When the Wife Is Submissive: Man Dream Cuckquean

When it comes to cuck­old rela­tion­ships, the cuck­old is a sub­mis­sive man who is dom­i­nat­ed by his wife.

He has to watch her have sex with oth­er men, but is not allowed to par­tic­i­pate him­self. After each round, he has to lick his hotwife’s pussy and the cocks of her studs clean.

But there are also rela­tion­ships where it goes the oth­er way around:
The wife or life part­ner is sub­mis­sive and loves it when her hus­band has fun with anoth­er woman. This is called a cuckquean.

In this guide, we will explain to you what a cuck­quean is, how a rela­tion­ship with her goes and tasks she has.

What Is a Cuckquean?

There are cou­ples where he is dom­i­nant and she is sub­mis­sive. She feels plea­sure in being humil­i­at­ed and subjugated.

With the cuck­quean, this is expressed in such a way that she gets extreme­ly horny when her man has sex with oth­er women. If the ten­den­cy is only slight­ly pro­nounced in the Cuck­quean, it is enough for her if her hus­band tells her in all details how he had sex with oth­er women. This makes the cuck­quean so horny that she sat­is­fies her­self with a dil­do or vibrator.

At the next stage, the cuck­quean choos­es women with whom her hus­band should have sex. In doing so, she choos­es such women whose type he likes. If her pas­sion is very strong, she even par­tic­i­pates in sex, but usu­al­ly plays only a pas­sive role.

A cuck­quean is a female cuck­old. She must obey the wife

How Does Something Like This Happen?

The man brings home a strange woman or two to have sex with them. He finds the women in var­i­ous forums or con­tact exchanges on the Inter­net, or they are sim­ply hookers.

A cuckquean also has to lick the creampie clean
A cuck­quean also has to lick the creampie clean

The cuck­quean is already wait­ing for the oth­ers lust­ful­ly. To warm up, she not infre­quent­ly puts on a les­bian show with the oth­er woman (many cuck­queans are bisex­u­al). Dur­ing sex, the cuck­quean watch­es tense­ly and does not miss even the small­est detail.

Most of the time, how­ev­er, she does not active­ly par­tic­i­pate. While her hus­band works on the pussy and ass of the oth­er, the cuck­quean gives him a short blowjob every now and then.

This goes on until her mas­ter and mis­tress cum in the oth­er woman. After that, the cuck­quean licks pussy, butt hole and cock clean.

So that her mas­ter can fuck again soon, she gives him a blowjob or mas­sages his cock until he is stiff again and ready for the next round. This is repeat­ed until his balls are com­plete­ly emptied.

So the Man Is Allowed to Do Whatever He Wants?

It’s not quite like that. The rela­tion­ship between Cuck­quean and her mas­ter is based on trust, open­ness and honesty.

Although the man has sex with oth­er women, he does not cheat for the cuck­quean because he does it with her knowl­edge and con­sent. The two talk it out before­hand and deter­mine exact­ly what is allowed and how far he may go. This includes, for exam­ple, such ques­tions as:

  • Is he allowed to have sex with whomev­er he wants or does she choose the women?
  • Does she want to be there or should he just report?
  • Which posi­tions are allowed?
  • Is he allowed to fuck with­out a con­dom and give the oth­er woman a creampie?

Some­times it can even hap­pen dur­ing group sex that anoth­er man wants to have sex with the cuck­quean. This must also be agreed upon beforehand.

Cuck­quean Wife Helps Hus­band Cum Inside Friend — Eats The Creampie 

How Can You Tell That Your Partner Could Be a Cuckquean?

There are sev­er­al signs that point to this. For exam­ple, it is notice­able if she keeps ask­ing you about your ex-girl­friends, wants to know how the sex with them was and gets horny.

Anoth­er sign is also when she does­n’t get jeal­ous when oth­er women flirt with you or when she brings up the con­ver­sa­tion on her own about how nice it would be if you had sex with 2 women.

How Do You Make Your Wife a Cuckquean?

It’s not that easy. The signs men­tioned before are to be tak­en when they are not just on a whim but repeat­ed on a reg­u­lar basis.

You must also be aware that a cuck­old rela­tion­ship (or in this case with a cuck­quean) can only work out if your rela­tion­ship is sta­ble and you trust each oth­er. It’s best to broach the sub­ject at the appro­pri­ate time, such as after sex or when you’re watch­ing a movie togeth­er on the couch.

If she agrees to become your cuck­quean, agree on exact­ly how far every­thing should go. More impor­tant­ly, stick to the agree­ment. For exam­ple, if you have sex with anoth­er woman and con­ceal this from your cuck­quean, this is cheat­ing and can lead to the breakup of the relationship.

Suzanne is a cuck quean
make him cuckold

Conclusion: A Dream Come True — But It’s Not Easy

Most men would feel like they’re in par­adise if their wife not only had no objec­tions to a three­some but even invit­ed an attrac­tive woman home for it.

How­ev­er, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Even in such a seem­ing­ly open rela­tion­ship, there are fixed rules. Open­ness and hon­esty towards your part­ner are the top pri­or­i­ty, oth­er­wise, the rela­tion­ship will fail.

In return, you can have a love life with your cuck­quean that oth­ers can’t even dream of.

Creampie cleaning cuckquean
Creampie clean­ing cuckquean

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