Men give to exotic women a cum bang

Prob­a­bly the biggest fan­ta­sy of inter­ra­cial sex is white women get­ting fucked out of their minds and copi­ous­ly insem­i­nat­ed by mul­ti­ple men in a gang­bang. Cuck­olds and wife­shar­ers espe­cial­ly love this porn because it makes them asso­ciate with their own wives or girlfriends.

But it also goes the oth­er way around: spir­it­ed, dark-skinned women are fucked from one orgasm to the next by numer­ous white men and their beau­ti­ful brown skin is splat­tered with snow-white sperm 

The beau­ti­ful women are rather called “ebony” instead of “black” — in Ger­man “Schwarz wie Eben­holz” in ref­er­ence to Snow White.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, there are not very many porn sites that offers this sex­u­al slant. But this is exact­ly what the porn label Dog­fart spe­cial­izes in. On you will find over 5,000 sex­porns with incred­i­bly horny, high­ly stim­u­lat­ing scenes.

In my review below, I would like to intro­duce you to this extra­or­di­nary inter­ra­cial porn site in more detail. I will explain the con­tents of the mem­bers area as well as the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages that I noticed dur­ing my review. I am also inter­est­ed in your opin­ion. Feel free to describe your expe­ri­ence or write us your opin­ion or ques­tions below the review.


The preview area of

At the begin­ning of my review of, I noticed the appeal­ing design of the pre­view area 

A huge slideshow unmis­tak­ably shows what Cum Bang is all about: gor­geous, dark-skinned women get­ting fucked by a whole horde of horny white bucks. The sex bombs suck and jerk count­less, cocks until they cum dur­ing group sex 

The main menu has only the four menu items Inter­ra­cial Movies, What’s includ­ed, About and Awards.

In the mid­dle of the home­page you will find a selec­tion of the twen­ty-four lat­est videos. If you click on one of them, a trail­er of about 60 sec­onds will play.

It’s real­ly a lot of fun to look at the pre­view sec­tion. It is very trans­par­ent and infor­ma­tive. You get lots of info about the web­site and the bonus pages.

The pre­view videos are extreme­ly well done: In the fore­ground, the girl tells you some­thing about her­self, while in the upper right you can watch a clip with scenes from the video. It’s worth click­ing on the images below the videos. When I did the porn site test, I was real­ly sur­prised that hun­dreds of pho­tos could be opened there with­out any restric­tions and for free. I don’t know if this was a pro­gram­ming error.

The cum bang pre­view videos and demo pho­tos def­i­nite­ly whet your appetite for more. Since the porn actress­es know in advance what is in store for them, they make a very relaxed impres­sion and they vis­i­bly enjoy the group sex and also the abun­dant insem­i­na­tions. The white cum gives such an extreme­ly horny con­trast on their brown skin that it quick­ly becomes tight in the pants.

Facts and figures about the website has been on the Inter­net since 2008. My web­site test revealed that the provider has just over 80 videos avail­able for view­ing and downloading 

This may not seem like a lot at first glance, but you have to keep in mind that Cum Bang is part of the Dog­Fart net­work. This is an asso­ci­a­tion of 23 porn sites that are all about inter­ra­cial sex 

Of course, a review can­not be with­out the cost of mem­ber­ship. For this, the provider makes the fol­low­ing statements:

  • One-day tri­al sub­scrip­tion: $0.99
  • Month­ly sub­scrip­tion 30 days: $29.99
  • 3 months 90 days: $16.66/month, deb­it­ed as a one-time amount of $49.98
  • Annu­al sub­scrip­tion 365 days: $8.33/month, deb­it­ed as a one-time amount of $99.99

The provider accepts pay­ment by cred­it cards (Visa Card, Mas­ter­Card) and PayPal.

Test report: Review of the member area of

Site structure, content and special features is the coun­ter­part to the web­site Inter­ra­cial Blow­bang, where white girls are fucked and sprayed with cum by dark-skinned men. Both sites belong to the Dog­Fart Network.

As a mem­ber of this net­work, you have access to almost 5,000 videos of thou­sands of per­form­ers in the “Cum Bang” cat­e­go­ry, includ­ing dai­ly uploads of new clips. By the way, there is a pho­to gallery with about 200 pic­tures for each video. The videos are just under 30 min­utes long and record­ed in full HD.

The black women are very attrac­tive in the inter­ra­cial porn. They have big brown eyes, full lips and plump tits and butts. They seem to be almost all curves. No won­der that many a man dreams of hav­ing sex with an exot­ic woman one day 

Most of the time it’s just one Ebony Girl that has to take on at least a dozen guys and she does it with ease! She usu­al­ly kneels or squats and gets sur­round­ed by cocks and gets splashed plen­ty dur­ing a horny bukkake

While she bends over, she gets fucked from behind and has to blow and jerk cocks in chord. The horny guys can not restrain their lust. One after the oth­er has an orgasm and squirts his white sperm on her dark brown skin or in her black hair 

At the end of the gang­bang the girl is insem­i­nat­ed from head to toe. She is hap­py and satisfied 

Advantages of the sex site

  • The sex scenes are unspeak­ably horny 
  • Pay­ment with Pay­pal possible.
  • Razor sharp UHD resolution 
  • The sperm con­trast is a dream for every bukkake fan.
  • The male actors look very authen­tic. They cheer each oth­er on. Many of them even cum sev­er­al times 

Disadvantages of the porn site

  • The tri­al access is not advis­able, as the access is too much restricted.
  • Be care­ful with the pre-select­ed check­box (called Cross Sel­ing). In the pay­ment form, make sure to uncheck the 1€ offer for Oth­er­wise you will book two subscriptions!
  • No pay­ment by direct deb­it or bank trans­fer possible 

Review conclusion: Is recommendable?

My opin­ion about the Ebony sex site is clear. I am sim­ply thrilled with this porn site. The porn label Dog­fart is a pop­u­lar pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny and offers a lot of inter­ra­cial porn.

The fact that Cum Bang’s sex movies go the oth­er way around, with a dark beau­ty being insem­i­nat­ed by numer­ous white cocks, is a great change.

The footage is shot in good qual­i­ty and the actors are (lit­er­al­ly) at it with lust and love. This goes down well with the view­ers. Also ide­al is access to the huge Dog­Fart Net­work, which is includ­ed in the month­ly price.


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