Small Gesture, Big Effect: The Cuckold Cleanup and Its Psychological Power

You’ve prob­a­bly read count­less times that lick­ing an insem­i­nat­ed cum pussy clean is one of the cuck­old duties. But the term “cuck­old cleanup” is much broad­er and includes a lot of oth­er things to clean up.

For exam­ple, there are over 10 dif­fer­ent types of impu­ri­ties that can be sprayed or leaked onto dif­fer­ent sur­faces. The cleanup can be done in 5 dif­fer­ent ways. It is also inter­est­ing to note that there are many tech­ni­cal terms used in this mul­ti­fac­eted field.

In this blog post, we take a clos­er look at the top­ic of “clean­ing the hotwife”. We’ll explain what the many terms actu­al­ly mean. You will also find out what types of “con­t­a­m­i­na­tion” there are and how they can be removed. And, of course, we answer the most impor­tant ques­tion: Why do we do this at all?

We hope that this arti­cle will help you under­stand the psy­chol­o­gy of this high­ly polar­iz­ing cleans­ing ges­ture. As always, we look for­ward to a live­ly exchange of expe­ri­ences in the com­ments sec­tion below this arti­cle. You are wel­come to share your ques­tions, expe­ri­ences, and opin­ions with us.

What Does “Cuckold Cleanup” Mean?

The terms “clean up”, “cleanup” or “clean-up” stand for clean­ing of something.

Cuckold säubert Hotwife Creampie
Creampie cleanup: Cuck­old cleans the rich­ly insem­i­nat­ed cunt of his hotwife

A “cuck­old cleanup” is the process by which a cuck­old or wife-shar­er cleans bod­i­ly flu­ids from his hotwife’s vagi­na or from oth­er body parts, objects, and sur­faces. The “impu­ri­ties” are love juices that come from the woman, from him­self, or from oth­er men. They may have splashed, leaked or been delib­er­ate­ly placed for the clean­ing man.

The irrefutable basic rule of a cuck­old cleanup is that he must take in these impu­ri­ties com­plete­ly oral­ly and also swal­low them. This is why the man is also referred to as a “cum clean­er”, “cleanu­per”, “cum eat­ing hus­band”, “cuck­old clean­er” or “cum clean­ing cuckold”.

Despite the clean­ing oblig­a­tion, it does not mean that the clean­ing cuck­olds are gen­er­al­ly gay / homo­sex­u­al or bisex­u­al. Most cuck­olds and wife­shar­ers are het­ero­sex­u­al and only fix­at­ed on their wife / partner.

If you are con­cerned with clean­ing semen from a vagi­na, you will also come across the terms “creampie feed­ing”, “creampie eat­ing”, “snow­balling” (sperm exchange between hotwife and cuck), and “cum licking”.

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What Types of Impurities Are There?

A cuck­old must ingest and recy­cle the fol­low­ing sex­u­al bod­i­ly fluids: 

  • Creampie: The joint sperm-vagi­nal secre­tion mix­ture of the cuck cou­ple dur­ing sex.
  • Squirt (female ejac­u­late), also known as squirt­ing, flu­id after female ejaculation
  • own sperm
  • own pre-ejac­u­late, also: pre­cum, pre-juice
  • own love drops, also: drops of desire, drops of lust
  • vagi­nal secre­tion, also: pussy juice, cunt juice
  • sperm sprayed by a strange man (for­eign sperm), e.g. on the hotwife’s body or face
  • creampie mix­ture of a for­eign man — after a for­eign insem­i­na­tion in the hotwife’s vagina
  • cum from sev­er­al strange men, e.g. on the hotwife’s body or face (bukkake)
  • Sperm mix­ture from sev­er­al strange men dur­ing group sex, a gang­bang, or at a men’s sur­plus par­ty (gang­bang creampie)
  • Sperm ice cubes, frozen sperm (col­lect­ed own sperm or col­lect­ed for­eign sperm from lovers or the bull)

What Can Be Contaminated With Semen and Love Juices?

A vari­ety of body parts, objects, and sur­faces can be con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed and splashed with semen, which a cuck­old must take care to clean with­out being asked to do so:

(a) The hotwife’s body

The main insem­i­na­tion tar­get is undoubt­ed­ly the hotwife’s female body. The main areas of the body that are inject­ed with semen are those that are high­ly erogenous.

  • Face (mouth, fore­head, nose, cheeks, chin)
  • Neck
  • Armpits, pos­si­bly armpit hair 
  • Breasts, nip­ples, décolleté
  • Arms, hands
  • Abdomen
  • Pubic mound, mons vener­is, pubic hair if applicable
  • Legs (espe­cial­ly inner thighs), feet if applicable
  • vagi­na, vagi­nal canal, vagina
  • Vul­va, exter­nal gen­i­tals, labia, clitoris
  • But­tocks
  • Anus

b) Soiled objects

In addi­tion to insem­i­nat­ing the woman, this also includes the oral clean­ing of objects. The cuck­old should be taught that he is also respon­si­ble for clean­ing dirty objects. 

c) Little helpers: jars, containers and kitchen utensils

You’ve prob­a­bly noticed that the BDSM, gang­bang and bukkake scenes in par­tic­u­lar focus heav­i­ly on the oral removal of impu­ri­ties. In order to avoid run­ning down, wast­ing and “spilling on the floor”, con­tain­ers and kitchen uten­sils are often used to col­lect semen.

In the porn films of the porn stu­dios Ger­man Goo Girls (GGG home­page) and Sper­ma-Stu­dio ( (Sper­mas­tu­dio home­page), con­tain­ers for col­lect­ing sperm have been a stan­dard fea­ture for two decades. On the porn sites Gang­bangCreampie (Gang­bang Creampie Home­page), Sperm Cock­tail (Sperm Cock­tail Home­page), and Sper­m­Ma­nia( Sper­m­Ma­nia Home­page), the col­lec­tion of ejac­u­late has become standard.

The fol­low­ing are suit­able for col­lect­ing sperm, squirt, and precum:

  • Plates (cum plate = sperm plate)
  • Glass­es (cum glass, shot glass, wine glass, cock­tail glass)
  • Bowls (cum bowl = sperm bowl, squirt bowl = squirt bowl)
  • Cups (cum cup)
  • Spoon (cum spoon = sperm spoon for col­lect­ing sperm; spoon­ing out the vagina)

d) Surfaces

Cum, pussy juice, and squirt can also be sprayed or leaked onto sur­faces. For exam­ple, some cuck­olds are ordered to clean up semen that has dripped onto the floor. How­ev­er, insem­i­nat­ed sur­faces can also be trays from the kitchen area, or plas­tic or rub­ber mats that are sup­posed to pro­tect against con­t­a­m­i­na­tion. But dirty tex­tiles, bed­sheets, etc. also fall with­in the scope of the cuck­old’s clean­ing duties.

e) Lover & Bulls

Sperma Muschi sauberlecken
Lick­ing pussy clean: Prac­ti­cal, horny, and total­ly dirty

Most bulls ask the cuck­old to clean his penis if it is too dirty with foamy pussy juice, creampie, or ejac­u­late. This ges­ture is mas­sive­ly humil­i­at­ing for the cuck­old and must be coor­di­nat­ed before the wife is fucked.

f) Laundry

The wife’s cloth­ing is also a must. Here, too, the cuck­old cleanup oblig­a­tion applies. For exam­ple, the hotwife’s under­wear (pants, thongs) may be soiled with pussy juice, squirt, sperm, and creampie. Dur­ing group sex or gang­bangs with sev­er­al strange men, overknees, sus­penders, and stock­ings are almost always soiled.

g) The cuckold’s own body

Last but not least, the cuck­old is of course also oblig­ed to clean his own body with his own sperm, oth­er men’s sperm, pussy juice, and squirt. He should clean the con­t­a­m­i­na­tion with the aid of a plas­tic spoon or his fin­gers. Of course, it must be giv­en to him oral­ly and recy­cled by swallowing.

How Does the Cleaning of Love Juices Take Place?

He can per­form the cleanup with the fol­low­ing cleanup forms:

  • with his mouth
  • with his tongue
  • with his index and mid­dle fin­gers, which he then licks com­plete­ly himself
  • with his hand
  • with a spoon
  • with a con­tain­er to catch it, which he then has to emp­ty com­plete­ly himself

Accord­ing to sur­veys, the mis­sion­ary posi­tion and ejac­u­lat­ing into the vagi­na is the most com­mon sex method. Accord­ing­ly, the creampie cleanup, with the mouth and tongue, in the supine posi­tion of the woman is the most pop­u­lar clean­ing method. The cum ejac­u­lat­ed into the vagi­na is mixed with pussy juice dur­ing sex. Sim­ple meth­ods such as lick­ing or suck­ing are used to try and get the love cock­tail out again as com­plete­ly as pos­si­ble. The trick here is to skill­ful­ly and nim­bly catch the sperm before it dis­ap­pears between the buttocks.

Inject­ing the labia, cli­toris, and mons-vener­is (mons pubis) is also very pop­u­lar. The visu­al stim­u­la­tion for the man lick­ing is par­tic­u­lar­ly high here. Inevitably, the semen is spread over the entire pubic area. The man lick­ing must make a great effort to skill­ful­ly cap­ture the rapid­ly liq­ue­fy­ing semen, which runs down in all direc­tions, with his mouth and tongue. Espe­cial­ly in com­bi­na­tion with vagi­nal insem­i­na­tion, it is a small chal­lenge and an extreme­ly horny spec­ta­cle for the woman.

Of course, the man can use his fin­gers to catch the sperm and fin­ger out the creampie. It is far more effec­tive to use a black sperm bowl or a black plas­tic spoon to col­lect sperm.

Anoth­er way of clean­ing is for the woman to sit or squat over the man’s mouth with the sperm cup after insem­i­na­tion. A less dom­i­nant ges­ture would be posi­tion 69, where the woman licks the sperm penis clean and the man takes care of the leak­ing creampie.

Creampie Cathy

What Are the Aims of the Cuckold Cleanup?

A cuck­old cleanup pur­sues sev­er­al edu­ca­tion­al, emo­tion­al, part­ner­ship, and prac­ti­cal goals that are close­ly inter­linked. The main goal is, of course, first and fore­most a mutu­al gain in plea­sure for the couple. 

If you look at oth­er cuck­old blogs or spe­cial­ist lit­er­a­ture on the sub­ject, you will repeat­ed­ly read that “clean­ing your part­ner after sex” has a huge psy­cho­log­i­cal impact on the cou­ple. This small ges­ture can mas­sive­ly strength­en the cou­ple’s bond and have a pos­i­tive influ­ence on their sex life.

Con­trary to many sto­ries in cuck­old sto­ries and dis­re­spect­ful treat­ment in BDSM porn videos, where cuck­olds are often por­trayed as losers or wimps — they are more like­ly to be lov­ing and car­ing towards their wife / part­ner. This has numer­ous, some­times uncon­scious side effects dur­ing the “removal of impurities”:

  1. Build­ing or strength­en­ing the rela­tion­ship of trust in the partnership
  2. high­ly inti­mate, close phys­i­cal contact
  3. car­ing feed­ing of the woman
  4. car­ing hygiene and “groom­ing” of the man
  5. Restor­ing the visu­al clean­li­ness of the body
  6. Release of hap­pi­ness hormones
  7. Demon­stra­tion of a pow­er imbalance
  8. Pre­vent­ing soil­ing of bed linen and mattress
  9. Pre­vent­ing soil­ing of cloth­ing (e.g. after out­door sex, porn movies)
  10. Removal of traces of semen
  11. a cer­tain feel­ing of “pow­er” over the man
  12. sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion of the hotwife
  13. desired feel­ing of sub­mis­sion / humil­i­a­tion of the man
  14. Orgasm of the hotwife while lick­ing clean
  15. very close bond and sat­is­fac­tion of the hotwife through oral orgasms

Well-being, Happiness Hormones, and Messenger Substances

Build­ing or strength­en­ing the rela­tion­ship of trust through phys­i­cal con­tact dur­ing cleanups is a fac­tor that should not be under­es­ti­mat­ed (in con­junc­tion with the gain in pleasure!). 

Inter­est­ing­ly, in most ani­mal species (espe­cial­ly mam­mals), mutu­al clean­ing and groom­ing of mates, with­in a pack, and of off­spring plays an impor­tant role in social bonding. 

The lick­ing and smelling of exter­nal sex­u­al organs or oth­er parts of the body plays an impor­tant role in mat­ing. In many ani­mal species, not only are impor­tant mes­sen­ger sub­stances (pheromones) absorbed, which stim­u­late the urge to mate, but it is also a sign of mutu­al affec­tion (“I’ll take care of you!”). This ensures good social interaction.

Even if we humans imag­ine our­selves to be “dif­fer­ent”, we have pro­grammed pri­mal urges into our genet­ics. This is prob­a­bly why we enjoy the thrill of being licked clean before and after sex.

Protection From Secondary Soiling

Cuck­olds are very con­cerned about the well-being of their beloved wife or part­ner and usu­al­ly sup­port her in her domes­tic clean­ing and hygiene measures. 

By lick­ing him­self clean, he proac­tive­ly pre­vents “con­se­quen­tial dam­age” that can occur imme­di­ate­ly after insem­i­na­tion. This is a very effec­tive way of pre­vent­ing semen from run­ning down from the insem­i­nat­ed pussy and soil­ing the bed linen. Much worse are non-wash­able stains on the mat­tress, which are high­ly embar­rass­ing every time you move house.

For out­door sex, group sex in porn cin­e­mas, rest areas, park­ing lots, or oth­er sex venues where no show­er is avail­able, a clean­ing cuck­old is an effec­tive aid. The hotwife’s clothes, car seats, or sim­i­lar are effec­tive­ly pro­tect­ed from soil­ing with sperm, squirt, pussy juice, and creampie if he is atten­tive­ly on hand with his mouth, tongue, and con­tain­ers for col­lect­ing sperm.

Many cou­ples like to skip the show­er after a gang­bang so that they can enjoy the evening togeth­er in a hotel or at home. Often the cuc­ki is now final­ly allowed to fuck his hotwife and be the last to cum. To be able to leave the swingers club with­out stains on your clothes, a skill­ful and thor­ough cuck is also very practical.

Support With Personal Hygiene

Every woman cares about her good looks, thor­ough per­son­al hygiene, and a good scent. A thor­ough cuck­old who cleans up her cum-cov­ered cunt, insem­i­nat­ed breasts, cum-stained pubic hair, cum splash­es on her stom­ach or a sticky feel­ing on her face with­out being asked will score mas­sive points. 

This is espe­cial­ly true for group sex or gang­bangs. The mas­sive, uncon­trolled soil­ing and large areas of mass insem­i­na­tion on her breasts, stom­ach, inner thighs, armpits, and inner arms can cause dis­com­fort for the woman. She is grate­ful for the restora­tion of the visu­al clean­li­ness of the respec­tive body region.

Any atten­tive cuck should also clean and recy­cle any cunt juice that has been sig­nif­i­cant­ly increased by the antic­i­pa­tion of sex par­ties or a vis­it from the bull or lover with­out being asked.

Restoring Visual Cleanliness

Not all men find the sight of creamp­ies stim­u­lat­ing. Espe­cial­ly dur­ing an AO gang­bang or a men’s sur­plus par­ty, many men want to find a well-groomed and clean cunt to fuck before they penetrate.

In pro­fes­sion­al film pro­duc­tions, it is usu­al­ly ensured that a wom­an’s gen­i­tal area is cleaned in between — as it is no longer attrac­tive to some view­ers after a while due to the large num­ber of insem­i­na­tions. If the advanced cuck cleans the pussy after the exter­nal insem­i­na­tions, expe­ri­ence has shown that he earns respect, applause, and gratitude.

There are also rela­tion­ship mod­els where the hotwife’s real hus­band knows noth­ing about the cuck­old­ed lover. If the hotwife can’t wash off the marks left on her body by sev­er­al lovers and a bull in a porn cin­e­ma or rest area with a show­er, a cleanup could also be the solution.

Cuckold Power Imbalance

The cuck­old cleanup often also serves to demon­strate a pow­er imbal­ance between the cuck­old, the bull and the hotwife to be cleaned. 

The cuck­old lev­el C1 — C2 is usu­al­ly present when his wife is being fucked. He can be involved in sex through the cuck­old cleanup. This demon­strates the role he plays in the relationship.

Living Out the Sperm Fetish

A simul­ta­ne­ous, mutu­al cleanup is also pos­si­ble in the 69 posi­tion. Dur­ing the cleanup, the cleanup part­ner often plays with the impu­ri­ties (e.g. semen), which is why this tech­nique is par­tic­u­lar­ly suit­able for peo­ple with cor­re­spond­ing fetish­es and is often prac­tised. It is not uncom­mon for parts of the body to be delib­er­ate­ly soiled for pre­cise­ly this rea­son (e.g. the face dur­ing a cumshot, or the breasts as a semen deposit) in order to clean them or have them cleaned by means of a cleanup.

Exceptions for an Incomplete Cleanup

If the cuck spits out the oral­ly ingest­ed impu­ri­ties with­out per­mis­sion, this mis­con­duct can be severe­ly pun­ished by the hotwife, the bull or the lovers. In any case, every cuck should there­fore reg­u­lar­ly prac­tice creampie cleanup togeth­er with his hotwife and also repeat­ed­ly swal­low cum on his own.

There are only four excep­tions where he is allowed to spit out love juices: 

  1. The trans­fer of ingest­ed love flu­ids takes place into the hotwife’s mouth. e.g. by “let­ting it run out” or spit­ting it into the mouth.
  2. The love juices are trans­ferred by means of a cum kiss with tongue contact.
  3. Oral, alter­nat­ing sperm swap­ping (cum swap­ping, cum shar­ing). The sperm is spat back and forth between the hotwife and cuck­old sev­er­al times, like in a snow­ball fight.
  4. The love flu­ids ingest­ed are trans­port­ed to anoth­er part of the body for tem­po­rary semen depo­si­tion — with the aim of lat­er, com­plete uti­liza­tion. e.g. a creampie’s semen is deposit­ed on the hotwife’s fore­head, in her pubic hair or on her stom­ach. Sperm games are also per­mit­ted: Place the creampie repeat­ed­ly on the mons vener­is so that it runs down the labia again and has to be cleaned again and again (for minutes).

Conclusion: The Cuckold Creampie Ensures a Close Couple Bond

The “cuck­old cleanup” is syn­ony­mous with lick­ing a creampie out of the vagi­na. How­ev­er, it offers a much wider field of activ­i­ty than one might ini­tial­ly assume.

There are many rea­sons for this love­mak­ing tech­nique. Lick­ing clean is often total­ly prac­ti­cal, always hygien­ic, and in any case an extreme plea­sure kick for every­one involved. If a cou­ple gets involved in this sex­u­al gim­mick, the inten­sive clean­ing of the female body cre­ates an incred­i­ble feel­ing of well-being com­bined with a deep con­nec­tion. It cre­ates a psy­cho­log­i­cal ten­sion of pow­er, sub­mis­sion, hap­pi­ness, sat­is­fac­tion, lust, and ini­tial over­com­ing / humiliation.

It is a real shame that in many BDSM and cuck­old porn films, clean lick­ing is por­trayed in such an extreme­ly neg­a­tive and con­temp­tu­ous way. We would like to moti­vate you to look at this high­ly inti­mate ges­ture from a pos­i­tive per­spec­tive. It works much eas­i­er than many men think and most women will love it 😉

It is worth­while for inter­est­ed men to brave­ly learn the creampie cleanup. You can find numer­ous guides and instruc­tions on this top­ic in our cuck­old blog. Togeth­er as a cou­ple, you’ll very quick­ly get your man excit­ed about creampie cleanup. “Prac­tice, prac­tice, prac­tice” is the mot­to! Once you’ve suc­ceed­ed, creampie lick­ing is guar­an­teed to find a per­ma­nent place in your love life.

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