Sperm Cocktail: Merciless Kinky Sperm Games, Facial Insemination, Bukkake and Gokkun

Kinky cum games not only make the hearts of potent bulls, demand­ing wife­shar­ers or grate­ful cuck­olds beat faster…. Hotwifes also love to be insem­i­nat­ed with plen­ty of sperm dur­ing a nice group fuck and won­der­ful­ly mess around with it.

As a real cuck­old cou­ple, we like to surf the net to get inspired for bizarre mess­es, so one day we dis­cov­ered the porn site SpermCocktail.com. The dis­cov­ery hit us like a thunderbolt! 

On this “Sperm Cock­tail” you will find pret­ty women who col­lect the horny ejac­u­late in liqueur glass­es, bowls and mar­ti­ni glass­es after a horny gang­bang. After horny cum games they toast their fuck­ers and oth­er hotwifes, drink their cum cock­tail emp­ty in one go and final­ly lick the glass­es clean.

It was absolute­ly clear to us that we had to sub­ject the SpermCocktail.com sex site to a review! We would like to take you along in our fol­low­ing review and tell you what con­tent awaits you in the mem­bers area. You will find out in the test whether it is worth becom­ing a mem­ber and what the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages are.

We are also inter­est­ed in your opin­ion. Feel free to leave us a mes­sage below the review and tell us your ques­tions, com­ments and opinions.

Vis­it SpermCocktail.com

Why Are Sperm Games So Popular With Hotwifes, Wifesharers and Cuckolds?

For most vanil­la sex women and men, the very thought of cum in their mouths evokes any­thing but lust. They won­der what the Wife­shar­ers, Cuck­olds and Hotwifes get out of play­ing with sperm. There is a rel­a­tive­ly sober answer to this question:

Cuck­old and wife­shar­ing cou­ples are per­ma­nent­ly and very inten­sive­ly engaged in their sex­u­al desires and fan­tasies. They also dare to open­ly share these for­bid­den secrets with their partner. 

This gives rise to a com­plete­ly new qual­i­ty of part­nered sex­u­al­i­ty:
instead of putting on a stan­dard act in the dark bed­room once a month, they watch porn togeth­er, use sex toys, try out sex prac­tices and enjoy orgasms. Due to this deep con­nec­tion and famil­iar­i­ty, it inevitably comes in a kind of mat­u­ra­tion process that sperm games sim­ply belong to good sex one day.

At the lat­est from the next stage, when they dare to invite strange men for sex, there is often no turn­ing back. At the emo­tion­al­ly intense and orgasm-heavy sex par­ties, horny oral and facial insem­i­na­tions as well as copi­ous creamp­ies are sim­ply part of the stan­dard repertoire.

And so videos and pho­tos with women suck­ing cocks and swal­low­ing cum not only fire cou­ples’ imag­i­na­tions, but also have a kind of teach­ing effect. They learn what kind of mess­es hap­pened dur­ing gang­bangs, sim­ply accept cer­tain actions as “nor­mal” and want to try out the dirty tricks themselves.

The Preview Area of Spermcocktail.com

But now let’s get back to the review of SpermCocktail.com. We start the review with a walk through the pre­view area. This is also called tour area and has it “in” itself!

On a wine-red home­page you are greet­ed friend­ly with “Wel­come to Sperm Cock­tail”. In a ban­ner, Bran­don Iron presents the theme of this porn site: Two women drink sperm from cock­tail glasses!

A main menu fol­lows. This can be ignored, just like the two fol­low­ing adver­tis­ing banners.

Much more excit­ing are the fol­low­ing fif­teen sperm porn. You can excel­lent­ly see on one large and five small­er pho­tos what con­tent is pre­sent­ed:
Pret­ty women are insem­i­nat­ed with sperm dur­ing gang­bangs and blow­bangs from 5 to 55 men. The horny cum from the face, from the mouth and from the pussy ends up in a cock­tail glass. Most­ly it is mar­ti­ni glass­es or liquor glass­es, but some­times shot glass­es, spoons or plates are used.

The sight of the kinky bitch­es tast­ing their creamy apéri­tifs with straws quick­ly makes it get tight in the view­er’s pants. Espe­cial­ly the scenes with bisex­u­al women who lick each oth­er’s cum faces clean and emp­ty the glass­es with kinky cum kiss­es togeth­er and final­ly lick them clean to have it in them!

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, there are no trail­ers. How­ev­er, you can read through who the per­form­ers are; how long the porn movie runs and how many pho­tos are includ­ed. A short descrip­tion explains the con­tent of the sex movies.

The cool thing is that you can click through four­teen pages in the pre­view area, which amounts to almost 200 gang­bang and bukkake pre­view scenes. 

Facts and Figures About the Website

The web­site SpermCocktail.com has been online since July 2006. The design was already 1:1 like today’s layout.

When you book a mem­ber­ship at Sperm­Coc­tail you get access to the so-called “Porn­Star Net­work”. There you can access the con­tent of many oth­er porn sites for the month­ly price with­out any restric­tions. There are cur­rent­ly about 50 sites that make up the net­work. In the creampie sec­tion alone, there are over 10,000 videos.

The rep­u­ta­tion of the Porn­Star Net­work has been con­sis­tent­ly pos­i­tive for over a decade. It includes, for example:

Cur­rent­ly, the provider offers three rates for mem­ber­ship in the sub­scrip­tion model:

  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 3 months: $59.95
  • Annu­al sub­scrip­tion: $89.50 ($7.50 per month)

Only cred­it cards are accept­ed as means of payment.

Test Report: Review of the Member Area of Spermcocktail.com

When I want­ed to enter the SpermCocktail.com mem­ber area for my review, I was sur­prised to find that I was sup­posed to log in to a Porn­star­Net­work page. After log­ging in, you are tak­en direct­ly to a list of video links show­ing women sur­round­ed by mas­sive cocks or drink­ing men’s cum out of cock­tail glasses.

Since the site is easy to nav­i­gate, I was able to quick­ly find my way around the mem­bers area.

A porn star fil­ter is very handy. It can be set to fil­ter results by gen­der, eth­nic­i­ty, nation­al­i­ty and pop­u­lar­i­ty. The porn­star sec­tion includes an option to view all porn­stars on the list or jump direct­ly to a spe­cif­ic let­ter of the alpha­bet to find your desired mod­el faster.

The video and pho­to con­tent sec­tions are well divid­ed. They have some tech­ni­cal infor­ma­tion and inter­ac­tion options for visitors.

View­ers can rate each video, leave com­ments and save them to their favorites list. The video detail pages also dis­play key­words (tags), so it’s easy to find more videos relat­ed to the same kind of sit­u­a­tions, or the porn stars star­ring in the action. 

You can switch from videos to the relat­ed pho­to sets via tabs. Addi­tion­al­ly, there is a link to switch from the stan­dard page to the mobile ver­sion. How­ev­er, this is out­dat­ed in my eyes, as mod­ern web­sites can be auto­mat­i­cal­ly dis­played on mobile devices.

The Bukkake — Porn Is Produced Technically Flawless

From a pure­ly tech­ni­cal point of view, I was very excit­ed when review­ing SpermCocktail.com. All the videos on Spermcocktail.com were shot in HD and the pho­tos are all of the high­est qual­i­ty. The aver­age length of the site’s sex videos is about 20 min­utes. Pho­to sets can range from 20 to 100 sperm images.

The video qual­i­ty is clean and crisp. The mod­el selec­tion, set con­struc­tion, light­ing, and cam­era work are also per­fect. The video edit­ing and final­ly the pre­sen­ta­tion on the Inter­net look high­ly professional.

Down­load speeds are also excel­lent. You can stream the embed­ded movies with cur­rent browsers. With the online play­er, you can skip back and forth in the scenes with­out long buffer­ing times.

Smart­phones, tablets and Apple PCs have no prob­lems either. Besides stream­ing, Sperm Cock­tail also offers its more than 200 videos for down­load in var­i­ous for­mats. Among them as mp4, m4v and WMV files.

Extremely Nasty Sperm Games

Although I have seen a lot of horny videos on the Inter­net, I find the action in the Sperm Cock­tail pro­duc­tions just incred­i­bly horny! 

In my opin­ion, they are pri­mar­i­ly group sex and gang­bang porn. Facial cumshots, group sex, dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion and blowjobs are offered in abun­dance. Most of the time, the women are fucked by 5 to 15 men. 

To add some spice to the sex films, the cum is col­lect­ed for a cum cock­tail with bowls and glass­es. This drink the actress­es at the end — horny sperm games included.

This prac­tice is also called cum col­lect­ing. But there are also scenes where women swal­low over thir­ty or fifty loads of sperm.

The blowjobs seem a bit naughty and always very horny. Dur­ing the face fuck­ing (blow­bang) and the facials, the mas­cara runs over the pre­vi­ous­ly so inno­cent faces. At the end of each video, the guys insem­i­nate the woman and the mar­ti­ni glass. The girls raise their glass­es, say “cheers” and drink the cum cock­tail in front of the cam­era, with much lust in their eyes.

Especially in Lesbian Scenes It Goes off Quite Nicely!

It gets espe­cial­ly horny when two women play in the video. They have a lot of fun dur­ing their les­bian adven­tures. They fool around and orga­nize unspeak­ably per­vert­ed sperm games with las­civ­i­ous cum kiss­es and snowballing.

All the women are pro­fes­sion­al porn stars with great bod­ies and cute faces. Most of them are young white women in their ear­ly 20s, but there are also a hand­ful of Asians and black girls and some Lati­nas, on whom the cum looks great. 

As usu­al with porn actress­es, they have tak­en their oral tal­ents to a high art. They are extreme­ly cum horny, mega kinky, love anal sex and dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion (DP). For many of them even deep-throat is a pleasure.

The male mod­els are all impres­sive­ly endowed. Their cocks are huge, thick, and plump. The ladies some­times have quite a job to open their mouths wide enough.

Partly Funny, but Mercilessly Horny Acts

In the sperm cock­tail movies every­thing always pri­mar­i­ly revolves around shot glass­es, mar­ti­ni glass­es, cock­tail glass­es, bowls, small bowls, cook­ing spoons, straws, and plates. The result­ing plots are some­times a bit funny. 

  • A guy named “Bran­don Iron” and his 17 friends throw a pri­vate sex par­ty. But unfor­tu­nate­ly for the two women, Nevaeh Lace and Brooke Scot, they for­got the alco­hol. So, the ladies decide to drink a slight­ly dif­fer­ent cream liqueur that will do the trick just as well and sat­is­fy them bet­ter too. The guys don’t mind and so the orgy takes its course.… At the begin­ning of the porn the women blow with will­ing mouths, then they are fucked with the giant cocks and the sperm gath­ers increas­ing­ly in a liquor glass. A few orgasms lat­er, the women emp­ty the glass and engage in fuck­ing grotesque cum games that leave no dick flaccid.
  • Or: Hai­ley Young, a naughty brunette slut, sits in a bar to pick up 9 guys. The place clos­es down, her cock­tail glass is emp­ty, and she won­ders what the hell to do with it. So, she gets the idea to fuck all the guys, give them a blowjob and make them cum in the emp­ty glass. The gang­bang starts, she sits on one guy’s face, and he licks her pussy while she jerks one guy off and sucks anoth­er at the same time. The studs stand in a cir­cle and jerk off over her and squirt their loads into her mouth and onto her face. She opens her mouth wide for the guys to cum down her throat and onto her tongue. Hai­ley gets fucked like crazy and even enjoys inter­ra­cial sex with a BBC Bull. Final­ly, they all squirt their cum cumshots in her mouth, face and glass and the horny sow drinks the full jar of cum.
Cum Is Drunk With Straws, Splashed on Strawberries (Cumfood) And Even Licked off Plates
  • Melis­sa Lau­ren and Nao­mi are two best friends who share every­thing, even their men. They have fun out­side with six guys, giv­ing them blowjobs. Their hot lit­tle pussies get fucked with huge cocks. Nao­mi even gets her ass fucked by two guys using dou­ble anal pen­e­tra­tion. Melis­sa also gets very horny hard sex, and they moan into each oth­er’s mouths while kiss­ing! After their insem­i­na­tions they lick their faces & pussies clean and col­lect the sperm of the 6 guys with a mar­ti­ni glass. They drink the six loads and trade cum with bizarre snow­balling cum kisses. 
  • A red­head MILF named Janet Mason loves straw­ber­ries, cum and cock. She takes on nine men. She gives a blowjob, a tit­ty fuck and all the guys insem­i­nate her face, mouth and straw­ber­ries in a mar­ti­ni glass! But being well-behaved, she uses a straw and licks the jar thor­ough­ly clean after snack­ing on her straw­ber­ries. Cum, cum­food, mar­ti­ni glass and a straw are a horny com­bi­na­tion for such a horny bukkake! 
  • Brunette beau­ty Dana Dear­mond works as a wait­ress, and she does­n’t wash a plate prop­er­ly. The boss is very angry and makes the horny sow work over­time. She fucks, jerks and blows 12 cocks and all the cum lands on the sperm plate. This time she licks him so sparkling clean that he can be put in the closet.
Cum in Sundae and Horny Gangbang Mass Inseminations
  • Court­ney Simp­son, an inno­cent look­ing girl goes to eat an ice cream sun­dae in the city with the boyfriend. There she gets the idea to take an ice cream sun­dae for the foot­ball night. With the sun­dae in hand, she insti­gates the guys at the gang­bang to ejac­u­late copi­ous amounts of cum into her glass. She could­n’t wait until all the cum from twen­ty-two men was in her glass and then in her mouth. As befits a team, they col­lec­tive­ly man­aged to quench her cum thirst.
  • You won’t believe how many cumshots some of these horny women drink! Mag­gie Star, a cute short-haired brunette, want­ed to vis­it her boyfriend in jail. Final­ly, she caus­es a lit­tle mutiny with her horny looks and gets fifty-five cumshots in and on her pret­ty body. Thanks to a plate, no cum spills to the floor, but Mag­gie swal­lows it all. As befits a good girl, the plate is licked sparkling clean at the end!

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the porn movies are around 10 years old, so you don’t get Full-HD con­tent, but the qual­i­ty of the videos is still extreme­ly good. How­ev­er, I wish that the porno stu­dio would pro­duce more films in this style again.

Advantages of the Porn Site

  • Rarely have I seen such kinky porn with so much cum action in a web­site test.
  • What impressed me most in my cum cock­tail review was how the film and pho­to team was able to cap­ture the split-sec­ond moments of ejac­u­la­tion and han­dle the reflec­tions of the glasses.
  • The tech­ni­cal exe­cu­tion, light­ing and cam­era work are very professional.
  • Cuck­olds and hotwifes should enjoy the mas­sive penis­es, the many BBC actors and the pow­er­ful ejac­u­la­tions. Sperm can’t be staged any more awesome!
  • A very big advan­tage is that in the Porn­Star net­work more, over 50,000 sex videos, with dai­ly addi­tions, are available.

Disadvantages of the Sperm Cocktail Sex Site

  • The only thing I could com­plain about is that the last updates were a cou­ple of years ago, and there is no con­crete infor­ma­tion about updates either. Appar­ent­ly, the cre­ators of Porn­Star Net­work are cur­rent­ly focus­ing on oth­er projects. We sin­cere­ly hope that porn in this genre will con­tin­ue to be produced.
  • The fact that the videos are a bit old­er can also be seen in the res­o­lu­tion. It cor­re­sponds to the stan­dard HD in DVD qual­i­ty, but not to the mod­ern Ultra­HD or Full-HD resolution.

Review Conclusion: Is Spermcocktail Recommendable?

Porn­Star Net­work has man­aged to add a spe­cial some­thing to what is actu­al­ly already a mil­lion times hack­neyed facial cum con­tent. Drink­ing sperm from glass­es was a unique idea in 2006! This sex prac­tice is now very com­mon in many swingers clubs and pri­vate sex parties. 

The tour promis­es of SpermCocktail.com have been kept. The porn site is a great source of high­ly kinky bukkake style cum porn, with great look­ing porn­stars star­ring.

Basi­cal­ly, the action of the Sperm­Cock­tails movies is horny enough. The girls suck, suck and fuck their very dirty. How­ev­er, the end result of how the women drink their jar of cum in one go takes it up a notch! Blow­bangs and bukkake orgies look much classier when the girls drink their cream liqueurs “posh” and well-man­nered, with a straw from a mar­ti­ni glass.

Sperm Cock­tail pro­vides cuck­olds and wife­shar­ers with new impuls­es for var­ied sex games with their wife or life part­ner. If the hotwife is into sperm, these sex movies will be some­thing for her as well. 

Who should be both­ered that the project is cur­rent­ly no longer sup­plied with new videos, can also look at PremiumBukkake.com, Spermmania.com or GangbangCreampie.com.

Vis­it SpermCocktail.com.com

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