Incredibly Kinky Sperm Games on Spermmania

There are many porn sites with the main top­ic “sperm”. Often, how­ev­er, it is rather just unchar­i­ta­ble mish-mash: Either the pussy of the porn actress­es is insem­i­nat­ed or her face, her breasts, the bel­ly or her butt is sprayed full.

The Japan­ese web­site shows that it can be much more var­ied. The title “Sperm Mania” could also be freely trans­lat­ed as sperm mania or sperm addic­tion. In the videos on this porn site, one or two women are insem­i­nat­ed with sperm in every con­ceiv­able way. There­by, fan­cy and very nasty sperm games are announced.

Cuck­olds, wife­shar­ers, hotwifes and bulls can get inspired on this erot­ic site in an incred­i­ble vari­ety, how they can make sex games a lit­tle more var­ied: Cum being milked onto plates, trays, bowls and glass­es; sucked out of pussies with straws; shared with les­bian cum kiss­ing and snow­balling; squirt­ed into panties and much, much more!

Our curios­i­ty was piqued for this review by the pho­tos in the pre­view area. We would like to let you know if it is worth book­ing a mem­ber­ship. To help you with your deci­sion, we have com­pared the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages and tell you what con­tent is hid­den in the mem­bers area. Please share your per­son­al opin­ions and expe­ri­ences with us after this review if you already know the porn site.


The Preview Area of

As with any review, let’s first take a look at the pre­view area of On the one hand, it looks extreme­ly plain, but on the oth­er hand, it is also very trans­par­ent due to the many pre­view videos and pho­tos. It does­n’t take five min­utes to find your way around the porn site. Some­what notice­able is the very sparse use of text 

The main menu is only divid­ed into the items Home, Sam­ples, Cum Play, Updates, and JOIN. On the pages Sam­ples and Updates you can get a very good overview of the offered con­tent that awaits you in the mem­ber area. Via the links “Join here for more cum fetish videos” you can always call up fur­ther demo content.

You can get to inter­est­ing mod­el pro­file pages by click­ing on the mod­el names. On the page “Cum Play” the dif­fer­ent cum prac­tices are explained to you.

The col­or black was cho­sen as the back­ground col­or for the web­site, but also as the set back­ground of floors and walls. This fits well with the fetish theme and at the same time pro­vides an excel­lent con­trast and opti­mal vis­i­bil­i­ty of the mod­els and their kinky actions.

Each video is embed­ded in an HTML5 play­er and there are 4 pho­tos below it. The pos­si­bil­i­ty to watch each video as a trail­er is pro­vid­ed plus points in our web­site test. Com­pared to many oth­er porn sites, there is no dai­ly lim­it for this. Each trail­er is 30 sec­onds long and shows excerpts from the video in ques­tion. Three pho­tos can always be enlarged. It does­n’t get more hon­est and trans­par­ent than this!

Facts and Figures About the Website

Sperm Mania went online in Decem­ber 2015. Unlike most porn sites, it is not a sub-site of a porn net­work. The porn label focus­es exclu­sive­ly on this project when pro­duc­ing videos and porn.

An impor­tant part of this review is the cost and types of mem­ber­ship that are offered. Cur­rent­ly, the fol­low­ing options are available:

  • Sub­scrip­tion term 1 month: $29.95
  • Sub­scrip­tion term 2 months: $54.95
  • Sub­scrip­tion term 3 months: $79.95

The oper­a­tor only accepts pay­ment by cred­it card (Visa Card, MasterCard).

Test Report: Review of the Member Area of

Page Structure, Content and Special Features

The nav­i­ga­tion in the Sper­m­Ma­nia mem­ber area is kept very sim­ple. You can browse with­out any prob­lems, select videos by release date or by category 

Mem­bers now have more than 300 videos with 55 mod­els to choose from. For each video, there is a pho­to gallery, which con­tains on aver­age around 160 shots. The videos can be streamed and also down­loaded in MP4 for­mat. The run­ning time ranges from short clips to videos that are more than 30 min­utes long.

Watch­ing the videos is incred­i­bly stim­u­lat­ing. You can see in the videos that the girls have pure­ly no fear or loathing of sperm. They nei­ther pull their heads away dur­ing insem­i­na­tion, nor do they con­tort their faces. The pro­duc­er promis­es that unlike many oth­er porn sites, no fake cumshots are used. Every­thing is 100% real semen.

The pro­duc­tion is obvi­ous­ly very relaxed and cheer­ful. The girls come up with some fun­ny ideas. For exam­ple, they point two cocks against each oth­er like can­nons and jerk off in a race until the penis­es final­ly squirt at each other 😉 

Per­son­al­ly, I find it very nice that not only Asian-look­ing women can be found, but also Amer­i­can and Euro­pean porn actress­es. For exam­ple, the porn stars Kris­ten Scott and Mary are very cute cum mice.

On a pos­i­tive note, I noticed that new videos are uploaded reg­u­lar­ly. The lat­est one was just 2 days old at the time of my review.

Extremely Nasty Sperm Games

There is hard­ly any oth­er web­site where sperm is played with in such a mul­ti­fac­eted way as on!

So-called “messy cumshots”, i.e. mas­sive, creamy sperm splash­es are used for “sticky cumplay”. This means that sticky cum is used by women for play. The horny cum is read­i­ly col­lect­ed using bowls, trays, slips and glass­es. This is called cum col­lect­ing.

An incred­i­ble amount of bukkake types, cum games and sex tech­niques are shown:

  • Facial Bukkake = The clas­sic: pret­ty wom­en’s faces are mas­sive­ly insem­i­nat­ed with sperm.
  • Body Bukkake = Breasts and bel­ly are sprayed with a lot of cum.
  • Pussy Bukkake = The pussy of the actress is sprayed with a lot of sperm.
  • Butt Bukkake = Butt cheeks and / or butt hole are sprayed with numer­ous cocks.
  • Cum Blowjob = Penis is blown with plen­ty of slip­pery for­eign sperm.
  • Creampie Gang­bang = group sex with the main goal of insem­i­nat­ing the pussy to the maximum.
  • Cum Footjob = feet are insem­i­nat­ed / a penis is made to cum with abun­dant insem­i­nat­ed feet.
  • Cum Kiss = cum kiss­ing and snow­balling on a glass plate or with a 2nd girl
  • Panty Cum = Sperm is col­lect­ed with put on panties, briefs, thong and sweet under­pants and the pussy is thus mas­sive­ly inseminated.
  • Hairy Pussy Bukkake = It is ejac­u­lat­ed sev­er­al times on the pubic hair of the woman.
  • Cum Hand­job = Cock is jerked with own sperm or for­eign sperm.
  • Mas­sive Cum Hand­job = Penis is jerked with extreme­ly much for­eign sperm. Often the sperm is col­lect­ed with plates, trays, glass­es or panties.
  • Cum Titjob = The cock is brought to cum by rub­bing on breasts with a lot of for­eign sperm. The tits are mas­sive­ly inseminated.
  • Group Cum Blowjob = Cocks are blown through the woman with a lot of for­eign sperm.
  • Group Cum Hand­job = Penis­es are jerked with very much for­eign sperm by the woman to cum.
  • Cum Lube Sex = For­eign sperm is used as a lubri­cant when fucking
  • Group Gokkun = A group of men squirts the mod­el again and again in the mouth and she must swal­low the sperm. Plates and bowls are also used to catch it.
  • Mas­sive Creampie = Very, very many men fuck the mod­el and cum in her. The horny cum cunt is there­by fucked foamy.
  • Sperm Les­bian = Creampie Cleanup (Lick insem­i­nat­ed pussy clean), cum kiss­ing, snow­balling (cum swap­ping while kiss­ing), cum swap

Advantages of the Sex Site

The videos are extreme­ly horny. I don’t know of any oth­er porn site that so metic­u­lous­ly caters to every cum fetish. Cuck­olds and wife­shar­ers can dis­cov­er good ideas on how to make their wives cum.

The actress­es are all very cute and wear sexy lin­gerie. They vis­i­bly enjoy hav­ing “one cock after anoth­er” cum in or on their bod­ies. They have a lot of fun play­ing with cum.…

Usu­al­ly, in Japan­ese porn movies, the pussy and cock are always pix­e­lat­ed. Not so with You can see every lit­tle detail in 4K UHD resolution 

More­over, I also like the fact that the web­site is updat­ed reg­u­lar­ly. All the con­tent is exclu­sive and is pro­duced in the stu­dio, espe­cial­ly for the website.

Disadvantages of the Porn Site

As much as I liked Sperm Mania dur­ing my review, the web­site does have some small drawbacks.

To my taste, a lit­tle more text would be desir­able. In the pre­view area, the pho­tos open in new brows­er tabs and not in an over­lay window.

It should also be not­ed that there is nei­ther a tri­al account nor a tri­al sub­scrip­tion. It should also be not­ed that there is no bonus mate­r­i­al. With the mem­ber­ship, you only get access to the video mate­r­i­al on Sperm Mania 

Review Conclusion: Is Recommendable?

The porn from is quite to my taste. Even though sperm videos are actu­al­ly noth­ing spe­cial nowa­days, the pro­duc­tion team man­ages to raise the videos to a unique, high-qual­i­ty, com­plete­ly new lev­el due to extreme­ly kinky sperm games and stagings.

You get incred­i­bly horny cum fetish videos in the best qual­i­ty on Sper­m­Ma­nia that you won’t find else­where. The exclu­sive con­tent is pro­duced to a very high stan­dard and pre­sent­ed in crisp HD quality.

Even though there is no bonus con­tent, the price-per­for­mance ratio can still be described as very good. Due to the fre­quent update inter­val with new porn movies, the sex site has grown tremen­dous­ly in the last few years.

All in all, we can rec­om­mend a mem­ber­ship to this porn site to every sperm-lov­ing cuck­old and wife­shar­er and every kinky hotwife.


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