How to Prepare Sperm Ice Cream on a Stick or Sperm Lollipop?

Espe­cial­ly cuck­old cou­ples, but also sex­u­al­ly open-mind­ed and exper­i­men­tal men and women will have already come up with ideas to col­lect sperm. For this pur­pose, freez­ing in the freez­er is the first choice.

As soon as the oppor­tu­ni­ty presents itself, the sperm ice cream can be tak­en direct­ly from the freez­er and “alone” or “in pairs” be messed around. Imag­i­na­tive gang­bang and group sex games are no longer in the way, even with­out appro­pri­ate play partners.

Cum pop­si­cles are also called “cum­si­cle”, “frozen sperm­ci­cle” or “cum popsicle”.

How to freeze sperm cor­rect­ly in a freez­er or freez­er and pre­pare hot sperm lol­lipops, you will learn in this arti­cle. We are inter­est­ed in your opin­ion! If you have ques­tions, ideas, and com­ments about “cum freez­ing”, write us a mes­sage via our com­ment field below this post.

Link tip: See also the porn Feed­ing Fren­zy 6. Porn star Delilah Strong col­lects the loads of a gang­bang in a freez­er and eats the frozen spermcicle.

Fields of Application of Sperm Ice Cream on a Stick

The areas of appli­ca­tion of sperm ice cream are man­i­fold. Besides the above men­tioned groups of peo­ple, sur­pris­ing­ly many men want to learn how to swal­low their own sperm. This is pos­si­ble by this way.

Dom­i­na­tri­ces also like to let their slaves freeze sperm in the freez­er to teach them how to swal­low or to humil­i­ate them.

Begin­ners play with freez­er semen main­ly on and in the pussy, on penis, nip­ples and the upper body. It is often used as a nat­ur­al lubri­cant. Advanced users also like to suck on the ice or even use it for cook­ing or baking.

Sperma in einer Filmdose sammeln und einfrieren
Cum freez­ing: Freez­ing sperm
Slutwife Trainig

How to Make Cum Lollipops / Frozen Spermcicle / Ice Cumsicle?

Fresh­ly squirt­ed cum can be frozen just as eas­i­ly as creamp­ies or pre-juice dur­ing orgasm ruin­ing.

How­ev­er, it is extreme­ly impor­tant here to use suit­able con­tain­ers. Opti­mal­ly, appro­pri­ate con­tain­ers should not be able to hold more than 10 sperm loads and should close tight­ly. Larg­er quan­ti­ties form too many ice crys­tals due to air humid­i­ty, cause prob­lems dur­ing thaw­ing and are attacked by freez­er burn.

It is rec­om­mend­ed not to thaw sperm ice, but to use it in the frozen state. How­ev­er, since it is very slip­pery, freez­ing it with a han­dle to hold it is advisable.

There are basi­cal­ly two rec­om­mend­ed ways to pre­pare it:

Variant 1: Frozen Semen Lollipop With Film Canister

Col­lect­ing sperm in a film can and freez­ing it

Film cans are excel­lent for mak­ing a sperm lol­lipop. They are very cheap to order and usu­al­ly have a height of 5 cm and a diam­e­ter of 3.7 cm. The usable inter­nal vol­ume is 25 ml of liq­uid and they close tightly.

At 2–6 ml of sperm per ejac­u­la­tion, a can hold five loads of cum, pure­ly math­e­mat­i­cal­ly. How­ev­er, due to shrink­age dur­ing freez­ing, approx. 8 — 15 loads are pos­si­ble in real­i­ty. Filled into the pussy, this cor­re­sponds to a horny gang­bang creampie with 8 men.

Tip: Drink a liter of pineap­ple juice every day before your desam­ings over the day. Eat­ing real pineap­ple is even bet­ter though. This improves the sperm taste seriously.

  1. Buy your­self on eBay:
  • a film can (∅ 37 mm x H: 51 mm). They are also called film cans, pho­to cans or geo­caching cans. The lid should be smooth.
  • small craft woods. They are also called spat­u­las, wood­en sticks, pop­si­cle sticks, ice cream sticks or wood­en han­dles. Opti­mal size: LxWxH: approx. 11 x 1 x 0.2 cm
  • a black break­fast plate, up to ∅ 20 cm.
  • labelable adhe­sive tape or a strip of painters mask­ing tape

2. Clean the film can­is­ter with soapy water and rinse it well.

3. Cut a slit about 1 cm long in the lid, so you can stick the wood­en ice cream stick through it. The lid will lat­er hold the stem in the cor­rect place until the sperm freezes.

4. Stick a strip of tape about 3 cm long on the side of the can. On this, you mark with a line after every ejac­u­la­tion how many times you have ejac­u­lat­ed into the container.

5. When you mas­tur­bate, squirt the sperm direct­ly into the con­tain­er. As soon as you are done with your ejac­u­la­tion, imme­di­ate­ly put the lid on the jar, push the wood­en han­dle through the lid, mark a line and imme­di­ate­ly put the jar in the freezer!

6. When you are horny again a few days or hours lat­er, jerk the cock again until just before your orgasm. When you final­ly want to cum all your cum, take the film con­tain­er out of the freez­er. Care­ful­ly remove the lid and be care­ful not to dam­age or twist the wood­en handle.

Squirt all your cum into the con­tain­er a sec­ond time. Imme­di­ate­ly put the lid back on, make anoth­er dash and imme­di­ate­ly put the con­tain­er back in the freez­er. It is cold­est in the very back of the freez­er and will not be dis­cov­ered by fam­i­ly members.

7. To fill the con­tain­er com­plete­ly, you need to repeat the insem­i­na­tion about 8 — 10 times. But remem­ber: every sec­ond counts: Jerk off, get the sperm can out, care­ful­ly open the lid, squirt in hard, imme­di­ate­ly close the lid, stroke it, and get right back in the freezer!

Note: If you want your sperm lol­lipop to be sweet, you can add some crumbs of choco­late, some hon­ey or oth­er slight­ly melt­ing can­dy to the con­tain­er. Some of the can­dy will mix with your creamy sperm and cre­ate an inter­est­ing fla­vor when thawed.

Fozen cumsicle recipe
Fozen cum­si­cle recipe: freeze sperm in film canister
Creampie Cathy

Thaw­ing sperm lol­lipops / frozen sperm­ci­cle / ice cum­si­cle:
When the film can is full, take it out of the freez­er, place the plate in your in front of you and roll the can back and forth between your warm hands for a minute.

Your body heat from your hands will melt the ice slight­ly on the sides and out­side and your cum­si­cle will slide out of the can more eas­i­ly. Gen­tly squeeze the film can­is­ter and pull light­ly(!) on the stem to get the sperm ice cream out. Once it’s out, you can use it to play with.

If you are rat­ty enough, you can put it in your mouth and lick and suck on it like a “pop­si­cle” or lol­lipop. You will be sur­prised how horny it tastes. When the cum melts in your mouth, the tex­ture and taste of the many loads of cum are not the same as if you had drawn it fresh — but lick­ing up the loads is still a very horny pleasure.

Variation 2: Frozen Sperm Lollipop With “Popsicle” — Ice Mold

Lékué popsicles ice mold: Praktische Lutscher Eisform
Lékué pop­si­cles ice mold: Prac­ti­cal lol­lipop ice mold

A sec­ond, high­ly rec­om­mend­ed vari­ant to make a sperm ice lol­lipop / a frozen sperm­ci­cle is to use ice molds that con­sist of an out­er mold and a soft plas­tic or sil­i­cone stem.

Ama­zon and eBay offer a wide range of ice molds. There are many ice cream recipes based on fruit, milk, and water ice. How­ev­er, in prac­tice, it was found that most ice molds are not suit­able for “build­ing sperm lollipops”.

Care should be tak­en to ensure that the mold is as smooth as pos­si­ble, as sim­ple molds are eas­i­er to remove. Ice molds where the lid is always pulled up over the stem when open­ing are prob­lem­at­ic. You can save your­self the mon­ey. So-called lol­lipop mak­ers, which are open at the top, cause prob­lems with freez­er burn.

Lekue cumsicle: Spermalutscher in Eisform im Tiefkühlschrank breiten
Lekue cum­si­cle: Sperm lol­lipops in ice form in the freez­er wide
Prepare Sperm Ice Cream With Lekué

Our tip: Very much we like the Lékué pop­si­cle mold because this you can open the mold side­ways, and excel­lent, large-area to squirt your cum spurts. Even with strong sperm splash­es, you vir­tu­al­ly nev­er miss. The sperm wraps itself well around the stem.

The dis­ad­van­tage, how­ev­er, is the size. This ice mold has a capac­i­ty of 60 ml, which cor­re­sponds to about 20 to 25 sperm loads.

You should store the ice mold in a ZIPPER pres­sure seal bag to pre­vent freez­er burn.

When the mold is full, the cum­si­cle (sperm lol­lipop) can be removed from the side with­out any prob­lems. No ice chunks get stuck in the mold. The result is an incred­i­ble mess, like after a gang­bang with 20 guys.

The pro­ce­dure with mak­ing a sperm lol­lipop is sim­i­lar to the pro­ce­dure with film cans:

  • Tape a strip of mask­ing tape to the ice can. Make a mark every time you fill it so you know how many loads of sperm you’ve squirt­ed in.
  • Squirt direct­ly into the ice cube tray in the kitchen in front of the freez­er each time you have an orgasm and quick­ly reseal the ice mold.
  • Put in 1–2 times a week a porn evening of sev­er­al hours and jerk off sev­er­al times until just before orgasm (edg­ing). The long­ing drops and pre­cum that you milk off dur­ing orgasm ruin­ing is very sweet and tasty. Col­lect each drop with a black plas­tic spoon and a black plate and fill the horny pre­cum into the ice maker.
  • Again, feel free to add some small crumbs of choco­late, choco­late drops, hon­ey or oth­er slight­ly melt­ing can­dy to the container.
  • Once your cum­si­cle is ready, you can remove it when you are real­ly, real­ly ratty.
  • Don’t for­get to lick the ice mold clean before you put it in the dishwasher.

Conclusion: Preparing Sperm Lollipops for Advanced Users

One thing is very clear: a cum suck­er is def­i­nite­ly not for begin­ners. No mat­ter if creampie, fuck juice or squirt — sperm ice swal­low­ing must be trained before­hand in small­er dos­es, like sperm snow.

If the cuck­old and / or the hotwife likes larg­er amounts of sperm, freez­ing in the freez­er is def­i­nite­ly a per­fect way to play horny sperm games with gang­bang fantasies.

The impor­tant thing is to buy the cor­rect ice con­tain­er. The “pop­si­cle” — ice mold should be able to open side­ways to be able to squirt in there with­out air bub­bles. Each ejac­u­la­tion will cause small amounts of semen to thaw each time. You should put the con­tain­er back in the freez­er as soon as pos­si­ble after insemination.

Wife tast­ing my home­made cum­si­cle (A video by Yvette Cumwifey)
Col­lect­ing sperm in film can
She eats his sperm lollipop

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