Food Inseminated With Sperm — Cumfood as Effective Swallow Training?

Every hotwife and almost every cuck­old wish that the cuck becomes a good sperm swal­low­er. As already writ­ten in oth­er guides, learn­ing to swal­low sperm proves to be very dif­fi­cult, espe­cial­ly for men.

To lose the shy­ness of sperm, the insem­i­na­tion of food (cum food) has been proven to be a good and proven method.

In this guide, we have com­piled tips for you, which foods are good for eat­ing with sperm and from which you should rather keep your hands off.

Please leave your com­ments below this post if you have any ques­tions or if you can give us some prac­ti­cal tips about sperm swal­low­ing and cum food yourself.

Which Foods Are Very Suitable as Cumfood?

Cum on Burger - Cum food
Cum on Burg­er: Hotwife jerks penis over a plate of burg­ers and fries

The insem­i­na­tion of food (food and food) with sperm is called in the Eng­lish lan­guage “cum on food”, “cum food”, “cum food eat­ing” or “cum food fetish”. Not quite cor­rect is the word “Cum­food”.

This sex­u­al prac­tice is per­fect for train­ing cuck­old and cuck­ol­dress. Already in a few weeks, the aver­sion or even fear of sperm can be com­plete­ly turned off.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, not all foods are suit­able as cum food. It should be main­ly “very sweet” or “very spicy” foods. Sour and bit­ter foods should be avoided.

Since the eye “eats with you”, a dark or var­ied col­or of the cum object is impor­tant. After insem­i­na­tion, the semen should look nice and appe­tiz­ing, and as white as possible.

In addi­tion, the food to be insem­i­nat­ed should be slight­ly absorbent, as fresh­ly squirt­ed semen quick­ly liq­ue­fies when exposed to air. This allows it to “soak in” quick­ly and not run onto the plate. Smooth sur­faces are not so good for spraying.


1.) Pizza: Simply Ideal for Spraying With Sperm!

The 1st place in cum food is tak­en by far by piz­za. Both new­bies and cum lovers sim­ply have no prob­lems swal­low­ing cum.

Cum on Pizza: Cuckold wanking sperm on his pizza
Cum on Piz­za: Cuck­old wank­ing sperm on his pizza

The piz­za base absorbs the cum well, the look is great, and the cum taste is only very sub­tle — to not detectable at all.

In our opin­ion, piz­za from the piz­za ser­vice is much tasti­er than frozen piz­za. For sperm insem­i­na­tion, how­ev­er, both are high­ly recommended.

A very big advan­tage is the large insem­i­na­tion area. If the penis spurts uncon­trolled and far, no sperm will get next to it. How­ev­er, we advise you to qui­et­ly ruin the orgasm of the cuck­old once before he is allowed to cli­max. It can then be har­vest­ed in addi­tion to a lit­tle more sperm.

2.) Cakes, Muffins & Brownies: Looks Cool and Tastes Good

Anoth­er very good method to swal­low own cum is to insem­i­nate cakes and cof­fee cakes.

Cum food: A muffin freshly inseminated with sperm on a black sperm plate.
Cum food: A muf­fin fresh­ly insem­i­nat­ed with sperm on a black sperm plate.

At the cake counter of a bak­ery, you can choose a deli­cious piece of cake and insem­i­nate it with fresh sperm at home.

Espe­cial­ly dark and absorbent cakes as well as muffins and brown­ies, are per­fect. Keep in mind that cakes with choco­late icing are more for advanced cum swallowers.

Also, warm waf­fles with pow­dered sug­ar or cus­tard are a very hot tip!

In our opin­ion, side-lying pieces of mar­ble cake and pot pie are per­fect, baked in a loaf pan or bundt pan. They pro­vide a large insem­i­na­tion sur­face and imme­di­ate­ly soak up the sperm.

Sperm cakes are excel­lent for women and men who were pre­vi­ous­ly afraid of sperm. The smell, con­sis­ten­cy, and amount of sperm do not cause any prob­lems when swal­low­ing. Even advanced users can train super with cake: Because even large amounts of sperm, sperm snow, or sperm ice cubes are absorbed excellently.

Squirting sperm on cake (cum cake)
Cakes bought at the bak­ery (cum cake) are ide­al for learn­ing to swal­low sperm: The absorbent mar­ble cake dough soaks up the sperm after insem­i­na­tion in a few min­utes. It caus­es absolute­ly no more prob­lems to eat your own sperm.

3.) Cookies: Absorbent, Delicious, and Simply Horny!

Cook­ies are avail­able in all col­ors and shapes. They are espe­cial­ly suit­able for begin­ners to learn pre-Cum and sperm swallowing.

OREO cookies are perfect for insemination with sperm
(Cum on OREO cakes)
OREO cook­ies are per­fect for insem­i­na­tion with sperm
(Cum on OREO cakes)

Again, dark cook­ies with an absorbent sur­face are espe­cial­ly suit­able for cum food. Insem­i­nat­ed choco­late cook­ies (with­out choco­late icing) offer an excel­lent con­trast to the sperm and are par­tic­u­lar­ly easy to swallow.

The liq­ue­fy­ing sperm is quick­ly absorbed by the dry cook­ie dough so that the sight always remains appe­tiz­ing, and no cum is lost.

A very good tip are OREO cook­ies that you can unscrew. If you care­ful­ly spoon out some cream with a tea­spoon in a cir­cle, you can fill the cook­ies with your own cum cream and fold them up again!

The cook­ie or cook­ies should be placed on a larg­er, black din­ner plate or sperm bowl before insem­i­na­tion. Why the plate col­or is so impor­tant, you can read fur­ther down in this article.

Cook­ies are absolute­ly suit­able for insemination!

4.) Pudding, Tiramisu: Just Inject, Stir and Enjoy…

Who has­n’t thought while eat­ing choco­late pud­ding with cream or vanil­la sauce, if you can’t inject some cum into it. 😉

Cum on tiramisu (cumfood)
Cum on tiramisu (cum­food)

Pud­ding is a good idea in prac­tice because the mix­ture tastes real­ly deli­cious. Espe­cial­ly begin­ners will have no prob­lems to learn sperm swal­low­ing this way.

We rec­om­mend begin­ners’ choco­late pud­ding with cream. Tiramisu with sperm is also a gold­en tip.

Since the pud­ding comes in a plas­tic cup, it is vir­tu­al­ly impos­si­ble to miss and waste cum.

Absolute begin­ners can sim­ply leak their pre­cum (also called pre-cum or pre-ejac­u­late) out of the penis into a pud­ding while cock edg­ing.

Please do not con­fuse pud­ding with yogurt. Yogurt is too sour and com­plete­ly unsuit­able for swal­low­ing training.

The milking of a cock into a chocolate pudding (cum chocolate pudding) is a good idea.
The milk­ing of a cock into a choco­late pud­ding (cum choco­late pud­ding) is a good idea. The strong choco­late taste cov­ers the sperm taste so much that you can’t taste any sperm at all. Ide­al for beginners! 
make him cuckold

5.) Burger, Sandwiches, Kebab: An Extremely Extreme Dirty Pleasure!

Sperm Burger: Kinky and sexually playful women like to swallow sperm.
Sperm Burg­er: Kinky and sex­u­al­ly play­ful women like to swal­low sperm.

Don’t you know the obscene jokes, with sperm sauce in the burger? 

Believe it or not, sperm in a burg­er is real­ly good. Sand­wich­es from the bak­ery and also a kebab can also be insem­i­nat­ed very well.

The main advan­tage is the strong taste of the kebab, burg­er, or sandwich.

Sperm is fac­tu­al­ly not tastable at all and there­fore per­fect­ly suit­able for peo­ple who have not yet dared to taste their own sperm. Nev­er­the­less, it “kicks” in the head very much to do some­thing so dirty. 😉

Prac­ti­cal is that you can hold the lid of the burg­er in front of the tip of the penis, and you fac­tu­al­ly can not squirt next to it. The dry bun absorbs the liq­uid sperm very quick­ly and binds it securely.

We favor as cum food the clas­sic Ham­burg­er Roy­al TS Burg­er from McDon­ald’s. There is no sauce between the bot­tom half of the bun and the meat pat­ty. That’s where you should squirt in!

Your sperm can be swal­lowed in a kebab, a burg­er, or on a sand­wich from the bak­ery absolute­ly with­out any problems.

Cum on burger - Sperma auf Hamburger Royal TS
Cum on burg­er — Cock jizzed cum on Ham­burg­er Roy­al TS

6.) Dressings, Sauces, Soups, Doughs, Casseroles: Cooking & Baking With Sperm

Because of porn tubes, more and more kinky men and women are get­ting the idea to use sperm for cook­ing and bak­ing. In one or the oth­er Eng­lish Cuck­old­Fo­rum, one has the impres­sion, as if not exact­ly few Cuck­old cou­ples devel­op a real cum fetish.

Pasta with sperm sauce: Kinky and yet completely easy to swallow!
Pas­ta with sperm sauce: Kinky and yet com­plete­ly easy to swallow!

Once the men­tal hur­dle is over­come, kinky cou­ples like to milk off a load of cum or freeze the semen to cook and bake with the horny cum or creampies.

Baked into cakes and cook­ies, great sperm cof­fee cake suc­ceeds, but also as a sal­ad dress­ing, cock cream is super suitable.

Pota­to and pas­ta dish­es can be refined with horny sperm sauce. The swal­low­ing train­ing is very easy even with larg­er amounts of sperm.

Basi­cal­ly, all dress­ings, soups, and sauces as well as bread, cake, and piz­za doughs, are per­fect for stir­ring in a few squirts of cum or frozen sperm.

A good tip is to milk the fuck tail over a half-fin­ished casse­role. When doing this, the cuck should kneel on all fours over the casse­role. The hotwife can ruin his orgasm sev­er­al times. The casse­role dish is nice and big so that no pre­cum or sperm splash­es beside it. After insem­i­na­tion, the mess can be topped with cheese and baked in the oven. The sperm swal­low­ing is no prob­lem at all.

Also, sperm snow or sperm ice cubes from the freez­er or frozen creampie can be super processed in Cum Food. The advan­tage is that larg­er quan­ti­ties of sperm are avail­able, and the penis does not have to be ready for use at the push of a button.

Also cool is when you har­vest your creampie after sex with a plas­tic ice cream spoon direct­ly from the pussy. Either process your love cock­tail fresh or freeze it into a sperm ice cube.

A horny man ejaculated into the dish! Now still cheese on it and purely in the oven. ;-)
A horny man ejac­u­lat­ed into the dish! Now still cheese on it and pure­ly in the oven. 😉

7.) Ice Cream: Fuck Cream Ice Cold Enjoy!

Cum ice cream: Insemination of ice cream me sperm is tasty and horny at the same time
Cum ice cream: Insem­i­na­tion of ice cream me sperm is tasty and horny at the same time.

Deli­cious ice cream is anoth­er incred­i­bly good way to swal­low sperm. The sweet taste and creamy con­sis­ten­cy come togeth­er very nice­ly with cum ice cream.

With the large 500 ml ice con­tain­ers from the freez­er, the penis can squirt out nice­ly over a large area, even with pow­er­ful ejaculations.

The ejac­u­late looks nice and white espe­cial­ly with choco­late ice cream. The shock freez­ing keeps the appear­ance, and no sperm liq­ue­fac­tion sets in.

If you let the cum freeze com­plete­ly into sperm ice cream, you can expect a great con­sis­ten­cy and a pleas­ant taste. Some hotwifes even milk­ing their cuck­olds sev­er­al times in the ice cream con­tain­er over the weeks.

Cum on ice cream: 10 loads of frozen sperm on sperm ice cream - Dirtier sperm swallowing does not go!
Cum on ice cream: 10 loads of frozen sperm on sperm ice cream — Dirt­i­er sperm swal­low­ing does not go!

8.) Cocktails, Smoothies & Shakes

Freeze sperm or inject it fresh directly into the food
Freeze sperm or squirt it fresh right into your food: A new trend among kinky couples?

Absolute­ly effort­less is drink­ing sperm in cock­tails, smooth­ies, and shakes.

It does­n’t mat­ter whether it’s ruined pre-cum (sperm pre-juice), sperm splat­ter dur­ing orgasm, or a spooned-out creampie after a hard quickie.

In our opin­ion, an absolute rec­om­men­da­tion gets the Piña Cola­da cock­tail, based on cream, pineap­ple juice, coconut cream, and rum. The non-alco­holic ver­sion would be the Vir­gin Cola­da. In prin­ci­ple, all cock­tails with cream or liqueur are suitable.

A sperm ice cube as a top­ping kicks the drinker and pre­par­er a lot and pro­vides a pleas­ant taste.

Ath­letes can also mix their pow­er­ful sperm splash­es direct­ly horny in pro­tein shakes (pro­tein shakes) splash and drink their own fuck cream with­out any prob­lems. Frozen sperm ice cream from the freez­er can be great in an elec­tron­ic pro­tein shake mixer. 😉 

9.) Bread, Buns, Toast: The Horny Spread

If you let the Cuc­ki cum on a roll or a slice of bread, the horny cream is imme­di­ate­ly com­plete­ly absorbed into the dough. From the liq­ue­fac­tion you get noth­ing at all.

Cum on toast.
Cum on toast.

Dur­ing orgasm, the penis can squirt out freely over a large area with­out any sperm splat­ter­ing next to it.

If you cov­er the pas­try with deli­cious top­pings, you won’t have any prob­lems swal­low­ing sperm even if you have a large amount.

The com­plete­ly dirty break­fast can also be ini­ti­at­ed with horny sex, dur­ing which the cock squirts into the pussy. The woman sim­ply press­es the joint creampie love juice as on the sliced bun on the break­fast plate. With a long, black ice cream spoon, the remain­ing creampie can be spooned out of the sperm pussy.

The only draw­back, you can see the horny sack cream almost not at all on the light wheat dough.

10.) Other Ideas:

Basi­cal­ly, you can insem­i­nate every­thing that tastes good to you. To our taste, we recommend:

French fries, pota­toes, pan­cakes, pan­cake bat­ter, scram­bled eggs, pan­cakes, donuts, milk­shakes, Kinder Sur­prise egg halves, Nutel­la rolls, wafers, sala­mi, choco­late kiss­es, tor­tilla / taco chips, Pringles, sushi, bananas, and pota­to chips.

Horny also comes with a syringe of fresh or thawed sperm to inject into a pancake. 😉

For Cumfood Moderately Suitable:

Cum on cake: Guy do sperm on cake
Cum on cake: Guy do sperm on cake.

When sperm hits smooth sur­faces, it can­not absorb the food dur­ing the peri­od of liquefaction.

As a result, it runs down uncon­trol­lably and also increas­es the chal­lenge of being able / will­ing to swal­low the entire sperm load.

It becomes dif­fi­cult on for example:

  • Choco­late bars
  • Choco­late bar
  • Donut, with glaze
  • Break­fast egg
  • Cakes and pas­tries with choco­late glaze

Semen can acquire an unsight­ly appear­ance and tex­ture when exposed to heat and acid. Neg­a­tive exam­ples include:

  • Cocoa drink, lat­te macchiato
  • Yogurt
  • Jam roll
  • Apples, pears

Unsuitable for Cumfood:

Com­plete­ly unsuit­able is cum on acidic foods, car­bon­at­ed drinks, hot drinks, trans­par­ent drinks. The sperm tastes unpleas­ant and changes its con­sis­ten­cy very much to the disadvantage.

For exam­ple, you should not insem­i­nate with these foods:

  • Cof­fee, tea, espresso
  • Drink­ing water / table water with and with­out car­bon­ic acid
  • sour fruits (straw­ber­ries, blue­ber­ries, apples, grapes, pineap­ple, kiwi)
  • Nuts
  • Beer
  • Fruit cake
  • Cola, Fan­ta, Sprite

Real­ly don’t even try it 😉

Important: Use Black Dishes!

We rec­om­mend you to buy the fol­low­ing prod­ucts for milk­ing off your dick and insem­i­nat­ing food at eBay or Amazon:

The col­or “black” or a strong, col­or­ful col­or is impor­tant for the sperm to look nice and white and aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleasing.


Conclusion: Eating Sperm on Food Is Horny!

Unlike vanil­la straight cou­ples, most cuck­old cou­ples total­ly like to pig out with sperm, squirt, pussy juice, creampie, pre­cum, and desire drops. But it’s a long way until the cuck real­ly licks every­thing thor­ough­ly clean all the time.

Cum on pizza: Perfect for beginners to learn and practice
Cum on piz­za: Per­fect for begin­ners to learn and practice

Cum on food can make his jour­ney much eas­i­er with con­stant prac­tice. How­ev­er, the cuck­ol­dress can also train to swal­low cum for her gang­bangs if she reg­u­lar­ly enjoys the love juice with deli­cious foods.

Absorbent doughs like cook­ies, cakes, muffins, brown­ies as well as piz­za, burg­ers, and waf­fles are great for one-timers to cum on. Choco­late pud­ding and tiramisu are also great for prac­tic­ing cum swal­low­ing. If the food has dark and brown tones, sperm looks espe­cial­ly aesthetic.

At first, sperm in food is a some­what strange sit­u­a­tion for Cuc­ki and Hotwife. How­ev­er, both of them quick­ly lose their shy­ness about cum this way and find more and more fun in cum­food. Already a few months lat­er, they even find cook­ing, bak­ing, and drink­ing in cock­tails extreme­ly horny.

It is espe­cial­ly ben­e­fi­cial here to gain cum ice cubes and cum snow by penis milk­ing, ruin­ing orgasm (edg­ing, tease and denial), prostate mas­sage and spoon­ing creampie.

Advanced cum food excites them a lot. They cre­ate the cra­zi­est insem­i­na­tion ideas. You can enjoy cum and oth­er love juices in sauces, in a casse­role, in veg­eta­bles, in piña cola­da cock­tail, and on chocolate.

Hotwife eats Ben and Jer­ry’s cum ice cream

Link Tips About Eating Cum (Cum Food):

Insem­i­na­tion of a milk slice
Pri­vate cou­ple shows their cum eat­ing exper­i­ments: pud­ding, hot dog, soup, cake, pep­pers, ham bread, blue­ber­ries, piz­za, ham bread, cornflakes 

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