Edging and Orgasm Control of the Cuckold

In the cuck­old rela­tion­ship, the woman is the dom­i­nant part­ner. She deter­mines the sex life of the hus­band, boyfriend, or life part­ner and decides when and how often he may expe­ri­ence a cli­max. She also deter­mines where the sperm is inject­ed and enforces the clean licking.

The Hotwife wants to be fucked by her Bull, Black­bull, her lovers and by her Cuck as good as pos­si­ble. How­ev­er, she curi­ous­ly also feels very strong sex­u­al plea­sure in humil­i­at­ing her cuck­old through orgasm depri­va­tion, prostate stim­u­la­tion, strap-on fuck­ing, BDSM, nip­ple tor­ture and cum swal­low­ing.

Among the most com­mon meth­ods of orgasm con­trol is edg­ing. Like all oth­er meth­ods, edg­ing serves the pur­pose of get­ting the strongest orgasm possible.

What exact­ly is edg­ing and why “ruin­ing orgasm” is good for the cuck­old, you will learn in this guide. We are inter­est­ed in your expe­ri­ences! Please write us your opin­ions below in the com­ment field.

How Does Orgasm Control Work?

Edging orgasm frequency
Orgasm fre­quen­cy and libido com­pared to clas­sic cou­ples ver­sus wife­shar­ing / cuck­old cou­ples while edging

One of the sim­plest meth­ods is also one of the most effec­tive: it is forced abstinence.

The cuck is not allowed to have an orgasm dur­ing sex or while “jerk­ing his penis” for a cer­tain peri­od of time (often 1 — 2 weeks). Absti­nence has a great impact on his hor­mon­al bal­ance. The lev­el of the male hor­mone testos­terone increas­es and makes the cuck horny. In the ver­nac­u­lar, it is said that “pres­sure builds up”.

When the hotwife final­ly allows her cuck­old to cum, he expe­ri­ences his cli­max very intense­ly and squirts much more semen than usual.

How­ev­er, the pro­hi­bi­tion of sex is only one side of the coin. While the cuck is not allowed to cum and thus get relief, his hotwife tor­tures him with con­stant­ly repeat­ed “penis edging”.

What Is Edging

The term comes from the Eng­lish word “edge”, which means some­thing like rim or edge. Edg­ing means bring­ing some­one to the edge of an orgasm and then sud­den­ly stop­ping the stim­u­la­tion, ruin­ing the orgasm.

The whole thing is repeat­ed sev­er­al times in a row. Edg­ing is a part of the orgasm con­trol that the hotwife exerts over her cuckold.

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How Does Edging Work?

Due to the orgasm and sex depri­va­tion, the cuck­old is already very horny any­way. How­ev­er, his cuck­ol­dress sparks the horni­ness even more by watch­ing gang­bang, creampie cleanup, and cuck­old porn with him. In the process, the cuck has to jerk his cock again and again, but must not come in any case.

Hotwife jerks the penis with a smartphone timer
Hotwife jerks the penis with a smart­phone timer

Some­times the hotwife also jerks him off, but with­out allow­ing him to cum. Many hotwifes love to give their cuck a prostate mas­sage. This makes him horny and at the same time mas­sive­ly stim­u­lates the pro­duc­tion of sperm.

When a man is about to cli­max, drops of plea­sure come out of the vas def­er­ens at the tip of the glans. This clear, slip­pery liq­uid, which is secret­ed as a nat­ur­al lubri­cant, so to speak, is called desire drops. Desire drops taste very sweet and pleasant.

If the hotwife wants to “milk” her cuck­old, she stim­u­lates the penis to the point of no return. This is also called PONR and is when the orgasm is unstop­pable. The man starts moan­ing and wants to cum. But the hotwife imme­di­ate­ly takes her hand off the penis and ruins the orgasm very agonizingly.

Despite the immense frus­tra­tion, the cuck­old moans very loud­ly! White pre-ejac­u­late (Eng­lish pre­cum) spurts, pul­sates or runs out of the penis. The pre­cum also tastes con­sid­er­ably more sweet than the semen dur­ing a real orgasm.

Longing Drops and Pre-ejaculate (Precum) Sperm Collection

Both the crys­tal clear long­ing drops and the white or watery-look­ing pre-ejac­u­late are excel­lent for learn­ing to swal­low sperm.

The Cuck­ol­dress places a black sperm bowl or plate on the man’s stom­ach or under his penis and milks it over and over. After 5 to 8 ruined orgasms, the prostate is milked dry. A black plas­tic spoon is suit­able to always strip the penis glans clean and catch all leak­ing sperm drops.

With each loss of semen, the woman forces her cuck to swal­low its own juice. She can also col­lect the sperm on the plate until the end of her edg­ing game. The man must always lick his sperm plate sparkling clean.

If the woman wants to make it eas­i­er for her man to swal­low, she can put a cook­ie or choco­late on the plate. The insem­i­nat­ed sperm cook­ie not only looks horny but also tastes the cuck­old. Alter­na­tive­ly, you can freeze sperm in the freez­er for lat­er use to make sperm ice cubes, sperm lol­lipops or sperm snow.

The sperm swal­low train­ing serves for the lat­er sex meet­ings with the Bulls. There it belongs to the tasks of the Cuck­is that the Creampie is licked clean after the insem­i­na­tion of the pussy. At the Bul­l’s request, he some­times has to blow his penis and also lick it clean. There­fore, cuck­olds should prac­tice cum swal­low­ing as often as they can!

Cock is carefully milked into a shot glass by Hotwife (Precum cock miliking).
Cock is care­ful­ly milked into a shot glass by Hotwife (Pre­cum cock milking).

What Happens if the Cuck Fails Orgasm Control and Cum?

Unau­tho­rized ejac­u­la­tion is an explic­it pro­hi­bi­tion! Vio­la­tion makes any hotwife very angry. She pun­ish­es him harsh­ly with beat­ings, nip­ple tor­ture and bondage

That the penis “cries” pre-ejac­u­late / pre­cum is com­plete­ly nor­mal dur­ing edg­ing. It is not sperm but prostate flu­id that tastes sweet and pleasant.

Many hotwifes also pun­ish a dis­obe­di­ent cuck with a strap-on dil­do. She straps on the dil­do and fucks him in the ass with it

These pun­ish­ments are not only unpleas­ant, but with it the Cuck­ol­dress also demon­strates her pow­er. If the cuck­old moans and groans with plea­sure and the cuck swal­lows his own sperm, this makes her feel bet­ter after a while.

If it hap­pens more often that the cuck­old can’t con­trol him­self and mas­tur­bates to the point of cum­ing, it can hap­pen that he has to wear a penis cage / chasti­ty belt.

The cage pre­vents the cuck from touch­ing his cock and giv­ing him­self relief. The lock is secured with a lock to which only the hotwife has the key.

What Good Is Orgasm Control in a Normal Relationship?

Orgasm con­trol is even more effec­tive than you think. From repeat­ed orgasm ruin­ing and edg­ing cuck­old and cuck­ol­dress ben­e­fit. For exam­ple, his tem­po­rary sex depri­va­tion increas­es your and her plea­sure enor­mous­ly. Then, when he is final­ly allowed to have sex again, he feels it much more strongly.

Edg­ing also brings ben­e­fits dur­ing sex. With it, the man trains his sex­u­al sta­mi­na. Many cou­ples have the prob­lem that the man comes too early

The woman needs a long start-up time to get hot. Before her orgasm, the woman remains strong­ly aroused for a long time on a plateau phase.

How­ev­er, when a man is aroused, he can come and cum after just a few thrusts. After that, most men need a recov­ery break and can­not con­tin­ue imme­di­ate­ly. As a result, he ruins sex for her.

How­ev­er, with the help of edg­ing, he can delay his orgasm until she comes. With skill, prac­tice and a lit­tle luck, they can even cli­max together.

Ruined orgasm during tease and denial
“Tease and denial” means “To make horny and deny” — How­ev­er, the orgasm is for­bid­den and ruined! It is ani­mal fun for the woman to tor­ture and tor­ment the man.

How Do You Practice Edging?

Edg­ing is not that dif­fi­cult to prac­tice. It can be done alone or in pairs. In the begin­ning, you should try it alone.

a) Practice Edging Alone: Masturbate to the Point of No Return

1. You watch a porn movie and jerk off to it as you can. How­ev­er, pick a porn where there is plen­ty of cum squirt­ing. Watch­ing creamp­ies, bukkake, and facials dur­ing gang­bangs also stim­u­lates your sperm pro­duc­tion a lot. (Sperm competition)

2. When you real­ize that you are going to cum any moment, IMMEDIATELY take your hand off the penis. Let the pre-ejac­u­late run into a sperm bowl or onto a sperm plate and lick it up. A black plas­tic spoon is also handy for clean­ing the glans.

3. Wait until your arousal sub­sides a bit. When you’ve cooled down enough, it’s time for a new porn, where the woman is mas­sive­ly insem­i­nat­ed. You repeat this as many times as you can manage.

At first, it may be only once, then twice or three times. Some can use edg­ing to post­pone their orgasm five times.

4. As a reward, you final­ly get to orgasm. Be pre­pared for a bru­tal­ly intense, but very, very horny orgasm. It is nor­mal if almost no sperm squirts out. A dry orgasm is incred­i­bly horny!

Edging & masturbation while watching porn
Watch­ing porn is per­fect for hours of edg­ing. Set a smart­phone time to 3 hours. Only then you may come to orgasm! Ruin your orgasm at least three times and lick up your precum.

b) Train Edging by Wanking Penis with Partner: Interval Jerking

With the part­ner it also works, if she is ini­ti­at­ed. It is an incred­i­bly horny game for the woman to ruin your orgasms!

1. Agree in advance on a code! You com­mit your­self with fin­gers at any time to indi­cate your state of arousal. Put your right hand next to you and show the thumbs up — Then she knows: Every­thing is OK. Spread your thumb and index fin­ger when you are very excit­ed and she needs to jerk off more care­ful­ly. Thumb + index fin­ger + mid­dle fin­ger spread means: “Jerk off care­ful­ly! I’m about to orgasm!” When the point-of-no-return kicks in, you loud­ly shout “STOP!!!”

2. She spoils your cock, sim­i­lar to mas­tur­ba­tion. A penis mas­sage with oil is very good. When you real­ize that you are going to squirt at any moment, you call the “stop” as agreed and she takes her hand off your cock IMMEDIATELY.

Edging training with partner: Violent cumshot without orgasm
Edg­ing train­ing with part­ner: Vio­lent cumshot with­out orgasm

c) Edging during Sex: Interval Fucking

Extreme­ly much self-con­trol is demand­ed from you if you want to edge the penis dur­ing sex. The pussy is very, very intense and has, due to the muscle.

Some­times it’s enough that you just stop thrust­ing into her pussy. If that does­n’t help, pull your dick out. Don’t just lie still, but lick or fin­ger her clit.

This will make her horny and help you cool down a bit. If you are skill­ful and stim­u­late her clit skill­ful­ly, you can bring her to orgasm with it alone. For you, this means a clear path! You can hole up and fuck her as hard as you want.

The wom­an’s orgasm lasts much longer than that of the man. It is quite pos­si­ble that she even gets a sec­ond orgasm through your vio­lent thrusts. The hap­pi­ness of love is perfect!

Orgasm Control and Edging — Not Only for Cuckolds

The cuck­ol­dress uses orgasm con­trol and edg­ing to show her pow­er and dom­i­nance. But with the mea­sures she also wants to achieve that her cuck gets stronger orgasms, so that she feels more plea­sure dur­ing sex.

This prin­ci­ple can also be used by nor­mal cou­ples where the man tends to come too ear­ly. By edg­ing, he can delay his orgasm until she expe­ri­ences her cli­max and then even come togeth­er with her. There is no bet­ter feel­ing dur­ing sex than cli­max­ing togeth­er with your lover.

The biggest advan­tage of a ruined orgasm is that the man is allowed to cum a lit­tle bit, but with­out get­ting a “slump” of plea­sure that most men expe­ri­ence after a full orgasm.

In a “slump” the man los­es all his ener­gy and inter­est in sex and the woman After a ruined orgasm many men do not expe­ri­ence a slump, or it is very brief.
A ruined orgasm makes the man very dis­sat­is­fied, but he will quick­ly under­stand that this way “for more pay” is a bet­ter option.

Edging: Ruining the orgasm over and over again
Edg­ing: Ruin­ing the orgasm over and over again

Tips to Ruin the Orgasm:

  • Announce ruin­ing the orgasm before­hand or sur­prise him.
  • Tell him to sit on a chair. Tie his hands behind his back or behind his head and blind­fold him.
  • Tell him to calm­ly try to reach orgasm while you keep ruin­ing it. 
    • Do this a few times until he is real­ly on the verge of orgasm. It’s real­ly great fun as a woman to deny him orgasm at the last second.
  • Then use your hands, mouth, tongue, panties, feath­ers, mas­sage oil, etc. to tease him. 
    • One of the most inter­est­ing videos I saw was a woman lick­ing her hus­band very, very slow­ly from bot­tom to top until he squirted.
  • Let him ruin the orgasm “as a game” by him­self. This is a good test of his loyalty. 
    • Write down three sex­u­al things in a let­ter that your hus­band can win as a game-win­ner (1st to 3rd place) and one unpleas­ant sex­u­al pun­ish­ment (wear­ing clothes­pins for 10 min­utes 6 times a day, anal strap-on fuck, wear­ing a chasti­ty belt, or spank­ings with paddles)
    • Hand him the enve­lope in the morning.
    • Have her hus­band mas­tur­bate on a chair in the evening.
    • Whom he stops before he cum, there is a point for the first abortion.
    • for every oth­er ruined orgasm with a small cum there is anoth­er point.
    • If he jerks off with­out per­mis­sion, he must ful­fill the penalty
  • Com­bine ruin­ing with anal plea­sure. This stim­u­lates the prostate that his sperm leaks more 
    • Some women use this tech­nique reg­u­lar­ly to milk their man so that he can be with­out an orgasm for a long time.
  • His pre-cum tastes very sweet. Force her man to lick it all up. A plate or a bowl helps not to waste anything.
  • A mas­tur­ba­tor / Flesh­light is a good toy to “go crazy” with.
  • Don’t for­get to pam­per his oth­er eroge­nous zones. Mouth, neck, ears, nip­ples (weights, clamps, wax), anus.
  • A real­ly hot psy­chic tip: set in a cal­en­dar when your man can have an orgasm and when not. 
    • For­bid your man to have an orgasm while masturbating.

Conclusion: Orgasm Control During Cuckold Is a Must!

For cuck­old cou­ples, it is impor­tant that the man is no longer allowed to cum on his own. orgasm con­trol makes the cuck­old very com­pli­ant and per­ma­nent­ly horny! He is more resis­tant to pain, he asks for prostate play, and his desire mas­sive­ly increas­es for the hotwife to be alien-fucked.

Orgasm Control - Orgasm is ruined again and again
Orgasm Con­trol — Orgasm is ruined again and again

We don’t think it’s right to ban the man’s orgasms alto­geth­er, but they should be reduced to one orgasm per week

Nev­er­the­less, to keep the cuck­old “hap­py”, his penis should be played with and milked by ruin­ing orgasms as often as pos­si­ble. This can be prac­ticed three to eight times in a row.

That sperm does not belong in the hand­ker­chief (any­more) is self-evi­dent for Cuckolds.

Drops of desire, pre-ejac­u­late (pre­cum) and semen are always col­lect­ed with a plate or bowl and recycled.

Alter­na­tive­ly, sperm can be frozen and made into sperm ice cubes, sperm lol­lipops or sperm snow for lat­er use.

Other Resources on Orgasm Control:

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