Why Do Hotwifes Feel Sperm So Horny?

In our guide­book Insem­i­nat­ing the Hotwife, we have explained to C1 Cuck­olds ten prac­ti­cal ways in which they can opti­mal­ly insem­i­nate their wife, girl­friend, or life partner.

But the ques­tion aris­es why sex­u­al­ly active women are so crazy about sperm. After all, one might think that only men care about their sperm. But this is not the case.

Unlike 0815 straight women, hotwifes like it very much to be splashed with plen­ty of sperm on all body regions. Quite a few women even for­go the show­er after insem­i­na­tion and walk around the whole day with sperm on their skin or their horny-smelling creampie in their panties.

In this cuck­old­ing guide, we would like to explain to you the psy­chol­o­gy of hotwife insem­i­na­tion. Once you under­stand the rea­sons why some women care so much about insem­i­na­tion, you will be able to respond much bet­ter to the four phas­es as a cuck­old. We’ll give you tips on what you can do to make your woman go crazy for sperm.

Cum on tits: Inseminated breasts look very horny
Cum on tits: Insem­i­nat­ed breasts look very horny

The 4 Phases in the Insemination Process of a Woman

The fact that a woman wants not only to be fucked hard but also to be insem­i­nat­ed abun­dant­ly has pure­ly evo­lu­tion­ary-bio­log­i­cal rea­sons. It is in the biol­o­gy of man and ensures our con­tin­ued exis­tence that not only men like to squirt their semen, but women also want to receive it greedily.

The urge for sperm is very dif­fer­ent in women. Vanil­la-sex women do not want any shenani­gans with cum and dis­pose of sperm direct­ly in the toi­let or show­er. A mouth insem­i­na­tion or facial insem­i­na­tion they reject.

In sex­u­al­ly inter­est­ed women, on the oth­er hand, the psy­cho­log­i­cal effect of semen can be divid­ed into four phases:

a) ) Anticipation of Insemination

If the woman knows that she will be horni­ly fucked, tongued, pam­pered with sex toys and filled with sperm in the evening, for exam­ple, she is very rat­ty dur­ing the day and her thoughts keep wandering.

So that a hotwife always looks for­ward to the insem­i­na­tion, it is very impor­tant that the man always comes up with var­ied love tech­niques! This can be an erot­ic mas­sage, a horny porn evening, the use of var­ied sex toys, a fuck­ing machine, BDSM or even fisting.

The woman must know that a sat­is­fy­ing orgasm and plen­ty of cuck­olds cum awaits her in any case dur­ing sex. The head cin­e­ma is an incred­i­ble love kick.

b) The Actual Sex

The sex with the cuck­old finds the hotwife pleas­ant, but usu­al­ly not very sat­is­fy­ing. Bulls and lovers fuck much, much bet­ter than their C1 Cuc­ki, but still the Cuck­ol­dress usu­al­ly enjoys the sex very much.

It is impor­tant for every cuck­old to learn orgasm con­trol and man­age to fuck as hard as he can dur­ing sex and still not cum so fast. It is pos­si­ble by ruin­ing orgasm to ejac­u­late up to six times with­out orgasm.

The woman will always rec­og­nize and enjoy all attempts that the cuck gives his best! How­ev­er, she should always be sure that the man will give her an orgasm in every case after­ward and cum on her, or cum deep into her vagina.


c) The Insemination Process

If the cuck­old squirts while moan­ing loud­ly, this is an incred­i­bly pow­er­ful, emo­tion­al moment for both part­ners! The hotwife cheers her man on com­plete­ly auto­mat­i­cal­ly and affirms him in the vio­lent moment of his orgasm.

Not infre­quent­ly, the woman slips an “Oh my god “over the lips, when his eight to ten hot sperm spurts on her body. The facial expres­sions and ges­tures of the male orgasm also trig­ger great feel­ings of plea­sure in the woman. She instinc­tive­ly starts rub­bing the horny cum, spread­ing it on her nip­ples and greed­i­ly lick­ing the fresh sperm from her fingers.

All women also find squirt­ing cum into their pussy extreme­ly plea­sur­able. As men­tioned ear­li­er, this seems to be generic.

Both hotwife and cuck­old should get into the habit of enjoy­ing the insem­i­na­tion process togeth­er. Expe­ri­enc­ing orgasms togeth­er and feel­ing the body’s react fierce­ly is essen­tial for a strong, last­ing cou­ple bond.

d) The Cleaning After Insemination

A lot of hor­mones are already released in the man dur­ing the horny sperm splash. It is impor­tant for the cou­ple to know that just a few sec­onds after ejac­u­la­tion, the man’s horni­ness, and sex dri­ve is com­plete­ly gone.

Cuckold licking cum clean
Cuck­old lick­ing cum clean.

Every man after his orgasm, vir­tu­al­ly turns from a preda­tor to a cud­dly cat! Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this is a rarely expressed prob­lem! Because the woman is still com­plete­ly aroused and she also needs an orgasm to achieve her sex­u­al satisfaction.

The sub­se­quent creampie clean lick­ing is the fourth emo­tion­al phase for a hotwife’s sat­is­fy­ing insem­i­na­tion process. A mix­ture of dom­i­nance and com­plete filth­i­ness pro­vides such a strong thrill that every hotwife demands to lick up her own sperm.

So it is the duty of every cuck­old to get up and give his hotwife (as a thank you for the horny orgasm) while lick­ing cum cunt clean also an orgasm. But vari­ety is impor­tant here too! Thick dil­dos with sperm lubri­cant gel are a real insid­er tip among cuck­olds. The cuck can also use his fin­gers to help or even fist his insem­i­nat­ed wife to orgasm.

Should the man lose his moti­va­tion to lick clean, only the relent­less coer­cion of the Cuck­ol­dress will help, in the worst case even under threat of pun­ish­ment. How­ev­er, most cuck­olds learn with­in three to six months to eat their own creampie from the pussy.

Cum on body: abdominal insemination of the hotwife by a strange man
Cum on body: abdom­i­nal insem­i­na­tion of the hotwife by a strange man.
Creampie Cathy

Conclusion: Anticipation of Insemination Is an Incredible Aphrodisiac

It’s the com­bi­na­tion of antic­i­pa­tion, good sex, the sub­se­quent insem­i­na­tion, and the clean lick that dri­ves many hotwifes sheer crazy.

Happy hotwife after facial insemination
Hap­py hotwife after facial insemination

The fact that women love direct ejac­u­la­tion into their pussy in addi­tion to pas­sion­ate sex is appar­ent­ly in the nature of things. This is because pussy insem­i­na­tion exerts an incred­i­bly strong, sex­u­al appeal.

How­ev­er, in the areas of cuck­old­ing and wife­shar­ing, most cou­ples go a few steps fur­ther. They have lost all fear, prej­u­dices and aver­sions after a long process of devel­op­ment before cum. Accord­ing­ly, many of their fan­tasies revolve around for­eign insem­i­na­tion, mass insem­i­na­tion, cum games, and cum kiss­es.

There­fore, not only the horny fuck “itself” exerts an enor­mous psy­cho­log­i­cal stim­u­la­tion on many hotwifes. The insem­i­na­tion of their body also plays a big role for them!

It excites Hotwifes when they are sprayed with sperm on their bel­ly, pubic mound (mons vener­is), breasts, and face. The cuck­old is respon­si­ble for lick­ing the sperm clean. He has to lick his own sperm, but also for­eign sperm from her body. Creampie cleanup is also one of his basic tasks.

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