The Passionate Snowball Fight: Snowballing

Although hotwifes love to be fucked prop­er­ly by dom­i­nant men, the emo­tion­al and sex­u­al bond with their hus­band, life part­ner, or boyfriend is very intimate.

After sex, the clean lick­ing of the creampie or the insem­i­nat­ed body regions and final, pas­sion­ate cum kiss­ing as a crown­ing con­clu­sion sim­ply belongs to it.

Cum Kissing
Cum Kiss­ing of a Cuck­old Couple

Many cuck­old cou­ples cel­e­brate cum kiss­ing and don’t even know that there is a term for it: Snowballing.

Snow­balling is also very com­mon at sex par­ties and gang­bangs, where two or more women pass cum from mouth to mouth while kissing.

In this arti­cle we explain what snow­balling, cum swap­ping and snow drop­ping actu­al­ly is. We go into who plays cum games and why these peo­ple do it. Tips on cum kiss­ing, sperm games and insem­i­na­tion round out our lit­tle guide.

What Is Snowballing?

The term “snow­balling” comes from the porn scene. It is under­stood as cum kiss­ing, where after an ejac­u­la­tion the cum is kissed back and forth with the mouth between two or more people.

Sperm snowball fight
Sperm snow­ball fight

Due to the white col­or of the semen, it is sym­bol­i­cal­ly referred to as a snow­ball. Dur­ing kiss­ing, the sperm is not imme­di­ate­ly swal­lowed, but like in a snow­ball fight — oral­ly “thrown” back and forth.

Due to the con­stant “back and forth “the sperm is enriched with the spit of the kiss­ing. Just like a real snow­ball that gets big­ger and big­ger by rolling around. The sali­va neu­tral­izes salt and bit­ter sub­stances, so that the mess also tastes pleasant.

What sounds com­plete­ly dis­gust­ing for vanil­la sex peo­ple, trig­gers an insane feel­ing of plea­sure for those involved who like sperm. It is there­by kissed very deeply and very, very inti­mate­ly and slow­ly. Shar­ing the sperm rep­re­sents a crown­ing glo­ry for cou­ples who like to experiment.

This sex­u­al prac­tice is also called cum­swap, cum swap, cums swap­ping, cumwap­ping or spermswap. Some­times you also hear the term “snow drop­ping”, where the “snow­ball” is dropped into the mouth of the sex­u­al part­ner. The word-relat­ed term “cumshar­ing” refers to the shar­ing of sperm.

Cum Snowballing: Spermaküsse mit Spermatauch
Cum Snow­balling: BI women in par­tic­u­lar love kinky cum kiss­ing with cum dipping
AEBN Best porn source

Who Does Snowballing?

Sperm is a won­der­ful thing to play dirty with. How­ev­er, sperm games pri­mar­i­ly take place only between peo­ple who know each oth­er very well, feel strong sym­pa­thy for each oth­er, and are sex­u­al­ly very open-minded.

Sperm Kiss
Sperm Kiss

Espe­cial­ly in clas­sic het­ero rela­tion­ships, how­ev­er, oral sperm con­tact in men is absolute­ly unthink­able. The same is true for the Bulls and Lovers of the Hotwife.

Thus, the cir­cle melts down to only four groups of peo­ple who prac­tice exten­sive cum kissing:

  • the Hotwife with her Cuckold
  • the hotwife with her cuck­quean
  • two friend­ly women with one man
  • sev­er­al bisex­u­al women at a group sex, a gang­bang or at a swinger par­ty / sex party

How Does Cum Snowballing Work?

In prac­tice, the main­ly the two con­stel­la­tions “two women share a man’s ejac­u­late” or “hotwife lets her­self be kissed by the cuck­old” are encountered.

With the sperm kiss it is irrel­e­vant whether the ejac­u­late comes from cuck­old, lover, bull or swinger club acquain­tance, because the pro­ce­dure is always the same:

Hotwife Spermswap mit ihrem Cuckold
Hotwife Spermswap with her Cuckold

A per­son takes the ejac­u­late with her mouth from a sperm source and col­lects it in her mouth. Then she pass­es the “snow­ball” to the sec­ond part­ner with a French kiss.

The snow­ball game begins as soon as the sec­ond part­ner kiss­es the love juice back to the first part­ner — or throws it on her back and spits it into her mouth in a long sperm thread. The pas­sion­ate snow­ball fight can be played for minutes.

This is how the two word-relat­ed terms “cumshar­ing” — shar­ing sperm and “cum­swap­ping” — swap­ping sperm — come about.

After ingest­ing the semen with the mouth, kiss­ing cre­ates a semen-sali­va mix. The ejac­u­late is inten­tion­al­ly or unin­ten­tion­al­ly beat­en with the tongue until it becomes foamy and takes on a pleas­ant con­sis­ten­cy with a sweet taste.

Espe­cial­ly in swingers clubs or at friv­o­lous sex par­ties, semen may be pas­sion­ate­ly exchanged between two women. If oth­er women come into play, the cum from one woman is kissed fur­ther into the mouth of the next woman. This bisex­u­al love game is rare, but heats up the erot­ic mood at the par­ties seri­ous­ly. Mul­ti­ple squirts get their mon­ey’s worth especially.

Horny snowball - cum kiss between cuckquean and hotwife
Horny snow­ball — cum kiss between cuck­quean and hotwife

Sense and Purpose of Sperm Games

Sperm has a sym­bol­ic mean­ing for many bulls, hotwifes and cuck­olds. It rep­re­sents mas­culin­i­ty, strength, and sex­u­al pow­er. Play­ing with it is con­sid­ered exceed­ing­ly dirty and horny at the same time.

Dur­ing orgasm, numer­ous hor­mones are released with­in sec­onds. Espe­cial­ly the cud­dling hor­mone oxy­tocin as well as the hap­pi­ness hor­mone endor­phin, ensure that men and women are relaxed, sat­is­fied, and con­tent after orgasm.

Cumkissing: Cuckold - Paare lieben Spermaspiele
Cumkiss­ing: Cuck­old — cou­ples love sperm games

Mar­ried cuck­old cou­ples, or cuck­old cou­ples in long-term rela­tion­ships, have a very close rela­tion­ship of trust with each other.

They like to kiss pas­sion­ate­ly and enjoy cum games as an “after­care” after sex, so to speak.

After cum, the cuck­old auto­mat­i­cal­ly starts clean lick­ing the insem­i­nat­ed region of the woman. In par­tic­u­lar, he is respon­si­ble for clean­ing the creampie. Since Hotwife and Cuck­old have no inhi­bi­tions about sperm, it is not so far that they also enjoy horny sperm games together.

Kiss­es con­nect — espe­cial­ly if they are very inti­mate and horny! For cuck­olds, there is noth­ing bet­ter after oral sex to share the sperm with his part­ner, or to lick out her pussy to then enjoy with intense French kiss­es and share love juices. Play­ing with sperm also means a high­ly erot­ic moment for the Cuckoldress.

What Are the Sources of Semen for Cum Swapping?

The semen from the prostate is pop­u­lar­ly called jizz, cum, leche, love juice, love milk, cold farmer, and semen.

Schneeball - Spermakuss mit Cuckold
Snow­ball — cum kiss with cuckold

There are many ways to har­vest sperm for a cum kiss. Although the cuck­old can’t sat­is­fy his woman with his penis near­ly as much as one or more bulls, he is con­sid­er­ably more cre­ative when it comes to col­lect­ing sperm.

The fol­low­ing sources are sort­ed by probability.

a) From the Cuckold:

  • Lick­ing creampie out of pussy, spoon­ing it out or suck­ing straw out (felch­ing)
  • after splash­ing the pussy, lick­ing the labia and mons vener­is clean
  • from plates, bowls, glass­es after peg­ging, forced emas­cu­la­tion, prostate play­ing or orgasm ruining
  • Hotwife spits cuck­old his own cum in mouth after blowjob
  • Lick­ing cum and pussy juice from thick dil­dos and vibrators
  • lick out of pubic hair
  • clean the breasts of the woman
  • lick the bel­ly of the hotwife
  • lick the face of the cuck­ol­dress clean
  • ejac­u­late into the mouth of the woman

b) from the Lover / Bull:

Cuckoldress spuckt Snowball in seinen Mund
Cuck­ol­dress spits snow­ball into his mouth

The Lover and Bulls are not quite as cre­ative in insem­i­nat­ing the Hotwife. They are very focused on pussy, breasts and face and so the cumshot is also pri­mar­i­ly squirt­ed on these areas.

The cuck­old can take cum with his mouth main­ly here:

  • Lick­ing creampie out of the pussy or spoon­ing it out
  • lick clean from the labia and mons veneris
  • lick out from the pubic hair
  • lick from breasts
  • Cum lick­ing from belly
  • Lick face of hotwife clean
  • Lick cock of bull and blow it clean
  • Hotwife spits cum in cuck­old’s mouth
  • ejac­u­late into the mouth of the woman

c) during gangbang

Dur­ing a gang­bang, the cuck­old kiss­es his hotwife very often and inten­sive­ly. Inevitably, there are many sperm kiss­es and sperm swap­ping (cum­swap­ping).

But beware! Hotwife and Cuck­old can not fore­see what the many men intend with the Hotwife. Many are also very kinky and bring numer­ous insem­i­na­tion tech­niques into lovemaking.

Women sharing sperm while a kiss
Women shar­ing sperm dur­ing a kiss

If hotwife and cuck­old are plan­ning a gang­bang, they should assume that the entire body of the wife, girl­friend, or life part­ner has been seam­less­ly, almost com­plete­ly insem­i­nat­ed with sperm.

We strong­ly advise you to prac­tice sperm swal­low­ing togeth­er sev­er­al times a week before­hand. A good idea is sperm ice cream and insem­i­nat­ed food.

It should be remem­bered to bring plates and bowls to the gang­bang in case the cuck­old can’t keep up with the clean licking.

Fem­Dom cum swap, Cum kiss, Mouth creampie cuck­old cum feed­ing — compilation
Creampie Cathy

Snowballing: Not Only Popular in Porn and at Swinger’s Parties

Excit­ing kiss­es with cum are horny! The “snow­balling” prac­tice is actu­al­ly very com­mon in porn and swingers clubs. How­ev­er, cum kiss­ing is main­ly prac­ticed among bisex­u­al women, and as it adorns most men from cum contact.

Geiler Cuckold - Snowball
Cuck­old gives snow­ball to his wife

After lick­ing clean a body or mouth cum or lick­ing out a cum pussy, the cum snow­ball is passed from mouth-to-mouth and kissed back and forth while kissing.

Because a lot of sali­va flows dur­ing kiss­ing, the love juice becomes more and more until it is final­ly shared in part­ner­ship and swallowed.

While “snow­balling” is not a kiss for every­one, for cuck­old cou­ples this love tech­nique is about more than just exchang­ing love juices. Both part­ners enjoy tremen­dous emo­tion­al close­ness and affection.

You know that this proof of love takes place exclu­sive­ly between the lovers. No bull in the world can replace this feel­ing — no mat­ter how big his cock is and how horny he fucks! So keep on rolling. 😉

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