Horny FemDom porn with submissive cuckold on SubmissiveCuckolds

We are a real cuck­old cou­ple and we are always look­ing for good wife­shar­ing, hotwif­ing and cuck­old­ing porn. By chance one day we came across the porn site SubmissiveCuckolds.com

Submissive Cuckold Review

The title of this high-qual­i­ty sex site trans­lates as Sub­mis­sive Cuck­olds. The porn there brings togeth­er two things that go togeth­er like pitch and sul­fur, whiskey and coke or stock­ings and high heels: dom­i­nant women (Fem­Dom) and cuckolding.

Although being cheat­ed on is a night­mare for most men, wife­shar­ers and cuck­olds get the most plea­sure from watch­ing their wives being fucked and alien­at­ed by oth­er men right in front of them 

Many of them also get excit­ed when they are humil­i­at­ed, pun­ished or even dragged into bondage. Quite a few even want to be forced to lick their beloved woman clean or fuck her cum pussy after the for­eign insemination.

Since we find the com­bi­na­tion of female dom­i­na­tion and cuck­old­ing very excit­ing, we decid­ed to put the Sub­mis­sive Cuck­olds porn site to a porn site test. We clar­i­fy the ques­tion whether it is worth becom­ing a mem­ber on this por­tal. Also, in this review we com­pare the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. Since we are also inter­est­ed in your opin­ion, you can leave your ques­tions and com­ments below the review.

Vis­it SubmissiveCuckolds.com

Why do men let their wife or girlfriend fuck strangers?

Cuckold watches his hotwife
Cuck­old watch­es his hotwife fuck a stranger

For out­siders, the cuck­old­ing or wife­shar­ing lifestyle is dif­fi­cult, if not impos­si­ble, to comprehend 

Nev­er­the­less, the world­wide num­ber of obe­di­ent hus­bands will­ing to let their wives be strangers fucked by strange studs with fat cocks is gigantic.

Accord­ing to unof­fi­cial sta­tis­tics, numer­ous women around 40 often cheat on their hus­bands. Instead of secret­ly deceiv­ing the hus­band, cuck­old­ing is a great way to live out the mean lust and humil­i­ate their mar­i­tal slave in a role-play­ing game. Many cou­ples earn a lit­tle extra pock­et mon­ey doing this 

In cuck­old lev­els C1, C2 and C3 the fetish ranges from “just watch­ing”, to ver­bal humil­i­a­tion, hotwife pussy clean­ing, to fem­i­niza­tion and “nev­er inside” 

Due to the porn age, even nowa­days a strik­ing num­ber of young cou­ples are start­ing to act out this sex practice 

This is the theme of SubmissiveCuckolds 

The preview area of SubmissiveCuckolds.com

Before we get into the review, let’s first take a look at the pre­view area, which is also called pre­view area or tour pages. Accord­ing to our taste, it is very attrac­tive­ly designed and visu­al­ly great.

When you look at the sex site for the first time, you will see a large graph­ic on the SubmissiveCuckolds.com home­page. The col­lage of sev­er­al, small pho­tos shows at a glance what this web­site is all about: Hus­bands are brought to their knees by their wives because they need sex with stronger men 

It says in the text that fem­dom and cuck­old­ing are com­bined here. Even fem­i­niza­tion is a theme, shown by a guy in a wom­an’s dress.

Two visually very appealing cuckold porn preview pages

Cuckold muss Ehefrau beim Blasen zuschauen
Cuck­old has to watch wife giv­ing blowjob

Below the large graph­ic fol­lows a menu with the three items Mem­ber (mem­bers login), Instant Access (book access faster) and Next Page (next tour page).

Below that, things get inter­est­ing: twelve porn movies are list­ed, where you have the option to play a respec­tive trail­er in a large, embed­ded autoplayer 

Below that you will see two small thumb­nails, which are not click­able, and a video descrip­tion. The sec­ond demo page of the tour lists anoth­er eight cuck­old porn, so you can watch twen­ty trailers.

The pre­view videos and pho­tos from SubmissiveCuckolds.com are very diverse 

They show very horny cuck­old­ing scenes with a cer­tain Fem­Dom touch and like­able but quite young porn actors 

  • Some cuck­olds have lost a card game, oth­ers have rent­ed their girl­friend to a strange man for mon­ey. The men watch more or less enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly as their part­ner is fremdgefickt.
  • Still oth­er men are very sub­mis­sive and are humil­i­at­ed by their wives and girl­friends. They have to jerk and blow the for­eign penis, swal­low for­eign sperm and let spit in the mouth. There are also some who sniff the wom­an’s feet.

The good pre­view area encour­aged us to book a mem­ber­ship for this review 


Facts and figures about Submissive Cuckolds

The web­site SubmissiveCuckolds.com went online in June 2010 and has grown con­tin­u­ous­ly since then. The oper­a­tor of the web­site is the British com­pa­ny Tri­mond Lim­it­ed. The pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny is a Russ­ian or Ukrain­ian porn studio.

Cuckold panty sniffing
Cuck­ol­dress dom­i­nates her hus­band with her worn panties

To get access to beau­ti­ful world of cuck­old and dom­i­na­trix porn, mem­ber­ship costs are stag­gered as follows:

  • 1‑month term – $34.95
  • 2‑month term – $69.95
  • 1‑month term – $49.95 (mul­ti-sites access)

As for the sub­scrip­tions, I noticed a few pecu­liar­i­ties in my review. The inex­pen­sive month­ly sub­scrip­tion is auto­mat­i­cal­ly renewed when the term expires 

The mem­ber­ship with the term of 2 months or 60 days is not a sub­scrip­tion, but a one-time pay­ment. A can­cel­la­tion is not required. The mem­ber­ship ends after the expi­ra­tion of the term.

The last option is a mem­ber­ship that ends after 30 days. The price is high­er than the first option because an access to 3 oth­er web­sites is included:

As a pay­ment method Sub­mis­sive Cuck­olds offers pay­ment by cred­it card (Visa, Mas­ter­Card) only.

Test report: porn site review of SubmsissiveCuckolds.com

Site structure, content and special features

On the home­page of the mem­bers area of SubmissiveCuckolds.com you can find the lat­est updates, the best rat­ed porn and even a pre­view of the next update. You can eas­i­ly find your way around even with lit­tle knowl­edge of Eng­lish. The design is get­ting a bit old.

The sex site offers incred­i­bly horny, authen­tic cuck­old porn that you rarely get to see on oth­er sites. In our review we count­ed around 200 videos that you can watch on Sub­mis­sive Cuck­olds. Two new porn videos are added twice a month.

You can down­load the movies in MP4 for­mat on the video detail pages or watch them in your brows­er as an embed­ded stream. The movies run on aver­age 15 to 30 minutes.

There are no sort­ing options or fil­ters for the pic­tures and videos. There are also no inter­ac­tive options like a search, key­words (tags) or favorites.

The videos are most­ly shot in HD qual­i­ty. Almost half of the sex movies are now even in razor-sharp 4k UHD res­o­lu­tion. Both the shoot­ing and the edit­ing can be rat­ed as professional.

The videos are com­ple­ment­ed by about 140 gal­leries of pho­tos, each of which con­tains around 100 shots. The pho­tos can also be down­loaded in good qual­i­ty, as a zip file.

Review - Ehemann muss Spermafotze seiner Ehefrau sauber lecken
Hus­band has to lick his wife’s cum cunt clean

Horny cuckold scenes with varied actions

Cuckold liegt unter Muschi seiner Ehefrau
Cuck­old lies under pussy of his wife

The Sub­mis­sive­Cuck­olds porn acts are real and authen­tic cuck­old fan­tasies. It is impor­tant to present the top­ic of cuck­old­ing as mul­ti­fac­eted as possible 

Often it is about clas­sic cuck­old­ing scenes where the hus­band just sits in a cor­ner and enjoys the action. Some­times he even watch­es the pen­e­tra­tion up close.

There are also numer­ous dom­i­na­trix videos of women treat­ing their hus­bands as slaves with some bisex­u­al action 

Often the sequence of events is as follows:

The hotwife calls her lover and invites him to her home, although her hus­band lis­tens in on this phone con­ver­sa­tion. Then the woman gives her cuck­old instruc­tions on how the evening should go and what his tasks are.

The Bull comes into the apart­ment, kiss­es the lust­ful woman, while the Cucky kneels next to him and duti­ful­ly waits for her orders.

The women vis­i­bly love to be fucked then by the per­sis­tent Bulls in all posi­tions. Some women even come to unact­ed, some­times mul­ti­ple orgasms.

Hotwife spuckt Cuckold-in den Mund
Hotwife spits cuck­old in her mouth

How­ev­er, they also know how to make their hus­bands or boyfriends suf­fer! Some­times their wife sits on his mouth with her plea­sure cleft and gets licked while she sucks her bul­l’s cock. Some­times the slaves are also bound and gagged or wear a penis cage.

The dom­i­nant hotwife ver­bal­ly insults her hus­band. She insults him while lick­ing their pussy or kiss­ing their feet or the wife spits in their mouth.

It also occa­sion­al­ly hap­pens that the cuck has to suck the stranger’s cock. Dur­ing the wild fuck­ing, one or the oth­er hub­by (hus­band) also gets a load of sperm from time to time. When the stal­lion is done with the hotwife, the cuck­old is often pulled on the leash to lick the fresh­ly insem­i­nat­ed cunt of his wife squeaky clean.

It real­ly does­n’t get any hot­ter than this! 😉

Some­times the cuck­old’s facial expres­sions look sad, which we per­son­al­ly don’t quite like. Maybe it’s a mat­ter of taste, but basi­cal­ly cuck­old­ing is sup­posed to be fun for both part­ners. Here it is sug­gest­ed that cuck­olds do not enjoy their role.

Very authentic performers

The per­form­ers are a mix of Russ­ian porn stars (like Abby, Logan, Jessie Gold) and ama­teurs. It is very like­ly that the per­form­ers include real cuck­old couples.

Very many of the 70+ actress­es are very pret­ty. There are very young, slut­ty women and also expe­ri­enced, hot MILFs.

The sub­mis­sive cuck­olds look most­ly aver­age nor­mal. Some cuck­is may be just 18 to 20 years old 

Many Bulls are well-toned, ath­let­ic, mid­dle-aged men with large penis­es. We have not seen any BBC Bulls.

Submissive Cuckolds covers the following BDSM categories:

  • Cuck­old
  • Sub­mis­sive (docile sub)
  • Dom­i­na­tion
  • Spit­ting (spit­ting sali­va and cum into the mouth)
  • Fem­i­niza­tion (fem­i­niza­tion through make­up and wom­en’s clothing)
  • Humil­i­a­trix / humil­i­ate (humil­i­a­tion)
  • Fem­dom (Female Dom­i­na­tion = female dominance)
  • Wor­ship (ado­ra­tion, worship)
  • Cumshot (Sperm splash)
  • Creampie cleanup (lick­ing pussy clean)
  • Penis cage (penis cage, chasti­ty cage)
  • Cum swal­low (Cuck­ol­dress orders the cuck­old to swal­low cum)
  • Cum swap­ping (lover ejac­u­lates in wom­an’s mouth, she spits in her hus­band’s mouth)
For­eign insemination

Advantages of the porn site

  • On this web­site, the first thing that stands out is the attrac­tive women 
  • The cuck­old actions most­ly come across as very real and realistic.
  • I also like the many ways in which the hotwifes humil­i­ate their sub­mis­sive cuckolds.
  • From a tech­ni­cal point of view, I must also note pos­i­tive­ly in my web­site test that the videos and pho­tos are of good quality 
  • New videos and pho­tos are uploaded at least once a month.
  • Some cuck­old scenes include some bisex­u­al action.
  • The creampie cleanup scenes are all horny! The cuck­old often licks the lover’s cum out of his wife’s pussy. Some­times the wife also spits the lover’s ejac­u­late into her mouth. How­ev­er, in some movies, the cuck is also ejac­u­lat­ed direct­ly into the mouth.

Disadvantages of the sex site

  • A lit­tle more infor­ma­tion about the porn actress­es would be desirable.
  • Unfor­tu­nate­ly, mobile devices are not sup­port­ed as well as oth­er porn sites. The best way to view them sex site is on a lap­top or desktop.
  • Some cuck­olds seem sad and have no fun in their roles.
  • Russ­ian is often spo­ken, which is not under­stood. How­ev­er, the scenes have Eng­lish subtitles.
Ehefrau mit Schamhaare und Achselhaare lässt sich ihre Sperma Muschi sauberlecken
Horny wife with pubic hair and armpit hair has her cum pussy licked clean

Review Conclusion: Is SubmissiveCuckolds.com recommendable?

Hotwife spits in husbands mouth
Hotwife spits in hus­band’s mouth

The porn site review of SubmissiveCuckolds.com has con­firmed our pos­i­tive impres­sion of the pre­view section 

It is an incred­i­bly horny plat­form for cuck­old fetish­es of all kinds. In the videos, almost all fan­tasies of wives are filmed in pre­mi­um qual­i­ty in an orig­i­nal way.

The sexy look­ing ladies are horni­ly fucked and insem­i­nat­ed by hand­some strange guys in the pres­ence of their hus­band or boyfriend.

As an obe­di­ent hus­band or boyfriend, the male per­form­ers do every­thing their wife tells them to do. They brave­ly endure every blowjob, get spit in their mouth and duti­ful­ly eat the creampie from their wife’s pussy.

In our opin­ion, wife­shar­ing and cuck­old cou­ples can also super watch Sub­mis­sive­Cuck­olds porn togeth­er. They are very inter­est­ing and give prac­ti­cal advice and great sex tips.

Vis­it SubmissiveCuckolds.com

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