Femdom Empire: Probably the best source of horny instructional videos for hotwifes and cuckolds

In most cuck­old part­ner­ships, it is com­mon for the man to be reward­ed, pun­ished or trained with var­i­ous BDSM prac­tices by his hotwife. Many cuck­olds are even locked up world­wide with a penis cage, milked over the prostate, toyed with clamps on nip­ples, and fucked to anal orgasm with a strap-on. All cuck­olds have to swal­low their own sperm.

But also in wife­shar­ing rela­tion­ships, the share of men who cum in a con­trolled way by means of orgasm con­trol, lick the creampie clean, enjoy kinky cum games and cum kiss­es or play with the prostate is large.

To get var­ied and horny ideas, the Inter­net is an almost end­less source of kinky Fem­Dom game ideas. Inter­na­tion­al­ly very pop­u­lar is the web­site FemdomEmpire.com, about which I would like to pub­lish my fol­low­ing review.

In this review you will learn about the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of the BDSM porn site and whether it is worth sign­ing up for a mem­ber­ship. We will tell you what con­tent awaits you from a wife­shar­ing and cuck­old­ing point of view. We are also inter­est­ed in your opin­ions and expe­ri­ences if you already know Fem­dom Empire. Feel free to write us a com­ment below this review.

Vis­it FemdomEmpire.com

What does FemDom mean?

Fem­Dom is a port­man­teau word made up of the words “Female” and “Dom­i­nance”. In Ger­man, it means “the dom­i­nance of women”. In Eng­lish, Fem­Dom is an abbre­vi­a­tion for “Female Domination.”

This sex­u­al pro­cliv­i­ty is about women rul­ing over men, tor­tur­ing them, insult­ing them, beat­ing them, even mak­ing them sex slaves and fuck­ing them with strap-on dildos.

An incred­i­bly high per­cent­age of men find it high­ly arous­ing to be dom­i­nat­ed by women at times. It is to be assumed that the num­ber of unre­port­ed cas­es is enormous.

The rea­sons are many: Some men find it horny to be dom­i­nat­ed in the sex­u­al area. Many men in a long-term rela­tion­ship are bored of monot­o­nous sex. Oth­er men gain intense feel­ings of plea­sure and orgasms through pain.

How­ev­er, Fem­Dom is not only well received by men! Sur­pris­ing­ly many women also feel a lot of plea­sure when they dom­i­nate a man. Very many hotwifes love to occa­sion­al­ly lust­ful­ly tor­ture their cuck­old hus­band or life part­ner and slow­ly and ago­niz­ing­ly desamine them with kinky sex games 

The preview area of femdomempire.com

Each of our reviews starts with a walk through the pre­view area of the porn sites. Inter­est­ed vis­i­tors are pre­sent­ed with what to expect in the mem­bers area 

Over­all, the pre­view area of FemdomEmpire.com looks very tidy. You will see slides in close-ups below the main menu and a block of twelve pre­view images of the lat­est updates below that. Below that you will find the six newest dominas.

Very inter­est­ing are the menu items Dommes (Dom­i­nas) and Cato­gories (Cat­e­gories). Sur­pris­ing­ly, there is even a sep­a­rate cat­e­go­ry “Cuck­old­ing”.

Already in the pre­view area you can see numer­ous, attrac­tive, dom­i­nant-look­ing women in vinyl, leather, sus­penders or overknees, who tor­ture men in all imag­in­able ways: many guys get their ass­es fucked with a strap-on dil­do; anoth­er one has to walk blind­fold­ed on all fours like a dog, being led by a chain; anoth­er one is tied up and gets his dick jerked, but nev­er to the point of cuming.

The mod­els are expe­ri­enced dom­i­nas and some of them are very famous porn stars. They know exact­ly how to use their charms and how to dri­ve men crazy with lust 

Facts and figures about the website

The FemdomEmpire.com web­site has been online since Decem­ber 2011 

As always in a review, the mem­ber­ship options can­not be missing.

  • 30 days sub­scrip­tion with auto­mat­ic renew­al: $34.95
  • 90 days sub­scrip­tion with auto­mat­ic renew­al: $23.31 /month, will be deb­it­ed as a one-time amount of $69.95

Pay­ment options are cred­it cards (Visa Card, Mas­ter­Card) or SEPA direct debit.

Test report: Review of the member area of FemDomEmpire.com

Site structure, content and special features

The mem­ber’s area of the FemdomEmpire.com web­site is very well-struc­tured. The nav­i­ga­tion through the clear­ly arranged pages, is very easy to under­stand even with lit­tle knowl­edge of English. 

You can browse the videos by release date, cat­e­go­ry and pop­u­lar­i­ty. The group­ing by sex­u­al BDSM terms is very help­ful. There are more than 150 cat­e­gories, from Ama­zon to Woman on Top. Even such cat­e­gories as Toi­let Slave or Tram­pling are represented.

In the mem­bers’ area, you have access to more than 1,000 videos, most of which are shot in full-HD res­o­lu­tion. They are on aver­age 9 min­utes long. 

You can stream the videos or down­load them as well. There is a dai­ly lim­it of 6 GB for this. The movies are com­ple­ment­ed by almost 140 pho­to gal­leries, each set of which con­tains about 40 pictures.

Fem Dom Empire is a paradise for submissive cuckolds and dominant hotwifes

In the fem­dom porn itself, it is impres­sive how ver­sa­tile men can be dom­i­nat­ed. Very brave­ly they endure the bizarre and some­times already quite per­vert­ed shenani­gans of the dominas.

In numer­ous films, men are edu­cat­ed to be more hum­ble and per­se­vere and endure. They are ver­bal­ly dom­i­nat­ed, anal fucked to orgasm with strap-ons or milked orgasm­less over their prostates. Many men have weights and clamps dan­gling from their nipples. 

You can real­ly find any fem­dom prac­tice from aut­ofel­la­tio to forced orgasms (Forced Orgasm) on this site.

Orgasm con­trol (also called tease and denial or milk­ing) seems to be very pop­u­lar. After hours of ruin­ing orgasms they beg for release. 

Many men have to swal­low the dom­i­na­trix’s squirt and also their sperm. 

Advantages of the sex site

Dur­ing my test, I noticed sev­er­al pos­i­tive things right away. The offer is huge. Even expe­ri­enced BDSM fans can still learn one or anoth­er new tech­nique on Fem­dom Empire. 

The mod­els are also very attrac­tive. Their fetish out­fits of vinyl, leather, latex and boots fur­ther empha­size their beauty. 

The fact that the videos are short is also an advan­tage because the sex is very intense. Longer clips would not have such a strong effect. 

I also like the fact that the web­site is con­stant­ly updat­ed. It looks like new videos are post­ed online every day.

Disadvantages of the sex site

Part of a good review is that its dis­ad­van­tages should not go unmen­tioned. Fem­dom Empire also has such dis­ad­van­tages. Two things caught my eye negatively:

Fem­dom Empire does not offer the option of a tri­al sub­scrip­tion or free tri­al access. Sec­ond­ly, while there are plen­ty of videos, there are no bonus pages. Oth­er porn sites that I wrote a review about grant their mem­bers access to dozens of oth­er sites whose vis­it is includ­ed in the mem­ber­ship fee.

Review Conclusion: Is Femdom Empire recommendable?

FemdomEmpire.com is an incred­i­bly horny female dom­i­na­tion porn site. Hard­ly any oth­er porn site man­ages to stage the horny male tor­ment so skill­ful­ly and in high resolution.

The dom­i­nas are real eye-catch­ers who mas­ter­ful­ly under­stand how to tor­ture and humil­i­ate the men in all imag­in­able ways. 

It is incred­i­ble fun both as a cuck­old and as a hotwife to browse through the videos and col­lect new ideas for your own ses­sions. The movies pro­vide max­i­mum sex­u­al stim­u­la­tion. You slip almost unno­ticed into the role of the slaves or dom­i­nas and can real­ly feel the pain in the pain-dis­tort­ed faces.

Very cool is also the cat­e­go­ry Cuck­old­ing, where true cuck­olds have to brave­ly prove their loy­al­ty to their hotwife. It is also pleas­ant that a very high per­cent­age of men are forced to swal­low their own squirt­ed sperm again themselves.

If you are into BDSM and want to learn some­thing new or are just look­ing for horny fem­dom jerk-off tem­plates, Fem­dom Empire is an absolute­ly rec­om­mend­able porn site. A very good alter­na­tive is Menin­Pain.

Vis­it FemdomEmpire.com

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