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Exciting guides for hotwifes, wifesharers and cuckolds

On the fol­low­ing guide pages we have com­piled some infor­ma­tion for you about what a cuck­old­ing and wife shar­ing is, what a cuck­old do and what gra­da­tions there are.

Cuckold cleanup

Cuckold Cleanup: Background and Aims of the Hotwife-Purge

Small Gesture, Big Effect: The Cuckold Cleanup and Its Psychological Power You've probably read countless times that licking an inseminated cum pussy clean is one...
Penis edging guide

Penis Edging Guide for Couples: How to Milk a Penis?

6 Cock Milking Techniques for Harvesting Sperm Through Joint Edging Since you've found this cuckold blog article, you've probably already come across the terms "penis...
Penis edging

7 Reasons to Milk the Cuckold by Penis Edging

Penis Edging: A Perfect Game for Cuckold Couples When talking about cuckolding, the terms penis edging, chastity, tease and denial, orgasm control, orgasm ruining and...
Edging game: Cum harvest

Penis Edging Game “The Cum Harvest”

Cum Harvest: Ruining the Male Orgasm Multiple Times and Milking the Penis in a Controlled Manner Many sexually open-minded women, hotwifes, and dominatrices love to...
Cuckold story: Own cum swallowing man

My Biggest Secret: How I Became a Cum-Swallower and Cuckold

This Is How I Made a Virtue Out of Necessity: I Learned to Swallow My Own Sperm My name is Carsten, I'm now 56 and...
Squirt Bukkake Reverse

Bukkake Reverse: Facial Ejaculation “The Other Way Around”

Women Ejaculate Squirt Into a Man's Face: "Squirt Bukkake" or "Reverse Bukkake" At group sex parties and gangbangs, it is common for several men to...
Buy porno- DVD, Erotik Blu-ray

Buy Porn DVD and Erotic Blu-Ray: Serious Online Porn Shops

Where Can You Still Buy Porn DVDs and Blu-ray? It wasn't that long ago that CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs were considered cutting-edge products. No...
CFNM sex parties

CFNM Sex Party: Naked Men and Clothed Women — A Tip for Beginners

Discreet Erotic Adventures at Sex Parties for Women So-called CFNM parties are sex parties for women. They are better known under the term "men's strip...
Squirting - Female ejaculation

Squirting: The Female Ejaculation

Blessing and Curse at the Same Time: When Women Cum During Orgasm The gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg conducted scientific studies of the female sex organs with...
Cuckold sperm cleaning duty

Sperm Cleaning Duty of the Cuckold: Myth, Fantasy or Reality?

Does a Cuckold Really ALWAYS Have to Lick Clean His Own Cum, Other People's Cum, and Creampie? An outsider cannot even imagine how multifaceted and...
Cookies & cakes insemination with sperm

Cum Food: Cookies and Cakes Insemination With Sperm

Cum Cookies and Cum Cakes - Cuckold and Hotwife Inseminated Sweet Biscuits The cuckold fetish excites many couples who like to experiment. In many cuckold...
Sperm competition

Sperm Competition: Is the Desire for Foreign Insemination in Our Genes?

Rivalry and Competition Get the Libido Going From the point of view of evolutionary biology, nature strives for a mixture of different male genetic material...
Learn to swallow together

Crash Course: Learn to Swallow Sperm Together in One Month

Training Plan For Cuckold Couples: Lick Creampie Clean in 30 Days When men are highly aroused, licking a freshly inseminated sperm pussy clean is a...
Big black cock Fantasie

Interracial Sex: Is the “Big Black Cock” Cliché, Fantasy, or Reality?

Fact Check - Why Do So Many Men and Women Have Sexual Fantasies With Black Men? According to surveys, approximately 61% of men and 45%...
Gutes Sexleben als Paar

Why Is a Varied and Active Sex Life as a Couple So Important?

Sex Is More Than Just Pure Libido Satisfaction for Long-Term Relationships and Married Couples Let's not kid ourselves: The first reason to enter into a...
Orgasmuskontrolle mit der Partnerin

Guide to Learning Orgasm Control With Your Wife

Playing with sex toys in bed is a very good icebreaker and arouses interest in varied sex practices.
Bukkake - Massenbesamung Gesicht - Facial

Bukkake: The Hotwife Mass Insemination

Cum Copiously on a Hotwife at Gangbangs & Bukkake Parties When several men ejaculate their sperm onto a highly eroticized area of a woman's body,...
Warum lasse ich meine Frau fremdficken?

Why Do I Let My Wife Fuck Someone Else? A Field Report.

Stranger Fucking: Why Am I a Wifesharer? Stranger fucking is considered an absolute no-go by most men. Especially straight men have absolutely zero understanding why...
Besamung der Hotwife

The Hotwife Insemination: Ten Methods for Cuckolds & Wifesharers

10 Ways to Cum on a Cuckoldress It's no secret that most women can't be completely satisfied during sex with their husband, boyfriend or significant...
Gangbang Fantasie vs. Realität

The Gangbang: Fantasy vs. Reality

Why Do Men and Women Fantasize About Group Sex So Often? The terms "wifesharing" and "cuckolding" are considered synonyms for hotwife sex with numerous men,...
BBC Training

BBC Training: Preparing for the Great Day With Your Black Bull

Every Hotwife Should Train for Her Bull & Lovers Women interested in Black Bulls have surely seen in countless gangbang, cuckold, and BBC porn videos...
Ogasm ruining while masturbating

Edging: Masturbate for Hours at the Point of No Return and Ruin Orgasm Several...

Ruined Orgasm With the Start-Stop Method According to international surveys, premature ejaculation is the biggest disappointment for women during sex. Especially when the man doesn't...
Wifesharing Party

Wifesharing Party: Sharing of Your Wife / Girlfriend With Strange Men

Wife Sharing as a Midway Between Swinger and Cuckold When having sex together with several people, it becomes especially clear how multifaceted people's sexuality can...
Ejakulat- Precum und Spermamenge messen

Cuckold Performance Test: Measure Ejaculate Volume

Measure the Amount of Precum and Ejaculate Regularly Every cuckold who undergoes training with prostate stimulation, anal fucking using strap-on dildo or orgasm control should...
Fantasy cuckolding

Fantasy Cuckolding: Creation of a Common Cuckold Fantasy World

Not All Fantasies Have to Be Realized in Real Life When Cuckolding Millions of men and women have sexual fantasies every day. Mainly it is...
Besamung einer Hotwife

The 4 Psychological Phases in the Insemination of a Hotwife

Why Do Hotwifes Feel Sperm So Horny? In our guidebook Inseminating the Hotwife, we have explained to C1 Cuckolds ten practical ways in which they...

Cum Food: Insemination of Food With Sperm

Food Inseminated With Sperm - Cumfood as Effective Swallow Training? Every hotwife and almost every cuckold wish that the cuck becomes a good sperm swallower....
Gesichtsbesamung Facial

Facial Insemination: A Dream for Men & Hotwifes

How Can You Inspire Your Partner for Facials? There is hardly a sexual topic that is discussed between man and woman as controversially as facial...

Group Sex: The Highlight for Swingers, Wifesharing and Cuckold Couples

Acting Out Sexual Fantasies in a Group Sex with several people was a popular sexual practice in human history until the Middle Ages. Numerous paintings,...
Foreign insemination

Foreign Insemination: The Appeal of Wifesharing and Cuckolding

Why Do Women and Men Like Insemination Statistics show that a lot of men around the world like to watch gangbang porn with foreign insemination...
Snowballing mit Sperma

Snowballing — Cum Kissing Between Hotwife and Cuckold

The Passionate Snowball Fight: Snowballing Although hotwifes love to be fucked properly by dominant men, the emotional and sexual bond with their husband, life partner,...
Cuckold Penisgöße - Wife ompares cock size

Penis Size: The Worse Equipped Cuckold | A Penis Comparison

The Way From Self-Knowledge to Self-Acceptance With a Smaller Penis Size Probably every man occasionally thinks about whether his penis is big enough and whether...
Gründe für Cuckolding & Wifesharing

The Psychological Reasons for Cuckolding and Wifesharing

Why Are Men Willing to Share Their Partners With Other Men? When a man feels the desire to watch his wife, life partner or girlfriend...

Stranger Fuck Fantasies: How Do I Tell My Husband!!?

Guide for Women: Strategic Tips for a Successful "Coming Out" Towards the Husband In most of our cuckold guides and tutorials, we give tips and...
Eine der beliebtesten Cuckold-Fantasien: BBC - Interracial Sex

Fetishes and Fantasies of Hotwifes, Cuckolds & Wifesharers

Cuckold Fantasies: What Really Turns Many Couples On Compared to classic 0815 - heterosexual couples, Hotwifes, Cuckolds & Wifesharers are very imaginative. They deal openly with...

Cuckold vs. Big Penis: Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Do Hotwifes Really Care That Much About Penis Size? Publicly, most vanilla women profess that it's not the "penis size" that matters, but the "technique". The...

Prostate Massage: Heaven on Earth for Every Man!

How to Milk Prostate Massage and Penis? Probably every man and woman has heard at some point that the man has a prostate and that...
Creampie Cleanup

Creampie Cleanup — Licking Clean an Inseminated Sperm Pussy

Should Men More Often Cleanup the Vaginal Creampie? Creampie cleanup" is the term used in English when a man or woman licks a pussy that...
Der Ehering - Ein Cuckolding Symbol

The Ultimate Cuckolding Symbol: The Wedding Ring

The Powerful Effect of the Wedding Ring During Sex With Strangers Although there are a variety of symbols in wifesharing and cuckolding, the wedding ring...
Hotwife begeistern

How Can Cuckolds Excite Their Hotwife?

Cuckolds Score With Varied Love Techniques Okay, okay... A cuckold can neither change his penis size nor keep up with the potent bulls. Nevertheless, this...
Cuckolds masturbieren

Cuckolds Should Masturbate More Varied: Masturbation Ideas for Men

Masturbation Is Very Monotonous for Most Men An estimated 85% of men get sexual satisfaction with their hands one to three times a week, despite...
Cuckold Cock Size: Penisgröße ist entscheidend

How Does Penis Size Affect Cuckolding?

Cuckold Penis Size: Curse or Blessing? One of the biggest myths in cuckolding is that only men with small penis sizes live this lifestyle. By...
Seiner Frau beim Sex mit Fremden zusehen

Why Do Men Love to Watch Their Own Wife Have Sex With Strangers?

Why Are So Many Men Into Candaulism It's hard to believe, but a very big male fantasy is to watch - when another man or...
Tease and denial - Hitachi Magic Wand

What Is Tease and Denial?

"Tease and Denial" - The Pleasure Kick in Man and Woman "Tease and Denial" is an English language term for "making horny and denying". This is...
Orgasmus ruining

Orgasm Ruining: A Violent Pleasure Experience for Men

What Is a Ruined Orgasm? Ruined orgasm is a prolonged stimulation of the penis on the verge of orgasm. In this case, the cock is repeatedly...
Cuckold watching

The Truth About Wife Sharing and Cuckolding Relationships

Joint Adultery: Is Cuckolding More Shame or Pure Lust? Interest in cuckolding and wifesharing are not a newfangled invention. Although extramarital sexual intercourse is considered...

Overcoming Idle Phases in Swinging, Wifesharing and Cuckolding

Masturbation and Sexual Fantasies in Cuckold Relationships In every relationship, also in a wifesharing or cuckold relationship, it happens that there are longer sexual idle...
Masturbation / Selbestbefriedigung der Hotwife

Hotwife Masturbation: More Than Just Pure Libido Satisfaction

Why Is It Important for Women to Reduce Their Desire Even the name Hotwife says that she has a strong sexual desire. The cuckold can't...
Creampie Cuckold Couples

Why the Creampie Is So Important for Cuckold Couples

Why Do Hotwife, Bull and Cuckold Love Sperm? The term "creampie" refers to an inseminated pussy with sperm oozing out of it. The sight reminds...

The Cuckquean — A Female Cuckold

When the Wife Is Submissive: Man Dream Cuckquean When it comes to cuckold relationships, the cuckold is a submissive man who is dominated by his...
Large huge big dildo

Why Do Hotwifes Love Big Dildos? Tips for Wifesharing and Cuckold Couples

Thick, Big Dildos: The Best Seller in All Sex Stores Despite Taboo The discussion about the size of "his best piece" is age-old. It seems...
Die Aufgaben des Cuckolds

The 10 Most Important Tasks of Every Cuckold

Sugar Loaf and Whip: Cuckolds Need Tasks! A cuckold wants his wife, life partner, or girlfriend with foreign parts, but this has a price is:...
Die Aufgaben der Hotwife

The Tasks of the Hotwife

Hotwifes Have Duties Too! If you browse through cuckold blogs and forums, you get the feeling that only cuckolds have duties and obligations. You can...

Wifesharing – The New Sex Trend?

Candaulism & Wifesharing: Fun to "Share" the Wife In Google's English-language search, "wifesharing" is among the most frequently searched pornographic terms. This shows how widespread...
Cumcollect / cum collect on plate

Cum Collecting: Sperm Catching to Avoid Cum Wasting

Cum Collecting With Plates, Bowls, and Glasses When watching porn as a cuckold or a hotwife, you often regret that the actors waste the horny...
Bull vs Cuckold und Lover

The Role Distribution of Men: Bull vs. Lover and Cuckold

Tasks and Rights of Cuckold, Bull, and Lover In a cuckold relationship, the woman (hotwife) has ties to two or even more men. So that...

Dangers of Wifesharing & Cuckolding

Caution Applies When Playing With Fire! Both in wifesharing and cuckolding, the woman has constantly horny sex with strange men. This happens with the knowledge...
Cuckold Triangle Relationships

The Hierarchies in Cuckold Triangle Relationships

Hotwife, Bull and Cuckold: The Power Triangle Cuckolding is a classic triangular relationship in which there is a power imbalance. The difference with an affair...

Body Insemination: Squirting Sperm on Breasts and Belly

Squirting Cum on the Woman's Body Almost all heterosexual men like to squirt their sperm on the body of their wife, girlfriend, and life partner....
BBC - Big Black Cock

The BBC — Big Black Cock

Black Men With BBC - Myth or Truth? On porn sites you come across abbreviations from time to time, with which you can't do much...

The Tasks of the Cuckold

The Passive Partner in the Sex of Bull and Hotwife The Cuckold, the life partner/husband of the Cuckoldress, takes a submissive position in the love...

The Bull: The Alpha Male and Fucker

Sex With a Real Guy: The Bull of the Hotwife The Cuckold lives in a love triangle. Besides him and his partner, the Bull also...
Group sex and gangbang

Group Sex and Gangbang

The Hotwife in 7th Heaven: Fucked by Several Men In many cuckold relationships, it's only a matter of time before the couple fantasizes about group...
Cuckolding mit Frau besprechen

Stranger Fuck Fantasie: How Do I Tell My Wife!!?

Guide for Men: Strategic Tips for a Successful Cuckold Coming-Out Towards Your Wife Sex with more than two people is a fantasy that is more...

Cuckolding Terms From the Scene

What Do the Terms Cuckold, Cuckquean, and Bull Mean? In eroticism, there are numerous terms that are often incomprehensible to beginners. To make matters worse,...

What Do the Cuckold Classifications C1, C2 and C3 Mean?

Cuckold C1, C2, C3 - Levels of Pleasure When a man feels pleasure in his partner having sex with other men, and she does it...
Wifesharing Party

Cuckolding & Wifesharing: Love Kick Through Joint Infidelity?

Wifesharer or Cuckold - The Subtle Difference in Wife Swapping It's curious: although "fidelity in partnership" is firmly anchored in religious and social rules of...
Cuckoldress & Hotwife

The Cuckold’s Hotwife: The Role of the Wife in Hotwifing

The Cuckoldress - Wife and Life Partner of the Cuckold In a cuckold relationship, the cuckold's partner, the Hotwife, has sex with other men, the...
Was ist ein Cuckold?

Explanation: What Is a Cuckold?

The Cuckold - A Partner of a Different Kind The term "cuckold" occupies the top positions in pornographic search queries. In some explanations, it is translated...
Internet Links zum Wifesharing

Link Tips About Cuckolding, Wifesharing & Wife Swapping

Unfortunately, there are not many cuckold guides in German language. We have collected the most interesting websites about wifesharing and cuckolding in this link list.

Cuckold porn sites

Gangbang porn sites

BBC sex sites

FemDom & BDSM sites

Video on Demand - VoD

Sperm porn sites