What Do the Terms Cuckold, Cuckquean, and Bull Mean?

In eroti­cism, there are numer­ous terms that are often incom­pre­hen­si­ble to begin­ners. To make mat­ters worse, many of the words (or should we say tech­ni­cal terms?) come from the Eng­lish language.

In this arti­cle, we would like to briefly intro­duce you to some of the terms, in no par­tic­u­lar order.

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Traffic Light Code

In the BDSM scene, but also in group sex, the use of so-called code words (safe­words) is com­mon, where the per­son being played on can unmis­tak­ably com­mu­ni­cate that an action trig­gers seri­ous dis­com­fort. The traf­fic light code is a safe­word based on the traf­fic light principle.

Before the ses­sion begins, three codes are iden­ti­fied. For exam­ple, “Green” means that every­thing is okay. “Yel­low” means “Atten­tion! I don’t feel well! Don’t go any fur­ther!” “Red” unequiv­o­cal­ly and with­out dis­cus­sion ensures imme­di­ate ter­mi­na­tion of the session.


Like many of the terms, the term BDSM comes from Eng­lish. It is the abbre­vi­a­tion of the words Bondage & Dis­ci­pline, Dom­i­nance & Sub­mis­sion, Sadism & Masochism.

In the BDSM scene, there are many types of play, includ­ing cuck­old­ing. A dis­tinc­tion is made between sub­mis­sive and dom­i­nant peo­ple. Some feel plea­sure when they can sub­ju­gate oth­ers, oth­ers like to be dominated.


The bull of a hotwife in a cuckold relationship.
The bull of a hotwife in a cuck­old relationship.

With the term “Bull” is meant a dom­i­nant sex­u­al partner.

To him, an emo­tion­al love bond or even an every­day rela­tion­ship is com­plete­ly unim­por­tant. For him, only the sex­u­al rela­tion­ship with the hotwife counts, as well as his dri­ve satisfaction.

Bulls are usu­al­ly ath­let­ic, sex­u­al­ly very per­sis­tent, and has a larg­er than aver­age penis. Bulls can have sex mul­ti­ple times and squirt a lot of semen due to increased testos­terone levels.

A Bull is always try­ing to claim own­er­ship over the Cuck­old. A pow­er imbal­ance devel­ops in the love tri­an­gle.


The term BBC is an abbre­vi­a­tion for “Big Black Cock”. In cuck­old­ing rela­tion­ships, there is a sig­nif­i­cant­ly increased pro­por­tion of dark-skinned Bulls 

There could be two rea­sons for this: First, a BBC man exerts tremen­dous dom­i­nance. Many women dream of mus­cu­lar, well-endowed men. On the oth­er hand, a BBC does not cor­re­spond to the clas­sic rela­tion­ship scheme, as a woman usu­al­ly wish­es her every­day life. This fact relax­es the cuck­old that the BBC will not take pos­ses­sion of the woman one day.



Cuck­old­ing refers to the rela­tion­ship between a cuck­old and his female part­ner. The word is derived from the Eng­lish term cuck­oo. The cuck­oo is known to be a bird that lays its eggs in the nests of oth­er birds and lets its young be raised by strangers.

This is exact­ly what often hap­pens in cuck­old­ing. The cuck­old’s part­ner pri­mar­i­ly has unpro­tect­ed sex with strangers and gets insem­i­nat­ed in the process. If she becomes preg­nant, the cuck­old often rec­og­nizes the child as his own and rais­es it as lov­ing­ly as if he were the father.


The term cuck­quean refers to a female cuck­old. It is a sub­mis­sive woman who shares her hus­band or boyfriend with oth­er women. In this form of cuck­old­ing, the man is dominant.

He brings oth­er women to his home for sex. The cuck­quean has to watch or even join them and serve her mas­ter and his sex part­ners. Quean is relat­ed to the word queen, but means slut or tramp. Cuck­queans have a strong bisex­u­al incli­na­tion and are usu­al­ly as imag­i­na­tive as cuckolds.


A cuck­ol­dress is the wife or life part­ner of the cuck­old. It is there­fore a syn­onym for the term “hotwife”.


Many cuck­old cou­ples enjoy cum games. How­ev­er, one load is too lit­tle for them, so in an ice cube mak­er (cum buck­et), zip-off buckets, film cans, syringes, pop­si­cle molds, or the like. Sperm is col­lect­ed in the freez­er. Cum ice cubes are used for XXL creamp­ies, cum exer­cis­es, for cook­ing and bak­ing, as tooth­paste, to fill in butt and pussy, for gang­bang role-play for two and much more.


Cumplay refers to bizarre sperm games. Cuck­old cou­ples usu­al­ly get used to var­i­ous prac­tices grad­u­al­ly. Advanced cou­ples love this kind of games and find them strong­ly arous­ing in advance in fan­ta­sy and then in prac­tice. Very pop­u­lar is a facial insem­i­na­tion (facial) with accom­pa­ny­ing clean lick­ing of the face. It is repeat­ed­ly kissed very inti­mate­ly with the mouth.

If both part­ners agree, it is not swal­lowed yet, but still some­thing played with the sperm and spit back and forth (snow­balling). A mat­ter of course is the lick­ing out of the creampie from the pussy (felch­ing, creampie cleanup). Most­ly snow­balling takes place then as well.

Oth­er sperm games are: Insem­i­na­tion of food (cum eat­ing, cum on food) and of clothes (cum on clothes). Cuck­old cou­ples like to play with worn, insem­i­nat­ed, ful­ly cummed and pussy juice soaked wom­en’s panties (pants) in con­nec­tion with the public.


This refers to a vari­a­tion of oral sex. In cun­nilin­gus, the man licks the cli­toris and the out­er and inner labia of the woman with his tongue. These parts are very recep­tive to stimulation.

Only through cun­nilin­gus can a woman be brought to orgasm. The cuck­old must per­form this ser­vice as a humil­i­a­tion and a sign of his sub­mis­sion. After each pussy insem­i­na­tion, cun­nilin­gus takes place for cuck­old cou­ples to lick clean.


An insem­i­nat­ed vagi­na is also called a “creampie” in Eng­lish. For clas­sic cou­ples, a creampie is a nui­sance after sex. It belongs wiped away and dis­posed of with toi­let paper. For wife­shar­ing and cuck­old cou­ples, how­ev­er, a creampie has a cen­tral mean­ing. The sex is not fin­ished after the insemination.

For it is also part of the man’s basic task to lick his part­ner’s cunt clean after he him­self, a stranger or sev­er­al men have cum into her. For unknown rea­sons “lick­ing cum pussy clean” extreme­ly inspires the fan­tasies of men and women alike. How­ev­er, the “creampie cleanup” must be trained and prac­ticed by the man for months, because his moti­va­tion drops rapid­ly after the orgasm.


A man who sub­or­di­nates him­self to oth­ers while feel­ing plea­sure is called sub­mis­sive. The cuck­old is sub­mis­sive. There are many gra­da­tions in sub­mis­sion. These include, for exam­ple, humil­i­a­tion in front of oth­ers, being tied up or beat­en. How­ev­er, the actions are not per­ceived as pun­ish­ment by the sub­mis­sive per­son and hap­pen with their consent.


Sex toys in penis form, with­out vibra­tion have an enor­mous val­ue in cuck rela­tion­ships. They are giv­en pri­or­i­ty in INCH. For many hotwifes, stan­dard dil­dos quick­ly become insuf­fi­cient, and they choose 8″ — 12″ thick dil­dos for vagi­na stretch­ing and train­ing. Many women feel an enor­mous plea­sure gain with very thick dil­dos and orgasm vio­lent­ly with squirting.


A dom­i­nant is a per­son who gets plea­sure from sub­du­ing and tor­tur­ing oth­ers. In cuck­old­ing, the cuck­old’s part­ner plays the dom­i­nant role. She choos­es the men she wants to have sex with and deter­mines the cuck­old’s sex life. She decides if and when he may have sex with her. With­out her per­mis­sion the cuck­old is not even allowed to masturbate.

Triple Sex, Trio, Threesome or MMF

One woman has sex­u­al inter­course with two men. With more than two men it is men’s sur­plus (men’s excess) and is called group sex or gangbang.


Felch­ing refers to the lick­ing out and clean of the vagi­na or anus after ejac­u­la­tion. This often involves the cuck­quean or cuck­old lying under the insem­i­nat­ed pussy. Tools such as straws, spoons, bowls or plas­tic tubes may also be used. Usu­al­ly, after felch­ing there is sperm play such as snow­balling. This type of play is also called “creampie cleanup”.


The arti­fi­cial word is made up of the two words “female dom­i­nance”. It means some­thing like female dom­i­nance. In Fem­Dom, the woman takes the dom­i­nant posi­tion, and the man must sub­mit to her. An exam­ple of Fem­Dom is a dom­i­na­trix with her sex slave. Free­dom is often expressed through a cer­tain style of cloth­ing. This includes clothes made of vinyl, leather or latex, boots, and props like whips or col­lar and leash for the sub­mis­sive partner.

Creampie Cathy


Orig­i­nal­ly, the term gang­bang comes from a rather unpleas­ant source: it means that one or more women are over­pow­ered and raped by a gang (Eng­lish: bang). So a “bang” by a “gang” is a rape by a group. Prob­a­bly no woman would want to be a vic­tim of gang rape in reality.

How­ev­er, this fan­ta­sy has an enor­mous sex­u­al appeal. The play­ful and con­sen­su­al sex of a woman with more than three men is called a “gang bang”. Almost all women who are inter­est­ed in sex with strangers also even­tu­al­ly show inter­est in group sex with five, ten, or even twen­ty men. Women who dare to do this report incred­i­ble feel­ings of pleasure.


This pro­ce­dure is often prac­ticed in cuck­old­ing. The cuck­old is not allowed to have sex for a long time. He is also for­bid­den to mas­tur­bate. To enforce chasti­ty, his part­ner forces him to wear a penis cage. This is a tight­ly meshed quiver of steel mesh that is put over the penis and locked. The part­ner has the key.

Uri­na­tion is pos­si­ble, but nei­ther sex nor mas­tur­ba­tion. The penis cage is used to enforce chasti­ty and humil­i­ate the cuck­old. It is also often used as a form of punishment.


A hotwife is a wife or steady life part­ner of a cuck­old. She is sex­u­al­ly very imag­i­na­tive and active. Occa­sion­al­ly, she has sex with oth­er men, which excites the cuck­old sex­u­al­ly a lot. Depend­ing on the sex­u­al expres­sion and cuck­old lev­el, he may watch dur­ing sex.

How­ev­er, there are also Hotwifes who date their Bul­l’s alone, and tell their hus­band about the date after they get home, while they have sex. Almost all Hotwifes insist that the Cuc­ki lick their insem­i­nat­ed pussy (creampie) clean.


Snow­balling is a form of cum play where semen is exchanged back and forth while kiss­ing. This is a syn­onym for a “snow­ball fight”. Most­ly, this is also played at a dis­tance of 20 — 30 cm and the cum is exchanged again and again in long threads for min­utes (Cum­swap­ping). Sperm games of this kind are only per­formed by Cuck­old and Hotwife. The Bull is most­ly not for oral sperm con­tact and com­mands it to the two above.


Every­one will know what sperm is. Nev­er­the­less, the term must not be miss­ing in this glos­sary.
The ejac­u­late of the man plays a cen­tral role in all love games. While it tends to end up in tis­sues and toi­let paper in nor­mal rela­tion­ships, it is almost always about the oral return to the cuck. This learn­ing process can take months to years, but then becomes a reg­u­lar part of sex­u­al acts.

Before the actu­al cum orgasm, semen is also called pre­cum, pre-juice or desire drops — This type of cum tastes very mild to sweet. Sperm taste can be sweet­ened by pineap­ple juice and fresh pineap­ple. The amount can be notice­ably increased by tak­ing zinc tablets.


In a split play, sali­va is spit­ted around. This involves spit­ting in each oth­er’s mouths (sim­i­lar to snow­balling), very wet kiss­ing (slop­py kiss­es), and lick­ing each oth­er. Split­play can also be per­formed with pussy or cock by spit­ting on them again and again and lick­ing them clean.

Rough Sex

Rough sex means very hard sex. Most­ly anal sex, deep throat­ing, spank­ing, hair pulling, slap­ping, chok­ing, and bondage are used in such games.


Vanilla, Vanilla Fisting, Vanilla Sex

The Eng­lish term “vanil­la” trans­lates as “vanil­la”. This means that many “nor­mal” — straight cou­ples have quite unimag­i­na­tive and bor­ing sex. He term is derived from the fig­u­ra­tive sense of the many dif­fer­ent types of ice cream in the world, where many peo­ple are appar­ent­ly sat­is­fied with “only vanil­la”. When vanil­la women also have vanil­la sex, there is an unre­fresh­ing sex lull in bed for the man.

Tease and Denial

The expres­sion “Tease and Denial” is a sex­u­al role play. Here, the cuck­old is pri­mar­i­ly stim­u­lat­ed by hand inter­course — but repeat­ed­ly bro­ken off before orgasm. The con­stant rep­e­ti­tion of this process cre­ates horni­ness at first, but lat­er a strong sen­so­ry overload.

This is also referred to as “orgasm denial”.
The pent-up orgasm cul­mi­nates in a vio­lent fire­work of feel­ings. Often with a decreas­ing amount of pre-cum is secret­ed, which is usu­al­ly returned to the cuck through the mouth (recy­cled).

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