Sex With a Real Guy: The Bull of the Hotwife

The Cuck­old lives in a love tri­an­gle. Besides him and his part­ner, the Bull also plays an essen­tial role in the sex­u­al lifestyle.

A bull some­times called a stal­lion, alpha male or lover, gives the mar­ried wife or life part­ner what her part­ner is unable to do: fuck the woman extreme­ly pas­sion­ate­ly ‑over and over again- to vagi­nal orgasm, sat­is­fy her lust and final­ly insem­i­nate her sev­er­al times, abundantly.

The alpha bull: dream of many women
The alpha bull: dream of many women

If the first date was a suc­cess, expe­ri­ence shows that it does­n’t stay with a bull. Quick­ly, the hotwife wish­es for three, five or even more lovers in this format.

In this cuck­old guide, we deal with the ques­tions of what a Bull is, why he is so dom­i­nant, what effect he has on the cuck­old cou­ple and why he only wants to fuck his cuck­ol­dress with­out a condom.

Please share your own thoughts, expe­ri­ences and opin­ions below this article.

What Is a Bull?

As a sex part­ner of the Hotwife, the Bull almost always rep­re­sents the pro­to­type of a real man.

Very char­ac­ter­is­tic is his dom­i­nant-charm­ing appear­ance, his high attrac­tive­ness, his sex­u­al per­for­mance, and his enor­mous penis. He could also be called macho.

Phys­i­cal­ly, the Bull is char­ac­ter­ized by his attrac­tive appear­ance. He is tall and mus­cu­lar. As a rule, he has a high lev­el of phys­i­cal fit­ness. He does a lot of sports and eats a healthy diet. Even though not all Bulls are black, a slight­ly dark­er skin tone adds a lot to his appearance.

If that’s not enough, the cuck­ol­dress likes to choose Bulls who have par­tic­u­lar­ly impres­sive and big cocks and can han­dle them. True bulls can have sex with the cuck­old’s wife for sev­er­al hours, or even the whole night.

Most of the time, they are also impres­sive fre­quent squirters and can shoot mas­sive loads of cum sev­er­al times in a row.

Cuckolding comes in all ages: Here a young woman is getting fucked by a Black Cock. Her face says it all: Pure lust!
Cuck­old­ing comes in all ages: Here, a young woman is get­ting fucked by a Black Cock. Her face says it all: Pure lust!
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Why Are Bulls So Dominant?

Real Bulls have a very dom­i­nant char­ac­ter. They are con­vinced of them­selves and often arro­gant. They love to dom­i­nate oth­er peo­ple and demon­strate their superiority.

Big white cock - A penis as big as a forearm
Big white cock — A penis as big as a forearm

They feel supe­ri­or to women and sup­pos­ed­ly weak­er men and show this open­ly. There­fore, they enjoy dom­i­nat­ing the cuck and its hotwife. They pre­fer to make the cuck a slave and treat him like one.

The cuck­old has to ful­fill all the bul­l’s wish­es and is not allowed to resist him. If he does, he is pun­ished severe­ly. To make the cuck­old’s slave sta­tus vis­i­ble on the out­side, he some­times has to wear a leather col­lar and a dog leash or is tied up and forced to watch the Bull have sex.

The Bull also appears dom­i­nant towards the Hotwife. He treats her like a whore or an object of lust. She serves only to sat­is­fy his lust. Often she also has to dress like a street whore, put on heavy make­up and wear flashy jewelry.

Dur­ing sex, the Bull treats her rough­ly. He con­sid­ers her Hotwife as his prop­er­ty. Pulling her hair, beat­ing her ass and pussy, hard twirling of her nip­ples, fist­ing, and pen­e­trat­ing her pussy with objects, fruits and veg­eta­bles are part of the program.

A Bull does not like it at all if he has to share his Cuck­ol­dress with oth­er Bulls. Here, how­ev­er, the dom­i­nant side of the woman shows. If she wants it, she invites to gang­bang, whether the indi­vid­ual Bulls like it or not. The con­se­quence is due to an unimag­in­able com­pet­i­tive behav­ior a very, very vio­lent, orgas­mic and for the wife a deeply sat­is­fy­ing gangbang.

Every hotwife gets huge orgasms with a Big black cock (BBC)
Every hotwife gets huge orgasms with a Big black cock (BBC)
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What Effect Does the Bull Have on the Couple?

The Cuck feels humil­i­at­ed by the Bull and at the same time strong­ly aroused. The Bull is phys­i­cal­ly supe­ri­or to him, has a big cock, and is very potent. Prac­ti­cal­ly, the exact oppo­site of the Cuckold.

Cuckolds always have to lick the Bull's cum clean!
Cuck­olds always have to lick the Bul­l’s cum clean!

The Cuck­old likes that his wife, or part­ner is dom­i­nat­ed by such a man. Will­ing­ly, the Cuck­old gives his wife free to fuck.

Deep down, how­ev­er, he also finds sat­is­fac­tion in the fact that the Bull is phys­i­cal­ly supe­ri­or to him, but the Cuck­ol­dress still remains his partner.

The gift of many Bulls to squirt a lot of sperm with breath­tak­ing foun­tains, in turn, also demon­stra­bly pro­vides the Cuck­old with an enor­mous increase in his sperm pro­duc­tion. In most cas­es, he has to lick the insem­i­nat­ed cuck­ol­dress very thor­ough­ly clean again.

Many women secret­ly love it when they are fucked real­ly hard and rough­ly treat­ed by a real guy, at least from time to time. From there, the hotwife enjoys sex with her bull because he is phys­i­cal­ly able to fuck her as hard as she needs. Psy­cho­log­i­cal aspects also play a role.

Amateur Cuckolding: Horny Orgasm by BBC. The cuckold watches his wife fucking.
Ama­teur Cuck­old­ing: Horny Orgasm by BBC. The cuck­old watch­es his wife fucking.

Women Desire Passion

Most men today, how­ev­er, are incul­cat­ed at the lat­est from the onset of puber­ty that they have to be con­sid­er­ate of women and be polite. They are brought up to be cud­dly bears.

The Bull, on the oth­er hand, treats his Hotwife the way they want to be treat­ed. This also explains why many women are so crazy about black men: First of all, they have big­ger dicks, they are also much more potent, and they only use the Hotwife to sat­is­fy their lust.

For the Cuc­ki, how­ev­er, the Bull is not a seri­ous com­peti­tor. His wife would nev­er leave him to live with a Bull. The Bull, whether white or black, is mere­ly a sex object for her.

Why Do Bulls Mostly Fuck Without Condoms?

Bulls almost invari­ably see con­doms as a weak­ness. In their eyes, the rub­ber is used only out of con­sid­er­a­tion for the sex part­ner, so as not to impreg­nate her. Con­sid­er­a­tion, how­ev­er, is a trait a Bull does not know.

BBC? No condom? No problem.
BBC? No con­dom? No problem.

More­over, the con­dom decreas­es his plea­sure. If they have the choice, almost all men pre­fer to fuck with­out a con­dom, not only Bulls. In a steady part­ner­ship, there is usu­al­ly also only sex with­out condoms.

It gives the Bull a kick when he cli­max­es and can squirt his sperm deep into her pussy.

Many men also get extreme­ly horny when they are allowed to fuck a cum flood­ed pussy.

Very many bulls, cuck­olds, and hotwifes find it very arous­ing when the cuck­old has to lick clean the insem­i­nat­ed pussy of the hotwife thor­ough­ly clean after sex. This thought is alien­at­ing for some — but this is part of the life of many Cuckolds.

Many bulls are of the opin­ion: Con­doms are for white men and cuckolds!

make him cuckold

Conclusion: A Good Bull Makes Every Woman’s Knees Go Weak

A dom­i­nant alpha male who fucks mar­ried wives is called a “Bull” in cuck­old and wife­shar­ing relationships.

Ehefrau wird im Hotel von BBC hart gefickt. Sie bekommt einen Orgasmus nach dem anderen!
A com­plete­ly non­de­script look­ing wife is fucked to orgasm over and over again in BBC’s hotel.

He is able to exude a sense of pow­er through his phys­i­cal and psy­cho­log­i­cal supe­ri­or­i­ty, which is extreme­ly attrac­tive to women. He is usu­al­ly mus­cu­lar, has a mag­nif­i­cent penis, not infre­quent­ly appears charm­ing, and fucks in bed but like a machine.

A Bull address­es his Hotwife with words that would nev­er pass the lips of the good hus­band. He grabs the Hotwife and fucks her like a doll in all ori­fices. The woman turns on that incred­i­bly vio­lent­ly to be used so and gets despite the rough way one orgasm after anoth­er. Not it comes with such intense fucks to squirting.

It is com­plete­ly unclear why espe­cial­ly the dark-skinned men have such an immense attrac­tion to mature women over 30 all over the world. Espe­cial­ly in the USA and all coun­tries in Europe, there are count­less women who go for the huge BBCs (Big Black Cock).

BBCs have such a great addic­tive poten­tial that some women even wish to gang­bang with sev­er­al black men over and over again.

Cuckoldress genießt einen unfassbaren BBC Orgasmus
Cuck­ol­dress enjoys an out­ra­geous BBC orgasm

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