“Tease and Denial” — The Pleasure Kick in Man and Woman

“Tease and Denial” is an Eng­lish lan­guage term for “mak­ing horny and denying”.

A woman performs penis edging.
A woman per­forms penis edging.

This is a sex­u­al prac­tice in which a per­son (man or woman) is “led” near cli­max sev­er­al times over a long peri­od of time with­out reach­ing the final sat­is­fac­tion, orgasm. The tech­nique is com­mon­ly used, espe­cial­ly in the BDSM field.

A Tease & Denial ses­sion is usu­al­ly per­formed over sev­er­al hours in the supine posi­tion and is not to be con­fused with inten­tion­al­ly induc­ing Ruined Orgasms. Ruined cli­max­es would be com­plete­ly con­traindi­cat­ed here!

The con­tin­u­ous stim­u­la­tion at the “orgasm edge” is heav­en and hell at the same time! So stim­u­la­tion means are suit­able hands, mouth, fin­gers, mas­sage oil, vibra­tors, mas­sagers, prostate / G‑spot toys, anal toys, and masturbators.

Penis bondage with the milking table
Penis bondage with the milk­ing table “Milk­ing Table Device”

Attach­ing clamps to nip­ples and using extreme dil­dos and vibra­tors are usu­al­ly con­sid­ered very plea­sur­able by both man and woman at this stage.

Uncon­scious­ly, the inflic­tion of pain increas­es plea­sure enor­mous­ly once again. Attach­ing restraints, blind­folds and music head­phones, or even a penis bondage are very appro­pri­ate and are usu­al­ly read­i­ly accepted.


Edging Closer and Closer to the “Point of No Return”!

The goal of “Tease and Denial?” is to get clos­er and clos­er to the “point of no return”. Once you reach this point, it is no longer pos­si­ble to stop the orgasm. The point is also called PONR.

Maximum cock edging
Max­i­mum cock edging

This sex­u­al game, in which the woman or man brings his part­ner to the brink of orgasm, is an extreme­ly intense expe­ri­ence for both the pas­sive and the active partner.

Prop­er­ly exe­cut­ed, a bird feath­er or a tip of the tongue on the cli­toris or the glans of the penis is enough, in the end, to final­ly trig­ger an extreme­ly vio­lent orgasm after sev­er­al hours of plea­sure torture.

The pro­ce­dure is sim­ple and extreme­ly chal­leng­ing for both part­ners at the same time. The active part­ner plays his “slave” con­tin­u­ous­ly at the orgasm lim­it. The pas­sive part­ner has to shout loud­ly “STOP” or the traf­fic light code “RED” every time, so that the active part­ner can stop the orgasm in time. The stim­u­la­tion of the sex­u­al organs is reduced more and more in the course of the ses­sion until the orgasm lim­it is hard­ly endurable.

Squirt after massive pussy stimulation
Squirt after mas­sive pussy stimulation

The gigan­tic build-up of plea­sure leads to enor­mous sex­u­al ten­sion and remark­able phys­i­cal and men­tal reactions.

Short­ly before orgasm, a point is always reached where the penis or vagi­na begins to twitch and “leak” uncon­trol­lably. For many women, the plea­sure dis­charges in a lib­er­at­ing squirt jet.

When the orgasm is final­ly allowed to hap­pen, it is extreme­ly intense, impul­sive and loud. Many women and men cramp in their orgasms and eject enor­mous amounts of sperm, pussy juice, and squirt­ing flu­id! The active part­ner men­tal­ly expe­ri­ences the plea­sure of the pas­sive part­ner in his own body. Such intense orgasms pro­vide a very close fusion of the cou­ple’s bond.

Orgasm Ruining Should Always Be Avoided and Punished!

Even if both part­ners try very hard not to come to orgasm dur­ing the tease & denial game, this bor­der­line trans­gres­sion some­times unfor­tu­nate­ly does happen.

Cum control with Hitachi massager
Cum con­trol with Hitachi massager

It is impor­tant that the exe­cut­ing per­son does not show any mer­cy and aborts the stim­u­la­tion hard and jerky!

A ruined orgasm is an extreme spasm of plea­sure with incom­pre­hen­si­ble emotions.

There is an abun­dance of pre­cum (pre-cum) and sperm, and in the case of the woman, enor­mous amounts of pussy juice and squirt come out. The ruined orgasms do not pro­vide the usu­al col­lapse of erec­tion or sat­is­fac­tion of orgasm. They inten­si­fy the feel­ing of plea­sure once again.

But beware How­ev­er, dur­ing an extend­ed “Tease and Denial ses­sion”, you should avoid ruin­ing the orgasm as much as pos­si­ble and also pun­ish it severely!

Slutwife Trainig

The “Tease and Denial” Practice Is Also Called:

  • T&D
  • Edg­ing (teasing)Tease Hand­job (teas­ing wanking)
  • Orgasm ruina­tion or ruin his orgasm
  • Orgasm denial (denial of orgasm)
  • Drain a mans cock
  • Post Orgasm Torture
  • Karez­za
  • hand­job until he cums with­out hand

Tease & Denial as a Pair

Tease & Denial is per­fect for cou­ples. These games can be played for sev­er­al hours and even extend­ed to sev­er­al days or weeks. In a part­ner­ship, T&D pro­vides both sex­u­al part­ners with a sig­nif­i­cant increase in atten­tion in every­day life and a clear­ly notice­able increase in sex­u­al plea­sure.

Cock trouble on a milking table device.
Cock trou­ble on a milk­ing table device.

As already writ­ten, the increase in plea­sure of Tease and Denial goes hand in hand with a reduced pain thresh­old and is there­fore often com­bined with BDSM. This in turn increas­es the sex­u­al stim­uli and increas­es the pleasure.

For exam­ple, the active part­ner can spill wax on the nip­ples and beat it off with a crop. The strong twirling of the nip­ples is also accept­ed grate­ful­ly and moan­ing loudly.

Espe­cial­ly for a man, the orgasm pres­sure is so enor­mous after a few days that he should be stopped from mas­tur­bat­ing under the threat of a chasti­ty belt if necessary.

Even if the impres­sion aris­es that T&D is only some­thing for men, it should be emphat­i­cal­ly point­ed out that women also react incred­i­bly vio­lent­ly to this kind of stimulation!

Edg­ing can cer­tain­ly be used to teach his hus­band to swal­low sperm.

Tease & Denial as a Single

Tease and Denial can also be prac­ticed alone dur­ing mas­tur­ba­tion with strong self-discipline.

Pre­vent­ing an orgasm and per­ma­nent stim­u­la­tion at the orgasm bound­ary for sev­er­al hours or days enrich­es mas­tur­ba­tion enormously.

With the reg­u­lar stim­u­la­tion at the orgasm edge also the own sperm swal­low­ing can be trained excellently.

Positive Reactions of Edging — Games Are:

  • increased secre­tion of a crys­tal clear, very slip­pery flu­id from vagi­na and penis 
  • Squirt­ing in women
  • extreme­ly strong sen­sa­tion of pleasure
  • very pro­nounced dirty talking
  • extreme­ly hard erection
  • clear pro­trud­ing of the clit
  • clear pro­trud­ing of the penis glans from the foreskin
  • Swelling of the labia and the G‑spot
  • extreme widen­ing of the vagina
  • reduced pain thresh­old (one feels plea­sure in pain)
  • uncon­trolled mus­cle movements
  • increased desire for anal satisfaction
  • reduced inhi­bi­tion thresh­old before sperm and body fluids

Negative Reactions of Tease & Denial Are:

  • sex­u­al frus­tra­tion when orgasms are allowed too infrequently
  • blue tes­ti­cles
  • Emer­gence of incli­na­tions and sex­u­al fan­tasies that oth­er peo­ple clas­si­fy as “per­vert­ed”.
  • extreme sex­u­al thoughts dur­ing the day, which lead to con­cen­tra­tion problems
  • fre­quent erec­tions in men
  • unde­sir­able wet panties in women
Edged pussy while female orgasm control
Edged pussy while female orgasm control

Conclusion: Chastity + Tease and Denial Are an Extremely Horny Symbiosis!

Tease & Denial, also called Orgasm con­trol or Edg­ing, is an unimag­in­ably horny game. For hours or even days, the per­son being played on is made to squirm visu­al­ly, psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly and mechan­i­cal­ly. Mer­ci­less­ly, each incip­i­ent orgasm is inter­rupt­ed and imme­di­ate­ly ruined. The enor­mous amount of pussy juice or pre­cum (pre-ejac­u­late) is col­lect­ed and recy­cled with every drop with a sperm plate or a cum bowl.

For out­side vanil­la sex peo­ple, it is com­plete­ly incom­pre­hen­si­ble why one would ruin the orgasm. Peo­ple who prac­tice edg­ing love the game.

Sex slave keeps ruining her own orgasm with Magic Wand massager and enjoys nipple pain
Sex slave keeps ruin­ing her own orgasm with Mag­ic Wand mas­sager and enjoys nip­ple pain.

The build-up of unimag­in­able lust, extreme libido, and the urge to final­ly cli­max dri­ves the per­son so crazy that she almost des­per­ate­ly begs for close­ness, touch, plea­sure, mild pain, and release! 

A few days of forced chasti­ty, shack­les, an eye mask and head­phones with music increas­es the horny feel­ing immeasurably.

While the played per­son enjoys, loves, regrets, and hates the teas­ing, the dom­i­nant play part­ner can enjoy his pow­er, have fun and savor every sec­ond of your whining.

The redeem­ing ecsta­sy at the end of the game feels the plea­sure slave / plea­sure slave all over the body. After the unimag­in­ably intense orgasm, the eyes of the played on shine. An intense inde­scrib­ably sat­is­fy­ing feel­ing of hap­pi­ness over­flows him. If the part­ner wants, he can tor­ture his sweet­heart with Post Orgasm Torture. 😉

Orgasm control: Blonde ruins the orgasm, lets a gigantic pent-up splash of precum squirt out and amuses herself deliciously with her horny, agonizing torture.
Orgasm con­trol: Blonde ruins the orgasm, lets a gigan­tic pent-up splash of pre­cum squirt out, and amus­es her­self deli­cious­ly with her horny, ago­niz­ing torture.

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