Ten Times Penis Edging with Orgasm Control

On a Fem­Dom blog on bdsmler.com we found a horny idea how to dri­ve the penis togeth­er by edg­ing real­ly horny.

It is a chal­lenge for cuck­olds, but also for kinky wife­shar­ers. The man is extreme­ly sex­u­al­ly stim­u­lat­ed ten times, but is not allowed to reach orgasm.

You have the choice to extend the game to a day, play for a week, or com­plete the chal­lenge with­in three hours.

Your goals should be that:

  • you under­stand that ruin­ing orgasms leads to sig­nif­i­cant­ly bet­ter sex.
  • the man trains self-con­trol and dis­ci­pline over his orgasm.
  • You prac­tice cum kiss­es and cum games together.
  • the man trains to swal­low his own sperm.
  • the woman comes to orgasm sev­er­al times.

We are inter­est­ed in your opin­ion. Please rate this idea and write us your own expe­ri­ences, com­ments and sug­ges­tions for improve­ment of this sex game.

Tease and denial: orgasm control with a vibrator
Tease and denial: orgasm con­trol with a vibrator

The Rules of the Game for Your Edging Challenge

No game works with­out rules. These are:

§1: The man accepts that ten orgasms must be ruined in order to pass the chal­lenge. He will not be allowed his real orgasm until all ten chal­lenges have been completed!

§2: You write down your planned sched­ule on a piece of paper or in a Word document.

§3: You both decide on the dura­tion of the game:

  • You can play the game through­out the day. For exam­ple, you can start in the morn­ing in bed and the 10th task, includ­ing orgasm, takes place in the late evening.
  • You can also set a peri­od from Mon­day to Fri­day where 2 tasks have to be done every day.
  • Edg­ing pro­fes­sion­als can also play through the sex game in one piece with­in two to three hours.
Cock milking without orgasm is both fun and exciting for the woman!
Cock milk­ing with­out orgasm is both fun and excit­ing for the woman!

§4: Your tasks can be done in the order of your choice. But try to end the game with the tenth task (max­i­mum stimulation)

§5: Set a very tempt­ing reward for the man if he pass­es the chal­lenge. If he los­es it because he orgasmed too ear­ly or he can’t con­tin­ue, you should set a very seri­ous, severe penalty!

§6: Agree on a traf­fic light sys­tem with col­ors. When the man pro­nounces the hue, the woman knows how much she can stim­u­late the penis

  • green = every­thing is good
  • yel­low = stim­u­late the penis more slowly
  • orange = stim­u­late only very slowly
  • red = dan­ger of squirt­ing! Stim­u­late the penis only very carefully!

§7: Define a safe-word that the man must pro­nounce so that the woman stops ANY stim­u­la­tion IMMEDIATELY to pre­vent the orgasm in the very last sec­ond. For exam­ple, a loud “STOP!”

§8: Hand­ker­chiefs and Kleenex are not allowed in this game. The woman active­ly and with­out pity sup­ports the man to take up his own pre­cum (pre-ejac­u­late) and sperm again with his mouth. A Cuck­old wants and must prac­tice his own sperm swal­low­ing!

§9: If the man has ejac­u­lat­ed on the hand, pussy, breasts, bel­ly or any oth­er part of the body of the woman, he must always lick his mess thor­ough­ly clean.

§10: With the help of a sperm-drop and a spoon, every drop of plea­sure, pre­cum and sperm (no mat­ter how small or how large) is col­lect­ed. With­out the­ater, the cuck­old or wife­shar­er must clean the plate and spoon.

Penis and prostate massage with oily hand of partner
Penis and prostate mas­sage with oily hand of partner

Penis Edging Preparations

Before you start play­ing, you should have read our guides and be con­fi­dent in orgasm control:

The man should already train his back with gym­nas­tics and stretch­ing a few days before his edg­ing com­pe­ti­tion so that he can inject him­self into his mouth.

Your Checklist:

You will need a prefer­ably black plas­tic spoon or tea­spoon for sperm col­lec­tion, a prefer­ably black plate for con­trolled milk­ing and col­lect­ing (cum col­lect­ing) of the sperm

Fleshlight ICE Masturbator
Flesh­light ICE Masturbator

Any cloths are banned from the room, as the man should train sperm swallowing.

You will also need a strong vibra­tor or a mas­sager to make the penis cum.

The prepa­ra­tion also includes that you pick out the favorite movie of the cuck­old, or wife­shar­er on a TV or note­book and get it ready to start. It should be very cum-heavy and extreme if possible.

  • For task 5: open the favorite porn of the man
  • For task 8: look for a “Try To Not Cum Chal­lenge” on the com­put­er in advance, or check out the FapSimulator.
You Will also need the following toys
  • Good sil­i­cone-based mas­sage oil (e.g. Mega­sol Eros or Pjur Original)
  • Hand­cuffs
  • Eye mask
  • Crop, pad­dle or flogger
  • Clothes­pins or adjustable nip­ple clamps
  • Nip­ple sucker
  • Black­board can­dle or grave light
  • Flesh­light mas­tur­ba­tor (Per­fect is the com­bi­na­tion Flesh­light GO and Flesh­lube)
Cock milking: milking off cock with spoon and plate
Cock milk­ing: milk­ing off cock with spoon and plate

Game Instructions For a Two to Three Hour “Orgasm Ruining Challenge”

On your mark, get set… and let’s go.…

Task 1 — Fuck Woman and Ruin Orgasm on Pussy

You both make sure the penis gets stiff and fuck nor­mal­ly as you know and like. When the man fucks very hard, he must pay close atten­tion to his phys­i­cal signals!

If the orgasm is approach­ing, he must fuck slow­er and slow­er and slow­er until only a few move­ments are enough for the cock to ejac­u­late. If the stim­u­la­tion becomes too bla­tant, the penis should only be rubbed up and down the out­side of the labia until he final­ly climaxes.

The penis must be pulled out of the pussy imme­di­ate­ly! Wild­ly jerk­ing, bob­bing and bounc­ing up and down will ruin the orgasm. Let the first three horny shots of pre­cum-sperm mix­ture splash on the bel­ly, in the pubic hair or the bare shaved pubic mound of the pussy

When the orgasm dan­ger is over, the woman licks the cock clean. The man licks his horny mess from pussy and bel­ly and spits the cum in a long thread slow­ly into the wom­an’s mouth. A pas­sion­ate, horny cum kiss belongs at the end!

Time approach: about 15 minutes

Ruined orgasm (Ruined orgasm) while fucking
Ruined orgasm (Ruined orgasm) while fucking

Task 2 — A Passionate Master Blowjob

The man sits on the edge of the bed and the woman kneels in front of her man. She blows and sucks the cock with her mouth to the best of her abil­i­ty. In a way, she tries to top the horny fuck of her per­ma­nent­ly horny pussy with her pas­sion­ate blowjob.

She uses as much spit as pos­si­ble and makes fuck­ing move­ments with her mouth like a wet pussy. In the process, the tongue is addi­tion­al­ly used.

If the man calls “stop”, the woman imme­di­ate­ly stops the blowjob. She grabs the sperm plate, holds it under her chin and holds her tongue or mouth under the tip of the penis to catch the milk­ing love juice

How­ev­er, the rock-hard penis will only be able to ejac­u­late with a weak squirt. How­ev­er, there can still be a strong facial insem­i­na­tion due to the enor­mous insem­i­na­tion pres­sure of the beau­ti­ful face of the beloved woman.

The pre juice (called pre-cum) tastes very sweet and pleas­ant! Kiss each oth­er pas­sion­ate­ly afterwards.

Time approach: about 15 minutes

Perfectly ruined blowjob orgasm
Per­fect­ly ruined blowjob orgasm

Task 3: A Joint Hard Handjob

Now it gets hard! The man lies down with his back on the bed. The woman puts the sperm plate on the man’s stom­ach and holds the spoon ready

Orgasm ruining: 2 violent precum squirts while edging
Orgasm ruin­ing: 2 vio­lent pre­cum squirts while edging

She jerks the cock as fast as she can. The man is also allowed to assist when her arm gets lame.

The woman pays atten­tion to the man’s reac­tions and at some point switch­es from con­tin­u­ous jerk­ing to inter­val jerk­ing. Accord­ing to your traf­fic light sys­tem, the jerk­ing inter­vals are reduced from 30 to 20, then to 10 and then to 6.

Jerk­ing off should be var­ied. For exam­ple, rub the cock between two hands as in “start a fire”; rub the glans with the palm of your hand; jerk off some­times with the left and some­times with the right; some­times with the whole hand and some­times with two fin­gers. The impor­tant thing is: oil, oil and again oil!

Basi­cal­ly, it is bet­ter to jerk off once too lit­tle than once too much in a jerk-off salvo!

Orgasm control
Orgasm con­trol

The woman should not take pity. After 10 min­utes, the man whim­per­ing for orgasm should be pun­ished and calmed down with nip­ple clamps, clothes­pins, nip­ple suck­ers or a strong nip­ple mas­sage using fin­gers or can­dle wax on the nipples

If he fid­gets too much, restraints and light strokes with a crop work won­ders! All this he will accept with great gratitude.

As soon as the cock wants to orgasm, the man calls “STOP” and the woman imme­di­ate­ly lets go of the penis. The cock will look insane: It will bob fran­ti­cal­ly and leak “cry­ing”

The man will painful­ly rebel and ago­niz­ing­ly, moan­ing loud­ly ruin the orgasm over the plate

The woman will return the sperm to the man and have him lick the spoon and plate clean.

Time lim­it: approx. 15 minutes

Task 4: Position 69 — He Lies under the Pussy

Get both of you into posi­tion 69. The man lies under the pussy. The woman can now make the man white heat under her. While he has the task of lick­ing her to orgasm, horny fin­ger­ing and light fist­ing, she jerks and blows his penis at max­i­mum speed

Position 69: Pussy licking and cock sucking
Posi­tion 69: Pussy lick­ing and cock suck­ing / penis blowing

To tease him, she can sit on his face in between and mas­tur­bate to orgasm with sex toys. If the woman can squirt, a few squirt­ing squirts in his face and mouth won’t hurt him! Fin­gers and sex toys he must lick before it con­tin­ues! It’s just the job of every cuck.

Hotwife squirts in the mouth of the man
Hotwife squirts in the mouth of the man

Final­ly, he won’t be able to stand the smell of pussy and cunt juice any­more and will want to come to orgasm! We rec­om­mend you to always put the sperm plate under the cock to be on the safe side.

The cuck announces the cli­max loud­ly with a “STOP”, so that the woman ruins the cli­max of her hus­band for the fourth time

Only a lit­tle bit of sweet sperm will leave the fiery red, fat veined penis in great agony of plea­sure. Most guys have full-body goose bumps! After lick­ing the mag­nif­i­cent penis clean, the woman will kiss her man and share the col­lect­ed cum by means of a cum kiss.

Time esti­mate: approx. 15 minutes

Task 5: The Cuckold’s Favorite Porno

Although the man will already be very much at the lim­it phys­i­cal­ly, but since there has been no sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion yet, he is extreme­ly aroused!

Cock Edging Challenge of a couple
Cock Edg­ing Chal­lenge of a couple

He should now be giv­en a longer break by being allowed to watch his favorite porn(s) while lying on his back on the bed

But what he does­n’t know is that because of the extreme­ly high plea­sure plateau, these intense sex scenes will turn him on much more than he would like!

The woman sits down next to her man and jerks the cock in fast 30s, 20s, 10s and 6s jerk-off salvos. She should com­ment very horny actions with her words. E.g. “Wow Peter, look at this huge cock! Awe­some!” That will kick him tremendously!

The constant leakage of desire drops and pre-ejaculate is completely normal during
The con­stant leak­age of desire drops and pre-ejac­u­late is com­plete­ly nor­mal dur­ing “Tease and Denial”

The fifth orgasm is absolute­ly no longer a gift. Moan­ing loud­ly, the cuck will writhe in plea­sure pain

The penis looks full crass: The glans peeks half out in fore­skin wear­ers, the veins pro­trude wide­ly, the ure­thral open­ing is wide open and the scro­tum is turgid­ly contracted.

A plate under the penis is manda­to­ry! There might be a lit­tle bit more pre­cum squirt­ing again due to the visu­al stim­u­la­tion of the porns. Down run­ning pre-cum is led back to the man again with kiss­es and the plas­tic spoon of course into the mouth. Resis­tance is no longer to be expected!

Time esti­mate: approx. 30 minutes

Task 6: Position 69 — She Lies under the Tail

Return to posi­tion 69, but this time the man is on top. While the man has to lick his wife to orgasm, she jerks and blows the droop­ing cock

Even though the penis is already going limp by now, you have to find a way to make the cock cum into the wom­an’s mouth with a ruined orgasm! Here, how­ev­er, grav­i­ty will help you. The hang­ing penis can also be jerked semi-stiff super and quick­ly becomes hard as a board again.

The woman must jerk­i­ly stop ANY stim­u­la­tion when he starts to “come”! If the orgasm was ruined, you have done the job. The lit­tle drops of sperm taste excel­lent­ly sweet and can be eas­i­ly shared while kissing.

Position 69: Man is over the woman - She sucks the penis and he licks the pussy
Posi­tion 69: Man is over the woman — She sucks the penis and he licks the pussy

Task 7 — Milking Cock by Prostate Stimulation

Orgasm control with penis massager
Orgasm con­trol with penis massager

Advanced cuck­old­ing and wife­shar­ing cou­ples have also explored prostate mas­sage, notic­ing the mega-rare orgasms a man can expe­ri­ence in the process.

Repeat­ed orgasm ruin­ing in con­nec­tion with a prostate stim­u­la­tion by a fin­ger, dil­do or prostate stim­u­la­tor is the gross­est thing a man can expe­ri­ence sexually!

From there, we increase the degree of dif­fi­cul­ty in this Edg­ing Chal­lenge! The man kneels or lies on his back. His prostate is stim­u­lat­ed while jerk­ing his cock. The man’s task is to keep the penis stiff

How long you need for this does not mat­ter — the main thing is that the orgasm is destroyed a 7th time and the man writhes loud­ly moan­ing like an eel. The leak­ing and splash­ing cum must be recy­cled by the cuckold!

Time approach: about 30 minutes

Prostate mas­sage: Edg­ing the penis and stim­u­lat­ing the prostate pro­vides vio­lent goose­bumps feel­ing and extreme­ly vio­lent plea­sure in the man.

Task 8: Ruin with a “Try To Not Cum Challenge” / “Cock Hero Challenge”

A “Cuck Hero Chal­lenge”, or “Try To Not Cum Chal­lenge” is porn in which scenes from porn have been cut togeth­er. There are often also strong­ly stim­u­lat­ing pho­tos insert­ed between. Par­al­lel to this, a music plays in the back­ground. You are giv­en beat of either acoustic or visu­al indicator.

A cou­ple plays a Don’t Cum Chal­lenge together

a) Either you choose a ready edg­ing video:

Good exam­ples:

b) or you play an edg­ing game in Fap­In­struc­tor;

The Fap­In­struc­tor plays video sequences and pho­tos for you. You see a visu­al beat indi­ca­tor and an acoustic beat sound.

The real­ly cool thing about Fap­In­struc­tor is: You can choose ready-made fap ses­sions or even cre­ate your own edg­ing game! even your edg­ing length, intensity

Good exam­ples:


To the beat of Try

Task 9 — Autofellatio: Inject Yourself in the Mouth

You’ve been teas­ing the penis for over two hours now and ruined a whop­ping eight orgasms! This is total mad­ness and the man deserves the utmost respect!

But the tail has no rest yet! It’s time to take on the biggest chal­lenge for a man: He must squirt him­self in The mouth! But since the man is extreme­ly horny, he will also do this task very glad­ly and most voluntarily.

Autofellatio: Eigenes Sperma schlucken in der Knie-Über-Kopf- Stellung
Aut­ofel­la­tio: Swal­low­ing own sperm in the knee-over-head position

The man must posi­tion him­self with his butt up, with his back against the back­rest of a couch, so that his legs hang in the air and the penis over his mouth.

Wank both togeth­er the cock over the man’s face. He should con­tin­u­al­ly try to get to his glans and blow it togeth­er with the woman. The man can be fueled by swal­low­ing pussy juice and squirt. Final­ly, the orgasm is unstoppable!

Due to the ten­sion of the pelvic floor mus­cles, maybe anoth­er two drops of sperm can drip into the mouth. This is not much, but this task has an immense learn­ing effect. The man will want to cum in his mouth more often from now on! 😉

Task 10 — The Brutal 10 Minutes Jerk-off Finale

FemDom: Ein ruinierter Freihand Cumshot
Fem­Dom: A ruined free­hand cumshot

It’s almost done! The goal is in sight. For the finale, the man has to be tied up. There is basi­cal­ly no cum left in the man. Nev­er­the­less, he was ready to want to run this marathon! So pinch­ing now is not!

The man lies on his back as in task 3. He is tied up and has to put on an eye mask. Right at the begin­ning, he gets clothes­pins on his nip­ples. He feels such strong plea­sure that he is almost painless.

The woman now dri­ves up all the guns she has: Soak the cock with mas­sage oil, blow him, mal­treat him with mas­sager. Prostate games are allowed as well as a strap-on fuck. Hus­band has to endure every­thing his wife asks of him.

Ehemann muss sein Precum vom Dildo ablecken
Hus­band must lick his pre­cum from dildo

The 10th edg­ing round is about humil­i­at­ing the man to the max­i­mum and stim­u­lat­ing him to the max­i­mum. The woman should show NO mer­cy! She must not stop unless he use a safeword

The goal is to bring the man to orgasm one last time. After at least ten min­utes of “tor­ture”, the woman must not stop until the orgasm is ruined

Very pow­er­ful is the edu­ca­tion method that he must ruin on a used sex toy of his wife that he has to lick clean in the end!

If he has ruined his cli­max a tenth time, he may receive his reward. As a sec­ond reward, he should final­ly be the longed orgasm before the end of your edg­ing game.

Cuckold Sessions

Well Finally: The Longed Orgasm Is Allowed to the Reward!!!

If the man has real­ly passed all ten edg­ing tasks, he can proud­ly call him­self the Edg­ing King!

As a reward, he is final­ly allowed to orgasm. There­by, he has the choice how the stim­u­la­tion should take place. But the fun­ny thing is: The sex­u­al organs of the man are so over­stim­u­lat­ed that the orgasm becomes a torture.

The upcom­ing dry orgasm is prob­a­bly the most intense feel­ing a man can experience.

We are curi­ous to know what you expe­ri­enced dur­ing this edg­ing marathon. Did you man­age the ten tasks in one go, or did you pre­fer to divide them up over sev­er­al hours or even days? Please write us a com­ment. We’re also hap­py to receive sug­ges­tions for improve­ment, opin­ions and criticism.

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