Better Cum Taste: How Can I Improve My Flavor of Cum

One of the great­est sex­u­al desires of all men is that their female part­ner is loves sperm. How­ev­er, most women make neg­a­tive first expe­ri­ences in their teenage years, which unfor­tu­nate­ly shape them through­out their lives. “Cum in the mouth” or a horny facial insem­i­na­tion has done for many women “once and for all”.

This woman tastes the sperm after abundant facial insemination
This woman tastes the sperm after abun­dant facial insemination

How­ev­er, at the age of 30 to 45 years, numer­ous women become very sex­u­al­ly active. With more expe­ri­ences, sex with dif­fer­ent men, and increased libido, the will­ing­ness to exper­i­ment and open­ness to many sex­u­al top­ics increase significantly.

Cuck­old­ing, swing­ing, wife­shar­ing, sex toys, swal­low­ing sperm or even sperm games are also among them. Espe­cial­ly by more mature and at the same time, sex­u­al­ly open women, var­ied sex­u­al prac­tices are even prac­ticed with extreme passion.

In addi­tion to the guide ejac­u­late more cum, we would like to give men tips in this arti­cle on how they can improve the qual­i­ty, taste and vol­ume of their sperm. We reveal strate­gic tips on how to reduce your part­ner’s fear of touch­ing you and get excit­ed about swal­low­ing cum.

Cuckold couples enjoy cum kissing
Cuck­old cou­ples enjoy cum kissing

Why Is Cum Important in Cuckold Relationships?

Unlike vanil­la sex coples, lick­ing, lick­ing up and lick­ing out love juices is cen­tral to cuck­old couples.

Drops of desire, pre­cum, semen, pussy juice and squirt are nev­er wiped away with paper tow­els but always recycled.

The sperm swal­low­ing is not the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the woman alone! Even at the begin­ning of the cuck­old part­ner­ship, each man must learn to swal­low his own sperm.

In the future, after his swal­low­ing train­ing, a cuck­old must always cleanup the insem­i­nat­ed part of the wom­an’s body or her sperm pussy clean after sex. Cum is then shared togeth­er with horny cum kisses.

Accord­ing­ly, it should be in the cuck­old’s own inter­est to opti­mize his own sperm taste.


How Does the Taste of Sperm Come About?

First of all, the bad news: there is no ratio­nal rea­son for nature that sperm must be tasty.

Happy woman after facial insemination (Cum facial)
Hap­py woman after facial insem­i­na­tion (Cum facial)

After all, its pur­pose is to be a means of deliv­er­ing sperm to the uterus in the best pos­si­ble way.

A union of sperm and vagi­nal flu­id is a huge chal­lenge for nature. Nev­er­the­less, our repro­duc­tive sys­tem is per­fect­ly matched.

Sperm live best in high­ly alka­line media and die in acidic environments.

Ejac­u­late con­sists of amino acids, glu­cose, fruc­tose, cit­ric acid, vit­a­mins, sul­fur, zinc, potas­si­um, mag­ne­sium, cal­ci­um, cop­per, pro­tein, uric acid, acids, lipids, hor­mones, and numer­ous oth­er substances.

Per ejac­u­la­tion, the nor­mal vol­ume is between 2 and 6 ml. The love juice tastes and smells slight­ly dif­fer­ent for each man. It is com­pa­ra­ble to white musk or chest­nut blossom.

Numerous Glands Produce the Love Juice

The for­ma­tion of sperm is a true mir­a­cle. There are numer­ous glands involved. The sem­i­nal vesi­cles in the prostate gland pro­duce a secre­tion that is sig­nif­i­cant­ly sweet­er than the rest of the added liq­uid. It con­tains a high lev­el of fruc­tose (sug­ar) and gives your love milk its over­all sweet­ness. Sperm cells from the tes­ti­cles and secre­tions from oth­er glands are added ful­ly auto­mat­i­cal­ly and pro­vide the unpleas­ant taste.

When the desire increas­es, the ure­thral glands (Lit­tre glands) on the wall of the ure­thra secrete a kind of cleanser / lubri­cant. The trans­par­ent, taste­less extreme­ly slip­pery secre­tion is pop­u­lar­ly known as desire drops. It neu­tral­izes acidic urine residues and pre­pares the ure­thra for the expul­sion of sperm.

The Cow­per glands have the same task. They pro­duce a slight­ly milky, extreme­ly lubri­cious secre­tion called pre­cum or pre-cum. It cleans the sperm ducts direct­ly before sperm dis­charge already dur­ing sex­u­al arousal. You can milk this pleas­ant-tast­ing love juice dur­ing“orgasm ruin­ing” and use it excel­lent­ly for learn­ing to swal­low sperm.

You can notice­ably opti­mize the fruc­tose con­tent of the prostate secre­tion by eat­ing cer­tain foods.

Different Consistency and Appearance of Sperm

Improve the taste of semen is highly recommended
Improve the taste of semen is high­ly recommended

Expelled semen can have a very flu­id, watery con­sis­ten­cy, but it can also resem­ble milky cream or have a cloudy, white-yel­low con­sis­ten­cy. The sticky, glassy fibers may con­tain pig­ments (flavins).

Con­sis­ten­cy and col­or depend on a man’s sex­u­al activ­i­ty, his lifestyle and dietary habits, and his state of arousal.

Sem­i­nal flu­id coag­u­lates imme­di­ate­ly on con­tact with air. The gelati­nous cream is bro­ken down into amino acid com­po­nents and liq­ue­fies to a trans­par­ent col­or with­in 5–20 minutes.

A great desire of many men is to have sperm squirt out in bursts of 5–10 pow­er­ful foun­tains. Two mus­cles are respon­si­ble for the squirt­ing pres­sure, locat­ed respec­tive­ly in front of and behind the prostate. Again, arousal, dura­tion of arousal and inten­si­ty of orgasm are deci­sive in deter­min­ing whether the mus­cles con­tract more or less strong­ly. Sperm is there­fore not always eject­ed, but can also mere­ly pulse leisure­ly out of the penis.


How to Make Semen Taste Better? Tips for Better Sperm Flavor

After the biol­o­gy les­son, here are our self-test­ed tips, for bet­ter taste of cum. 

Rule Number 1: Focus You on Your Sperm

This hotwife is satisfied with her cuckold's cumshot to her face
This hotwife is sat­is­fied with her cuck­old’s cumshot to her face

If you want your wife, life part­ner or girl­friend to find your cum horny, you have to let go of that desire first! From expe­ri­ence, most women unfor­tu­nate­ly do not like large amounts of sperm.

You have to be tac­ti­cal­ly smart in order not to nip your plan in the bud in advance.

There­fore, it is impor­tant that you nev­er again wipe your cum into your hand­ker­chief after mas­tur­bat­ing, but that you deal with your body and your own cum.

You must learn to lose your own shy­ness before your love nec­tar. For this, read the posts Learn­ing to swal­low cum and Cuck­old train­ing. Slow­ly, start to accept and enjoy your pre-cum and droplets of desire in your mouth.

The goal should be that after mas­tur­bat­ing you can lick your own cum with­out any prob­lems and you can lick your creamp­ies clean after sex with­out any reluctance.

Only when you man­age that, you should want to expect your part­ner that she also takes your sperm oral­ly! You will notice that your wife / hotwife finds it very horny when you take your own sperm again. In all like­li­hood, this will lead to her want­i­ng some of the cum herself. 😉

Rule Number 2: Eat More Fruit and Drink Fruit & Vegetable Juices

Happy and very relaxed woman after good tasting cumshot to the face
Hap­py and very relaxed woman after good tast­ing cumshot to the face

Fruit acid has been shown to improve the smell and taste of semen. For sweet­er cum, you should be will­ing to eat sig­nif­i­cant­ly more fruits and col­or­ful veg­eta­bles in the future, as well as drink fruit and veg­etable juices.

Seri­ous­ly try to include more apples, pears, bananas, pineap­ple, man­go, kiwis, cit­rus fruits and soft fruits in your dai­ly rou­tine and diet. Take 1 — 2 apples or your favorite fruit with you to work as a snack.

Veg­eta­bles such as toma­toes, cucum­ber, pep­pers, and cel­ery should also be on your menu more often in the future.

Juices like pineap­ple juice, man­go juice, and cran­ber­ry juice work won­ders. When buy­ing them, make sure they are direct juices. Fresh­ly squeezed juices are even better.

From 35+ many MILFs increasingly enjoy sperm
From 35+ many MIL­Fs increas­ing­ly enjoy sperm
Miracle Cure Pineapple

There is prob­a­bly no quick way to increase the taste of semen in just a few hours before ejac­u­la­tion like fresh pineapple.

If you are plan­ning an erot­ic evening with your part­ner, you can take a pineap­ple express diet or a pineap­ple fast diet for three to four days: Eat fresh pineap­ple from the super­mar­ket three times a day and drink only pineap­ple juice. It is impor­tant that it must not be pineap­ple con­cen­trate, but direct juice.

The large amounts of pineap­ple active ingre­di­ent not only have a gen­er­al cleans­ing effect, but have been shown to have a pos­i­tive effect on sperm taste.

Miracle Cure Celery

Cel­ery stalk is a true won­der drug. It has an aphro­disi­ac (desire-increas­ing effect), enhances pheromones (sex attrac­tants), and makes semen espe­cial­ly tasty.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the veg­etable, fresh­ly bit­ten off the stick does not taste so deli­cious. How­ev­er, you quick­ly get used to the taste. In addi­tion, cel­ery can also be made into a salad.

Ginger Miracle Cure

Gin­ger is a very spicy tuber. You can also find it in the super­mar­ket, and after a bit of get­ting used to it, you can eat fresh gin­ger every day. It has a notice­able effect on the sperm taste. If you don’t fan­cy the spicy taste, you can also buy it as a dietary sup­ple­ment in cap­sule form.

Despite massive facial insemination: The sperm taste is perfectly okay and there is a nice smile as a thank you.
Despite mas­sive facial insem­i­na­tion: The sperm taste is per­fect­ly okay and there is a nice smile as a thank you.

Rule Number 3: Drink Plenty of Fluids

It is also very impor­tant to keep your body hydrat­ed. Drink at least 8 glass­es of water a day. If you drink a lot of water, the amount of salt in your body and sperm will be reduced.

You could also fill up a 1.5‑liter bot­tle of water in the morn­ing and drink it all dur­ing the day before going to bed. The rest you take with the usu­al meals.

Rule Number 4: Erotic Evening Plan Ahead

Most of the time, you can already guess when you will have time for exten­sive sex. Most­ly this is on Fri­day evening or at the weekend.

You should already plan while shop­ping to change your diet 3–5 days before quite explic­it­ly accord­ing to the above “Rule 2”.

Happy woman after sperm facial
Hap­py woman after sperm facial

Rule 5: Try Dietary Supplements

Take 15 mg of zinc and gin­ger extract as dietary sup­ple­ments for 3 months. Also, high­ly rec­om­mend­ed are reme­dies for improved fer­til­i­ty. We have test­ed Mas­cuPROor Ortho­mol fer­til plus our­selves and felt a pos­i­tive effect.

By the way, vit­a­min prepa­ra­tions or Semen fla­vor­ing capsules/drops had no effect on us.

Rule 6: Avoid Fast Food & Junk Food

Kebab with gar­lic sauce, piz­za with sala­mi and onions, and coke may taste good dur­ing lunch break — but they have a very bad effect on the taste and smell of semen. An apple a day… Let him def­i­nite­ly include var­i­ous vit­a­min sup­ple­ments that remove the body of impurities.

Rule Number 7: High-Protein Diet Is Important

Pre­fer chick­en meat rich in pro­tein. Only rarely buy fat­ty pork and beef.


Rule Number 8: Avoid or Reduce Stimulants!

Plea­sure foods of any kind are basi­cal­ly not good for the male body. They can cause health prob­lems and also sig­nif­i­cant­ly affect the taste of your sperm. Too much beer, alco­hol, cig­a­rettes, cof­fee, or even drugs have a neg­a­tive effect on the taste of sperm.

Rule Number 9: Edging / Ruining Orgasm

Many Kama­su­tra and Tantra tech­niques are based on sep­a­rat­ing orgasm from ejac­u­la­tion. This cre­ates a plea­sure-increas­ing effect. For this, we have writ­ten a post on orgasm con­trol.

Cock edging: Orgasm is ruined multiple times
Cock edg­ing: Orgasm is ruined mul­ti­ple times

Long­ing drops (crys­tal clear drops) or pre­cum (semen pre-juice) can be “milked” with­out a prop­er orgasm by abrupt­ly stop­ping sex­u­al stim­u­la­tion as soon as the point of no return (PONR) sets in.

Some­times a small drop of pre-cum then leaks out, some­times it runs a bit, and some­times it squirts with 1–3 pow­er­ful spurts — with the penis bounc­ing up and down violently.

The feel­ing of a mini-orgasm is horny, painful and frus­trat­ing at the same time. But it’s real­ly worth ruin­ing the real full orgasm three to five times. This is called edg­ing (stay­ing on the edge of orgasm), tease and denial, or orgasm ruin.

Milking penis in shot glass
Milk­ing penis in shot glass

In fact, the pre-ejac­u­late (pre­cum, pre-juice) that comes out in the “Orgasm ruin” and the “Stop & Go method” is a very pure nec­tar with a love­ly taste.

Do not smear the pre-cum, and do not smear it in the hand­ker­chief! Pick up the bead with a plas­tic spoon or fin­ger and taste your juice. You will be sur­prised that it does­n’t taste dis­gust­ing at all. You can “har­vest” larg­er amounts of pre-juice with a shot glass or onto a black plate.

The beau­ty of “pre-cum­ming” is that the plea­sure does­n’t fade after the love juice is released. You con­tin­ue to be extreme­ly aroused and can play and exper­i­ment with your nectar.

Ruins your hotwife or you, more often your orgasm, then the sperm tastes very fresh. It has a nice white con­sis­ten­cy and a love­ly taste.

Rule Number 10: Avoid the Following Foods

The fol­low­ing foods have a neg­a­tive effect on the taste of semen and should be avoid­ed or con­sumed infrequently.

  • Cau­li­flower, broc­coli, and asparagus
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Gar­lic
  • Onions
  • Dairy prod­ucts
  • Alco­hol (beer!)

Aspirin for headaches can also seri­ous­ly wors­en the taste of semen.

5‑Day Express Cure for Better Sperm Taste

Drink a large glass of water imme­di­ate­ly after get­ting up. Break­fast should not be miss­ing and should be extreme­ly rich in fruits and vegetables.

Making sperm
Mak­ing sperm “tasty” is worth­while for both partners!

Example Breakfast Recipe 1:

  • Three large cel­ery stalks, diced
  • two fine­ly chopped peppers
  • two chopped bananas
  • half a cup of orange juice
  • half a cup of pineap­ple juice

Example Breakfast Recipe 2:

  • half a man­go, diced
  • a quar­ter of a pineap­ple, diced
  • drink a large glass of pineap­ple juice

At noon, eat nor­mal­ly. But avoid con­ve­nience and dairy prod­ucts, onions, gar­lic, and fish. Drink 2 glass­es of water.

As a snack, already cut-up fruit is great. An apple or tan­ger­ines / oranges are also per­fect. Cof­fee, because of the bit­ter sub­stances, only in moderation.

In the evening always eat veg­eta­bles and very pro­tein-rich. Glad­ly boiled eggs or fried eggs, poul­try and again cel­ery and fresh­ly sliced pineap­ple. In the evening drink 2 glass­es of direct juice or fresh­ly squeezed juice.

In the late evening, before going to bed have a large glass of water.


Conclusion: Sperm Can Taste Very Horny!

You wish that your part­ner likes to swal­low sperm and enjoys bizarre sperm games? Or do you want to learn to swal­low sperm your­self? Then pro­ceed strate­gi­cal­ly and grad­u­al­ly to per­ma­nent­ly improve the taste of your sperm.

Sperm tastes delicious. If the taste is right, sperm is extremely horny!
Sperm tastes deli­cious. If the taste is right, sperm is extreme­ly horny!

The most impor­tant thing is that you deal with your­self and your cum. Get to know the taste your­self first, before you squirt in the mouth of your woman, and expect enthu­si­asm from her! Lose the shy­ness before your love milk and learn the creampie cleanup.

In order for your girl­friend or wife to be relaxed with your love nec­tar, she needs to know that it always tastes sweet and pleasant! 

So only a long-term change of diet will help! In the future, eat sig­nif­i­cant­ly more fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles, as well as poul­try meat. Fresh pineap­ple and man­go are huge fla­vor boosters.

Drink 2 liters of water, direct juices or even bet­ter: fresh­ly squeezed juices. Avoid smok­ing, alco­hol (espe­cial­ly beer), gar­lic, aspara­gus, and onions.

The Hotwife is completely positive and open to her facial insemination.
The Hotwife is com­plete­ly pos­i­tive and open to her facial insemination.

Do sports 2–3 times a week. Learn pelvic floor train­ing and penis edg­ing (orgasm-ruin­ing). Ruin your orgasm three to five times a week and squirt com­plete­ly at least 1x a week.

The pre­cum (pre-juice) tastes con­sid­er­ably sweet­er than a com­plete sperm load dur­ing a squirt­ing orgasm. Even with facial insem­i­na­tion, it is worth the self-dis­ci­pline to ruin the orgasm at least once.

Admit­ted­ly: The above mea­sures sound like a lot of work, but they will pay off with a sig­nif­i­cant gain in plea­sure in bed. You can even man­age to turn your hotwife into a cum-hun­gry cum­slut with sen­si­tiv­i­ty and patience.

In the future, your cuck­old sex should always end with pas­sion­ate creampie cleanup, cock lick­ing clean, inti­mate cum kiss­ing, and pas­sion­ate snowballing.

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