Cuckold C1, C2, C3 — Levels of Pleasure

When a man feels plea­sure in his part­ner hav­ing sex with oth­er men, and she does it with his knowl­edge and con­sent, this type of rela­tion­ship in eroti­cism is called “cuck­old­ing”.

In it, the cuck­old (the sub­mis­sive man) is dom­i­nat­ed by his part­ner, the hotwife. This dom­i­na­tion takes place in 3 stages.

In this guide, we would like to enlight­en you, what it has to do with the clas­si­fi­ca­tion Cuck­old C1,C2, and C3. Feel free to ask us more ques­tions or share your opin­ions and expe­ri­ences via the com­ment function.

Cuckold Level C1: The Playful Voyeur

Cuck­olds with the grade C1 are also called begin­ners. It excites him that his wife is fucked through and fremdbe­samt by oth­er dom­i­nant men. The C1 cuck helps decide which and how many men are allowed to play along. The bound­aries to the wife­shar­er are flu­id.

Husband jerks off while his hotwife is fucked by the BBC.
Hus­band jerks off while his hotwife is fucked by the BBC.

In C1 Cuck­olds, the sub­mis­sive ten­den­cy is not very strong. The men are usu­al­ly sex­u­al­ly very active and eager to exper­i­ment — but often dis­obe­di­ent and sub­mit reluctantly.

As an edu­ca­tion­al mea­sure or pun­ish­ment, he likes to be tied up. Fur­ther, he may be insult­ed or ridiculed, for exam­ple, because of his small cock or pre­ma­ture ejaculations.

The hotwife likes to apply whips, pad­dles and BDSM toys. This is to make him sub­mis­sive and break his will.

The C1 Chuc­ki is a pro­nounced voyeur. He def­i­nite­ly wants to be present dur­ing sex and often takes pho­tos and videos. It is not uncom­mon for him to even be involved in the sex.

Typ­i­cal­ly, C1 mas­tur­bates while watch­ing his hotwife. He often even plays an active role and gets his dick sucked while his part­ner is get­ting fucked. When the sex is over, he licks his part­ner’s pussy clean and often the bul­l’s cock as well.


Stage C2 Cuckold: Submissive and Under Orgasm Control

Lev­el C2 refers to the clas­sic cuck­old. In lev­el C2, his hotwife deter­mines large parts of his sex­u­al and pri­vate life.

For exam­ple, she choos­es her Bulls her­self and deter­mines when and where she wants to have sex with them. This goes so far that the Hotwife is often not at home and assigns the Cuck­old to watch the chil­dren or do house­hold chores while she enjoys her­self with her Bull.

To some degree, the C2 Cuck­old resists (at least inward­ly) her dom­i­nance, but more or less puts up with it. He is often sex-deprived, often wears a penis cage, and is only allowed to receive sat­is­fac­tion when his Hotwife allows it.

The sub­ju­ga­tion of the C2 Cuck­old only applies to his pri­vate life. Pro­fes­sion­al­ly, the C2 man may well hold a lead­er­ship position.

C3 Cuckold: Completely Controlled and Without Rights

A C3 Cucky is, so to speak, a Cuck­old with body and soul. His life is com­plete­ly deter­mined by his Hotwife and her Bulls. He is not allowed to do any­thing with­out her explic­it permission.

This includes many non-sex­u­al areas of life. The C3 Cuck­old enjoys the for­eign con­trol of his life. For exam­ple, it is typ­i­cal for C3s to be allowed to have sex with their part­ner for long peri­ods of time (some­times never).

Chil­dren born in such rela­tion­ships are not infre­quent­ly from a Bull. The C3 Cux knows this and accepts it. He usu­al­ly allows him­self to be entered on the birth cer­tifi­cate as the father with­out objection.

This leads even so far that Bull and Hotwife fly even with­out hus­band, and/or life part­ner in the vaca­tion. This is sup­posed to be a great proof of love.

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Conclusion: A Gradual Demarcation Is Important With the Cuckolding

Sex­u­al­i­ty is very mul­ti­fac­eted. A major­i­ty of cou­ples are con­tent with flower sex and after a few years one part­ner breaks out in an erot­ic adventure.

Even if the three cuck­old stages sound very absurd, very many cuck cou­ples live very con­tent and hap­py togeth­er. Most of the time, the sex­u­al devel­op­ment of the hotwife is the dri­ving force behind how far the man allows him­self to be humiliated.

How many men live in a cuck­old rela­tion­ship and whether they are a C1, C2 or even C3 is unknown. Only vague assump­tions exist about this, as it is still a taboo sub­ject. Like-mind­ed peo­ple often exchange infor­ma­tion in BDSM forums that spe­cial­ize in cuckolding.

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