Do you know what love is?

Love is… dri­ving your pret­ty wife and hotwife across town to her black bul­l’s apart­ment late at night or at night because he called.

Hotwife story: Wife on the way to her bull
Hotwife sto­ry: Wife on the way to her bull

You watch before as she gets ready for her date. How she shaves her legs, armpits and pussy, how she puts on make­up and his favorite per­fume. She wears only a lit­tle black dress, a skimpy thong and high heels… exact­ly what her Bull wants. 

Love is… watch­ing his wife climb the stairs half naked.… The cool air makes her nip­ples stick out hard. Her pussy is already com­plete­ly wet.

Love is… watch­ing her kiss her lover in the door­way, as he res­olute­ly puts his hand on her ass, as he escorts your wife inside his apart­ment… and catch­ing his gaze down on you for a moment before clos­ing the door.

Love is… wait­ing patient­ly out­side in the car, your lit­tle penis enclosed in a chasti­ty belt, wist­ful­ly remem­ber­ing the last time you were allowed to cum 2 weeks ago.

Cuckolding: A very intimate partnership
Cuck­old­ing: A very inti­mate partnership

Love is… to wait patiently!

You can’t see or hear your spouse. You only see the yel­low light in the win­dow. Every now and then a shad­ow flits across the curtains!

A very popular Cuckold Story: Husband waits outside the Bulls house while his wife gets fucked hard.
A very pop­u­lar Cuck­old Sto­ry: Hus­band waits out­side the Bulls house while his wife gets fucked hard.

You don’t know if the bull is wait­ing for your hotwife today with two, three bud­dies or even five bud­dies.… But you do know that she’s on her knees suck­ing and wank­ing every big, thick cock — Wor­ship­ing every mas­sive, giant penis with great greed. Her Bull expects this from her, and she nev­er dis­ap­points him.

A lit­tle lat­er, she will moan pas­sion­ate­ly and scream with plea­sure. She lets every stud use her like a cheap whore… fucked in all her three holes by every cock! 

You know she’ll deny you that slop­py, sly, ram­pant aban­don forever! 

She’ll spread her legs wide, open her mouth greed­i­ly and knead her nip­ples hard as she’s fucked over and over again to orgasm by lover after lover.

She will claw her fin­ger­nails into the backs of her lovers, and demand that the studs go on and on as hard as they can.

Brutally rough BBC orgasm: Nothing is more intense than a brutally rough BBC orgasm
Bru­tal­ly rough BBC orgasm: Noth­ing is more intense than a bru­tal­ly rough BBC orgasm

Bulls and lovers don’t make “love”, they fuck your once fiancée very hard and very dirty.

Every hotwife loves hard kinky sex without love

Their dev­il­ish cocks stretch her wet cunt apart and touch places inside her that you nev­er have and nev­er will. They will squirt as hard and as much cum as you will nev­er be able to. A hotwife needs the hard sex, just “like that”.

You look at the clock. Your wife has been up there for over an hour. You can’t count how many times you’ve looked in vain at your smart­phone. And you know… your beloved wife is def­i­nite­ly not think­ing about you right now.

She will receive and return the lover’s thrusts pas­sion­ate­ly with her pelvis. She will kiss the fuck­ers wild­ly and tell them how much she missed stranger fuck­ing. She will remind them that they can have it like this again anytime.

How­ev­er… more and more your wife seems pow­er­less. Her clean-shaven pussy is com­plete­ly fucked red. Labia and clit are very swollen. Her body and face are shin­ing from for­eign sperm, squirt and pussy juice… The sheet soaked with love juices 

Nobody com­forts her, nobody caress­es her. Nobody gives her strength and courage. Instead, the fuck studs ram mer­ci­less­ly again and again huge cocks into her slip­pery, horny-smelling sperm pussy… Again and again they inject vio­lent sperm splash­es in and on her body.

Stunned and twitch­ing with ecsta­sy, your wife whore must watch through her legs as her greedy cunt demands anoth­er time more a vio­lent orgasm, squirt­ing gush­ing cunt juice.

Hotwife after creampie and squirting during interracial sex with BBC.
Hotwife after creampie and squirt­ing dur­ing inter­ra­cial sex with BBC.

Love is… to let your wife foreign inseminate!

The hotwife fuck­ing upstairs in the stranger’s apart­ment is your wife, your life, and the moth­er of your chil­dren. But every Fri­day night she is his slut.

A BBC Bull fucks a cuckold's wife
A BBC Bull fucks a cuck­old’s wife

It seems like a release when she final­ly calls you moan­ing, sends you a What­sApp video after her first insem­i­na­tion or an audio mes­sage after her first orgasm. You now know that upstairs in the apart­ment every­thing is o.k. and you don’t have to worry 

Love is… when your ful­ly insem­i­nat­ed wife gets back in the car with you two hours lat­er, her legs still shak­ing. Stranger cum leaks out of her into the thong and onto the pas­sen­ger seat… 

Love is… when you ten­der­ly kiss her cum mouth in greet­ing. You dri­ve her home, car­ry her to your apart­ment, lay her on the bed and kiss her again and again. You can smell the for­eign cum on her breath and all over her body.

You notice the fresh bite marks on her neck and on her tits… you know she has been very bru­tal­ly fucked and rav­ished. Her nip­ples look sore and fiery red, as if she has been abused hard.

Stranger cum: The hottest gift from a hotwife to her cuckold

Love is… When you tell her she’s beau­ti­ful, that you would do any­thing for her, and you mean it.

The greatest gift from a hotwife to her cuckold: A creampie in her panties to lick clean.
The great­est gift from a hotwife to her cuck­old: A creampie in her panties to lick clean.

Love is… When you caress your wife in your shared mar­riage bed, gen­tly spread­ing her legs, and you know what to expect…. The horny scent of fresh­ly fucked pussy and bull semen fills the room and is over­whelm­ing. It makes your lit­tle penis pul­sate in your cage.

Love is… when you pull your cum soaked panties to the side. A good, obe­di­ent cuck­old as you are, you will lov­ing­ly and exten­sive­ly lick out the wet, creamy, cum mix­ture from between her legs.

You will be busy feast­ing for quite a while, until the pussy is clean…. Until she comes to orgasm once again in the process 

Love is… strip­ping off the cum briefs, rub­bing your tongue up and down the fra­grant fab­ric so many times until you have com­plete­ly absorbed all of your wife’s love juices.

You don’t do this because you love “it”, you do it for her because “she” loves.

THAT is love. The love of a cuck­old for his wife. The great­est, deep­est love there is.

Bulls creampie in hotwife panties (Strangers sperm drips out in underwear). A good husband clean-up that all from pussy and panties.
Bulls creampie in hotwife panties (Strangers sperm drips out in under­wear). A good hus­band clean-up that all from pussy and panties.

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