How Can You Learn to Swallow Your Own Semen?

If you search Google for the Eng­lish terms “own cum eat­ing”, “own cum swal­low” or “swal­low own cum”, you will find an incred­i­ble num­ber of forum posts and some web­sites on the top­ic of “own sperm swallowing”.

Obvi­ous­ly, men all over the world are try­ing to swal­low their own cum. But most of them obvi­ous­ly have the same prob­lem that after orgasm a men­tal block pre­vents them from get­ting their semen into their mouth. Their desire for sperm abrupt­ly dimin­ish­es com­plete­ly after they cum.

In this guide, we would like to sum­ma­rize the infor­ma­tion of many tips, instruc­tions and forum con­ver­sa­tions for you. We give you a tried and test­ed guide to learn­ing to swal­low your own sperm.

We are also inter­est­ed in your per­son­al expe­ri­ences. How did you learn to swal­low sperm? Which tech­niques did not work for you? Please leave your opin­ions below in the com­ments section.

Why Do I Have No More Desire for My Own Sperm After Ejaculating?

Within seconds, most men lose the desire to swallow their own sperm after orgasm!
With­in sec­onds, most men lose the desire to swal­low their sperm after orgasm!

With strong arousal, the desire to swal­low your own sperm grows enor­mous­ly. Watch­ing horny facials, creamp­ies and cum games in porn videos and pho­tos increas­es the desire to taste your own semen.

The plea­sure inevitably cul­mi­nates in a horny orgasm. The man moans and squirts hard. But then… BAMM! Imme­di­ate­ly after the ejac­u­la­tion, the desire for his own cum has van­ished into thin air with­in seconds.

But why do the vast major­i­ty of men always so to have their own sperm in the mouth? Basi­cal­ly, there is noth­ing to it and it is done after the cum fix … So, where is the prob­lem of the many men?


Hormonal Fireworks During Male Orgasm

The loss of moti­va­tion to not want to taste his own sperm after orgasm def­i­nite­ly has noth­ing to do with “weak­ness”, but can be explained biologically.

Dur­ing a cum orgasm, in addi­tion to the ejac­u­la­tion of sperm from the prostate and sperm cells from the tes­ti­cles, var­i­ous hor­mones and mes­sen­ger sub­stances (neu­ro­trans­mit­ters) are also released. They are involved in con­trol­ling sex­u­al and repro­duc­tive behav­ior dur­ing male orgasm:

  1. The neu­ro­trans­mit­ter dopamine acti­vates the reward sys­tem in the brain. Dur­ing fore­play, sex or mas­tur­ba­tion, dopamine lev­els rise extreme­ly. You move from the arousal phase into the horny plateau phase, in which you are more insen­si­tive to pain and have lit­tle dis­gust for bod­i­ly flu­ids. Just before orgasm, we get into a fren­zy of eupho­ria with an irre­sistible dri­ve to “keep going” — until greed is final­ly fol­lowed by orgasm… But then the dopamine lev­el decreas­es abrupt­ly after the orgasm! The kinky fan­tasies and the horni­ness are sim­ply gone in a few sec­onds after sex!
  2. The hor­mone pro­lactin evokes the psy­cho­log­i­cal feel­ing of sex­u­al sati­a­tion and sat­is­fac­tion imme­di­ate­ly after sex­u­al cli­max. With­in sec­onds of orgasm, it inhibits fur­ther nerve stim­u­la­tion in the sex­u­al cen­ters of our brain, caus­ing the erec­tion of the penis to sub­side and arousal to flat­ten. Kinky, hard sex is no longer an issue for the next few hours after the release of prolactin!
  3. Orgasm also cul­mi­nates with the release of large amounts of the cud­dling and bond­ing hor­mone oxy­tocin. Sex­u­al hor­mone activ­i­ty increas­es abrupt­ly, cre­at­ing a strong sense of sat­is­fac­tion, well-being and inter­per­son­al bond­ing. Cud­dling arm-in-arm and enjoy­ing the warmth of your part­ner is the order of the day!
  4. The lev­el of stress hor­mone Adren­a­lin and nora­dren­a­line plum­mets mas­sive­ly dur­ing orgasm. From the unbri­dled pas­sion of a tiger, the man turns into a purring, cud­dly cat. The rapid drop in hor­mones caus­es post-coital fatigue, when all a man real­ly wants to do is fall asleep (sat­is­fied and con­tent) with his wife in his arms.

Flattening of Pleasure After Male Orgasm Has Biological Causes

The male ner­vous sys­tem reacts imme­di­ate­ly to the hor­mon­al fire­works of orgasm and ini­ti­ates the so-called refrac­to­ry phase with­in sec­onds.

Learning to swallow your own sperm
Jump over your shad­ow and ask your woman to seri­ous­ly and inevitably sup­port you in your desire to “learn to swal­low your own sperm”. Your courage will pay off! Source: Fem­Dom Empire

The man should be pro­tect­ed from over-stim­u­la­tion and phys­i­cal overex­er­tion dur­ing sex. His body is quick­ly brought back to “nor­mal”, every­day hor­mon­al balance.

From nature’s point of view, the man has ful­filled his “bio­log­i­cal mis­sion” by jerk­ing off: Squirt­ed, woman insem­i­nat­ed, done! Clos­ing time!

You have prob­a­bly already observed this phe­nom­e­non your­self after watch­ing porn. After the cum you have no more inter­est in fur­ther porn or maybe even a guilty con­science creeps over you, what you have watched so perverted. 😉 

The crazy thing about it is: The sex­u­al mes­sen­ger sub­stances work com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent­ly dur­ing a wom­an’s orgasm. Orgasms also debil­i­tate women, but the libido remains at a high lev­el! You can eas­i­ly keep fuck­ing from orgasm to orgasm dur­ing a gang­bang until com­plete phys­i­cal debilitation.

Outsmart the Libido Crash While Swallowing Cum

So, as you can see, the men­tal block can be explained by the bio­log­i­cal libido crash of the refrac­to­ry peri­od. So the sex­u­al dri­ve to want to swal­low his own sperm is most­ly lost “by nature” dur­ing a cum orgasm! The man would rather cud­dle and sleep after sex.

So now that you know the above rea­sons, you can deduce how to over­come them.

In many tuto­ri­als and forum posts you can find infor­ma­tion on how to learn to swal­low sperm, even if the desire for your sperm decreas­es. Basi­cal­ly, all meth­ods are based on six tricks:

  1. Lick­ing up semen before orgasm by edg­ing & ruin­ing orgasm
  2. Exploit­ing the 10-sec­ond win­dow between orgasm and libido crash
  3. Moti­va­tion, reward and praise by part­ner through edg­ing or pussy lick­ing clean
  4. Coer­cion and threat of pun­ish­ment by partner
  5. Col­lect­ing sperm in a con­tain­er for the next mas­tur­ba­tion (freez­ing sperm)
  6. Prac­tic­ing swal­low­ing semen repeat­ed­ly with tast­ing foods and drinks

The result­ing tech­niques are nei­ther inhu­mane nor unfea­si­ble. You are free to choose how you want to out­smart the unwill­ing­ness to release hormones.

Rules Must Be!

You are read­ing this arti­cle because you are inter­est­ed in “learn­ing to swal­low your own sperm”. There­fore, from today you should inter­nal­ize that from now on this top­ic is real­ly seri­ous and impor­tant to you. You are free to inform your part­ner. How­ev­er, it is advis­able to train alone at first.

Implement the Following Rules

Paper towel??? No, thanks! Sperm swallow

§1: As a first step, ban all paper tis­sues, Kleenex box­es and wipes that you have always used to wipe away your sperm from your desk draw­er and bed­room! Make your­self real­ize that you have no oth­er options than to rub sperm on your­self or lick it up.

§2: Let go of the thought of try­ing to per­suade your girl­friend or wife to swal­low sperm and facial insem­i­na­tion. From today, YOU learn to like your sperm your­self. Because in the future you are sole­ly respon­si­ble for the sperm swal­low­ing. How­ev­er, be assured: Your sperm games will inevitably turn your part­ner on. She will then auto­mat­i­cal­ly want to play along. The long way of sev­er­al mile­stones, how­ev­er, you must first go alone! 

§4: Make your­self clear that you nei­ther have to be gay nor become gay while swal­low­ing sperm. You are also not a loos­er or a per­vert. You are not suck­ing on some­one else’s dick. It is your self-pro­duced love juice! You don’t have to tell any­one except your part­ner that you are train­ing to swal­low your semen. If you like it, you will do it more often and one day it will even be total­ly nor­mal and horny for you 

§5: Your ulti­mate goal is to lick your wife’s cum pussy clean! If one day you man­age to lick it clean every time after sex, it will enrich your sex life and expand your sex­u­al hori­zons as part­ners. Most women get very excit­ed when a man licks up his own sperm and exper­i­ments with kinky games in bed.

§6: You should improve your sperm taste before you start. Eat half a pineap­ple a day for three to five days and drink pineap­ple direct juice. Avoid beer and gar­lic. Eat plen­ty of fruit and drink plen­ty of water. If your love juices are sweet and tasty, you will have pleas­ant expe­ri­ences and key experiences.

§7: Buy a black din­ner plate, a black break­fast plate, a black saucer, a shot glass and a black plas­tic egg spoon. These uten­sils will help you in your cum intake and avoid acci­den­tal splash­ing and spilling of pre­cum, desire drops and sperm.

§8: Walk your path with inter­me­di­ate steps (mile­stones) and prac­tice it over and over again. The con­stant rep­e­ti­tion of pos­i­tive key expe­ri­ences are of enor­mous impor­tance. They will become auto­mat­ic as soon as you are horny.


Instructions on How to Learn to Eat Your Own Cum:

Milestone 1: Watching Porn for Several Hours, Ruining Your Orgasm Multiple Times, and Licking Up Precum

The first few days are about low­er­ing your inhi­bi­tions about pre-ejac­u­late, (Eng­lish: pre-cum) and desire drops, as well as learn­ing the taste. Pre­cum is obtained by ruin­ing orgasm. It is usu­al­ly tasti­er than your nor­mal semen dur­ing a cum orgasm.

Swal­low­ing pre­cum is much eas­i­er than swal­low­ing real sperm. Through con­stant rep­e­ti­tion and stay­ing in a high plea­sure lev­el for hours (plateau phase), will quick­ly get you used to tast­ing your semen. The pos­i­tive expe­ri­ence will also elim­i­nate some doubts in your mind. You will like this tech­nique very much as a beginner:

Licking semen from your hand
The clas­sic: Lick­ing semen from your hand

Set a smart­phone time to 2, 3 or 4 hours. An alter­na­tive is You may only get a cum orgasm after this time has expired! Put your plates, shot glass and plas­tic tea­spoon on your table. Get used to hav­ing your cum uten­sils always at hand when mas­tur­bat­ing in the future.

Jerk off With Smartphone Counter

Look at Xham­ster, YouPorn, Xvideos or sim­i­lar hot porn with lots of sperm: For starters, cumshots, facials and creamp­ies, are great. Also cum-heavy gang­bang videos and pho­tos stim­u­late your sperm pro­duc­tion massively.

If you are a bit more advanced, cum games (cum swap­ping, cum kiss­ing), cum food, bukkake and cuck­old porn, cum eat­ing instruc­tion, CEI, swal­low own cum instruc­tion, cei chal­lenge, frozen cum, hus­band cleanup pussy, cuck­old cleanup videos are not to be missed.

Jerk and play with your cock. Inter­val jerk­ing (15x fast, 30x slow, 15x fast, etc.) is very effec­tive. But you have to stop every orgasm by tak­ing your hand off your cock imme­di­ate­ly! Since you are not allowed to ejac­u­late, drops of desire (plea­sure drops) will come out and pre-juice (pre­cum, pre-ejac­u­late) will pulse out. Col­lect it with the spoon and deliv­er it into your mouth. You’ll be sur­prised how sweet it tastes and lick­ing it up isn’t unpleas­ant at all! 

Milestone 2: Ejaculate Sperm Onto the Back of Your Hand and Lick It up Within 10 Seconds

When you have mas­tered mile­stone 1 and you have no more resis­tance in front of your pre­cum, the day has come when you can now prac­tice swal­low­ing your entire sperm load. It is rec­om­mend­ed to cum on your hands.

Lick your own sperm from your fingers
Lick your own sperm from your fingers

Before you start, wash your hands with­out soap and brush your teeth. On the palms of your hands there are salt and bit­ter sub­stances from han­dling objects and hand sweat. Also in the mouth, the salt and bit­ter­ness of left­over food can inten­si­fy a pos­si­bly unpleas­ant sperm taste.

Make sure you are alone and have time to your­self. You should be com­plete­ly naked when mas­tur­bat­ing. Have your cum bowl or cum plate and cum spoon next to you.

Set your smart­phone timer to 60 min­utes again. Watch videos or pic­tures with lots of cum again. Say things to your­self like “I’m going to taste my own cum”, “I’m going to like it”, “I’m going to eat my own cum”. “I can’t wait to try it”, etc. This sim­ple coach­ing will moti­vate you to actu­al­ly do it.

Learn to Eat Your Own Sperm — The Technique:

Jerk your penis in inter­vals (jerk off 15x, count to 5, jerk off 15x, count to 5, etc.) until you orgasm. When you’re ready to cum, stand in front of your desk and slide your big din­ner plate under your dick in case some­thing squirts off.

You should ejac­u­late on the backs of both your hands and not on the palms.

Own cum swallow timer
You have only 10 sec­onds after your orgasm to swal­low your sperm! After that your moti­va­tion dis­ap­pears immediately!

If the ejac­u­la­tion starts, you have only 10 sec­onds! You have to be light­ning fast!!! 

As soon as the first sperm splash on the back of your hand, lick it off imme­di­ate­ly! Ejac­u­late there­by the sec­ond to third splash on the oth­er hand. Switch hands again in a flash under the squirt­ing cock and swal­low your cum immediately.

If you do this while still ejac­u­lat­ing, you have a 100 per­cent suc­cess rate. Your goal is to taste the cum while you are still ejac­u­lat­ing to pre­vent the loss of desire to ejac­u­late. Because of the suc­cess, you’ll like to use this tech­nique to prac­tice swal­low­ing your sperm.

If you are very fast and your teeth and hands are clean, you will be very sur­prised that the whole sperm load does not taste bad at all. If you delay until the end of your orgasm, you’ll find that the moti­va­tion to lick your hand is already gone!

Milestone 3: Practice Swallowing Precum With Your Partner

Once you’ve com­plet­ed mile­stones 1 and 2, you’re ready to con­fess to your part­ner. She may react indig­nant­ly and inse­cure­ly at first.

Forced cum eating: Wife forces her husband to swallow his own sperm
Forced cum eat­ing: Wife forces her hus­band to swal­low his own sperm

Tell her about your desire to swal­low sperm and point out the above-men­tioned drop in libido. Ask her to sup­port you proac­tive­ly and con­sci­en­tious­ly in your plan. She should take you seri­ous­ly, she must not laugh at you and she must be absolute­ly adamant if you “run away” or make excuses.

Your wife should tie you up, put a blind­fold on you and also set a smart­phone timer or She will deter­mine when you are allowed to orgasm first (min­i­mum 1 hour of edg­ing).

Orgasm Ruining by Edging and Sperm Swallowing Practice

Let her play with love toys, mas­tur­ba­tors, oil, vibra­tors, her hands and mas­sagers, tor­ture you gen­tly and ruin your orgasm three to five times. Again, inter­val jerk­ing is in order. When your orgasm sets in, you shout “stop” loud­ly. Your part­ner imme­di­ate­ly takes her hands off your penis.

She catch­es your love juices with your small plate (cum plate), a cum bowl, a shot glass or a plas­tic spoon. Each pre­cum drop leads her back to your mouth after the penis milk­ing. You have no chance to dodge and she forces you to swal­low your own love juices.

Dur­ing your cum orgasm after 1–3 hours you squirt the piti­ful rest of sperm on the body of the woman, which of course you lick clean under her compulsion.

The game will find the woman very horny. Your orgasm ruina­tions are extreme­ly intense for you, but incred­i­bly horny at the same time. You will find the pre­cum swal­low­ing very easy.

Prostate milking by the wife (Hotwife)
Prostate Milk­ing by the wife (Hotwife): The hus­band will be ruined dur­ing the con­stant orgasm every time his horny fuck juice milked direct­ly into his own face.

The Ultimate Goal: Creampie From Now on Always Lick Clean

Now you are ready! You are not yet “sad­dle-fast”, but you can now train togeth­er with your part­ner to lick the fresh­ly fucked pussy clean.

Cuckold Creampie Cum Cleanup
Cuck­old at Creampie Cum Cleanup — A shared sperm creampie must always be licked thor­ough­ly clean!

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the desire to “swal­low cum” still dis­ap­pears after you cum. This is com­plete­ly nor­mal, and this prob­lem is where most men who plan to learn to swal­low their own sperm fail.

But by forc­ing your wife, girl­friend, or hotwife you have no oth­er choice to lick the cum pussy thor­ough­ly clean! You will learn to over­come your men­tal block from time to time.

First of all, the most impor­tant thing is that you should not cum for sev­en days before your sched­uled first creampie cleanup attempt. You may watch porn every day, but you always have to ruin your orgasm!

Promise your woman before sex that you will lick her thor­ough­ly clean after insem­i­na­tion in any case. Ask her to press your head word­less­ly between her legs if you “for­get”. This will auto­mat­i­cal­ly put some pres­sure on you to keep your promise 😉

You can assume that you will need three to six months until you can eat your own creampie out of your pussy with­out any prob­lems. So take enough time to prac­tice and train.

You Should Both Have Discussed the Following Procedure:
You can best lick a cum cunt clean when your wife is kneeling over you.
You can best lick a cum cunt clean when your wife is kneel­ing over you.
  1. Fuck your wife very hard in mis­sion­ary posi­tion and cum direct­ly into her pussy. Quick­ly pull your penis out of the insem­i­nat­ed pussy and strip your cock com­plete­ly emp­ty with your index fin­ger and thumb over the mons vener­is. Press your anus mus­cle hard sev­er­al times.
  2. Glide nim­bly between the thighs of your wife. First close the labia and lick the pussy clean on the out­side. Be care­ful that no sperm dis­ap­pears between the buttocks!
  3. Then take the posi­tion 69. Lie down on your back. Your wife kneels with her pussy over your face and licks your penis clean. Inevitably, the first sperm load will run into your mouth. Since left and right of your head are the thighs of your wife, you can not escape. Do not resist! Lick every­thing clean. If you are too hes­i­tant when lick­ing clean, your wife will order you to do it more thor­ough­ly and if nec­es­sary sit on your face. You have no chance at all to avoid!
  4. Then spread the labia apart and open the fra­grant fuck hole with two index fin­gers. There is now a lot of creampie to eat. Stretch your tongue out wide. Lick and suck the love nec­tar greed­i­ly from the pussy.
  5. Your wife then tens­es the pelvic floor, as if mak­ing pee. In a long sperm thread now runs a huge creampie load from the pussy. Be a REAL MAN, pick up the pussy cum love cock­tail, spread it all in your mouth and swal­low a lit­tle. Then lick the pussy thor­ough­ly clean inside and out. Make an effort and try to lick your wife to orgasm.
  6. Last but not least, kiss each oth­er with an exten­sive cum kiss. Enjoy the inti­mate feel­ing for each other.

Prac­tice this tech­nique togeth­er sev­er­al times a month if pos­si­ble. Your wife and you will find more and more taste in this dirty game, so that the clean lick­ing of the creampie, pas­sion­ate sperm kiss­es and horny sperm games soon belong to the nor­mal sex.

Creampie eating: Learn to swallow own sperm
Creampie eat­ing (creampie eat­ing): Learn to swal­low your own sperm 

Milestone 5: Cum in Your Own Mouth: With the Knee-Over-Head Position

When you are much more advanced and no longer afraid of your cum, you will cer­tain­ly want to take in the entire load of sperm. It is rec­om­mend­ed that you ejac­u­late into your own mouth. 

Cum in own face: You can ejaculate into your own face by putting your back up against a wall or sofa backrest.
Cum in own face: You can ejac­u­late into your own face by putting your back up against a wall or sofa backrest….

You can over­come the men­tal block by thrust­ing your back up against a wall or sofa back­rest with your knees next to your ears.

This way your penis hangs direct­ly above your mouth. With a lit­tle prac­tice, you can even plea­sure the tip of your glans with your mouth. This posi­tion is called aut­ofel­la­tio.

Prac­tice edg­ing and watch­ing porn for about 30 min­utes before­hand. When you are so turned on that you want to cum, assume the above posi­tion and jerk your cock to orgasm. You can cum on your own face (self facial) or ejac­u­late direct­ly into your own mouth.

Of course, your hotwife, girl­friend or wife can do the jerk­ing. She decides if your orgasms are ruined or if you have to swal­low it all at once! Resis­tance and escap­ing are futile in this posi­tion! The use of an anal plug, anal dil­dos or prostate stim­u­la­tor is high­ly recommended.

Cuckold autofellatio: Swallow own cum
Aut­ofel­la­tio: Every hotwife should moti­vate and sup­port her cuck­old to learn to swal­low his own sperm.

Milestone 6: Practice Swallowing Sperm by Inseminating Food

To train against the men­tal block of sperm swal­low­ing some more, there is anoth­er often rec­om­mend­ed tip: Ejac­u­late your sperm or pre­cum on foods you know and like.

Sperm Pizza: Ejaculating on freshly baked pizza is ideal for learning sperm swallowing.
Sperm Piz­za: Ejac­u­lat­ing on fresh­ly baked piz­za is ide­al for learn­ing sperm swallowing.

It may seem strange at first to squirt on or into food. If you repeat it sev­er­al times a week, you will notice how quick­ly you lose your fear of sperm, even though you are not yet sex­u­al­ly aroused. Basi­cal­ly, you can squirt on burg­ers, piz­za, in sauces.… The main thing is that you like it.

Our tip: Since the eye eats with you, you should choose dark sweets. Choco­late pud­ding, brown­ies, choco­late cook­ies (e.g. OREO cook­ies) are per­fect as cum­food. But you should also try sprin­kling on absorbent pot cakes, muffins or in a cream pud­ding.

If you are real­ly horny, you are look­ing for­ward to your for­bid­den horny sperm train­ing in the super­mar­ket or at the bak­ery counter.

Cumfood (Cum on food) is the insemination of food with sperm.
Cum­food (Cum on food) is the insem­i­na­tion of food with sperm. A slice of absorbent pot pie (mar­ble cake or choco­late cake) and piz­za are per­fect to cum very large and prac­tice cum swallowing.

Milestone 7: Freeze & Collect Sperm. Defrost When You’re Ratty Again

To trick the men­tal block against sperm, a very good tip is — to sim­ply squirt your pre­cum (pre-ejac­u­late / pre-juice) and sperm into small zip­per bags, film cans or small Tup­per con­tain­ers and freeze them in the freez­er. Also, your shot glass, your sperm plates, or a con­dom can be well-filled into these sperm con­tain­ers and frozen.

Cum freezing: Freezing sperm for another cum day
Cum freez­ing: Freez­ing sperm for anoth­er cum day

Admit­ted­ly, this sounds total­ly kinky at first, but cuck­old cou­ples are much more open about exper­i­ment­ing with love juices anyway.

The advan­tages are obvi­ous: You just take the sperm ice cubes (cum cube), the sperm snow or the sperm lol­lipop (cum­ci­cle / cum­si­cle) out of the fridge when you feel like it.

You can melt the sperm ice on the pubic mound or in the pussy of the hotwife. Horny is also to fill the frozen sperm slight­ly thawed with a specu­lum, fun­nel or syringe in the pussy and thus reen­act a gang­bang with sev­er­al men. Your own sperm is an incred­i­bly good lubri­cant for a horny dil­do and vibra­tor games! 😉 The clean lick­ing is of course done by the cuckold.

If you col­lect your sperm and pre­cum in a dis­ci­plined way, you will have a gang­bang with over 10 sperm loads togeth­er with­in a few days! Alter­na­tive­ly, you can also cook with the sperm ice cream, bake or refine cakes, piz­za, casse­role, or cook­ies. If you like, you can also col­lect creamp­ies and freeze them in the freezer.

Nature just tricked out! You can hide your frozen sperm in a small Tupperware container in the freezer. When you are horny again in a few days later, it will be much easier for you to swallow your horny cum.
Nature just tricked out! You can hide your frozen sperm in a small Tup­per­ware con­tain­er in the freez­er. When you are horny again in a few days lat­er, it will be much eas­i­er for you to swal­low your horny cum.
Slutwife Trainig

Conclusion: Learning to Swallow Sperm Must Be Done Gradually

Swal­low­ing your own cum and lick­ing your pussy clean after insem­i­na­tion is a secret fan­ta­sy for very many straight men. For cuck­old men, learn­ing to swal­low their own semen is indis­pens­able anyway.

Eating your own semen: You can really make it if you stick to your self-established rules. It would be perfect if your hotwife supports you in training.
Eat­ing your own semen: You can real­ly make it if you stick to your self-estab­lished rules. It would be per­fect if your hotwife sup­ports you in training.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the imple­men­ta­tion often fails at the time of ejac­u­la­tion. Because usu­al­ly, the enthu­si­asm is then imme­di­ate­ly over, and you have a men­tal block to try sperm.

The key is a strate­gi­cal­ly smart, slow approach to your own sperm. In the first step, get to know and love your pre­cum by ruin­ing orgasms in hour-long mas­tur­ba­tion ses­sions. Only then can you trust your­self to lick sperm off your hands. For this, you have only 10 sec­onds after the orgasm!

When you are no longer averse to your sperm, you can prac­tice your pre­cum (pre-ejac­u­late) and sperm swal­low­ing reg­u­lar­ly with your partner.

One day, you will be able to lick your horny creampie com­plete­ly clean after each pussy cum. This tech­nique con­sists of a few sim­ple steps:

  1. Cum on pussy abun­dant­ly and deeply.
  2. Pull out your cock quick­ly
  3. Press penis on mons vener­is and labia empty
  4. Close labia and lick clean outside
  5. Quick­ly take the posi­tion 69
  6. Let cum cunt slow­ly run into mouth
  7. Suck out love juices and lick out thoroughly 
  8. Final­ly, cum kiss­ing with snow­balling and play­ing cum games together

If you do just that, you will always be able to eat your own cum in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this short tuto­r­i­al, and I hope it worked. Please leave your opin­ion as a comment.

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