Stranger Fucked by Two Frenchmen on a Yacht

Hel­lo dear read­er, I am glad that you found my true cuck­old sto­ry. My name is Bian­ca. I am 38 years young and already 14 years hap­pi­ly mar­ried to my hus­band Thomas. My hus­band dis­cov­ered his incli­na­tion to stranger fuck­ing very early.

Accord­ing­ly, I can look back on a won­der­ful and sex-rich life with many men. Already at the age of 17 I had my first time sex with a BBC bull and short­ly after even a three­some with him and his buddy.

My hus­band is an in-between cuck­old and wife­shar­er. He not only loves to watch me have sex with strange men, but he down­right asks me to! Often he ini­ti­ates and pro­vokes it to find new men for me 😉

My favorite vaca­tion spot is For­mentera. There are count­less, dream­like beach­es, beau­ti­ful bays, crys­tal clear water and untouched nature.

In this cuck­old sto­ry, I would like to tell you about our unfor­get­table dream vaca­tion on a yacht in the Mediter­ranean Sea. I would be very hap­py if you would leave a lit­tle com­ment under my story.

Sex holidays with my hotwife on Formentera
The beau­ti­ful island of For­mentera is inter­na­tion­al­ly very pop­u­lar for sex vaca­tions. So also in our true wife­shar­ing story.

My Relaxed Sunbathing on the Hotel Beach

The Balearic Islands are known for being quite laid back and friv­o­lous. It does­n’t mat­ter on the beach if you’re naked or not 

In the lagoon of our hotel on the north­ern tip of the island of For­mentera, count­less small and large sail­boats were anchored. Some yachts are quite large.

I was lying on the beach with my hus­band, wear­ing only a skimpy thong and enjoy­ing the warm rays of the sun. My gaze slid over the white sand and the azure water. It was a dream vacation…

Our Cuckold Wifeharing story on the beach of Formentera.
Our Cuck­old Wife­har­ing sto­ry on the beach of Formentera.

I saw two men swim­ming to the shore. When they came out of the water, I had to look a lit­tle clos­er. They were dark haired, ath­let­ic and quite hand­some. Exu­ber­ant and cheer­ful, they passed right next to us 

I heard them talk­ing soft­ly to each oth­er and snapped the words “Belle Femme”. Being a French learn­er, I under­stood that they meant me by “beau­ti­ful woman.” 😉

I sat back down under our umbrel­la with my hus­band. I am quite fair skinned and want­ed to avoid sun­burn. The men set­tled down about 10 meters from us. I noticed they were watch­ing me and talk­ing about me 

Not want­i­ng to let on, I put on my sun­glass­es, cov­ered my bare breasts a bit and turned on my side. I did not notice that my thong slipped a lit­tle too much to the side, and thus some pussy hair and a bit of my vul­va was visible.

With my eyes closed, I sus­pect­ed that the two of them were con­stant­ly look­ing over at me, but I still nod­ded a lit­tle, relaxed.

Reunion with the Two French Stallions

The next day we went to the same spot on the beach again. My hus­band had per­suad­ed me to go to the sea com­plete­ly naked today. He loved it when strange men looked at me 😉

But this time the two men of the pre­vi­ous day were already there before. I had shaved my pussy hair in the morn­ing for fun for my dar­ling like a heart. Now I was total­ly embar­rassed by the sit­u­a­tion and would have loved to sink into the ground 

Formentera: The bay of Cala Saona as a popular destination for gangbangs, sex parties, cuckolding, hotwifing and wifesharing parties
For­mentera: The bay of Cala Saona as a pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tion for gang­bangs, sex par­ties, cuck­old­ing, hotwif­ing and wife­shar­ing parties

So, I gave my sweet­heart a kiss, imme­di­ate­ly went quick­ly into the water and swam far out. Although I can swim very well, I was sud­den­ly over­tak­en by one of the men. He replied to me, “Bon­jour, Madame!”.

I polite­ly replied “Bon­jour” and tried to chat a lit­tle French with him. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, my lan­guage was not so good. Eng­lish was ok for both of us though. He asked me, “You are Swedish or Nor­we­gian?” I replied, “No, I’m from Germany.”

He point­ed to an 8‑meter sail­boat, a Hire Yacht, and said he came here with a friend. I want­ed to tease him a bit and swam over there. “I am faster than you,” I shout­ed in Eng­lish. He grinned… Come on, first one to touch the anchor chain wins!” I tick­led and pad­dled as fast as I could…. But, men­no — I still got passed!

I was hang­ing on to the chain, exhaust­ed and out of breath. As I took a deep breath in and out, he grinned cheek­i­ly. He was appar­ent­ly thrilled to see my breasts mov­ing in the water. “You can swim very well,” he said, “but I’m a life­guard, bra­vo anyway!”.

The beginning of our cuckold story: The tempting invitation to a sailing yacht 

He want­ed to show me the boat. I declined with thanks, “Not today”. “Tomor­row then?” he asked. “Maybe,” I said. “Can you real­ly swim back?” he asked, adding. “Or do I have to save you?” “No, I can make it — but if not, you can always save me.”

An innocuous flirtation to start our hotwifing adventure.
An innocu­ous flir­ta­tion to start our hotwif­ing adventure.

He laughed and said, “I hope you don’t make it!” Cheeky dog, I thought. I had quite under­es­ti­mat­ed the dis­tance back to the stand and was very glad to feel sol­id ground under my feet again!

Breath­less, I gasped “Thank you” to the stranger on the shore. The life­guard insist­ed that I drink some­thing cool. I told him that I need­ed to sit under my beach umbrel­la first.

Both men joined us with their cool­ers. We got acquaint­ed. The first man’s name was André and the sec­ond was Jérôme. The drink was some white wine. 😉 We got into a pleas­ant conversation 

André asked us if we would like to sail with them for two or three days. My hus­band was imme­di­ate­ly on fire! We arranged to meet the next day at 11 am at the harbor.

At din­ner, I con­fessed to my hus­band Thomas that I can’t get the two guys out of my head and that I would like to be fucked by them on the boat. My words turned him on like a pig 

He ate very hasti­ly, his plate emp­ty, urged me to eat up quick­ly and go to the hotel room! There my hus­band tore my light clothes off my body with­out words, to fuck me after­wards nice and hard on the hotel bed and to insem­i­nate my horny pussy abundantly.

Our Unforgettable Wifesharing Sailing Trip!

The next day André, Jérôme, my hus­band and I were punc­tu­al­ly at 11 am at the port. We were greet­ed with joy. My hus­band asked me to wait a moment. He gave me a heart­felt kiss and walked alone with the boys to the gang­way of their boat 

Out of the cor­ner of my eye I saw that he was explain­ing some­thing and then the men got very excit­ed. They were whis­per­ing, laugh­ing dirty, look­ing over at me and high-fiv­ing each oth­er… laugh­ing. I was some­how com­plete­ly embar­rassed and delight­ed at the same time.

Group sex on a yacht with wife
Group sex on a yacht with wife

Final­ly, my man came back to me almost cocky: “You Bian­ca, the guys want you!!! They are already real­ly fond of your horny idea!!!”. He con­tin­ued talk­ing, “But they know I’m going to watch stranger fuck­ing and I will insem­i­nate you too.” 

Wow, that was fast! My heart was pound­ing, and my pussy was get­ting soak­ing wet. We quick­ly got our stuff from the hotel. You don’t need much on board…. But besides bathing suits and tow­els, we also packed warm things for at night. The men had every­thing for unex­pect­ed bad weath­er and also enough life jack­ets on board. We quick­ly told the hotel recep­tion and walked quick­ly back to the port.

We were greet­ed by the two French­men on board as if we had been best friends for­ev­er. Imme­di­ate­ly I felt com­fort­able in the group. The men got along well. They treat­ed me as their prey very well and courteously.

The French found me pret­ty and very fuck­able! 😉 It turned out lat­er that they had also fan­ta­sized about it the pre­vi­ous evening, and Jérôme even mas­tur­bat­ed at the thought of me! 

I Was the Horny Fuck Booty of the Frenchmen

After cast­ing off, the pret­ty French­men skill­ful­ly maneu­vered their yacht out of the har­bor and drove a bit out to sea. There they first anchored. They offered us chilled drinks and flirt­ed with me quite unin­hib­it­ed­ly and exuberantly.

Bangboat - group sex for four on a boat
Bang­boat — group sex for four on a boat

When I fin­ished my glass of wine, my dear hus­band winked at me. I under­stood him with­out words, and we went down­stairs in the cab­in to put our things away. On the stairs, Thomas waved invit­ing­ly to the men as we descended.

I rum­maged out a few cos­met­ic things from my bag, took off my thong and want­ed to fresh­en up a bit. But the French­men were already stand­ing curi­ous­ly in the door­way to show us the cabin.

My hus­band threw me laugh­ing on the big bed, and put me over his knee. He slapped me on the butt and shout­ed in Eng­lish, “Bad girls must be pun­ished!”. I squealed a lit­tle and joined in the fun. In a flash, he had me on my back and my legs spread. There was a brief dead silence as both men stared word­less­ly at my sweet, naked pussy! 😉

My hus­band began to rub my clit, fin­ger and lick me horny. But I was already com­plete­ly wet the whole morn­ing any­way. He knew exact­ly how to caress me, that I slipped out a plea­sur­able moan…. 

A very horny welcome fuck in the cabin

Both French­men were excit­ed by the tempt­ing sight. They took off their pants with­out a word. Jérôme already had a stiff penis. My hus­band made room for him and spread my legs wide for him. He quick­ly pen­e­trat­ed me and start­ed mas­sag­ing my breasts until the nip­ples were stiff 

Hotwife Bianca gets stranger fucked and stranger inseminated on sailboat
Hotwife Bian­ca gets stranger fucked and stranger insem­i­nat­ed on sailboat

The strange man kissed me ten­der­ly and demand­ing at the same time. He gen­tly thrust a few times and start­ed to fuck me faster and faster, very deep and hard! 

My cuck­old hus­band watched close­ly as he pushed his huge dick almost pure and then pulled out again (from my horny love juice) shiny! I purred with plea­sure with my eyes closed.

But then he rammed with­out warn­ing his entire cock very hard to the stop pure! I moaned loud­ly and clawed me in his back! He fucked me out of my mind and began to gyrate his cir­cled hips! I held against it and enjoyed his horny, thick fuck cock! I was get­ting hot all over my body! I had seen that he had real­ly big balls and want­ed him to emp­ty them deep inside me! 

After a while, my waves of delight came! I heard myself moan­ing. The man noticed this and fucked me a lit­tle slow­er, but very hard and deep! I came very vio­lent­ly to orgasm.…

I was fucked fur­ther and fur­ther! He grabbed me under my but­tocks, pulled me tight and gave again real­ly gas!!! Then he squirt­ed into my vagi­na. My hus­band could see exact­ly how the white for­eign sperm was pumped into me and pressed out again horny by the hard fuck thrusts. I enjoyed my Fremdbe­samung moan­ing and knew exact­ly how much my hus­band loved exact­ly this moment!

To get to know each other equal double foreign inseminated!

Creampie pussy of a cuckold wife during foursome sex
Creampie pussy of a cuck­old wife dur­ing four­some sex

No soon­er was Jérôme done hav­ing sex with me than André took his place. I hard­ly believed what I saw: he took some creampie from my pussy and rubbed his fuck cock with Jérôme’s sperm. I was made incred­i­bly hot by this total­ly filthy gesture! 

André put a pil­low under my butt to make my alien cum pussy well vis­i­ble and eas­i­er to fuck. He grabbed me around the hips and also fucked me so real­ly nice deep, per­sis­tent and very hard! 

Jérôme want­ed me to lick his horny cock clean. He tast­ed won­der­ful after our joint love cock­tail! I sucked, licked, jerked and blew the cock almost a lit­tle too greedy…. 

My cuck­old hus­band was also thrilled. He sat on a com­fort­able cloth chair, jerked his stiff cock and watched strong­ly excited.

Gangbang - sex on a yacht
Gang­bang — sex on a yacht

The sec­ond guy fucked me as hard and as unspeak­ably pas­sion­ate as he could. I came to my sec­ond, incred­i­bly intense orgasm and enjoyed the horny sperm moan­ing loud­ly in my mouth.

André could not help him­self at some point! He clutched my wide spread thighs, fucked me at an almost ani­mal­is­tic pace! Final­ly, he also sprayed his fresh load of cum direct­ly into my slip­pery and already pre-cummed scent pussy 

After this great get-to-know-you fuck, the three of us dropped onto the bed. I enjoyed to lie with so drip­ping wet pussy between the two French­men. They kissed me inti­mate­ly and stroked me ten­der­ly. It smelled dream­like of sperm 

The guys gave me to under­stand that their imag­i­na­tion was far exceed­ed. My hus­band also looked sat­is­fied. Although he had not fucked me (unfor­tu­nate­ly), but I found it very clever of him to give the French the lead 

Wife blows foreign penis and swallow his cum
Wife blows for­eign penis and swal­low his cum

Relaxed, kinky and very sex-filled days in the middle of the ocean

We set sail and set course for Ibiza. It was pleas­ant­ly warm, and so I was allowed to wear at most a man’s shirt of Jérôme and my straw hat. I was for­bid­den to put on my thong or panties for the whole trip 

I was even allowed to steer. Jérôme liked to stand very close to me and con­stant­ly had a hand on my but­tocks and some­times between my legs.

Wifesharing wife at the foreign insemination on the water
Wife­shar­ing wife at the for­eign insem­i­na­tion on the water

We were actu­al­ly out for 3 days. The com­bi­na­tion of the three men and their thick cocks were absolute­ly per­fect for me. They were a great three­some team!

My pussy was avail­able to the three vir­tu­al­ly day and night. She was already fucked in the morn­ing before break­fast, until late in the evening before going to bed and even twice at night beau­ti­ful­ly to orgasm! 😉

My hus­band Thomas was very excit­ed every time he saw how the French fucked me. He loved to join in my for­eign insemination!

I played, licked and jerked con­stant­ly on the three cocks and was ten­der­ly stroked and kissed myself all the time. It was a dream! 

My con­stant­ly soak­ing wet love hole smelled sim­ply fan­tas­tic due to my horni­ness and the con­stant insem­i­na­tions. The horny pussy scent but also made the guys real­ly horny. Con­stant­ly stroked, licked, tick­led or fin­gered one of them around her 

Some­how, Jérôme found my light-haired pussy with my pink clit par­tic­u­lar­ly excit­ing. He licked me to orgasm a few times 

When it was very hot, the men made fun of fuck­ing me up on deck as well. Some­times peo­ple from oth­er boats could watch it well with binoc­u­lars and hear my loud moans.

We were even stopped and checked by the water police once! I was try­ing to find my thong in a pan­ic and was still only dressed in the men’s shirt! “So-so… three men and a woman,” said a police­man in Eng­lish, “a good com­bi­na­tion!” He grinned. “Have a good time and bon voyage!”

Horny double penetration in ass and cunt
Horny dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion in ass and cunt

Emotional Goodbye after a Dream Sex Vacation

Our part­ing was very emo­tion­al! I was real­ly very sad when our sail­ing trip came to an end. The two French­men had grown incred­i­bly close to my heart dur­ing the three days.

Dur­ing our joint farewell fuck, I came twice to orgasm and all three squirt­ed again com­plete­ly in me. Then we drove back into the har­bor and said good­bye. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we nev­er saw them again after that.

After a small lunch and a show­er, I had then slept over 12 hours! My hus­band woke me up to fuck me briefly. Dur­ing sex, I thought of André and Jérôme. Then I went back to sleep smil­ing in my hus­band’s arms.

The morn­ing after, my mood was a bit depressed. We talked about all our impres­sions. We laughed when proud­ly said, “I learned a lit­tle French too”. I did­n’t just mean the French position 😉

All in all it was an unfor­get­table vaca­tion! Thomas and I love to talk about our shared mem­o­ries. I hope that one day I will see them again by chance….

I hope you enjoyed our true cuck­old sto­ry. We are look­ing for­ward to your comments.

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