Swallow Own Sperm — This Is How I Did It

Hel­lo dear readers,

my name is Timo, I am 49 and I would like to pub­lish here my diary, how I learned to swal­low my own sperm in nine months… or bet­ter said, how I real­ly learned to love my sperm.

Felix had asked me to write down my career. Hope­ful­ly, my text will help someone. 😁

Please for­give me that this sex sto­ry has become a bit too long. It has just been a process of sev­er­al months. Please leave a com­ment if you want to tell me some­thing or you have any questions.

My History

I live with my wife Kat­ja (47) in Berlin, Ger­many. We have been mar­ried for 25 years and have been through many ups and downs. Our two chil­dren chal­lenged us a lot in their infan­cy and puber­ty. Kat­ja and I at one point only had sex once or twice a month. It some­times felt like a chore. I have to admit, though, that I often did­n’t try too hard to sat­is­fy Katja.

My sperm had always been a no-go for us. It was care­less­ly wiped away or show­ered away. This occa­sion­al­ly made me a lit­tle con­cerned. Through Kat­ja’s body lan­guage, I some­times felt a bit reject­ed. Sperm games, sperm swal­low­ing or a facial insem­i­na­tion was not even close to think! 🙄

When I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty, I liked to mas­tur­bate in our office room secret­ly for years while watch­ing porn. My favorite gen­res were ama­teur porn with plen­ty of cum, MIL­Fs, bukkake and gang­bang movies with mas­sive creampies.

Over the years, my sex­u­al pro­cliv­i­ties creep­i­ly evolved towards cuck­old­ing, wife­shar­ing and BBC porn. It ger­mi­nat­ed strong­ly increas­ing­ly more and more the desire to let my wife for­eign fuck by sev­er­al men and even for­eign insem­i­na­tion with a lot of sperm. It was clear to me that this is utopi­an — For group sex or sex with strangers, Kat­ja was def­i­nite­ly much too con­ser­v­a­tive! But, well, thoughts are free…

January 2021: I Discovered Edging

I noticed one day that I enjoyed the pent-up horni­ness when I did­n’t cum for sev­er­al days. I found that each ejac­u­la­to­ry orgasm was always accom­pa­nied by sev­er­al days of listlessness.

Precum dripping while edging
Pre­cum drip­ping while edging

So, I final­ly got into edg­ing, which is also called orgasm ruin­ing or orgasm con­trol. I want­ed to jerk off and still stay horny. But the top­ic of swal­low­ing sperm was still a long way off. My semen land­ed as always in the paper hand­ker­chief and then in the toilet!

In Jan­u­ary 2021, our sec­ond son also left our par­ents’ house. It was some­how very unusu­al. Kat­ja and I had time for us again. And yet, our sex life did­n’t real­ly get going.

The sex felt some­how forced. To loosen it up a bit and to always guar­an­tee Kat­ja an orgasm, I bought her a vibra­tor. My well-inten­tioned gift was only mod­er­ate­ly well received. At first, I had the feel­ing that Kat­ja felt pres­sured. How­ev­er, she slow­ly loos­ened up and now cli­maxed every time after sex. I took it as a good sign and stayed on the ball.

For Valen­tine’s Day, I gave her a sec­ond vibra­tor, a mas­sager and a dil­do. Kat­ja relaxed notice­ably, and we had fun exper­i­ment­ing with the sex toys.

Orgasm ruin / Edging graph
Orgasm ruin / Edg­ing graph

April 2021: Orgasm Control Became My Passion

The first Coro­na lock­down fol­lowed in April. I was put on short time. I was able to jerk off and watch porn exten­sive­ly every day for sev­er­al weeks. Kat­ja only came home from work in the late after­noon. It was a dream come true. 🙂

Dur­ing this time, I got very involved with penis edg­ing. Dur­ing my longer mas­tur­ba­tion ses­sions, I learned more and more to gain con­trol over my orgasm. After a few weeks, I even man­aged to ruin my orgasm three times in the begin­ning and final­ly, even five times and the cock stayed hard, and I stayed horny! That was mega! 💦

Mean­while, I no more ejac­u­lat­ed into paper tis­sues at all. Instead, I only jizzed on my black sperm plate, in a glass or cup. I found it much, much hornier to watch my penis while cum­ing! 😃 Com­plete­ly with­out any prob­lems, I licked off my sweet pre-cum of my fin­gers and from the penis glans while edging.

My deal with myself: Never again paper tissues!

Grad­u­al­ly, I lost over the weeks more and more the shy­ness of my sperm. I informed myself on the Inter­net very inten­sive­ly on the top­ics of “swal­low­ing own sperm, “aut­ofel­la­tio”, “lick­ing clean an insem­i­nat­ed wife”, “cuck­old­ing”, and “creampie / cum pussy clean-up”.

Espe­cial­ly the first pent-up splash, which shot vio­lent­ly out of my cock dur­ing the “first time ruin­ing” as if by a tense spring, was always an expe­ri­ence. I bought a black place­mat and put it on my desk. For the first shot, I often stood in front of the place­mat and could some­times squirt for sure 20 to 40 cm.

I asked myself why I had not come up with the idea to mas­tur­bate so horny before!

Edg­ing: Orgasm three times ruined and caught pre­cum with a cup. After 10 min­utes final­ly, the redeem­ing gigan­tic orgasm cum shot!

May 2021: The Desire to Swallow My Sperm Began

I felt it as mean­while extreme­ly horny to milk my penis emp­ty with­out orgasm until real­ly no sperm drop was left in me to enjoy at the end an incom­pa­ra­bly vio­lent mega orgasm almost with­out sperm. It was incom­pa­ra­bly horny!

The exist­ing per­ma­nent horni­ness, the many search­es and count­less porn made sure that I felt more and more often the desire to swal­low some sperm. I took it upon myself to be able to ejac­u­late into my mouth one day.

How­ev­er, to take the entire sperm load into my mouth, I always unfor­tu­nate­ly did not man­age, despite all my enthu­si­asm for my penis cream. After a full cum orgasm, my desire was like fiz­zled out. It real­ly annoyed me a lot!

I found one day the horny guides of cuckold.info and tried to imple­ment the crazy ideas. The tip with a black plas­tic spoon was worth its weight in gold! I could now pick up every last drop of cum from the glans and trans­port small and larg­er amounts imme­di­ate­ly into my mouth. A small­er sperm bowl was also a good tip, then the penis can always leak nice­ly while watch­ing porn with­out me sow­ing my chair full.

Very, very horny I found the insem­i­na­tion of cakes, cook­ies and piz­za. Also the tips with sperm ice cubes freeze, I found super horny. I found horny porn on the Inter­net on this sub­ject and I took it upon myself to just try it.

Milking precum and cum on plate
Milk­ing pre­cum and cum on plate while sev­er­al orgasm ruins

I Masturbated with Men Sex Toys

I was made very horny by the hours of penis play. But since hand oper­a­tion became too monot­o­nous for me, I came up with the idea of buy­ing sex toys:

The invest­ment was real­ly, real­ly worth it. The qual­i­ty of mas­tur­ba­tion increased sig­nif­i­cant­ly. The prostate stim­u­la­tor mas­sive­ly increased my plea­sure feel­ing when edg­ing and real­ly pressed out every drop of pre­cum and let my drops of desire just spill out. I had a lot of cum to prac­tice swal­low­ing sperm. Mega!

The oth­er side of the coin was that I no longer fucked my wife Kat­ja in the mean­time, because I was com­plete­ly sat­is­fied in the evening. I had to be care­ful that Kat­ja does not dis­cov­er my sore penis and my sore nipples.

Edging with Fleshlight
Edg­ing with Flesh­light masturbator

June 2021: I Learned to Love “Food Inseminate”

I remem­ber this one warm June day very clear­ly: I stood mega rat­ty in front of the bak­ery counter and chose two pieces of cake to insem­i­nate with five orgas­mic ruins and some sperm ice cream.… A choco­late muf­fin and a cher­ry crum­ble cake.

Arriv­ing home, my cock was already half stiff with antic­i­pa­tion as I undressed. As usu­al, I put a tow­el on my chair, my cum place mat on the table and my cum plate, cum bowl and cum spoon on top. I start­ed my favorite porn with a horny gang­bang mass insem­i­na­tion of sperm stu­dio. The black-haired porn actress looked very much like my wife. The thought and the desire that my Kat­ja is fucked so hard by a large horde of men and insem­i­nat­ed mega-rare with sperm, brings me mean­while around the mind… 😇

After I put the muf­fin and the cake on the plate, I jerked my penis in my pop­u­lar start-stop method for about 15 min­utes and watched my fan­ta­sy Kat­ja fuck­ing on the mon­i­tor. Then I got up and splashed I in the mid­dle of the orgasm ruin three very pow­er­ful splash­es of sperm full over the cakes. Mega!!!!! 💦

The sight was already very horny and I had strange­ly no prob­lem at all to eat the sperm cake. I was very excit­ed and equal­ly strong about swal­low­ing sperm.

My First Cum Muffin

I grabbed a sperm ice cube from the freez­er and a knife. I cut the muf­fin hor­i­zon­tal­ly, worked a small hol­low out of the cake bat­ter and melt­ed the ice cube on top.

After a few min­utes, the muf­fin soaked up all the freez­er sperm. Total­ly turned on by the porn and muf­fin, I made my way over the sperm pas­try. Again, I had no trou­ble swal­low­ing my cum 

It was a com­bi­na­tion of pride, sat­is­fac­tion and horni­ness to have eat­en all the sperm. 😁

Cum on muffin
Deli­cious Cum food: Cum on muffin

2. July 2021: Katja Caught Me Jerking Off

After all, it was kind of to be expect­ed that my exces­sive mas­tur­bat­ing would come out one day!!! It had been going well for far too long!

Kat­ja came home ear­ly from work that day. Since I wear head­phones while watch­ing porn, I did­n’t hear her come in.

I had spread out all my jerk-off equip­ment and already 2x horny ruined my orgasm on OREO cook­ies. I was sit­ting naked in front of my com­put­er, wear­ing clamps on my nip­ples and just mas­tur­bat­ing with my Flesh­light masturbator.

Sud­den­ly “bam­mm” opened the door. Kat­ja was speech­less to see me like this. Her eyes wan­dered to the ful­ly weight­ed cook­ie, the com­plete­ly cum-smeared plate, the spoon, the mas­tur­ba­tors and nip­ple toys. The room smelled of my cum and pheromones. 😳

She only angri­ly brought out an “I don’t believe it!!!” and slammed the door again. Sev­er­al very frosty and tense days fol­lowed. Kat­ja treat­ed me as if I had been caught in the act of cheat­ing. I had to lis­ten to all kinds of hurt­ful, deroga­to­ry com­ments. That was real­ly not nice! 

I had com­plete­ly lost the desire to jerk off and swal­low sperm. I promised Kat­ja nev­er to do it again. It was very embar­rass­ing to me somehow.…

Mid July 2021: My Cuckold Coming Out

A good two or three weeks passed and my embar­rass­ing mishap had already fad­ed into the background.

Dur­ing a stroll, Kat­ja approached me, whether we can make “such fan­cy” sex­u­al shenani­gans not rather togeth­er. When I was all embar­rassed again, Kat­ja con­fessed to me that she had also often secret­ly mas­tur­bat­ed and that she missed my close­ness and our good sex from the past time of many years. 😍

She want­ed to know what it was about the plate and the cook­ies. I con­fessed every­thing to her my edg­ing games, the porn watch­ing, my cum games, the exper­i­ments with food insem­i­na­tion (cum food) … And also my fer­vent desire to final­ly learn to love my own sperm.

Some­how the con­ver­sa­tion came to the top­ic of “sex­u­al fan­tasies”. I gath­ered all my courage and told her that I had very kinky wife­shar­ing and cuck­old­ing fan­tasies and would glad­ly allow her to have sex with strange men with big penis­es. To my sur­prise, she smiled and a lit­tle lat­er admit­ted that she has often had stranger fuck fan­tasies since she was a teenag­er. How­ev­er, she did not want to hurt me and pre­ferred to keep these thoughts to herself.

It was a real­ly good con­ver­sa­tion over­all! As a con­clu­sion, we not­ed that we no longer want to have secrets and tell us every­thing open­ly in the future. 👍

Horny reconciliation sex in the evening with multiple ensaminations

In the evening, there was then real­ly horny sex. 

Licking clean sperm inseminated wife
Lick­ing clean sperm insem­i­nat­ed wife

I showed Kat­ja while fuck­ing how I could ruin my orgasm three times. I pulled my penis out of her horny pussy and unseamed my fuck cock with­out orgasm on her breasts, her bel­ly, and her venus mound.

After each care­ful deseed­ing, I could con­tin­ue fuck­ing Kat­ja very hard. She was thrilled and moaned loud­ly with pleasure.

Final­ly, she wiped her index fin­ger through the pud­dles of cum on her skin and cheek­i­ly asked, “Did­n’t you for­get some­thing?” She put her index fin­ger in my mouth and I licked her breasts, pussy clean afterwards. 

On her warm skin, the sperm clean lick and swal­low pre­pared me sur­pris­ing­ly no dif­fi­cul­ties at all. Kat­ja grinned with pleasure. 🤗

Then I fucked Kat­ja again as hard as I could and cummed into her horny, wet pussy. Breath­less­ly I licked her clean in con­clu­sion.… until she’s ecsta­t­i­cal­ly twitch­ing expe­ri­enced a very inten­sive orgasm.

End of July / August 2021: Katja Trains with Me the Sperm Swallow

I could not believe it at all! We fucked more and more often and it felt again more and more relaxed and horny. Final­ly, it lev­eled our Fick­erei on every 1–2 days! Madness.

Mean­while, Kat­ja demand­ed the sperm clean lick down­right. I had no chance! Even if I had no desire for my sperm, Kat­ja grabbed my head and pressed me to the insem­i­nat­ed regions. When I squirt­ed in the pussy, she squat­ted over my face and I had to lick the com­plete creampie clean, while Kat­ja mas­tur­bat­ed her­self to orgasm. 💦👅

Kat­ja loved my orgasm ruin­ing and blos­somed sex­u­al­ly full! After sex we fucked the insem­i­nat­ed pussy with the dil­do and licked it both clean. The vibra­tors came into play every night. I found it crazy horny to see Kat­ja come to orgasm so often.

Creampie cleanup - Cuckold training
Creampie cleanup — Cuck­old training

September 2021: Our First Sperm Porn Evening Together

Kat­ja always had mas­sive prej­u­dices regard­ing porn in the past. I had long since buried the desire to watch porn togeth­er.

She her­self sug­gest­ed to me dur­ing sex one day, if we don’t just want to make a porn evening with sex toys and my sperm mess­es. She want­ed to see my favorite porn.

I did not trust the peace and sus­pect­ed that she would do it just for my sake. Nev­er­the­less, I picked out for about three hours horny porn from Sper­ma-Stu­dio, Cuck­old­Ses­sions and Gang­bangCreampie. 🖥

I hit exact­ly her nerve. She mas­tur­bat­ed espe­cial­ly dur­ing gang­bang and cuck­old scenes vio­lent­ly. We fucked horny with and ruined four times my orgasm before I was also final­ly allowed to cli­max. Kat­ja came three times this evening. Madness. 💥

End of September 2021: Experiments with Cum Food (Sperm on the Food)

Kat­ja had not for­got­ten the action with the cook­ies. One evening there was a pack of OREO cook­ies on the night­stand. We fucked again horny and short­ly before my com­ing she quick­ly put a cook­ie on her pubic mound. At the very last sec­ond I pulled my cock out of her horny pussy and ruined my orgasm with three pow­er­ful sperm splash­es over the cookie. 💦🍪

Cum eating pudding
Very hot: Cum eat­ing with choco­late pudding

What fol­lowed I could­n’t believe.… I thought the cum cook­ie was just for me. But … zack… she bit off her­self and shoved the oth­er half in my mouth. WOW. I thought I was going crazy! With a plea­sur­able “Hmmm horny” she ate her half.

We talked more and more often the sub­ject of sperm in the food. Kat­ja horny the top­ic beast­ly to teach me to swal­low the sperm! I bold­ly sug­gest­ed that I would like to test my sperm on var­i­ous foods. She replied that she was not quite ready yet, but that I should do it and she watch.…

I jerked off and ruined on piz­za, cakes, choco­late pud­ding and cook­ies, casseroles, sauces and in cock­tails over the next few weeks. We both found it horny. Kat­ja devel­oped a mas­sive sperm enthu­si­asm her­self. She jerked the cock her­self and ruined my orgasms sev­er­al times or made me cum com­plete­ly to orgasm!

October 2021: My Last Step: Self Insemination in the Mouth

One thing I did not man­age so far: to shoot the com­plete load of sperm into my mouth. I asked Kat­ja to active­ly sup­port me in this heart’s desire 

Since we both found the porn from Cum­Clin­ic and Self­Cum horny, Kat­ja came up with the idea of prac­tic­ing the “ass in the air posi­tion” togeth­er. She made the thought increas­ing­ly extreme­ly horny to milk my own penis into my mouth and let me swal­low everything.

One day the evening was there: Kat­ja knelt on the bed. She let me do a half roll back­wards at the head end against the wall. Piece by piece we man­aged to get the tip of my glans into my mouth. Kat­ja jerked my cock to orgasm! The first two squirts she let me splash across my face, the oth­ers all direct­ly into my mouth. 🙈

I was sur­prised that togeth­er with my wife it was my prob­lems at all to swal­low my own sperm. She licked my face clean and bent over my mouth for a cum kiss. We enjoyed our first, inti­mate cum kiss. It was insane for both of us!

Autofellatio: Self insemination in the mouth
Aut­ofel­la­tio: Self insem­i­na­tion in the mouth

Further Evolution until Today (December 2022):

Thank­ful­ly, our sex­u­al devel­op­ment continued. 😁

Kat­ja dared in the fol­low­ing months to fan­ta­size more and more about her sex­u­al fan­tasies with strange men. When mas­tur­bat­ing or when I licked her horny, she revealed to me purring her per­vert­ed thoughts and desires.

Almost dai­ly, we fan­ta­sized togeth­er about for­eign insem­i­na­tion and talk about stranger fuck­ing in swingers clubs, at sex par­ties, dur­ing group sex and gang­bang. On her own ini­tia­tive, Kat­ja sug­gest­ed watch­ing porn movies togeth­er more often 

We both had lost all shy­ness about sperm. Fuck­ing, lick­ing clean and swal­low­ing sperm became nor­mal for us. As well as ruin­ing mul­ti­ple orgasms, play­ing with sex toys and watch­ing porn. We some­times play­ful­ly tus­sle over horny insem­i­nat­ed food. Some­times, Kat­ja jerks my sperm direct­ly into my mouth her­self. Madness!!!

I wish myself in the mean­time, even one day Kat­ja to lick clean after sex with strange men.

Conclusion: Every Man Can Learn to Swallow His Own Sperm!

Although my secret exper­i­ments have been exposed, I was able to ful­fill my desire to learn to swal­low my own sperm togeth­er with my wife now.

At the same time, the slum­ber­ing hotwife char­ac­ter­is­tics in my wife have crys­tal­lized, as we final­ly opened each oth­er com­plete­ly sex­u­al­ly after many years of mar­riage. From now on, Kat­ja was inter­est­ed in cuck­old­ing and wife­shar­ing by herself.

In any case, in his first stage, a man has to real­ize that he wants to learn and prac­tice cum swal­low­ing. It’s per­fect­ly fine if it does­n’t quite work out in the beginning.

In the sec­ond step, every prospec­tive cuck­old or wife­shar­er should open­ly con­fide in his part­ner. If the love life and the rela­tion­ship are sta­ble, the woman will try to ful­fill this wish for her sweet­heart. Prac­tice and train the sperm games, edg­ing togeth­er. Watch porn togeth­er and use var­i­ous sex toys. This will increase your sex­u­al horizons.

After a few months, self-insem­i­na­tion and lick­ing creamp­ies, as well as oth­er body and facial insem­i­na­tions, will be part of the stan­dard reper­toire, and your sex life will become notice­ably more col­or­ful. Com­plete­ly auto­mat­i­cal­ly, the woman also los­es the rejec­tion against cum if she assists her hus­band so often.

Cuckold cum creampie feeding
Cuck­old cum creampie feeding

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