The Passive Partner in the Sex of Bull and Hotwife

The Cuck­old, the life partner/husband of the Cuck­ol­dress, takes a sub­mis­sive posi­tion in the love tri­an­gle. His tasks are clear­ly defined. How­ev­er, although his wife is dom­i­nant and “in charge”, it does not mean that he just has to sit silent­ly in the corner.

Real­ly every Cuc­ki is eager to read his Hotwife’s wish­es from her eyes. While the bull fucks the wife very hard from one orgasm to the next, there are numer­ous sit­u­a­tions where she needs some­thing, she is thirsty, she wants a pil­low, her pussy needs to be licked clean or some­thing similar.

A cuck­old has to take care of very many things. In this arti­cle, we will go over his duties and tasks.

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1. The Organizer: Prepare the Hotwife for the Date

The cuck­old most­ly takes care of the prepa­ra­tion of sex dates and does all the orga­ni­za­tion­al work. This includes, for exam­ple, find­ing suit­able premises.

Hus­band watch­es his hotwife hav­ing sex with BBC

When his queen has fun with sev­er­al bulls, it is not exact­ly qui­et. More­over, such a gang­bang makes quite high demands on equip­ment and san­i­tary facil­i­ties. There­fore, such events are bet­ter held in hotels or apartments.

These are equipped accord­ing­ly and pay atten­tion to the preser­va­tion of dis­cre­tion. Your own house or apart­ment, on the oth­er hand, is unsuit­able. The Queen tells her Cuck­old with whom she wants to fuck — He plans the date and books the room.

Prepa­ra­tion also includes that the cuck­old goes shop­ping with his part­ner. He buys her sex toys, thick dil­dos, lin­gerie or even fetish clothes. For the Bulls, he gets masks (because of pho­tos) and condoms.

Most of the time the lady is already very excit­ed for days, and the pussy runs out inces­sant­ly with antic­i­pa­tion. A good hub­by always licks the pussy clean, sup­ports the hotwife in her mas­tur­ba­tion ses­sions, and watch­es porn with her. Many hotwifes devel­op BDSM fetish­es and also desire BDSM games on nip­ples, cuck­old’s penis, anus, and pussy.

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2. The Assistant: Helping & Encouraging Before the Bull Arrives

The Cuck­ol­dress is going to dress up pret­ty for her Bull. She needs help get­ting dressed and show­er­ing. Some Sub needs to thor­ough­ly shave his part­ner’s anal and vagi­nal area.

He also sup­ports his queen by “giv­ing her courage” and encour­age­ment. Not infre­quent­ly, the woman is very excit­ed before the date.

The Cuc­ki also has the task of lick­ing the pussy very thor­ough­ly clean before dress­ing. Until the arrival of the bull, he must free both pussy and panties from the love nec­tar as best he can.

In addi­tion, the sub blind­folds and ties his queen to the bed with his hands, if request­ed by the Bull. For the bondage of the legs and feet, the Bull some­times even wants a spread­er bar.

3. The Butler: Serving Bull and Cuckoldress

Once the Bull has arrived, the Cuc­ki plays the role of ser­vant to a cer­tain extent. He polite­ly receives the guests and serves food and drinks.

Not infre­quent­ly, he wears a dog col­lar and is led on a leash by the Queen as a sign of his sub­mis­sive position.

In sex, the Cuck­old usu­al­ly takes an active part only in excep­tion­al cas­es. First and fore­most, he must instead ensure that his queen is always well.

4. The Spectator: Watch Quietly and Masturbate With Permission

When love­mak­ing begins, the cuck­old pri­mar­i­ly remains seat­ed in his assigned spot. From his chair, arm­chair, or the floor, he can watch and enjoy the breath­tak­ing action.

As a reward, a good cuck is allowed to mas­tur­bate while watch­ing his queen have sex, but is not allowed to cum. Most of the time, how­ev­er, mas­tur­ba­tion is not allowed. To pre­vent him from secret­ly lay­ing hands on him­self, he may have to wear a penis cage to which only the Queen has the key.

A cuck can, with­out attract­ing atten­tion, stim­u­late only his own nip­ples. Some­times he has to wear an anal plug while watching.

5. Doing Good to His Wife, Serving & Supporting Her

Hus­band watch­es his cuck­ol­dress fuck­ing with Big Black Cock

While his queen is being fucked by the bull/s, he some­times gets to hold his queen’s hand as she climaxes.

He is always atten­tive and will refill the drinks of Hotwife and Bull(s). If some­thing is dropped, he must pick it up.

If the Queen wish­es, he will dab the sweat from her fore­head or kiss her very ten­der­ly despite hard sex.


6. Clean Licking of Body Fluids

The main task of every cuck­old is to always lick clean all body flu­ids. This includes his own sperm, pre­cum, and desire drops. But also always the pussy juice of the Queen.

When the bull has cum, many cuck­olds have to lick the insem­i­nat­ed pussy, or breasts, bel­ly or face of the wife thor­ough­ly clean again.

When creampie clean lick­ing, the Queen care­ful­ly makes sure that the hus­band not only licks the cum off the pussy, but also licks it out of the cum cunt. The cum pussy juice cock­tail is then swal­lowed by the hotwife and cuck­old together.

Many cucks are ini­tial­ly afraid of the stranger sperm. Here helps only a reg­u­lar train­ing to swal­low his own sperm and per­ma­nent lick­ing train­ing of the pussy before the date. The goal of this edu­ca­tion should be that the cuck gets used to the creampie clean lick­ing with­in a few months and does this main task as a mat­ter of course unso­licit­ed very glad­ly. Most men man­age to eat their own creampie out of their pussy in three to six months.

Gang­bangs are a very fierce chal­lenge for the cuck­old! Because the clean lick­ing is repeat­ed after each creampie. With the hotwife’s con­sent, he may also col­lect sperm — plates, bowls, glass­es, con­tain­ers for freez­ing and oth­er kitchen uten­sils are used for this.

7. Obey Orders From Bull and Hotwife

Cuck­ol­dress and Bul­l’s love­mak­ing will become increas­ing­ly heat­ed as the hours pass. The Cuc­ki enjoys the sight to the fullest — But he must remain atten­tive! As soon as a com­mand comes, he should be ready immediately.

8. Filming and Photographing

Cuck­old takes photos

Anoth­er very impor­tant task dur­ing sex is main­ly to film and pho­to­graph the Hotwife’s action.

The hotwife, the bull, and the gang­bang par­tic­i­pants usu­al­ly want to look at the pho­tos and videos a few days lat­er and review the date while mas­tur­bat­ing again in a relaxed way.

It is impor­tant to test the light­ing and cam­era func­tions on a pre­vi­ous day.

9. Lick the Cock of the Bull Clean

Most Bulls do not accept large amounts of cum or squirt, or pussy juice on their cock. Just like pussy, his giant penis must always be squeaky clean before he shoves it into his soak­ing wet cunt.

If Bull and Hotwife wish, the Cuck­old also has to lick the Fuck­er’s penis clean with­out dis­cus­sion. Often he lies in posi­tion 69 with his face under the wom­an’s pussy.

10. Inseminated Pussy Fucking

Pussy Creampie Fucking

The bull and also the gang­bang broth­ers will leave briskly after insem­i­nat­ing the hotwife. Most of the time, no fuck­er is real­ly inter­est­ed in mak­ing small talk.

Then it’s the hour of the cuck! After he has licked, caressed, and stroked the hotwife horny, she not infre­quent­ly allows him to fuck the insem­i­nat­ed pussy and squirt in last.

Although it is very dif­fi­cult to come to orgasm, the cuck can prove what is in him.

The final clean lick­ing of the horny creampie pro­motes the inti­mate love feel­ing of the cuck­old cou­ple enor­mous­ly and con­nects cuck­old and cuck­ol­dress incredibly.


Conclusion: The Range of Tasks of the Cuckold Is Enormously Multifaceted

If you read the text care­ful­ly, you will be amazed at what cuck­olds are respon­si­ble for.

Cum Creampie Cleanup
Cum Creampie Cleanup

Even before the date, he is entrust­ed with plan­ning tasks. Although the Cuck­ol­dress is used by Bulls as a plea­sure object and whore, Cuck­ies love to make her hap­py and serve her. Dom­i­nant com­mands they do con­sci­en­tious­ly, and pun­ish­ments are brave­ly endured.

Cuck­olds like to mas­tur­bate while watch­ing their wives being bru­tal­ly fucked and copi­ous­ly insem­i­nat­ed. They shoot video clips of the horny moments and take pho­tos to make the sex unforgettable.

Cum Facial Cleanup

Lick­ing the creampie clean is the top duty of every cuck­old. Like­wise, when insem­i­nat­ing the face of the queen, her breasts, her armpits, her neck, or her bel­ly, his tongue has to be imme­di­ate­ly on the spot! Resis­tance and lack of thor­ough­ness will be severe­ly punished.

When the sex par­ty is over, and Bull / the guests have left, comes the ten­der time. When the hotwife is sat­is­fied, she will give the cuck­old “relief” with her hand, let him ruin the orgasm sev­er­al times, or even let him be the last to fuck her in the insem­i­nat­ed sperm pussy.

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