Cover My Face: A Must-Have for Cuckolds, Wifesharers and Fans of Facial Cum!

Most cuck­olds, wife­shar­ers and bulls love it when the pret­ty face of the hotwife is horni­ly dec­o­rat­ed with sperm dur­ing group sex. Where exact­ly the insem­i­na­tion urge comes from has not yet been psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly researched.

But the fact is that a horny facial insem­i­na­tion leads to strong sex­u­al arousal in very many men around the world. Women are cur­rent­ly catch­ing up sig­nif­i­cant­ly in terms of porn con­sump­tion thanks to mobile inter­net devices. Many of them have put aside their advan­tages and now also find horny facials and bukkake very stimulating.

Dur­ing a web walk one day, we stum­bled upon incred­i­bly horny porn from The sex videos were so hot that we decid­ed to put the project through a porn site test.

In the fol­low­ing review we would like to intro­duce you to the porn site “Cov­er My Face”. As you are used to from our oth­er reviews, we do not praise the site to the skies, but objec­tive­ly com­pare the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. You will find out what the mem­bers area has to offer and whether a mem­ber­ship is worth­while at all.

Below the test report you have the pos­si­bil­i­ty to post your per­son­al expe­ri­ences, opin­ions, and questions.


What Is Bukkake?

A bukkake is a type of gang­bang in which one or more women have sex with a pack of wild guys. Unlike the clas­sic gang­bang, bukkake does not focus on fuck­ing, but on spray­ing the mod­el with sperm. 

The porn actress­es are sur­round­ed by many men who fuck the girl in the begin­ning to get up to speed, so to speak. After that, the slut blows and jerks the cocks until they cum. For the most part, the horny bucks jerk their own cocks. 

When they can’t take it any­more and the cum comes, their goal is to ejac­u­late onto the mod­el’s body. As the name of the web­site already sug­gests in this review, it is main­ly the face.

How­ev­er, there are also oth­er types of bukkake: breast bukkake, pussy bukkake, foot bukkake and even a bukkake of pubic hair or armpits.

The Preview Area of

The design of the pre­view area is a bit out­dat­ed. While I’ve seen con­sid­er­ably bet­ter pre­view areas in many a web­site test, Cov­er My Face’s still serves its purpose.

The focus is on screen­shots of the lat­est videos. Below each shot, the provider pub­lish­es a short syn­op­sis and basic info like run­ning time and name of the per­former. You can see 15 bukkake porn on each of 24 pages. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, there is no pos­si­bil­i­ty to see trailers.

The pre­view pho­tos fea­ture very appeal­ing porn actress­es and extreme­ly horny facial cumshots. Most­ly, one woman is insem­i­nat­ed by at least five studs in her mouth and face. But some­times there are also two girls.

Even though facials are noth­ing spe­cial nowa­days, you can see very horny scenes when two women appear in the porn. Most­ly it comes to so-called “cum clean-up”, where the girls lick each oth­er’s faces clean and kiss the sperm back and forth by means of“snowballing” (sperm snow­ball fight).

You can also see beau­ti­ful BBC cocks (e.g. Mandin­go) in the pre­view pic­tures, which can ejac­u­late vig­or­ous­ly into the sweet face of the women. But besides facial insem­i­na­tion, you can also find sex scenes and anal sex on Cov­er My Face. With dark-skinned women (ebony girls) the sperm comes out super.

Facts and Figures About the Website

My research con­duct­ed as part of this review revealed that has been online since May 2006. 

With the mem­ber­ship at you also get access to the so-called “Porn­Star Net­work”. There, for your month­ly price, you get the pos­si­bil­i­ty to access the con­tent of oth­er web­sites with­out any restric­tions. For example:

and many others.

In my review, I would like to list here the cur­rent options and costs of the mem­ber­ship, as announced by the provider on its website:

  • Sub­scrip­tion term 1 month: $29.95
  • Sub­scrip­tion dura­tion 3 months: $59.95
  • Annu­al sub­scrip­tion: $89.50 for 12 months ($7.50 per month)

Only cred­it cards are accept­ed as means of payment.

Test Report: Review of the Member Area

When I first logged into the mem­bers area, I was sur­prised that I had to log into a Porn­star­Net­work page. But quick­ly I found the con­tent I was look­ing for.

The design of the mem­ber’s area is appeal­ing, and the nav­i­ga­tion is sim­ple. You will find your way around easily. 

Right now, there are about 200 videos avail­able on the site. The major­i­ty of them were shot in Full-HD res­o­lu­tion. Their play­ing time varies between 15 — 50 min­utes. The sex movies are playable in the brows­er via an embed­ded HTML5 play­er and down­load­able in MP4 format.

The videos are com­ple­ment­ed by pho­to gal­leries that con­tain about 60 pho­tos per set. The site is part of the Porn star net­work, an asso­ci­a­tion of 50 porn sites. 

In terms of con­tent, I liked the Cov­erMy­Face porn very much. Since the per­form­ers are pop­u­lar porn stars, they have no prob­lem with ample facial insem­i­na­tion and know how to pro­vide an opti­mal insem­i­na­tion sur­face for the studs. 

The male per­form­ers know exact­ly at which cum angle they have to ejac­u­late. The well-lit and coher­ent cam­era angles super cap­ture the some­times extreme­ly pow­er­ful cumshots. Also, the sperm deposit on the fore­head, nose, cheeks, mouth, and chin looks very horny, espe­cial­ly when the huge mess starts to run down towards the chin. 

At the end of almost all clips, the mod­el received at least half a dozen to a dozen cumshots to her face and looks like she’s wear­ing a mask. Even her hair is not spared.

Since it’s all about bukkake to Cov­er My Face, you have a sheer end­less selec­tion of part­ly extreme­ly horny cum porn on the Porn­star network.

Advantages of the Porn Site

Rarely have I seen such good videos with Bukkake in a web­site test. In most clips, the girl receives around five to fif­teen cumshots to the face. In some clips, it is even up to 30 loads. 

What impress­es me most is how the film and pho­to team was able to stage the split-sec­ond moments of ejac­u­la­tion. The tech­ni­cal imple­men­ta­tion, light­ing and cam­era work are very professional.

As a true cuck­old, I was very impressed by the some­times very pow­er­ful ejac­u­la­tion and the vol­ume of sperm when the men ejaculate.

If the site is not enough for you, you have access to a total of 50,000 videos on the net­work with sev­er­al new addi­tions daily.

Disadvantages of the Sex Site

The big dis­ad­van­tage is the old-fash­ioned design of the pre­view area. The lay­out looks any­thing but invit­ing and no longer cor­re­sponds visu­al­ly and tech­ni­cal­ly to the cur­rent state of smart­phones and tablets. A ren­o­va­tion is urgent­ly need­ed here.

I also noticed that no new videos have been added for for quite some time. Appar­ent­ly, they are cur­rent­ly shoot­ing for oth­er porn sites, which are includ­ed in the Porn star network. 

The fact that the videos are old­er can also be seen in the res­o­lu­tion. It cor­re­sponds to the stan­dard HD at most.

Review Conclusion: Is Recommendable?

Since most cuck­olds and wife­shar­ers are into facial cumshots, the porn site is an excel­lent source for beau­ti­ful­ly kinky bukkake porn. But also hotwifes should like this kind of porn very much.

In my review I have found count­less fuck­ing horny(!!!) cum porn where I would very much like my dear part­ner to be so vig­or­ous­ly and abun­dant­ly alienated.

The insem­i­na­tion of the faces is great lit and the porn actors can some­times ejac­u­late very vig­or­ous­ly. They are able to place impres­sive loads of cum on the cute faces of the porn actresses.

You can cur­rent­ly find over 200 porn videos that have been pro­duced in a peri­od of over 10 years. The fact that you also have access to 49 oth­er porn sites in the month­ly price is excel­lent. There are extreme­ly nasty porn gen­res in the net­work, such as squirt­ing games, sperm games or sperm cocktails.

A “Cov­er My Face” mem­ber­ship is worth it. The bukkake gang­bangs are real­ly horny and are among the best in the genre. You won’t find them any­where else.


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