Vagina and Clitoris Edging at the Orgasm Boundary

When our cuck­old blog talked about orgasm con­trol so far, the tips pri­mar­i­ly referred to the men. How­ev­er, hotwifes should also train them­selves a cer­tain sex­u­al con­di­tion to with­stand the hard fucks of the bulls.

By alter­nat­ing between stim­u­la­tion and rest (tease & denial), they can delay their cli­max. The tech­nique is also called edg­ing. Edge stands for “bor­der.” You stim­u­late the vagi­na and cli­toris at the edge of orgasm.

In this guide, we describe var­i­ous tech­niques for women to delay their orgasm as long as pos­si­ble and to ruin the orgasm sev­er­al times.

Have you already made expe­ri­ences with female orgasm con­trol? What tips and ideas can you share with readers?

The Female Orgasm

Women have a penis too! This state­ment may sur­prise you, but it is true. How­ev­er, the organ is not called penis, but cli­toris (also called love pearl, plea­sure button).

For orgasms, the cli­toris has the same func­tion as the penis. When aroused, blood flows into the cli­toris, and it swells.

How­ev­er, since the plea­sure pearl is hid­den inside the body for the very most part, you can hard­ly see it from the out­side. At the tip of the cli­toris, the glans appears, a hood that cor­re­sponds to the male glans and is very recep­tive to stim­u­la­tion (hence the names cli­toris and plea­sure button).

Many more women reach orgasm through cli­toral stim­u­la­tion than through the pussy.

So if you want to bring your sweet­heart to orgasm, you don’t need to have a giant penis at all. It is much bet­ter if you skill­ful­ly stim­u­late her love pearl, either by fin­ger­ing or by lick­ing it.

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Tease & Denial With Women — How to Do It?

Variant 1: Orgasm Control With Your Hand Alone

Every woman orgasm con­trol can and should train edg­ing alone. Since women also mas­tur­bate almost as often as men, she can incor­po­rate this into her mas­tur­ba­tion. Most use their fin­gers for this. In addi­tion, how­ev­er, there are plen­ty of vibra­tors that per­form this task.

Since the func­tion of the cli­toris is essen­tial­ly the same as that of the penis, any woman can use the Tease & Denial tech­nique on her own. She lies down relaxed and plays around with her plea­sure but­ton until she is close to orgasm.

Then she sim­ply stops and waits until her arousal has sub­sided again. After that, the game starts all over again. She repeats the whole thing for as long as she can stand it.

Variation 2: Edging Together With the Cuckold

The hotwife can use her cuck­old for orgasm con­trol. He has to lick or fin­ger her plea­sure but­ton until she is about to cli­max. Cuck­old train­ing also includes that he keeps lick­ing out her love juice in between.

The fact that she gets wet dur­ing sex­u­al arousal is a nat­ur­al reac­tion of the body. The pussy is equipped with glands that secrete a thin, col­or­less, and odor­less secre­tion when she is ready for sex.

This coats the inner and out­er labia and the inside of the pussy with a thin lay­er of mucus that func­tions as a nat­ur­al lubri­cant. The love juice makes pen­e­tra­tion eas­i­er and reduces fric­tion. This pre­vents inter­nal injuries (which can pos­si­bly lead to infections).

Variation 3: Tapping and Rubbing With the Kunyaza — Technique

There is a wide­spread sex­u­al cus­tom in East and Cen­tral Africa called Kun­yaza. It is a tap­ping tech­nique in which the woman is aroused by tap­ping with the stiff penis.

The man does not pen­e­trate her dur­ing Kun­ya, but taps and rubs her clit and inner labia. This makes her very horny and wet. The man pen­e­trates her pussy only briefly and then rubs and taps her plea­sure pearl again. This delays her orgasm and makes it much stronger than normal.

Kun­yaza pro­motes the rela­tion­ship because the man has to con­trol him­self and pay a lot of atten­tion to his partner.

That women squirt with plea­sure dur­ing sex is nor­mal rather than an excep­tion in Ugan­da, Rwan­da, Burun­di, and Con­go. In addi­tion to the tech­nique of orgasm con­trol, the large and thick penis are also enor­mous­ly involved in the vagi­nal orgasm of women.


Variant 4: Ruining Orgasm Over and Over Again With Sex Toys

Very horny is the edg­ing tech­nique also with sex toys. Among women, mod­els that are not insert­ed but stim­u­late the cli­toris are espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar. These are, for exam­ple, the “Orig­i­nal Mag­ic Wand” (mag­ic wand) from Hitachi or vibra­tors from the Wom­an­iz­er range.

When mas­tur­bat­ing with a vibra­tor, the same prin­ci­ple applies as when using it by hand. When she real­izes that her cli­max is immi­nent, she stops and waits for the excite­ment to subside.

Since many cli­toral stim­u­la­tors are very intense, it is down­right sweet tor­ture to ruin a female orgasm mul­ti­ple times. You should aim to ruin orgasm 2x one day and only then climax.

What Are the Benefits of Orgasm Control?

A con­sid­er­able por­tion of women rarely or nev­er reach orgasm. How­ev­er, sur­veys have shown that more than 90 per­cent of them can get cli­toral orgasms by using a vibra­tor regularly.

Tease & Denial goes one bet­ter. The love­mak­ing tech­nique has many pos­i­tive effects. Play­ing with the cli­toris charges the body with sex­u­al ener­gy. If the orgasm is ruined, this ener­gy can­not dis­charge. The woman remains in a plea­sur­able plateau phase. Final­ly, a gigan­tic orgasm awaits the woman and rewards her for her iron discipline.

The arousal con­tin­ues to rise with each abort­ed orgasm. When she final­ly reach­es orgasm, the cli­max is much stronger and more intense than a nor­mal orgasm.

Not infre­quent­ly, the pussy even squirts (squirts / ejac­u­lates) in the process or runs down­right with horni­ness. Mul­ti­ple orgasms are also much more fre­quent as a result of fre­quent edg­ing train­ing. Most men find this very horny.

Men love to watch the extreme plea­sure their sweet­heart feels dur­ing orgasm train­ing. They lit­er­al­ly fever with every orgasm.

How­ev­er, a lot of patience and reg­u­lar prac­tice is nec­es­sary. Suc­cess does not come imme­di­ate­ly after 2 or 3 attempts.

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Conclusion: Women Also Benefit From Orgasm Control

The female cli­toris per­forms the same erot­ic func­tions as the male penis. There­fore, women can also use the tech­nique of orgasm delay (also called ruined orgasm).

She stim­u­lates her­self or is stim­u­lat­ed by you vagi­nal­ly or cli­toral­ly until just before cli­max. Then the process is inter­rupt­ed, and a break is taken.

How­ev­er, dur­ing the rest peri­od, the sex­u­al ener­gy does not com­plete­ly dis­si­pate. After the inter­rup­tion, the stim­u­la­tion is resumed. If this is repeat­ed sev­er­al times in suc­ces­sion, the redeem­ing orgasm turns out to be unimag­in­ably more intense than normal.

At the same time, it is not unusu­al that she feels so much plea­sure to cum (squirt) from her pussy. By doing this, she shows him that she feels very strong plea­sure. There is no bet­ter com­pli­ment to a man’s qual­i­ties as a lover.

The Tease & Denial method has also proven suc­cess­ful in treat­ing women who were pre­vi­ous­ly con­sid­ered frigid and could nev­er or very rarely achieve orgasm.

How­ev­er, edg­ing requires reg­u­lar train­ing, self-dis­ci­pline, and per­se­ver­ance. In a cuck­old rela­tion­ship, edg­ing is one of the cuck­’s duties. We also rec­om­mend the hotwife to per­form orgasm con­trol reg­u­lar­ly on herself.

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