Review and test of the porn site xVideos

Any­one who watch­es porn at least from time to time will prob­a­bly have vis­it­ed the sex site one time or another 

The free Porn­Tube site has been one of the lead­ing providers in the indus­try for decades. In terms of size and vari­ety of the offer, only a few oth­er providers can com­pete with XVideos.

In this erot­ic site test, we would like to intro­duce you to this web­site with excit­ing back­ground infor­ma­tion and a per­son­al test. We explain the struc­ture and com­pare the con­tent with oth­er Porn­Tube portals.

We are inter­est­ed in your opin­ion. What do you think is good or bad about xVideos? Which tube por­tal is your favorite? Please write us your expe­ri­ences below this review in the com­ment field 

Background and facts about

The web­site has been online since 1997. This makes XVideos one of the old­est porn web­sites. In the found­ing year, the pub­lic Inter­net was still in its infan­cy and was only a few years old 

It is all the more aston­ish­ing that XVideos has man­aged to main­tain Rank No. 126 among all web­sites to this day. This means the prono web­site is big­ger than most com­mer­cial web­sites. Per day, the web­site is vis­it­ed by more than 16 mil­lion users 

The com­mer­cial val­ue of the web­site is esti­mat­ed at almost 36 mil­lion US dol­lars. Every day, the web­site gen­er­ates income of approx­i­mate­ly US$35,000 through adver­tis­ing. In the first half of 2021, XVideos was viewed approx­i­mate­ly 3.3 bil­lion times per month 

About 10 mil­lion videos in dozens of lan­guages are avail­able on the plat­form so far. Most users come from the fol­low­ing countries:

  • USA: 26 percent
  • Japan: 11 percent
  • Brazil: 5 percent

Ger­many fol­lows in 4th place with 4 per­cent of users. There are about 4.6 mil­lion porn videos in Ger­man lan­guage on XVideos.

How is the xVideos portal structured?

When call­ing up the start page, the user is auto­mat­i­cal­ly direct­ed to the offer of his coun­try and its lan­guage on the basis of his IP address. How­ev­er, if you want, you can change the set­tings man­u­al­ly and enter Eng­lish as the lan­guage, for example 

On the start page, the videos seem to be arranged accord­ing to pop­u­lar­i­ty. The more often a clip is viewed, the high­er it appears on XVideos. Top movies reach sev­er­al mil­lion views. The cat­e­gories offered range from 4some (four­some) to gay-sex to zor­ra (what­ev­er that is).

In addi­tion to the free sec­tion, which is financed by adver­tis­ing, there is also the paid Red Videos, where the movies are ad-free and shot in HD. C

One can search the site by key­words, chan­nels or porn stars. Besides porn, XVideos also offers access to live cams.

The offer in the Cuckold section

Of course, the cuck­od­ing, hotwif­ing and wife­shar­ing sec­tion inter­ests us the most. In this porn por­tal, this genre is divid­ed into the fol­low­ing cat­e­gories: Cuck, Cuck­old, Cuck­old­ing, BBC and Wifesharing.

For bet­ter com­par­i­son with oth­er tube por­tals, we have searched the fol­low­ing key­words and count­ed the num­ber of videos:

Search Key­wordNum­berDescrip­tion / Translation
Cuck­old35.000Man lets his wife fuck stranger
Cuck­old­ing34.000eng­lish form 
BBC74.000Big black cock = Black, big penises
Hotwife17.000Wife get­ting her­self insem­i­nat­ed by strangers
Cuck­old gangbang58.000Group sex from 5 Bulls
Ama­teur cuckold298.000Ama­teur cou­ples film­ing themselves
Ger­man cuckold43.000Ger­man sex videos
Cuck­old husband42.000Hus­band
Cum eat­ing cuckold176.00Cum eat­ing cuck
Cuck­old cleanup27.000Cuck lick­ing cum clean from his hotwife
Cuck­old wife82.000Wife of the cuck
Inter­ra­cial cuckold92.000inter­ra­cial men, most­ly BBC
Wife shar­ing70.000Wife shar­ing with strange men
Creampie cleanup49.000Cum cunt cleanup
Cuck­old creampie71.000Cum pussy for cucki
Cum food125.000Cum on food
Cum plate137.000Cum on plate
Eat own cum162.00Eat own cum
Fem­dom cuckold51.000Female dom­i­na­tion= woman dom­i­nates a man
Humil­i­at­ing cuckold37.000Humil­i­a­tion of man
Sta­tus 2021

The cuck­old videos are for the most part ama­teur footage that is of sur­pris­ing­ly good qual­i­ty. Many of the clips are tagged 1,080p. This means they were shot in HD resolution 

The length varies. It ranges from under a minute to more than 40 min­utes. On aver­age, such a cuck­old video should be between 5 — 15 min­utes long.

Review: My review of the xVideos sex site

When­ev­er I am on the inter­net look­ing for porn, I always like to get stuck at XVideos because they have sev­er­al mil­lion Ger­man lan­guage videos 

The share of such videos in the total num­ber of movies reach­es almost 50 per­cent, while at the same time only 4 per­cent of the users are from Ger­many. The con­tra­dic­tion proves the good qual­i­ty of the videos, as appar­ent­ly Ger­man ama­teur porn is also very pop­u­lar abroad 

The videos are horny and shot with real lust and pas­sion. You can eas­i­ly get into the scene and get horny very quickly 

The only minus point: The offer in the area of cuck­old­ing could be a lit­tle better.

Over­all rat­ing: 8 out of 10 stars

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