Training Plan For Cuckold Couples: Lick Creampie Clean in 30 Days

When men are high­ly aroused, lick­ing a fresh­ly insem­i­nat­ed sperm pussy clean is a very com­mon and wide­spread desire. This so-called “creampie eat­ing”, is also called “pussy clean­ing”, “pussy cleanup”, “cuck­old cleanup”, “creampie cleanup” or “creampie felch­ing” in the Eng­lish language.

Creampie cleanup: A good cuckold always licks his self-inseminated partner clean
Creampie cleanup: A good cuck­old always licks his self-insem­i­nat­ed part­ner clean

How­ev­er, once most men cum dur­ing an orgasm, they abrupt­ly lose inter­est in their own sperm com­plete­ly. This has bio­chem­i­cal caus­es and frus­trates many men.

How­ev­er, there are very good tricks to over­come the men­tal block through effec­tive exer­cis­es and tech­niques and real­ly learn to love lick­ing out cum pussy. A very pow­er­ful train­ing method is learn­ing to swal­low cum through self-insem­i­nat­ed pussy and the dom­i­nance of your partner.

With this train­ing plan, we want to help you to final­ly learn to swal­low your own cum.

The per­son­al exchange of expe­ri­ences is very impor­tant to us. Feel free to write us your ques­tions and thoughts below this post. If you have learned to swal­low sperm, please be so kind and share your per­son­al expe­ri­ences, tech­niques, tips, and hints with those seek­ing advice.

A perfectly inseminated cum cunt - Perfect for licking clean.
A per­fect­ly insem­i­nat­ed cum cunt — Per­fect for lick­ing clean.

Prerequisites for Sperm Training

Even if you as a man have failed count­less times to swal­low your own sperm, we want to encour­age you. You will final­ly make it in 30 days with this guide! 

Modern marriage: The husband must always clean and swallow sperm. Without exception.
Mod­ern mar­riage: The hus­band must always clean and swal­low sperm. With­out exception.

To suc­cess­ful­ly car­ry out the train­ing, the require­ments are,

  1. that the man likes to lick the pussy of his wife, girl­friend or life partner.
  2. that the man likes to watch creamp­ies, cumshots (sperm splash­es), facials (facial insem­i­na­tion) and cuck­old movies, cum porn, or gang­bang porn. Should the hotwife also like to watch porn, it is all the better.
  3. that the woman is ini­ti­at­ed, and she wants to teach the man how to swal­low cum.
  4. that the thought of dirty sperm games makes you both horny.
  5. that you will fuck every day for the next 30 days.

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Banned from the bedroom:

  • Paper tis­sues
  • the Kleenex box

Since sperm swal­low­ing is often asso­ci­at­ed by men with being gay, many do not dare to express the desire to their part­ner. Free your­self as a man from these thoughts. Swal­low­ing your own sperm does not make you gay! Your part­ner will go crazy for it.

Read through the many guides and instruc­tions for begin­ners and pro­fes­sion­als in our Wife­shar­ing and Cuck­old Blog. Watch cuck­old and creampie videos often to con­di­tion the male brain to cum.

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The Woman Sets the Rules!

The train­ing is done togeth­er. The woman is “in charge” and will mon­i­tor and call for sub­se­quent instruc­tions. Back­track­ing and excus­es are absolute­ly not to be tol­er­at­ed for the next 30 days.

Lick creampie clean: Clean up the cum filled cunt!
Lick creampie clean: Clean up the cum filled cunt!

Tired­ness and “no desire” must not be used as an excuse to skip train­ing days!

The man should per­son­al­ly clar­i­fy and inter­nal­ize before start­ing the train­ing: If a woman already allows a man to fuck and insem­i­nate her horny, then every man should also have the polite­ness and decen­cy to lick his mess rea­son­ably clean again.

So in the future, it will always be his self-evi­dent duty to clean his woman after every insemination!

The cou­ple should impose on them­selves the rule that in the future, sperm will nev­er again be dis­posed of in tis­sues, toi­let paper, or Kleenex tis­sue box­es — or wast­ed in any oth­er way. Sperm is basi­cal­ly always col­lect­ed, rubbed on the wom­an’s body, or recy­cled by swallowing.

Your Creampie Swallowing Training Program

Day 1 — 3: Rubbing Sperm Creampie on Pubic Area

The horny pussy smell and taste, the sex attrac­tants, and the warmth of the woman make it very easy to get close to your own cum. The first three days are sim­ply about get­ting to know the love scents inten­sive­ly and accept­ing that wip­ing away and show­er­ing after­wards is for­bid­den from now on!

Ejaculate on pussy for cleanup training
Ejac­u­late on pussy for cleanup training

The man fucks his part­ner pas­sion­ate­ly through in the mis­sion­ary posi­tion and ejac­u­lates horny into her. Alter­na­tive­ly, he can also squirt on the labia and pubic mound. Under the but­tocks of the woman lies a small, black tow­el. There­after, he just puts his head on the wom­an’s thighs. She in turn, gets an orgasm with her vibrator.

His task is just not to let the creampie run onto the tow­el. He has to rub the sperm fast enough with his fin­gers on the wom­an’s labia, mons vener­is, bel­ly, nip­ples and thighs. The sperm soaks in on the warm skin.

Day 4 — 5: Squeeze Out Creampie and Rub It

Cum drips out from pussy
Cum drips out from pussy

The cuck­old cou­ple should have spent the first three days get­ting to know the smell and look of the creampie.

Now it’s time for the cuck­old to increase the con­tact with his cum: After sex, the woman kneels down to let the creampie run out. She has to come to orgasm, kneel­ing with a vibra­tor. A tow­el is placed between her legs.

The man sits cross-legged next to his wife. Inevitably, the sperm will run out due to mus­cle move­ments and grav­i­ty. The man must watch with his hand that no drop of sperm spills on the tow­el / sheet.

The creampie is rubbed on the wom­an’s body and left to dry. After­ward there is nei­ther Kleenex, hand­ker­chiefs, nor the shower. 

Day 6: Fingering the Sperm Pussy Together

On the sixth day, the cou­ple will already find the fresh sperm quite horny and will have fun­da­men­tal­ly reduced ini­tial fears of contact.

Fingering sperm cunt
Fin­ger­ing sperm cunt

After insem­i­na­tion, the woman and the man take turns fin­ger­ing the pussy very vig­or­ous­ly at dif­fer­ent inter­vals and lev­els of intensity.

The cuck again makes sure that noth­ing runs onto the cloth and rubs the sperm up onto the mons vener­is. Both part­ners wipe the sperm fin­gers on the wom­an’s body.

As a reward, the future hotwife gets a cli­max with her favorite vibra­tor again today.

Day 7: Horny Dildo Games With Sperm

On day “num­ber sev­en” the dil­do is used. Dur­ing sex, the horny cunt is direct­ly insem­i­nat­ed. After that, the cou­ple takes turns fuck­ing the sperm pussy at dif­fer­ent speeds and thrust­ing depths with a dil­do. The sperm will feel very horny as a lubri­cant. Again, the man is care­ful with his fin­gers that no cum runs onto the cloth.

The sperm dil­do is wiped again and again on the wom­an’s body. Togeth­er, try to trig­ger a dil­do orgasm in turn. A vibra­tor on the cli­toris or cli­toral wank­ing will help the hotwife to orgasm.

Dildo games with dildo in a cum filled pussy
Dil­do games with a dil­do in a cum filled pussy.

Day 8 — 9: Touching Labia With Tongue

Creampie eating: Licking own sperm from pussy
Creampie eat­ing: Lick­ing own sperm from pussy

On the first day of the sec­ond week, the first sperm con­tact with the tip of the tongue occurs 

The hotwife is lying on her back again. The cuck­old fucks her again nice and squirts direct­ly into her pussy.

Then he dives in a flash hiss­ing her legs. When the creampie runs out, the man rubs it and tries to nudge it with his tongue or at least kiss the insem­i­nat­ed pussy. That’s enough!

It may be that this pro­ce­dure already makes the woman men­tal­ly horny. In any case, she gets her cli­max again with her vibra­tor, and as usu­al: nei­ther wipes nor water to clean!

Day 10 — 14: Licking the Labia Clean on the Outside

So Cuc­ki, on day 10 comes your big day! You fuck your part­ner nice and hard and squirt into her. After insem­i­na­tion, dive between her legs in a flash. It is real­ly very impor­tant to be FAST! The longer it takes after orgasm, the more your moti­va­tion to taste your sperm decreases!

Close the labia, so that noth­ing more runs out. But every­thing that already sticks to the labia, you have to lick clean today! After this suc­cess­ful key expe­ri­ence, your wife will come to orgasm again with her vibra­tor. The creampie must not drip on the tow­el and must be spread on the woman.

Since most of the sperm load is still in the pussy, the amount licked up is also eas­i­ly con­trolled. The remain­ing creampie is then rubbed on the woman as before.

Eat inseminated pussy
Eat insem­i­nat­ed pussy
Slutwife Trainig

Day 15: Kneel Over His Face Very Quickly

Day one of week three will be hard for the cuck­old! But he has to stand by his man! You guys need to work well togeth­er today.

The man fucks the pussy hard dog­gy style (from behind), and cum in the pussy. IMMEDIATELY he lies down on his back, and the woman kneels over her hus­band’s face with her vibra­tor in her hand. The creampie will then inevitably run into the face and the still-closed mouth.

Clean up cum
Clean up cum

She jerks the clit while the man spreads the labia. Press­ing light­ly, she lets the creampie run out of the pussy into her hus­band’s face. In all like­li­hood, the woman will find this exer­cise of pow­er quite horny.

She orgasms with her vibra­tor over the man’s face. Although the man is allowed to wipe his creampie facial with his fin­gers and spread it on the wom­an’s body, he is not allowed to show­er, wash off or wipe the cum with a cloth.

Day 16 — 21: Labia Again Only Lightly Clean Lick

The man can calm down for two days. After this hard bap­tism of fire it goes now again more leisure­ly. He fucks his part­ner as usu­al in mis­sion­ary position.

Cunt inseminate
Cunt insem­i­nate

When he orgasms, he pulls his cock briefly out of his pussy, ejac­u­lates two or three squirts of sperm onto the mound of his vein. Then he fin­ish­es fuck­ing, squirts the rest of semen into the pussy and rubs his sperm on the female pubic area with the penis.

After that, the cou­ple fin­gers the cum pussy hard and licks their fin­gers clean. As always, the woman holds her favorite vibra­tor to the cli­toris and cli­max­es horny. 

The man’s task at first is not to let a drop of creampie spill on the cloth. He takes the sperm with his mouth and fin­gers. After the cli­max of the woman, he licks the labia clean again well-behaved.

Day 22 — 23: Kneeling Over His Face Again

By the third week, the cou­ple should have lost their great­est inhi­bi­tions about cum.

Husband collects drop creampie: Catch dripping sperm creampie
Hus­band col­lects drop creampie: Catch drip­ping sperm creampie

It’s time again to con­di­tion the future cuck­old with a “chal­lenge” on two sub­se­quent days!

Fuck in dog­gystyle on the two days. After his orgasm, the guy has to lie down under the woman again as quick as an arrow and receive the creampie with his face and mouth.

While the woman is orgas­ming with the vibra­tor, the guy should try to let some creampie into his mouth with his tongue while clean­ing pussy (pussy cleanup).

Day 24 — 29: Squeeze Out the Creampie and Lick It Clean

Prob­a­bly the cuck­old will have been sur­prised and over­whelmed by the large amount of sperm. Time to soothe him again quick­ly! As on day 16–21, the creampie swal­low­ing train­ing now takes place again in a relaxed way with the woman lying on her back.

Creampie clean lick (pussy cleaning)
Creampie clean lick (pussy cleaning)

After fuck­ing, he must now dive down to the sperm cunt as fast as an arrow and imme­di­ate­ly start with the clean lick­ing. He must be care­ful that noth­ing lands on the tow­el and licks the creampie from butt to bel­ly but­ton up to the mound of Venus.

The cuck does not have to swal­low any­thing and can spread the cum with his tongue on the pubic area. He pen­e­trates with his tongue deep­er and deep­er into the pussy. Once he has absorbed all the sperm, he once again licks the small and large labia clean on the out­side. As always, the woman gets a reward orgasm.

Day 30: The Creampie Cleanup Finale: Lick Out Sperm Cunt Very Thoroughly

Now the time has come: the cuck­old accepts cum in his mouth, and the hotwife also finds the spec­ta­cle quite horny.

Cuckold doing pussy cleanup: The husband licking cum cunt cleanup
Cuck­old doing pussy cleanup: The hus­band lick­ing cum cunt cleanup

It’s time for the last stage of creampie train­ing! Fucks again in dog­gy style (guy from behind) and insem­i­nates the again pussy.

The woman press­es the labia togeth­er before the creampie lick out — so that noth­ing runs out. The man lays down again under the woman and first licks the creampie from the outside.

Then she takes her hand away, and the cuck takes the creampie com­plete­ly in his mouth. He then slow­ly pen­e­trates with his tongue while the woman spreads her labia. After­wards, the Cuck­ol­dress press­es her creampie com­plete­ly into the man’s mouth.

If he is over­whelmed with the amount of sperm, he is allowed to col­lect the creampie in his mouth in the next few weeks, then spit it on his body and is allowed to spread it there. One day he dares to swal­low the love cocktail.

Tips for the Time After Creampie Training

Hotwife forces cuckold to eat sperm
Hotwife forces cuck­old to eat sperm

If you have suc­cess­ful­ly com­plet­ed the “Clean-up Creampie Train­ing”, you can be proud of your­self. The impor­tant thing is that you stay on the ball from now on.

The man should clean up the sperm pussy more and more often. In the process, your view and opin­ion about sperm will con­stant­ly evolve.

The woman will quick­ly find this “kind of exer­cise of pow­er” horny and demand more and more often. If the cuck­old no desire for the “pussy cleanup”, she should ask him, e.g.: “Oops, did you not for­got­ten something?!?”

After a few weeks and months, the man will auto­mat­i­cal­ly like to lick the insem­i­nat­ed pussy thor­ough­ly clean again.

Practice Different Techniques for Inseminating a Pussy

Creampie eating by the husband
Creampie eat­ing by the husband

Lick­ing an insem­i­nat­ed pussy clean is more mul­ti­fac­eted and var­ied than you think at the begin­ning. Prac­tice and vary dif­fer­ent insem­i­na­tion tech­niques. This results in var­ied vari­ants to lick a horny cum cunt clean again:

  • The begin­ner: If you have fucked your part­ner horny and squirt­ed into her, you can lick and suck the insem­i­nat­ed vagi­na in the supine posi­tion of the woman in peace. Of course, this also includes lick­ing her labia. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, how­ev­er, most of the sperm remains in the woman. The advan­tage is that the man can con­trol the amount himself.
  • The con­nois­seur: Pull your penis out very briefly when you cum and squirt two to three squirts on the mons pubis or in the pubic hair: Fuck her after­wards as fast as you can “to the end”. This will give you some cum to lick clean, play with and prac­tice on.
  • The advanced: If you have become a con­nois­seur, you should squirt the entire sperm load on the pubic mound and clit. Thus, you can eat your entire sperm from the pussy of your wife. Espe­cial­ly in com­bi­na­tion with 2–3 times orgasm ruin­ing con­sid­er­able amounts of sperm come togeth­er. With your penis, you spread the cum on the entire pussy and put the sperm cock in again and again and fuck very hard. Enjoy the horny look and smell of the horny XXL sperm pussy and make the huge mess again in peace and thor­ough­ly clean.
  • The pro: Your wife sup­ports you in the clean lick. You fuck her nice and hard, squirt her deep in the horny vagi­na. Espe­cial­ly rec­om­mend­ed is the dog­gy posi­tion, where you fuck her hard from behind. Imme­di­ate­ly after your cli­max you lie down on your back, and your wife kneels over your head. When the woman fin­gers her­self and tens­es the pelvic floor, you can enjoy the max­i­mum creampie.
Hairy pussy in cum: Pubic hair is a very popular insemination target and a little challenge when licking clean
Hairy pussy in cum: Pubic hair is a very pop­u­lar insem­i­na­tion tar­get and a lit­tle chal­lenge when lick­ing clean

Conclusion: “Swallowing Sperm” Can Be Learned Through Effective Creampie Training With the Pussy

With most cuck­old cou­ples and very many wife-shar­ing cou­ples, it has long been com­mon prac­tice to basi­cal­ly ALWAYS lick a pussy full of copi­ous amounts of cum sen­si­bly and thor­ough­ly clean.

Cuckold creampie: Dinner is served.
Cuck­old creampie: Din­ner is served.

Lick­ing the cum cunt clean is basi­cal­ly no witch­craft. It is just a mat­ter of rep­e­ti­tion and train­ing and can almost be learned by any man.

Once you have suc­cess­ful­ly com­plet­ed the train­ing pro­gram, you will like the sperm cleanup (cum cleanup) very quick­ly. In any case, the woman should always exer­cise a cer­tain dom­i­nance over the man, even after the train­ing, so that he has to prac­tice swal­low­ing his own sperm.

In the begin­ning, the “woman on her back” posi­tion is opti­mal for the man because he can con­trol the amount of sperm him­self. How­ev­er, high sperm loss­es occur here because the creampie trick­les between the but­tocks. There­fore, the cuck­old should briefly pull out of the pussy dur­ing his orgasm, squirt his cum on the mons vener­is and labia and squirt the rest in the horny pussy.

Basi­cal­ly, the dog­gystyle posi­tion (man fucks woman from behind) for con­trolled creampie eat­ing is the best insem­i­na­tion method. The sperm can be inject­ed very deep into the vagi­na and opti­mal­ly mixed abun­dant­ly with pussy juice dur­ing hard, horny sex. If the man lies down under the woman after insem­i­na­tion, and she straight­ens her upper body, the sperm har­vest can be recy­cled to the max­i­mum by the man with­out any loss.

Sperm inseminated pussy with own cum: Ready for husband eating
Sperm insem­i­nat­ed pussy with own cum: Ready for hus­band eating

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