

Large, flat plates are need­ed when the cock should or may squirt out freely.

For cuck­old cou­ples, a din­ner plate opens up com­plete­ly new play pos­si­bil­i­ties. Because most­ly the man is only allowed to mas­tur­bate to orgasm or ruin the orgasm in the pres­ence of his cuck­ol­dress. After milk­ing, the cuck can lick his own cum direct­ly from the plate and recy­cle (swal­low) it with­out any problems.

In any case, the man should kneel or stand dur­ing the desama­tion. His supine posi­tion does not pro­vide enough cum pressure!

The sperm plate should be held by the cuck­ol­dress or cuck­old while the oth­er part­ner makes the cock cum horny. In the stand­ing posi­tion, a table is suit­able. In bed, a pil­low can be placed under the cock for ele­va­tion and the plate placed on top.

Cum Plates Are the Best Way for Cum Collect
Hotwife makes her husband ejaculate on plate
Hotwife makes her hus­band ejac­u­late on plate

If the cuck­ol­dress wants to milk her cuck dur­ing sex with a strap-on, prostate toys or a prostate mas­sage, a large plate is also per­fect. He is sim­ply placed under the freely hang­ing cock between his legs. Cum runs and splash­es onto the plate thanks to gravity.

Also for mas­tur­bat­ing and orgasm train­ing by edg­ing, every man should have a large cum plate handy in his desk draw­er or lap­top bag to safe­ly catch even larg­er pre-cum and cum splashes. 

A large, black piz­za plate offers enough ejac­u­la­tion sur­face when jerk­ing off to squirt the horny fuck cock vig­or­ous­ly emp­ty with­out fear of a sperm waste.

But atten­tion! When jerk­ing off and milk­ing fuck juice can be very pow­er­ful and incred­i­bly(!). High sperm quan­ti­ties are pos­si­ble. Accord­ing­ly, the penis angle should always be direct­ed at the cen­ter of the plate at a 45-degree angle when jerk­ing off.

Large plates made of porce­lain or melamine or dark col­or are rec­om­mend­ed. In addi­tion to black, blue, or pur­ple are high­ly rec­om­mend­ed shades, as they pro­vide a good con­trast to the semen. The plate is great for plac­ing an OREO cook­ie, a muf­fin, or a piece of cake for insemination.

A black plate is just per­fect to cum com­plete­ly free horny!

3. Wine & Martini Glass: Ideal for Creampie, Handjobs and “Orgasm Ruining”

Collect sperm with wine glass
Col­lect sperm with wine glass

If the cuck­old is to be taught how to ruin an orgasm, a mar­ti­ni glass or wine glass is per­fect for col­lect­ing pre­cum (pre-cum) and sperm in a con­trolled manner.

The col­lect­ed cum can be fed back over the cuck­old’s mouth or poured onto his forehead.

Due to the round shape, jars with a large open­ing can be used excel­lent­ly for col­lect­ing creampie.

Whether pressed out with the abdomen, con­veyed out with the fin­ger or spooned out with an ice cream / lat­te mac­chi­a­to spoon. Cer­tain­ly, noth­ing goes wrong. The Cuck­old has to emp­ty this horny cock­tail of course always com­plete­ly, and also lick the glass clean. But there is also the pos­si­bil­i­ty to fill up your fuck-cream with pineap­ple juice and coconut liqueur to a Sperm Cola­da.


4. Squirt Bowl: A Bowl or Dish for Collecting Squirt

Even the hotwife has to ejac­u­late once in a while — Espe­cial­ly when she is fucked extreme­ly fast and hard to orgasm by a big penis or mon­ster dil­do.

Squirt bowl
Squirt bowl

A squirt­ing orgasm is just as uncon­trol­lable and unpre­dictable as a squirt penis. The fact is, the woman must be allowed to squirt. Oth­er­wise, sup­press­ing and “sti­fling pee” can become spas­mod­i­cal­ly painful.

The rem­e­dy is to have a “squirt bowl” handy in the bed­room. The woman can enjoy her cum orgasm in a relaxed way, and the cuck­old is forced to spread the pussy juice on his body and drink it.

A squirt­bowl can be a Tup­per sal­ad bowl or any oth­er bowl from the kitchen cupboard.

5. Small Bowls for Prostate Milking (Milking) & Masturbation

Many cuck­olds are milked by their hotwife via the prostate. She uses her fin­gers, dil­dos and prostate toys.

Prostate milking: Milking the prostate gland
Prostate milk­ing: Milk­ing the prostate gland

In the process, con­sid­er­able amounts of fuck juice run out of the penis. To let this run into the bed linen is pure waste!

The same applies to mas­tur­ba­tion ses­sions of cuck­olds. They get inspired, e.g. by for­ays on the Inter­net — here, too, the cock runs out again and again. The pre­cum (sperm pre-juice) must be col­lect­ed with­out fail.

For both cas­es, you can get a harm­less, black bowl and every sperm drop, no mat­ter how small, can be col­lect­ed. A pos­si­ble, unin­ten­tion­al orgasm is also no big deal: Just squirt it into the bowl, and the cum can be recy­cled directly.

6. Glass Ice Tray: Collecting Vessel for Gangbang Sperm and Squirt

Sperm in ice bowl - Cumbowl
Sperm in ice bowl — Cumbowl

If you like it a lit­tle more extrav­a­gant, you can also buy beau­ti­ful­ly shaped ice bowls.

The deep cup and wide open­ing are suit­able for col­lect­ing larg­er amounts of sperm. Dur­ing a gang­bang, it’s much too bad if the creampie and facial insem­i­na­tions end up in paper tow­els and bed linen.

An ice bowl called a “cum bowl” catch­es a lot of cum that would oth­er­wise be lost.

7. Shot Glass: Perfect for Penis Edging and Masturbating Cum Collect

Cum caught in the shot glass
Cum caught in the shot glass

Of course, you can’t miss the shot glass, which is called “shot glass” in Eng­lish. With a capac­i­ty of 20 — 30 ml you can catch your sperm your 3 — 8 ml cum excel­lent and safe.

The glass shape is ide­al, and the glass size is very handy. The hotwife can do the edg­ing, i.e. the reg­u­lar orgasm at the lim­it of the “point of no return” her­self or give it to the cuck­old as a task.

Both the pre-juice (pre­cum) that runs out dur­ing orgasm ruin­ing and the sperm load — as far as allowed — can then be tak­en oral­ly by the cuck­old. Of course, the col­lect­ed cum can also be played with together.

8. Baby Couch Spoon, Ice Cream Spoon & Plastic Latte Macchiato Spoon for Spooning Out Pussy & Cleaning Cock + Creampie

While a spoon isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly a con­tain­er, it’s still per­fect for col­lect­ing creampie and cum direct­ly from pussy, cock, face, bel­ly, and breasts.

Sperm, creampie and pre­cum (pre-cum) are very slip­pery — A spoon will eas­i­ly col­lect every last drop after an insemination!

Cum spoon: Sperm spoon
Cum spoon: Sperm spoon

If you want to spoon out a cum pussy, the spoon must have very soft edges and a long han­dle. Also, the col­ors should be bright­ly col­ored or prefer­ably black. Met­al spoons are not excel­lent for “spoon­ing out pussy”.

With a sperm spoon, the cuck can be per­fect­ly fed with love juices or train him­self to swal­low sperm, since the por­tions are not uncon­trol­lably large.

9. Spoon Rest: Perfectly Cum Collect Method for Masturbating and Edging

Spoon rest for sperm harvesting
Spoon rest for sperm harvesting

A very prac­ti­cal uten­sil “for jerk­ing off alone” is a suit­able spoon hold­er or spoon rest for cooking. 

This small con­tain­er can be per­fect­ly placed under the cock while watch­ing porn. Long­ing drops and pre­cum run per­fect­ly. Edg­ing (orgasm con­trol) is per­fect­ly pos­si­ble because the cum can be caught super!

Should the penis unex­pect­ed­ly cum to orgasm, a spoon hold­er is a per­fect alter­na­tive to the Kleenex box or tis­sues. Any cum can be licked up effortlessly.

Tip: Put a black plas­tic ice cream spoon in the spoon hold­er, and you can always clean the penis glans when the pre-cum comes out. This is much, much bet­ter than your own finger.

AEBN Best porn source

10. Serving Tray: Let the Cock Cum Completely Free

We found a very good tip in a cuck­old forum that you can also per­fect­ly col­lect and col­lect the cum from cuck­old, bull or lover dur­ing gang­bang on a small serv­ing tray.

Espe­cial­ly a square black tray up to 30 cm allows a penis to cum com­plete­ly free, with­out “miss­ing”, with­out hit­ting home tex­tiles and with­out wast­ing even “a drop”.

If the tray has a flat edge and is smooth, the cuck can lick it spot­less­ly clean.

Also, the posi­tion­ing of plates, glass­es, spoons as well as cum food (muffins, cook­ies, choco­late) is super pos­si­ble with a tray. In the ves­sels can be super squirt­ed with the pussy or filled with creampie or splashed with sperm. Of course, a tray can also be used for penis edg­ing (ruin orgasm).

Kinky and horny sperm games with plenty of fuck juice on a plate
Kinky and horny sperm games with plen­ty of fuck juice on a plate — Source: Sper­m­Ma­nia

11. Place Mat: Optimal for Free Squirting Out Your Penis

If you want to let your horny fuck cock squirt out nice and freely, you can also buy black place mats made of plas­tic, syn­thet­ic leather or nylon on Ama­zon or eBay.

You will be sur­prised how beau­ti­ful you can milk the penis. Most of the time, eight spurts of sperm come out of the cock dur­ing orgasm, the first three of which can be very strong. 30 cm are eas­i­ly in there and the con­trast on the black back­ground is real­ly great.

How­ev­er, we give you the tip to always rinse your sperm cov­er under warm water after each insem­i­na­tion and not to roll it up. Instead, you can dis­creet­ly hide it on a cupboard.

Our Cum Collect Tip: Film Cans, Zipper Bags, and Tupperware — Freeze Sperm

Almost every cuck­old wish­es to dec­o­rate his hotwife with plen­ty of sperm. He is aware that he will have to thor­ough­ly lick up the mess he has made.

Sperm ice cubes: Cum cubes
Sperm ice cubes: Cum cubes

For this pur­pose, it makes sense to col­lect sperm in the freez­er and thaw it out for play when needed.

Besides sperm ice cubes in Tup­per­ware con­tain­ers, sperm lol­lipops as well as sperm snow in pres­sure seal bags made of alu­minum or zip­per bags have proven to be use­ful to collect.

The cuck­old cou­ple can pour the col­lect­ed sperm and saved creamp­ies from the con­tain­ers into the freez­er con­tain­ers and col­lect the love juices there.

Selfcum: Self cum - Review

Conclusion: Sperm, Pussy Juice, Precum, Creampie, Squirt Should Always Be Collected!

Squirt, creampie, pussy cream and pussy juice from the pussy just as well you can caught, as sperm and pre­cum (pre-juice) from the penis. Gone are the days when you wast­ed your love juices uncontrollably!

Collect sperm with wine glass
Col­lect sperm with wine glass

As a cuck­old cou­ple, it is your duty to prac­tice swal­low­ing reg­u­lar­ly any­way. The ves­sels will help you noticeably.

You’ll prob­a­bly be sur­prised at how many ways the kitchen can be used to col­lect sperm and squirt.

Let your imag­i­na­tion run wild and talk to your hotwife / cuck­old what pos­si­bil­i­ties are offered to catch the horny liq­uids. Put the ves­sels and con­tain­ers in a fixed place in the bed­room, so that they are always handy.

For begin­ners who want to learn to swal­low cum, a cum spoon, a spoon hold­er, a small black plate and a black tray are high­ly recommended.

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