Very horny porn movies for cuckolds and hotwifes on the erotic site

There are many rea­sons that give cuck­olds and hotwifes the idea to bring strange men into their mar­i­tal sex life. Most­ly, she wants to make sex more excit­ing. Some­times the hus­band can’t sat­is­fy his wife’s sex­u­al appetite. Also, there are also cou­ples who like to watch porn togeth­er and want to live cuck­old­ing or wife­shar­ing only in their fantasies.

For­tu­nate­ly, there are web­sites ded­i­cat­ed to can­daulism (sci­en­tif­ic name for cuck­old­ing). They sup­ply the inter­est­ing cou­ple with food for horny fantasies.

In this review, I would like to intro­duce you to the porn site New­Cocks­ForMy­Wife. This erot­ic site is all about for­eign insem­i­na­tion, where the spouse or life part­ner watch­es. But is it worth it to become a mem­ber? What kind of con­tent can be expect­ed? Find out the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages in this report. You are wel­come to share your expe­ri­ences and opin­ions with us under the test.

Vis­it NewCocksForMyWife

Review: The website briefly presented

If you are into watch­ing your wife get­ting fucked by oth­er men in front of you, then the porn site “New cocks for my wife” will also make you very curi­ous. “New penis­es for my wife …” The mot­to sounds good.

New cocks for my wife

There pre­sent­ed very attrac­tive hotwifes in front of one or two strange men. Either she is com­plete­ly naked or dressed like a slut in fish­net stock­ings and a garter belt or miniskirts and high heels.

The poor cuck­old is only allowed to watch as his wife is fucked from one vio­lent orgasm to anoth­er and has her cunt filled with cum. At the end the cuc­ki is allowed to lick the cum cunt clean.

Most of the videos are in-house pro­duc­tions with a nice mix of pro­fes­sion­als and amateurs.

Facts and figures about the website

The wife­shar­ing sex site has been around since 2009 and is a pop­u­lar porn site. Cur­rent­ly, you can find about 130 videos there.

At first glance, the con­tent of about 130 videos does­n’t seem like much. How­ev­er, you have to keep in mind that New­Cocks­ForMy­Wife belongs to the Sex­Movies­Net­work- Net­work. With the mem­ber­ship, you get access to more than 120 porn sites, including:

and many others.

By the way, the offer also includes free live web­cams. On the net­work, you have access to more than 100,000 videos to stream and down­load and more than 5,000 DVDs in more than 50 categories.

The costs

The fol­low­ing options are avail­able to you for membership:

  • 2‑day tri­al: 1 USD
  • 1 month: 29.95 USD
  • 3 months: 59.95 USD (19.95 USD/month)
  • 12 months: 119.40 USD (9.95 USD/month)

To pay you can either use a cred­it card (Visa or Mas­ter­Card) or PayPal.

I rec­om­mend the 1‑month tri­al. The 2‑day tri­al is use­less because you can basi­cal­ly only log in to the mem­bers area and still have to pay for the content.

The preview area

Since a relaunch in 2017, the pre­view area is unfor­tu­nate­ly only sim­ple and mean­ing­less. You can find a lot of screen­shots of some videos of the mem­ber’s area there — How­ev­er, I would have liked a bit more infor­ma­tion for my review.

The brown, wide bar at the top of the porn page is annoy­ing. There are also no free trail­ers. On the so-called tour pages, there is unfor­tu­nate­ly not much to see or explore overall.

If the top­ic did­n’t inter­est me so burn­ing­ly, the pre­view area would­n’t appeal to me much to book a membership.

Porn site review: The members area of

Site design, content and special features

After book­ing a mem­ber­ship, you are logged direct­ly into the mem­ber area. The design is appeal­ing and the nav­i­ga­tion is easy to under­stand. You will find your way around eas­i­ly. When you click on the Sex­Movies­Net­work but­ton, a list pops up that allows you to switch between the net­work’s websites.

I liked the New­Cocks­ForMy­Wife porn. They are pro­fes­sion­al­ly shot and the ladies look real­ly attrac­tive. The pas­sion of the hotwifes is unact­ed and comes across extreme­ly horny. You can enjoy lots of cum, big fuck cocks and for­eign insem­i­na­tion. Even for unusu­al pref­er­ences, you will find suit­able porn.

I find it remark­able that does not only offer porn accord­ing to the usu­al pat­tern. For exam­ple, in one clip the cuck­old is black and watch­es his wife being fucked by a white man. In anoth­er porn, the wife is a female cuck­old (called a cuck­quean). She watch­es as her hus­band fucks a sexy brunette in front of her and pumps her cunt full of cum.

In most cas­es, these are wife­shar­ing scenes. Real cuck­old porn is, unfor­tu­nate­ly, rel­a­tive­ly rare. You will have to search a bit to find them.

The res­o­lu­tion of most videos is the stan­dard Full HD. The movies can be watched in stream as well as down­loaded to your hard drive.

Advantages of the porn site

  • excel­lent video quality
  • The videos are very horny in terms of con­tent. All women vis­i­bly enjoy stranger fucking.
  • Thanks to the HD res­o­lu­tion, the sex movies are nice and sharp.
  • Female porn per­form­ers are often dressed very sexy.
  • Male per­form­ers (the bulls) are mus­cu­lar and have big penis.
  • The sto­ries are very var­ied. When the wives are fucked strange­ly, some men are excit­ed, some are sub­mis­sive, some are desperate.
  • part­ly humorous
  • Access to the huge Sex­Movies­Net­work with 120 oth­er websites.
  • In the net­work you can find off­beat, sex­u­al preferences.

Disadvantages of the sex site

  • no free trailers
  • main­ly wife­shar­ing porn, real cuck­olds are rel­a­tive­ly rare
  • Some scenes seem overdone
  • some cuck­olds are por­trayed stupidly

Review Conclusion: Is recommendable?

The porn on is very horny and stim­u­lat­ing. It’s fun to watch the sex-crazed hotwifes get alien-fucked and alien-insem­i­nat­ed in front of their hus­bands. Some women even squirt with horniness.

For the sens­es of cuck­olds, hotwifes, and bulls, this web­site is a real treat. The sex movies offer cre­ative ideas for new sex fan­tasies and are very suit­able for horny porn evenings alone or in pairs.

Access to the Sex­Movies­Net­work net­work is also worth­while. A lot of porn movies are cov­ered in the area of cuck­old­ing, wife­shar­ing, big penis­es, BBC, gang­bang and group sex 

I enjoyed the erot­ic site test very much. In my opin­ion, this web­site is one of the best porn sites in the cuck­old genre. Com­pared to oth­er porn sites, I like the var­ied acts.

Vis­it NewCocksForMyWife

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