How a Caring Wife Became a Totally Nasty Cuckold Hotwife

In this sex sto­ry you will learn with which inge­nious strat­e­gy a cuck­old could over­come the well-worn mar­riage rou­tine and the monot­o­nous sex life. The Cuc­ki Chris­t­ian reveals us open­ly and blunt­ly his applied tac­tics, as he made his car­ing wife a com­plete­ly dirty hotwife. Final­ly, she let her­self be fucked very vio­lent­ly in two rounds at a men’s sur­plus par­ty and insem­i­nat­ed with plen­ty of for­eign sperm.

Take some time, because this sex sto­ry is a lit­tle longer. Sure­ly you can also learn some­thing for your fan­tasies and / or your hotwife

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Introduction of the Cuckold Sex Story: How It Came to the Men’s Surplus Party

As with every sex sto­ry, we would like to intro­duce you to the cou­ple that this cuck­old sto­ry is about: Chris­t­ian, Chris for short, is 53 years old and has been mar­ried to his attrac­tive 51-year-old wife Eve­line, Evi for short, for 31 years. They have been a cou­ple since their teenage years

Kinky sex outdoors
Kinky sex out­doors in the youth days

In the begin­ning of their rela­tion­ship, Eve­line was extreme­ly kinky and want­ed to try every­thing pos­si­ble. She liked to fuck in nature, in ruins, barns and remote places. There she enjoyed Chris­tian’s kinky bondage- bondage and breast bondage with ropes, hair clips on her nip­ples, can­dle wax on her nip­ples and pussy spank­ing with a ruler. Chris­t­ian could lick and fin­ger very well! Evi squirt­ed count­less times moan­ing loud­ly into the grass.

But she also loved Chris­tian’s cum and the horny sex smell after fuck­ing between her legs. With plea­sure she blew his cock until he sprayed his entire sperm load com­plete­ly into her mouth or face. The cou­ple also always had a tea­spoon with them, with which they could spoon the horny creampie out of her pussy togeth­er, which Evi lapped up greed­i­ly and with relish.

But there were also unspo­ken fan­tasies: even before their wed­ding, Chris­t­ian dreamed of get­ting his wife to fuck oth­er men in his pres­ence and let them cum on him. That such a thing would one day be called cuck­old­ing or wife­shar­ing, he did not know then. A men’s sur­plus par­ty did not exist at that time either, of course. Why he imag­ined such stranger fuck fan­tasies, he could not explain either.

Spooning sperm creampie out of pussy with a spoon
Spoon­ing sperm creampie out of pussy with a spoon

The professional and family everyday life as a lust killer — is wifesharing or cuckolding an alternative

As with most mar­ried cou­ples, start­ing a fam­i­ly comes first one day. Due to the stress of every­day life and the three chil­dren, the cou­ple’s love life com­plete­ly fell asleep. Chris made sev­er­al attempts to bring some spice and vari­ety into their monot­o­nous sex life. With­out success

There was absolute­ly noth­ing left of Eve­line’s for­mer nas­ti­ness. Blowjobs had long since ceased and the pas­sion­ate fuck­ing had become a com­pul­so­ry mar­i­tal act that took place every two months

Dream of many men: Cuckold watches his wife fuck a stranger
Dream of many men: Cuck­old watch­es his wife fuck a stranger

Evi joined in the sex, but showed lit­tle enthu­si­asm. No sperm games, no sex­u­al innu­en­dos, no sexy lin­gerie, no sex toys — pure­ly noth­ing! After sex, she imme­di­ate­ly ran to the bath­room for a show­er. Chris­t­ian said noth­ing, but was very dis­sat­is­fied sexually

Over the years, Chris­t­ian made three attempts to get his wife inter­est­ed in stranger fuck­ing. Each time the dis­cus­sion end­ed in a heat­ed argument

The sit­u­a­tion did not change even when the chil­dren went their own ways. Chris­t­ian had only two options: Either live out his fan­tasies with anoth­er woman or use a clever strat­e­gy to get Eve­line excit­ed about stranger fuck­ing after all.

Eveline’s Transformation into a Hotwife

Chris­t­ian actu­al­ly man­aged to change his wife’s atti­tude. He knew that time was play­ing for him. Through per­sis­tence, patience and a clever strat­e­gy, he want­ed to turn his well-behaved wife into a per­ma­nent­ly horny, kinky hotwife.

He awak­ened the sleep­ing vol­cano in her. Long buried desires and fan­tasies and Evi turned them into the woman of his dreams: an attrac­tive milf who let her­self be fucked in front of his eyes

How did Chris­t­ian man­age to get his wife Evi even to a men’s sur­plus par­ty? By the skill­ful sala­mi tac­tics! He imple­ment­ed his plan step by step. Find out now what his strat­e­gy was and how Eve­line reacted!

First step: Porn & sex toys

Chris­t­ian thought about how to get Eve­line inter­est­ed in sex toys. This time he did­n’t want to make the mis­take again and ask her in advance. After all, he knew from back then that Eve­line was into nip­ple play, spank­ing (slap­ping her butt, nip­ples and labia) and bondage.

Chris ordered him­self a case, a good vibra­tor, a good dil­do, a clit suck­er, nip­ple suck­ers, nip­ple clamps, a bondage rope, a blind­fold, a mas­sager and can­dles. He wait­ed until Evi was in a good mood and went with her to the bed­room. There he start­ed his ten­der pam­per­ing pro­gram and qui­et­ly pulled out the toy case from under the bed. Before Eve­line could say any­thing, he blind­fold­ed her and tied her hands (as in youth days)

The vibra­tors did not miss their effect and made Eve­line orgasm loud­ly. Chris­tian’s hopes were ful­filled! The fol­low­ing days and weeks, Chris­t­ian became more and more coura­geous. He fucked her through with the dil­do, tor­tured her horny nip­ples and even made her squirt horny (as then) by hard fingering.

Second Step: Porn

Like all men, Chris­t­ian also loved porn. Most of all he liked to watch cuck­old porn, gang­bang porn, cum porn, ama­teur sex as well as Fem­Dom & BDSM, cum cleanup (lick­ing clean creampie) and wife­shar­ing movies. One day he even devel­oped pref­er­ences for erot­ic movies with a men’s sur­plus par­ty and Big Black Cocks.

For a long time he thought about how to make sex movies palat­able to his wife. First, he ordered a Google Chrome­cast stream­ing stick for the bed­room TV. With it, he could stream porn from his lap­top to the TV. For weeks, he dili­gent­ly com­piled count­less playlists of all gen­res on xHam­ster

One day, the time had come: he licked his wife and worked her pussy with the vibra­tor. He turned on the TV and start­ed the stream of a pre­pared sex movie. His plan worked: Eve­line came loud­ly to orgasm and did not turn her eyes from the TV.

Evi found more and more fun in the com­mon porn evenings and sex toys! Chris­t­ian chose hard­er and hard­er porn clips and increased the demand. There it went it about gang­bangs with BBC’s, men’s excess par­ty, bukkake, fist­ing, cum swap­ping and oth­er kinky stuff. At the same time, he bought big­ger and big­ger dil­dos and vibra­tors. Eve­line’s sex dri­ve, which had been asleep for a long time, awoke unex­pect­ed­ly strong! She start­ed research­ing porn her­self and mas­tur­bat­ed eager­ly. Her favorite dil­do became a dark brown 9.84 x 2.36 inch / 25 x 6 cm mon­ster dil­do, with which she fucked her­self almost every day

Third step: Learning orgasm control and sperm swallowing

Chris­t­ian had to fuck Eve­line through almost every day by now. She loved it again when his cum squirt­ed into her cunt or mouth.

He taught Evi to ruin his orgasm and delay ejac­u­la­tion. Chris explained to her that by so-called edg­ing he would come more intense­ly and sat­is­fy her better

He also expressed his desire to learn to swal­low his own sperm togeth­er with Eve­line. He asked her to make sure from now on that he always had to lick the creampie clean or spoon it out. Evi excit­ed all this very much!

In the end, he even taught his wife how to milk his penis and prostate mas­sage. That means to unseed his cock slow­ly, with­out squirt­ing and orgasm

Eve­line very quick­ly found thiev­ing fun in milk­ing Chris­tian’s cock five times with­out orgasm. She caught the enor­mous amounts of pre­cum (pre-cum) and drops of desire with a plate and a spoon, and did­n’t let any sperm drop per­ish. Evi even loved to fuck Chris­t­ian through with a strap-on one day.

Stage 5: The cuckold coming out

The result of his grad­ual sala­mi tac­tics exceed­ed Chris­tian’s expec­ta­tions. His wife was a changed man. The ini­tia­tive for sex now came from her. Chris put all his eggs in one bas­ket! He tried again to get his wife to fuck a stranger. How­ev­er, he con­tin­ued to pro­ceed strategically!

When he had insem­i­nat­ed her and licked her to orgasm, he purred “lost in thought” that he would just imag­ine that it was for­eign sperm from five strange men while lick­ing sperm pussy clean.

He told her while watch­ing porn that he would like to watch her fuck sev­er­al guys at once. He would then like to lick the strangers sperm off her body and out of her cum cunt

This time there was no fight and Chris­t­ian got hope. This time he had done it right!

In the porn pro­gram, he picked out more and more porn with a men’s sur­plus party.

Stage 6: The swinger club in stuttgart, Germany

Swingerclub: Parties on Saturday, but during the week there is mostly Herrenuebeschuss
Swinger­club: Par­ties on Sat­ur­day, but dur­ing the week there is most­ly Herrenuebeschuss

Some time lat­er, com­plete­ly unex­pect­ed­ly, Evi her­self made the sug­ges­tion to vis­it a swingers club and to “look at” the wild goings-on there

Fun­ni­ly enough, Eve­line tried to make this sug­ges­tion palat­able to her hus­band, and he was very sur­prised. The two had nev­er been to a sex club before

After a long research, their choice fell on a swinger club in Stuttgart. They liked the pic­tures of a dis­co atmos­phere. They did­n’t want to go to a dingy smok­er sex club.

The cuck­old cou­ple parked in front of the swingers club and hung out towards the entrance. A big sur­prise was wait­ing for them! They did not know that on Thurs­day, at the swingers club, there was a men’s sur­plus party.

At the entrance there was a sign with the entrance fees and a sign: “Today: Bare­back only — Men sur­plus par­ty — Fuck­ing with­out condom”

The admis­sion prices were as follows:

Bareback only - Men's surplus party - Fucking without condom
Bare­back only — Men’s sur­plus par­ty — Fuck­ing with­out condom
  • Sin­gle women: free
  • Cou­ples: 40 €
  • Sin­gle men: 100 €

Chris looked at Evi ques­tion­ing­ly. “Do we still want to go in?” Eve­line replied, “Now we’re already here any­way. So let’s go…”

Bareback only: Men’s surplus party — fucking without a condom

Upon enter­ing the club, the cou­ple was greet­ed by a sym­pa­thet­ic woman in her late for­ties. After pay­ing the entrance fee, they had to under­go an HIV test. As the recep­tion­ist put the wrist­band on Evi, she kept look­ing deep into her eyes. She gave her the lock­er key and wished her a good time. Evi was a bit flab­ber­gast­ed by this greet­ing, but some­how also excited.

A buf­fet with var­i­ous dish­es and non-alco­holic drinks was avail­able for the guests of the club, which was includ­ed in the price.

Excit­ed­ly, the cuck­old cou­ple changed their clothes. Evi looked like a cheap slut: she wore a skimpy lit­tle black dress, stock­ings with­out straps and high-heeled patent boots. Chris­t­ian a T‑shirt, pants and slip­pers. Then they looked around the club. The premis­es were taste­ful­ly and imag­i­na­tive­ly dec­o­rat­ed. Besides the recep­tion and a spa area, there were two large rooms with play areas, sev­er­al small rooms and a BDSM room.

An unscheduled men’s surplus party

While walk­ing around, Eve­line nat­u­ral­ly eyed the oth­er guests. She felt slight­ly uneasy when she real­ized that there were only two oth­er women, but prob­a­bly 40 — 60 men or even more! All of them had come to the swingers club to fuck. Each of them sure­ly want­ed to cum at least once, maybe more often

Club owner is fucked hard by 8 guests and inseminated with sperm
Club own­er is fucked hard by 8 guests and insem­i­nat­ed with sperm

While walk­ing around, loud nois­es com­ing from one of the rooms caught Evi’s atten­tion. She saw a woman lying with her back on an octag­o­nal red “gallery” with room for two women. Her legs were in loops attached to the ceil­ing with chains

She was sur­round­ed by eight men who fucked the woman incred­i­bly hard. It was always in turn: When­ev­er one was about to cum, the next took over! None of them used a con­dom. The woman came through the hard con­tin­u­ous fuck incred­i­bly vio­lent­ly to orgasm! Evi swal­lowed hard. Her eyes hung like mag­nets on the horny fuck!

One of the men stood close­ly next to the woman and stroked her cum-cov­ered face, while one guy after anoth­er squirt­ed his cum into her pussy, face, hair, and body. Because he seemed very famil­iar with her, Eve­line con­clud­ed that the pas­sive man must be the hus­band. She whis­pered to Chris­t­ian, “Is that her cuck­old!!!?” “Hmmm… def­i­nite­ly,” Chris murmured.

Kinky excesses at men’s surplus party

The sight was the horni­est thing Eve­line had ever seen. Next to the gallery stood five spec­ta­tors culling their hard cocks

At the gangbang, the creampie is caught with a cocktail glass (Martini glass)
At the gang­bang, the creampie is caught with a cock­tail glass (Mar­ti­ni glass) Source: GangbangCreampie

The woman had thrown her dress next to the gallery and was com­plete­ly naked. Her face, her pussy, the breasts were any­way already “over and over” splat­tered with sperm. And also the lovers of this troupe of eight final­ly splashed “one after the oth­er” into her over­flow­ing cunt

The horny cum cunt could no longer grasp the many sperm loads. A huge white foamy fucked creampie leaked out. Her cuck­old grabbed a cock­tail glass with the pres­ence of mind, in which he caught the sperm. When the mar­ti­ni glass was well filled, he put it to his lips and emp­tied the glass in one gulp. He then leaned over to his wife and gave her a heart­felt, very kinky cum kiss. As their mouths moved apart, they remained con­nect­ed by white, sticky threads.

Two of the onlook­ers stepped for­ward three steps and sprayed the loud­ly moan­ing woman full in the face. Greed­i­ly, she opened her mouth wide for their facial insem­i­na­tion, moan­ing only the louder.

The sight of this unre­strained kinky woman made Eve­line unspeak­ably horny. Her pussy came for­ward mas­sive­ly and was drip­ping wet. She moaned into Chris­tian’s ear, “Oh my God, it’s all horny!!!” For Evi there was no stop­ping her!!! She could hard­ly stand it any­more with lust. All con­cerns were for­got­ten. She need­ed now cocks and lots of sperm!

Cuckold watches his wife whore
Cuck­old watch­es his wife whore

Eveline’s first gangbang in a swingers club

Brave­ly she sat down on the fuck gallery next to the oth­er woman and spread her legs.

Penis blowjob in swingers club
Penis blowjob in swingers club

Imag­ine Chris­tian’s joy when his long-cher­ished dream came true. His once staid wife had become a horny hotwife, being fucked by strange men in a mat­ter of seconds!!!

Evi’s cunt was wide open and glis­ten­ing wet. The insem­i­nat­ed woman was an expe­ri­enced fuck­wife who imme­di­ate­ly grasped the sit­u­a­tion. She leaned over to greet Eve­line, mur­mur­ing with a moan, “Ooooh, a new one!!!! Wel­come.” She pulled Evi close to her and gave her a kiss. The fact that Eve­line tast­ed the sperm of the oth­er men in the process did not both­er them in the least.

Group sex: stranger fucking in swingers club
Group sex: stranger fuck­ing in swingers club

The strange woman makes sug­ges­tive com­pli­ments, she pushed Evi’s dress up, kissed and groped her body. She knew that les­bian sex makes men horny. While she knead­ed Eve­line’s breasts with her left hand, she fin­gered Eve­line’s pussy with her right hand. Her fin­gers were all wet. The woman guid­ed them to Eve­line’s mouth and said demand­ing “Lick it nice and clean, my dear”

Eve­line was too caught off guard to refuse. The audi­ence roared and clapped. Chris­t­ian stood by her side, watch­ing as if spell­bound. A bulge formed in his underpants.

Direct­ly, three guys came clos­er with their cocks and Evi began to blow and jerk them passionately.

Eveline gets massively alien fucked and alien inseminated at the men’s surplus party

Word quick­ly spread around the club that a gang­bang orgy with a “new girl” was under­way. With­in min­utes the room filled up and most guys turned their atten­tion to Eve­line. “Fresh meat” was always wel­come here at the club — espe­cial­ly at a men’s sur­plus party!

The oth­er woman was only right — she was mean­while quite exhaust­ed by the fuck­ing and want­ed to recov­er a lit­tle. She want­ed to sup­port Eve­line with her first gan­gang-fuck how­ev­er some­thing… Why she did that and who the unknown woman was, Evi learned a lit­tle later.

Extreme wife gangbang orgasm right in front of her the husband
Extreme wife gang­bang orgasm right in front of her the husband

Eve­line felt like she was in the 7th heav­en. She was sur­round­ed by count­less, stiff cocks. Most of the guys were jerk­ing off. Intu­itive­ly, Evi’s hands snatched at the biggest dicks. The word “Awe­some!” slipped euphor­i­cal­ly across her lips

As the first fuck­er got into posi­tion, the strange woman spread Eve­line’s legs and pulled her wet labia apart

A few sec­onds lat­er, the first penis mer­ci­less­ly pen­e­trat­ed her deep to the root in one go! Eve­line moaned very loud­ly with plea­sure and sur­prise. A smile of plea­sure flits across her lips.

The fuck­er want­ed to prove to all the oth­er men how hard he can fuck and start­ed with­out fore­play at a fierce pace! Eve­line’s eyes shot open, and she enjoyed the pas­sion­ate fuck moan­ing loud­ly. The strange woman cheered Eve­line on, “Yessss, moan nice for us, you horny piece!”

Eveline enjoyed the first orgasm by a strange Man

Eve­line was dom­i­nat­ed by greed, per­haps caused by her enor­mous pent-up demand


Stunned, she looked between her thighs as the horny cock fucked her hard

The strange man real­ly gave every­thing he could phys­i­cal­ly. Evi could no longer con­trol her moans. The strange woman knead­ed Evi’s nip­ples very hard and urged her, “Come on! Moan loud­er for us! Louder!”

The men were now lit­er­al­ly lin­ing up, but polite­ly wait­ed until the first one moaned and squirt­ed into Eve­line. Evi felt the hot sperm squirt­ing into her and she just slipped out a loud “Oh my Gooood, this is awe­some”. She was about to have her first orgasm herself

After the first for­eign insem­i­na­tion, the guy imme­di­ate­ly took a step to the side and his penis was imme­di­ate­ly replaced by a new cock. The sec­ond lover also start­ed fuck­ing Eve­line like a machine with his hard cock.

The strange woman waved the first guy over, looked Evi in the eye and skill­ful­ly licked the cum cock clean. She acknowl­edged the sperm taste with a “Mmmmh you taste horny, you horny slut.” Evi could­n’t get a word out. She could only moan.

Orgasm number two and lots and lots of foreign sperm

But the cries of plea­sure from her once again approach­ing vagi­nal orgasm were quick­ly muf­fled because a third man shoved his penis into her mouth. She began suck­ing on it fran­ti­cal­ly while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly jerk­ing two more bulging dicks with each hand.

Stranger fucked wife
Stranger fucked wife

The stranger wife now squat­ted down next to Evi and rubbed her clit at a fierce pace while fuck­ing her. Her first gang­bang orgasm was inevitable! More guys crowd­ed around Eve­line’s face jerk­ing off. It came as it had to come: one by one the men could not stand the pres­sure and emp­tied his fuck cock in Eve­line’s face

Eve­line lost loud­ly moan­ing and wild­ly jerk­ing com­plete­ly the overview! The strange woman jerked and man­aged more cocks and licked a lot of cum from Eve­line’s body. Again and again a new penis squirts in and on her pussy!

Cumshot: Ejaculate cum in her mouth
Cumshot: Ejac­u­late cum in her mouth

Once one fresh­ly squirt­ed into her, a new fuck­er imme­di­ate­ly fol­lowed. It was like clock­work. Each guy knew word­less­ly what to do, and each cock fucked dif­fer­ent­ly! Each pumped his huge load direct­ly (into her already hope­less­ly over­filled) cum cunt. Again and again anoth­er guy squirt­ed his load in her face, on her breasts and on her belly

One of the guys who just fucked her so nice and hard broke off his fuck. He quick­ly ran to Evi’s head and con­tin­ued to have his cock blown. Evi was still too inex­pe­ri­enced to know what he was up to. She sucked a lit­tle on the deli­cious cum cock, and imme­di­ate­ly it explod­ed right in her mouth. The cum squirt­ed so hard that she could­n’t swal­low it fast enough. When she spit out the sperm, the strange woman was on the spot: “Na, Na, Na! In our club, every­thing is swal­lowed nice­ly at a men’s sur­plus par­ty, my dear!” hissed the strange woman. She licked the sperm from her chin back into her mouth and gave her a heart­felt cum kiss

Cum swallow practice at gangbang

Eve­line could­n’t help her­self and came to orgasm one more time moan­ing loud­ly and twitch­ing. The strange woman grabbed a cock over her face, jerked it bru­tal­ly fast and let it squirt direct­ly into Eve­line’s mouth again

Gangbang fisting
Gang­bang fisting

At this the strange woman hissed again stern­ly demand­ing: “Soooooo. Now let’s prac­tice swal­low­ing again!!!” Eve­line lost her­self in the orgas­mic mael­strom and let it all wash over her.

When Evi came back to her sens­es after her cli­max, she won­dered where the strange woman was. She opened her eyes and turned her head in her direc­tion. The sight that pre­sent­ed itself there horned Eve­line ani­mal­is­ti­cal­ly despite all the debil­i­ta­tion: Some guys formed a semi­cir­cle around Eve­lines’ neigh­bor and one vis­i­tor after anoth­er fist­ed her

Eve­line was amazed that the guys could sink their fists up to their wrists into her stretchy cunt. The strange woman was com­plete­ly occu­pied with her­self and her lust. She enjoyed the stretch­ing and moaned with clenched teeth incred­i­bly loud and dis­in­hib­it­ed. “Yes, give it to me prop­er­ly!” she urged them, clench­ing her fists inside her strongly!

At the same time jerked and blew the cocks around her at the top of their lungs. All at once, a vio­lent load of squirt gushed onto the floor. The strange woman came vio­lent­ly to orgasm! The crowd roared and jeered enthusiastically.

Massive gangbang creampie at a men's surplus party
Mas­sive gang­bang creampie at a men’s sur­plus party
Always Popular at men’s surplus parties: Collecting sperm with a cocktail glass

Eve­line’s pussy also devel­oped a life of its own, demand­ing only “cocks,” “cocks,” and cocks. Her brain shut down com­plete­ly. She just let her­self drift from one orgasm to the next

Massive body insemination - insemination of the breasts
Mas­sive body insem­i­na­tion — insem­i­na­tion of the breasts

Evi had got­ten some new sperm loads in the mean­time. Sperm ran from her face onto her abun­dant­ly insem­i­nat­ed breasts. She rubbed the for­eign sperm horny on her body and enjoyed the horny sperm scent.

Final­ly, Eve­line begged for a break. She was real­ly at the end of her rope. The strange woman took her the glass, which had been used ear­li­er. Then she beck­oned Chris­t­ian to help her

Martini jar to collect sperm

Togeth­er they col­lect­ed large amounts of sperm from Evi with the mar­ti­ni glass. Chris­t­ian put two, three and then four fin­gers into his wife’s cunt and squeezed out huge amounts of horny sperm while fisting

The strange woman deft­ly caught the entire gang­bang creampie, then held out the glass to Chris­t­ian and ordered in a harsh under­tone, “You know what to do, cuck­old!” Chris­t­ian did­n’t dare to talk back and emp­tied the glass in one go. How­ev­er, he did not swal­low it all, but gave his wife anoth­er horny cum kiss.

After the joint cum swal­low­ing, the strange woman grabbed Chris­t­ian by the hair and pushed him with her mouth to Eve­line’s cum cunt. Very rough­ly, she asked him: “Come Cuck­old, we are not fin­ished yet! We still have to lick your wife clean prop­er­ly now!”

Creampie cleanup - Husband licks cum pussy clean
Creampie cleanup — Hus­band licks cum pussy clean

Reluc­tant­ly and timid­ly, he poked his tongue into the pussy, which was com­plete­ly pumped full of for­eign sperm. The strange woman grabbed Chris­t­ian by the neck and scold­ed, “What kind of cuck are you?!”. She pressed him firm­ly against the cum-soaked labia with her mouth. “That’s the way to do it,” she mur­mured stern­ly. “Now clean up your wife prop­er­ly. You’ve got to be kidding!”

Chris­t­ian obeyed. Togeth­er with the strange woman, he made his mar­i­tal mare Eve­line “pre­sentable” again. The two licked the sperm off her body as best they could

Chris­t­ian licked his wife’s cum cunt clean until it was spot­less again. The strange woman watched with sat­is­fac­tion and slight scorn how thor­ough he was now. Eve­line used the short break to recov­er qui­et­ly, moan­ing with plea­sure. One goose bump chased anoth­er as the tongues of Chris and the strange woman cir­cled over her body.

The immoral offer: Eveline must “get it” a second time at the men’s surplus party

Eve­line and Chris­t­ian then went to the buf­fet. They passed a dance floor and saw anoth­er Fame with a red top and a den­im skirt being vio­lent­ly fucked and alien­at­ed there. This woman also fucked bare­back with­out a condom.

At the buf­fet, they also met the strange woman again. Chris and Ewi thanked for the horny assis­tance and want­ed to say good­bye already once

Group sex of the third woman on a men's surplus party
Group sex of the third woman on a men’s sur­plus party

But the woman shook her head that this would not work. There are still too many men in the club who have not yet fucked. But Eve­line said that she had enough now and was satisfied.

The strange woman bent to Eve­line and said soft­ly: “Please come with me for a moment”. Evi fol­lowed the strange woman through a long, dark red lit cor­ri­dor into an office. Eve­line was puz­zled. “Sit down,” the woman said

In the swingers club as a gangbang temp

The woman took a seat in an exec­u­tive chair. “I’m Gina, the own­er of this sex club.” A short pause fol­lowed. “Today there are only two female guests with you. If the female guests are too few, I have to step in to sat­is­fy my guests,” she said with an ambigu­ous laugh. Eve­line joined in the joke, laugh­ing sheepishly.

The woman rum­maged a bit in a cash reg­is­ter and raised €500 in the air. “Jok­ing aside. I’m offer­ing you €250 now as a deposit and €250 at the end of the sex par­ty… and.… i’ll give you back your entrance fee for the men’s sur­plus par­ty if you don’t leave me hang­ing now.”

Anoth­er short pause. “Two col­leagues got sick and we are only four women today with you. We have 100 men to sat­is­fy!!! The prob­lem is, there are some gen­tle­men with us who can also cum twice or three times! I real­ly can’t do this alone, Eveline!”

Evi thought. See­ing Gina now offi­cial­ly sit­ting at the desk with all that dried cum on her face, hair and cleav­age was quite a fun­ny sight. “I’m real­ly beg­ging you to help me,” Gina echoed.

A huge bareback gangbang creampie also with the third woman in the swingers club
A huge bare­back gang­bang creampie also with the third woman in the swingers club
Evi helps out with a gangbang at the swingers club

“But I don’t even know how to do that,” Evi replied shy­ly. “Oh come on, just lie down, let the guys do it and just enjoy it to the fullest. You don’t have to do any­thing at all,” Gina replied pla­cat­ing­ly. She knew, of course, how exhaust­ing such gang­bangs were.

Foreign insemination
For­eign insemination

Look, I’ll make you anoth­er offer. As a reward, I’ll send my favorite bull Agye­mang from Ghana to you lat­er. Nor­mal­ly he gets a fee. He will fuck you for free. And believe me: No guy fucks bet­ter than him!

Uncer­tain, Evi final­ly let her­self be per­suad­ed for a sec­ond, over three-hour round of fuck­ing. “You’re a sweet­heart,” Gina praised, fell around her neck and gave her a kiss on the forehead

Odd­ly enough, Evi did­n’t mind her touch­es, even though she was­n’t bisex­u­al or les­bian. On the con­trary… some­thing tin­gled in her bel­ly and her pussy announced itself. “Alright, see you lat­er,” Evi stam­mered and left the office.

Facial bukkake at men's surplus party
Facial bukkake at men’s sur­plus party

Eve­line was already through the door when Gina called out, “Oh Eve­line.… one more thing!”. She took a step back and replied, “Yes??” “You, quite hon­est­ly: In my opin­ion you should be clear­ly more con­sis­tent to your Cuck­old! He could put con­sid­er­ably more effort into lick­ing his cum clean!” Some­what uncer­tain­ly, Eve­line replied, “Oh, yeah, right. Thanks!”

Eve­line went to Chris­t­ian at the bar and enlight­ened him. Com­plete­ly thrilled, he escort­ed her to anoth­er room. It did­n’t take two min­utes, then the taboo fuck­ing con­tin­ued with­out Gina. Chris­t­ian and she were now on their own. While Eve­line served five men again, Chris­t­ian held her hand

The com­ing gang­bang was the horni­est, most intense, most per­vert­ed and at the same time most sat­is­fy­ing moment in Evi’s life!

Cum cunt insemination: Very many men like to cum on the pussy with sperm
Cum cunt insem­i­na­tion: Very many men like to cum on the pussy with sperm
Men’s surplus party: Mass insemination and mud sliding in the swingers club

The room filled up because of Eve­line! She was fucked by the guys in all posi­tions and insem­i­nat­ed with an incred­i­ble amount of for­eign sperm. Chris­t­ian was very close to her. He gave her com­fort dur­ing the ago­niz­ing­ly intense vagi­nal orgasms. He cheered her on and kissed her pas­sion­ate­ly again and again

Doggystyle: a popular position during gangbang
Dog­gystyle: a pop­u­lar posi­tion dur­ing gangbang

Chris also became more and more pro­fes­sion­al and licked his wife clean after each for­eign insem­i­na­tion with­out any objec­tions and spit the col­lect­ed sperm into her mouth to kiss it away and swal­low it togeth­er with her

Also dur­ing the sec­ond gang­bang of the men’s sur­plus par­ty Eve­line lost track at some point how many orgasms and how many lovers she had. Sev­er­al men fucked Eve­line’s cunt, ass, mouth and insem­i­nat­ed him whole body. She stag­gered from one orgasm to the next

Evi rubbed the insem­i­na­tions again on her breasts and her bel­ly. She liked the suck­ing sperm scent that rose from her warm skin. Her skin was taut at first and then became quite vel­vety soft from all the cum. She decid­ed not to show­er under any cir­cum­stances after the gangbang.

Extreme orgasm during wifesharing
Extreme orgasm dur­ing wifesharing
Highlight of the men’s surplus evening: The fuck with the big black cock BBC agyemang

Around mid­night, as promised, Agye­mang came to gang­bang. He watched a bit dur­ing the for­eign insem­i­na­tion of Chris­tian’s mar­riage whore and wanked his ever-grow­ing mon­ster cock. Awe-struck, the white men made way for him to fuck Eveline

Huge BBC Creampie
Huge BBC Creampie

Effort­less­ly, his huge giant penis slid into the soak­ing wet cum cave. For Evi there was now absolute­ly no self-con­trol! Real­ly all sense of shame left her com­plete­ly! She moaned words that Chris­t­ian has nev­er heard from her mouth. She took cum from her body and greed­i­ly licked her fin­gers clean.

The fuck with Agye­mang was so intense that Evi had to squirt a total of four times and orgasmed loud­ly twice. These squirt­ing-orgasms were for Evi the worst and most ener­gy-sap­ping of the whole evening! Eight guys squirt Eve­line dur­ing her cli­max­es in the mouth, in the face and on her tight tits. The nip­ples stuck out stiffly in the air because of the evap­o­ra­tion cold of the sperm

Violently stretched pussy during collaborative gangbang creampie and BBC fuck
Vio­lent­ly stretched pussy dur­ing col­lab­o­ra­tive gang­bang creampie and BBC fuck

Chris mean­while licked his wife clean every time with­out being asked and col­lect­ed plen­ty of cum in the cum cock­tail glass. He also always held the glass it under the cum­ing pussy to catch squirt. As soon as a glass was full, he poured the con­tents again and again in long sperm threads slow­ly over Evi’s breasts, thighs, arm insides and bel­ly. Then he gen­tly mas­saged this love flu­id him into her skin.

Agyemang gives “all” with his BBC penis at men’s surplus party

When Agye­mang sweaty final­ly also had to cum, he chased dur­ing an inhu­man­ly brute final fuck ten incred­i­bly huge giant foun­tains in Eve­line’s extreme­ly dilat­ed fuck cunt and over her body and came simul­ta­ne­ous­ly with Evi to orgasm! Only on the side­lines Evi got the appre­cia­tive thun­der­ous applause of the audi­ence with.

Facial insemination at a horny kinky men's surplus party
Facial insem­i­na­tion at a horny kinky men’s sur­plus party

The grotesque sight of how his wife was so crude­ly used as a sex object at the men’s sur­plus par­ty and how unre­strained she moaned…. But also how all the guys were stand­ing around his wife culling…. And how one fuck­er after the oth­er squirt­ed into her…. But also, how Eve­line jerked the sperm her­self in the face and in the mouth, let Chris­t­ian run out again and again with lust

His panties were already com­plete­ly wet from the pre­cum and the drops of desire. Again and again, he jerked his cock, but knew that he was not allowed to orgasm until he got home. Deal is deal!

Although the oth­er two women and boss Gina were also used pret­ty hard, Eve­line was the cen­ter of atten­tion. She was undoubt­ed­ly the star of the evening.

Orgasm Wifesharing
Orgasm Wife­shar­ing
Group sex until half past three in the morning

The men’s sur­plus par­ty went on indef­i­nite­ly until the last guy had emp­tied his balls. By now it was half past two in the morn­ing when none of the men could fuck anymore

Orgasm at the men's surplus party
Orgasm at the men’s sur­plus party

Eve­line was already infi­nite­ly tired for two hours and glad that now no fuck­er came any­more. She was at the end of her phys­i­cal strength. Nev­er­the­less, she was sat­is­fied all around, hap­py and con­tent. She whis­pered in her hus­band Chris­tian’s ear that she real­ly need­ed to go home to bed.

When she got up, Chris­t­ian had to sup­port her or she would have col­lapsed. Her body, hair and face were soaked in cum

The cum was ooz­ing out of her vagi­na and run­ning down her thighs. Eve­line slipped her thin, black dress over her cum-cov­ered body. The fab­ric imme­di­ate­ly soaked up the wet cum

Creampie Waterfall: Very much cum running out of pussy
Creampie Water­fall: Very much cum run­ning out of pussy

Gina saw the cou­ple walk­ing towards the counter and slipped Chris­t­ian an enve­lope. As she did so, she looked pity­ing­ly at Evi. “So, how was it?” asked Gina anxiously

In a weak voice, Eve­line replied, “It was the hottest day of my life! Thank you!” Gina pressed a good­bye kiss on Evi’s mouth and said soft­ly, “Thank you, Eveline!”

In the lock­er room, no one saw the cuck­old cou­ple for­go the show­er. Unseen, they were able to take all the for­eign sperm home with them.

In the car, Chris nim­bly put a tow­el on the pas­sen­ger seat. On the way back Evi fell asleep in the car exhausted.

Clean Licking, Fisting and Last Round of Fucking at Home after the Men’s Surplus Party

As soon as she arrived home, Eve­line took off her cum-smeared dress and lay naked in bed with her eyes closed. She was exhaust­ed and only want­ed to sleep. The cool air made her sore nip­ples stick up stiffly in the air.

But Chris­t­ian did not think about sleep­ing! He was inde­scrib­ably horny. He jerked his rock hard cock. Some­what inde­ci­sive­ly he looked at half asleep Evi. But then he start­ed to lick his half asleep, for­eign insem­i­nat­ed wife clean in peace and with full pleasure.

Men eating cum creampie
Man eats sperm creampie

Eve­line moaned with plea­sure in her twi­light sleep. When Chris­t­ian fin­gered her pussy, it was so slip­pery that five fin­gers slid in effort­less­ly. “Chris­ti­aaaan, I’m so tired!” she protest­ed. Some amount of for­eign sperm poured out of her cum cunt. Quick­ly he licked it all up

He quick­ly dashed to the kitchen, grabbed a shot glass and returned to the cum pussy. He now col­lect­ed the leak­ing sperm drops like in the swingers club at the men’s sur­plus party.

While clean lick­ing the sperm cunt he licked Evi’s cli­toris again and again and let her come to orgasm again. Every­thing smelled so horny.

Since the Cuck­old Chris­t­ian could not help it! He spread the fresh creampie squirt­ing cock­tail on his fremdbe­samte wife. Then he pushed his penis into the horny cum cunt and fucked Evi as hard as he could. Evi moaned with each thrust with her eyes closed. Final­ly, the last to squirt was into his mar­riage whore. After this hard fuck he played, licked and fin­gered some more on the scent­ed pussy. Then Chris­t­ian and Eve­line fell asleep, arm in arm.

The Morning After: Kinky Memories of the Kinky Men’s Surplus Party

The next morn­ing, it smelled for­bid­den horny under the bed cov­er! Eve­line was awake first, jerked Chris­tian’s cock stiff and rode him as a morn­ing greet­ing. “Good morn­ing my dar­ling,” she moaned to the wak­ing husband

With­out warn­ing, she sat down with her cum-scent­ed cunt on Chris­tian’s face. The scent and taste drove him crazy! He licked the fuck hole greed­i­ly and pushed his tongue as deep as he could into the vagi­na. Rem­nants of the for­eign sperm mixed with his own sperm of the night ran into his mouth.

Facesitting creampie
Face­sit­ting creampie

Eve­line was horny the clean lick­ing mean­while ani­mal on! While Chris licked the pussy clean again, she jerked her clit vio­lent­ly fast. Chris­t­ian got the con­trac­tions of the pussy with mouth and tongue! After her orgasm he threw her on her back, fucked her very hard and squirt­ed a very last time before the show­er in the whored fuck hole of his wife.

After the clean lick, the cuck­old cou­ple cud­dled up close and reviewed last night. They both agreed: They absolute­ly had to vis­it such a men’s sur­plus par­ty again!

For Chris­t­ian, the dream has come true to let his wife fremd­fick­en in his pres­ence by oth­er men and their sperm in her mouth and pussy to squirt. He had no more inhi­bi­tions with the clean lick­ing…. He had now become a real cuckold.

If you are inter­est­ed in the con­tin­u­a­tion of this sto­ry, please leave a com­ment! Because on Sun­day, Eve­line’s phone rings: it’s Gina’s turn, and she will make anoth­er immoral offer to the cuck­old couple!

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