Stranger Fucking: Why Am I a Wifesharer?

Stranger fuck­ing is con­sid­ered an absolute no-go by most men. Espe­cial­ly straight men have absolute­ly zero under­stand­ing why a man should allow his wife, girl­friend or life part­ner to have sex with strange men 

I am Tilo (49) and I have already described to you in anoth­er arti­cle how I became a wife­shar­er. I too could nev­er imag­ine hav­ing sex with strangers in the past because I did­n’t want to lose my wife Andrea. Cheat­ing would even have been a rea­son for divorce for me in the past.

How­ev­er, after being a mom and dad for over 18 years, our sex life was at rock bot­tom. It was the best deci­sion Andrea and I could have made, was to get involved in wife­shar­ing together.

In this text, I would like to tell you what I find so cool about let­ting my wife fuck some­one else.

Why Do I Let Fuck My Wife?

Wife lets fucks herself by strangers during gangbang.
Wife lets fucks her­self by strangers dur­ing gangbang.

I can’t give a gen­er­al answer in a few sen­tences why Andrea and I like wife­shar­ing so much.

It’s kind of the sum total of numer­ous men­tal and phys­i­cal things that go on dur­ing stranger fucking.

Main­ly kicks me the thought that I pro­vide a strange man or even a horde of men to my wife, so that they may relieve them­selves with­out a con­dom in her cunt and sat­is­fy Andrea for me sex­u­al­ly forceful.

By the way, my wife feels some­thing sim­i­lar: she makes her body avail­able to strange men with the request to “use” her as extreme­ly dirty as pos­si­ble, to fuck her hard until orgasm, and to insem­i­nate her with as much sperm as possible.

I’ll try to go into a lit­tle more depth.…


10 Reasons Why I Let My Wife Fuck Strangers:

1.) Her slutty behavior turns me on

First of all, it is enor­mous­ly horny to see how unbri­dled and unin­hib­it­ed my wife behaves in the male crowd. As soon as she is sur­round­ed with oth­er men, she com­plete­ly blanks out me and every­day life. You get the feel­ing as if she flips a switch and finds her­self in a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent world 

I find it very arous­ing to see how my wife offers her­self to strange men before sex. Espe­cial­ly with men she likes, she behaves down­right slut­ty. She teas­es, pro­vokes, lolls around in her lin­gerie, sud­den­ly speaks a vul­gar lan­guage and prais­es her­self down­right at the fuckers 

Just watch­ing how she cheek­i­ly spreads her legs to make her vagi­na avail­able to the respec­tive strange man for fuck­ing and insem­i­na­tion turns me on like a beast.

Amateur - Hotwife in sexy lingerie provokes her lover with her pussy
Ama­teur — Hotwife in sexy lin­gerie pro­vokes her lover with her pussy

2.) I enjoy watching stranger fucking

I can fuck quite well, but do not man­age to bring my mar­i­tal mare to orgasm as vio­lent­ly as a group of men 

As a team, the men pool their sex­u­al sta­mi­na, ener­gy and pow­er togeth­er — allow­ing my wife to achieve unimag­in­ably intense vagi­nal orgasms. The inter­ac­tion of the many penis­es even stim­u­lates the nerve plexus of the vagi­na so inten­sive­ly that the pussy ejac­u­lates (called female ejac­u­la­tion / squirt­ing) and Andrea real­ly freaks out emotionally.

Jerking off while strangers fuck: A pleasure for every cuckold!
Jerk­ing off while strangers fuck: A plea­sure for every cuckold!

The strange men get it for her in all posi­tions. Some men thrust fast and nim­ble — but oth­ers fuck slow­ly but hard. Espe­cial­ly with the extreme­ly hard thrusts I love to watch their facial expres­sions. It impress­es me every time how dif­fer­ent the penis can look. Espe­cial­ly the thick and large cal­iber Andrea vis­i­bly enjoys very much.

I enjoy watch­ing each cock slow­ly pen­e­trate her vagi­na, squeez­ing out the horny cum of the pre-fuck­er and slow­ly start­ing to fuck her nice­ly.… she then starts moan­ing with plea­sure and breath­ing faster and faster. When the fuck­er then speeds up the pace and Andrea moans ever more extreme plea­sure… as she clench­es.… her hands almost crush mine… her nip­ples stand up stiffly… she clench­es her teeth… her carotid arter­ies swell… she screams loud­ly and some­times even cries… the pussy juice / creampie is fucked creamy … until he bru­tal­ly fucks her to orgasm with max­i­mum force and final­ly, short­ly after she has come, injects his own hot sperm deep into the vagi­na my wife 

Every sin­gle fuck makes me horny. But also oth­er spec­ta­tors, who stand around Andrea jerk­ing, fever as I do. Many can no longer hold on to them­selves and insem­i­nate her wild uncon­trol­lably twitch­ing body.

… and at the end I’m hap­py every time about her com­plete­ly insem­i­nat­ed, sweaty, but over­joyed face and her com­ments like “Shit, that was awe­some!”. Most of the time she then makes eye con­tact with me, reach­es out her hand, and beams at me.

BBC Bull fucks his hotwife hard for orgasm while fucking strangers
BBC Bull fucks his hotwife hard for orgasm while fuck­ing strangers

3.) Very deep, strong (psychological) bond during stranger fucking

Hard for out­siders to com­pre­hend is a kind of extreme, emo­tion­al attach­ment when my wife is bang­ing strange guys. At the onset of each orgasm, my wife search­es for my hand, moan­ing loud­er and loud­er, almost in a pan­ic! Dur­ing a par­tic­u­lar­ly intense orgasm, she almost crush­es my hand.

Wifesharing psychology: When the female orgasm sets in, a deep partnership bond develops during stranger fucking
Wife­shar­ing psy­chol­o­gy: When the female orgasm sets in, a deep part­ner­ship bond devel­ops dur­ing stranger fucking

Every now and then she opens her eyes dur­ing horny sex and looks at me with a lust­ful / ago­niz­ing­ly orgasm-dis­tort­ed face gur­gles out snatch­es of words in a pressed voice: “That’s so horny!”, “I love you!”, “Owuu shit does that feel good”, “Thank you, my dream man!”, “Kiss me real­ly horny, my dar­ling!”. Her mouth craves inti­mate French kiss­es from me.

Despite the tremen­dous trou­ble around us, we (espe­cial­ly after sev­er­al orgasms in a row) some­times get into a kind of “tun­nel”. It seems as if only for both of us the world stops. We enjoy our horny cum kiss­es and cum games 

I stroke her pret­ty, horny cum dec­o­rat­ed face, lick her cheeks, fore­head and neck clean. I am very close to her face and fire her with dirty and some­times very coarse words.…

Even if many nor­mal peo­ple pun­ish us for this with uncom­pre­hend­ing dis­re­gard, exact­ly THESE moments are what make up cuck­old­ing and wife­shar­ing for both of us in a very hap­py and lov­ing partnership.

Hand in Hand - Cuckolding after care
Many Hotwifes look for the emo­tion­al sup­port of their hus­band (engl. Hub­by) dur­ing the stranger fuck “hand in hand” again and again

4.) I find it horny how my wife is sprayed full of sperm

Andrea and I both find it very impor­tant that she has sex with the men only with­out rub­ber and is also insem­i­nat­ed. Her for­eign insem­i­na­tion is express­ly part of it in addi­tion to the hard sex.

Although the injec­tion of sperm from the penis into the vagi­na is only slight­ly notice­able, Andrea kicks the insem­i­na­tion of her horny pussy extreme­ly! I also find the cunt insem­i­na­tion horny, because a con­sid­er­able creampie is created.

BBC Bull ejaculates on wife. Husband watches enthusiastically at her foreign insemination
BBC Bull ejac­u­lates on wife. Hus­band watch­es enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly at her for­eign insemination

For a long time, Andrea did not make a fuss with sperm in her mouth. On the con­trary, she loves to be insem­i­nat­ed on her face as well. If a penis squirts near her head, she greed­i­ly tries to absorb the horny cum with her mouth 

I love the horny sight of how the lover dec­o­rates the pret­ty face of my wife when she fucks strangers and when she lets the sperm run out of her mouth in long strings, com­plete­ly filthy.

If her breasts, Venus mound, and bel­ly are insem­i­nat­ed, I am fas­ci­nat­ed by the horny white sperm splash­es that Andrea rubs horny on her upper body. I watch as they liq­ue­fy more and more and the skin shines horny.

5.) The desire for humiliation / self humiliation

Bad to describe is my desire for self-humil­i­a­tion. On the one hand, it makes me horny that oth­er men fuck bet­ter, have a big­ger penis and can squirt more sperm, but some­how it makes me envious.

The stranger fuck with a huge BBC is a dream for cuckold and hotwife
The stranger fuck with a huge BBC is a dream for cuck­old and hotwife

When the fuck­ing men know that I am watch­ing as Andrea’s hus­band, they often feel that they have to show me how to fuck (m)a woman prop­er­ly. They then real­ly get into it in front of my eyes. Their genet­i­cal­ly mas­cu­line mark­ing behav­ior when they cum makes them feel they have insem­i­nat­ed my wife bet­ter than I can.

When I see that the Bulls and Lovers have a five to even ten cen­time­ters longer penis, I usu­al­ly act very rev­er­ent and restrained 

Espe­cial­ly when the cock has an extreme­ly thick glans; extreme­ly gnarled, thick­ly veined and strong­ly curved, or is very crooked with a kink — I can’t help it and always have to look envi­ous­ly and respect­ful­ly. I can not serve my mar­i­tal mare with such pri­vates and would also like to have such a horny appa­ra­tus in the pants!

A lover has inseminated the wedding ring with his sperm.
A lover has insem­i­nat­ed the wed­ding ring with his sperm.

Andrea requires me to kiss her, although numer­ous guys have ejac­u­lat­ed in her mouth or in her pret­ty face. Some­times she press­es my head towards the cum pud­dles on her body or her insem­i­nat­ed cum cunt. Lick­ing and swal­low­ing the stranger’s sperm in front of such a testos­terone-starved mob humil­i­ates me a lot.

In addi­tion, humil­i­ate me the many, some­times very per­verse tasks that Andrea gets from the online acquain­tances before the stranger fuck. I have to squirt in my drinks, ejac­u­late on Andrea’s and my food and gen­er­al­ly swal­low my own sperm very often myself.

Andrea turns it on very much her­self to humil­i­ate me. I am not allowed to have orgasms for days and if I am allowed, I have to ruin orgasm. Instead of sex, I have to endure anal sex with dil­dos, strap-ons or prostate stimulators 

Very humil­i­ates me also when some­one ejac­u­lates on Andrea’s wed­ding ring, she takes it off and bathes it in the cum pud­dles on her body or push­es it into the for­eign insem­i­nat­ed sperm cunt and demands that I lick the ring clean in front of all the men.

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6.) Watching my wife being humiliated by stranger fucking

Andrea has noticed in the many months that she tends to be sub­mis­sive to the lovers and bulls after all 

Bondage, double penetration and hard sex (rough sex) - Humiliating and extremely horny at the same time!
Bondage, dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion and hard sex (rough sex) — Humil­i­at­ing and extreme­ly horny at the same time!

She likes it very much to be humil­i­at­ed and finds it extreme­ly horny that strange men just want to “use” her body with­out a condom 

It turns her on beast­ly when she is titled and treat­ed like a “horny fuck piece” or “whored three-hole mare”; the guys sat­is­fy them­selves sex­u­al­ly through her and there­by squirt her with their hot sperm vigorously.

The guys instinc­tive­ly feel their sub­mis­sive role when fuck­ing strangers and take the right to think: “You have to do every­thing I ask of you!”. I can’t remem­ber a sin­gle time when my good-natured Andrea did­n’t fol­low some­thing. She always makes max­i­mum effort to brave­ly endure or per­form any sex­u­al shenani­gans, no mat­ter how kinky 

Despite ver­bal and phys­i­cal humil­i­a­tion, her lust breaks right out of her espe­cial­ly with chal­leng­ing things, ends in a twitch­ing, loud­ly moan­ing orgasm and often she even thanks her for it.

An abundant facial insemination (bukkake) they find humiliating and horny at the same time.
Women always care a lot about their face. It is made up, creamed and cared for. An abun­dant facial insem­i­na­tion (bukkake) they find humil­i­at­ing and horny at the same time.

Dur­ing a sex par­ty, it is usu­al­ly also ver­bal­ly quite crass! You can’t imag­ine what kind of word cre­ations men come up with in a sex fren­zy. When guys ask her if she’s a “gang­bang slut” or a “whore tramp”, she answers very loud­ly in the affir­ma­tive. This turns me on extremely.

Very horny I also find that every­one sees that she as a Ger­man woman also makes her legs wide for black men with huge cocks or Turks and goes off beast­ly. She also finds the thought to be seen and titled as a “horny bitch”, beast­ly horny.

Occa­sion­al­ly, a few guys play per­verse-horny games with her while fuck­ing strangers. The biggest hob­by seems to be to bring them to squirt. Every now and then also shack­les, big dil­dos, whips, can­dle wax or nip­ple clamps come into play.

Almost every time a guy gets the idea to fuck her in the ass, which she does­n’t deny because of the intense plea­sure. I myself do not fuck Andrea anal. It’s reserved for the bulls and the lovers. But I find it crass how vio­lent­ly she goes off at dou­ble pen­e­tra­tion and some­times even crass squirting.

Or she has to endure an ago­niz­ing forced orgasm despite the many orgasms with a pow­er­ful mas­sager or by fist­ing for the amuse­ment of all. Once a man had a Sharpie with him and wrote “slut” on her bel­ly. Andrea endures every­thing brave­ly, which makes me and the spec­ta­tors furi­ous­ly horny.

Tied cuckold is gagged with the panties of his hotwife. He has to watch your wife tied up by several guys horny tortured and fucked hard.
Tied cuck­old is gagged with the panties of his hotwife. He has to watch your wife tied up by sev­er­al guys horny tor­tured and fucked hard.

7.) Violent lust of my wife for huge cocks

Andrea had almost made a fool of admir­ing huge black cocks on her online ram­bles one day. She had kept it from me for a long time that the sight of Big Black Cocks, BBC for short, excit­ed her incredibly 

An extremely horny, gnarly, fat veined BBC dream cock
An extreme­ly horny, gnarly, fat veined BBC dream cock

We find that brown men just offers a fuck­ing awe­some con­trast to a white woman. Also, the snow-white sperm just looks awe­some when it squirts vig­or­ous­ly from a brown penis. The same goes for for­eign sperm of a creampie and foamy fucked pussy juice when it sticks to a black cock.

By the way, she is not alone with this opin­ion. Almost all hotwifes have kinky BBC fan­tasies and desire hard sex with black, mus­cu­lar and above aver­age built men 

As already men­tioned, Andrea mas­tur­bates with big brown dil­dos. But some­times cucum­bers, car­rots, egg­plants, corn on the cob and zuc­chi­ni are also on her menu 

After Andrea’s com­ing out, we have now arrived at fist­ing. Huge inflat­able pump-up dil­dos and plugs pro­vide my wife with intense plea­sure. The horny stretch­ing pain extreme­ly stim­u­lates the pro­duc­tion of pussy juice and squirt and inten­si­fies the orgasm.

So far, real­ly every penis has fit at our sex par­ties. We both strive at all times to fuck as many very well hung black men as pos­si­ble. Some­times we get lucky at a sex club. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the BBCs often take mon­ey, which I am very will­ing to pay.

We both open­ly admit that col­ored skin makes us horny. That peo­ple espe­cial­ly in clubs say loud­ly: “Look, that guy there is her hus­band, he even lets his wife fuck by for­eign­ers” or “Look at her! The horny sow makes con­stant­ly for for­eign­ers the legs wide” turns me on rather than that I am angry about it.

A penis as big as a forearm: The Big Black Cock (BBC)... Simply impressive and breathtakingly horny!
A penis as big as a fore­arm: The Big Black Cock (BBC)… Sim­ply impres­sive and breath­tak­ing­ly horny!

8.) Many men from near and far desire my wife 

Whether in the online world or in the real world: Count­less, hun­dreds of men find my wife horny and want to have sex with her! This fact is true “music to the ears” for every wife­shar­er and cuckold.

We are inun­dat­ed with sex offers and penis pho­tos (dick pics) and some­times we are a bit over­whelmed. Nev­er­the­less, it is like search­ing for a nee­dle in a haystack. We are real­ly only inter­est­ed in real­ly excep­tion­al men, expe­ri­enced groups of men and like-mind­ed couples.

Even if it is a high risk for me that Andrea falls in love with a lover, I take the risk. Even in clas­sic straight rela­tion­ships, no man can real­ly be sure that his wife won’t cheat after all. Most of the time the dis­cov­ery of the affair means the end of the rela­tion­ship. Because I allow my wife to have sex with strangers, we have a very har­mo­nious, relaxed and also var­ied and horny mar­ried life.

Also, in the swingers club strange men try again and again to con­tact my wife secret­ly and offer her to fuck alone with her. Sev­er­al times, she was slipped lit­tle notes or busi­ness cards with phone numbers 

We have the agree­ment that Andrea always tells me every­thing, but the fan­ta­sy that she once comes home with a stranger-insem­i­nat­ed pussy and stranger sperm in her panties and I have to lick every­thing clean, turns me on beastly.

Cuckold and Hotwife have been looking forward to this for weeks: the horny insemination of the wife with foreign sperm by a Bull.
Cuck­old and Hotwife have been look­ing for­ward to this for weeks: The horny insem­i­na­tion of the wife with for­eign sperm by a Bull.

9.) Andrea watches porn, masturbates and chats dirty with strange men

Wife chats with strange men and looks for sex contacts
Wife chats with strange men and looks for sex contacts

Since we are doing wife­shar­ing, my wife is per­ma­nent­ly extreme­ly horny. I find it horny when I catch Andrea sit­ting in front of our PC in the study again and mas­tur­bat­ing. The whole room smells horny of pheromones (sex attrac­tants), sweat and pussy juice.

Count­less brows­er tabs with porn and sex pho­tos are open and with­out mak­ing a “Her­mann”, I let them enjoy their mas­tur­ba­tion in peace. Most­ly I have to “ran” after­wards anyway. 😉 

We have cre­at­ed favorite lists at XHam­ster, through which we show each oth­er our horny finds on our porn evenings.

In par­al­lel, we have already met some great men over the Inter­net in recent years. Pop­pen, Augen­wei­de and Joy­club are our best platforms.

It turns me on when Andrea roams the net to find seri­ous lovers and bulls for stranger fuck­ing. She blunt­ly shows me her kinky chats and what pho­tos / videos she has exchanged. There are old­er men, very young guys, for­eign­ers and BBC bulls.

Main­ly they all want to fuck with­out rub­ber. When she asks me if I would mind doing it with “that, “that, or “that”, I get extreme­ly horny. 

10.) The “aftercare” … The cuddling, caressing and clean licking at home

The so-called “after care”, so the “after­care” after the for­eign insem­i­na­tion takes an enor­mous val­ue with us. I always caress, kiss and cud­dle very long and exten­sive­ly with my wife after sex with strange men.

Extremely important for the couple after sex with strangers: cuddling, kissing, caressing, feeling closeness
Extreme­ly impor­tant for the cou­ple after sex with strangers: cud­dling, kiss­ing, caress­ing, feel­ing closeness

Most of the time, we steal out of the cou­ple’s club very quick­ly unshow­ered, with a small Tup­per­ware with strangers sperm and / or filled con­doms. If no one sees it, we wrap pussy and bel­ly with cling film before leav­ing the club, so that the creampie stays fresh.

At home, in the bed­room or in the hotel, we make it then again real­ly nice in peace.

Since as many guys as pos­si­ble have inject­ed their nice sperm sur­prise deep into Andrea’s vagi­na, the antic­i­pa­tion is huge for me every time to lick my mar­i­tal mare very slow­ly, exten­sive­ly and thor­ough­ly immac­u­late­ly clean after the party.

Licking cum clean after the gangbang
Lick­ing cum clean after the gangbang

If I have not yet cum, I may then final­ly as the last to fuck my beloved wife beau­ti­ful­ly. I always try my best to fuck as hard as the men in the club, but unfor­tu­nate­ly, I cum much too quickly 😉 

After I also my sev­en days col­lect­ed sperm load with pow­er­ful sperm splash­es in the warm-slip­pery, with for­eign sperm-filled pussy, I lick our creampie of course rea­son­ably clean 

At the same time, I try my wife at least with my tongue one last time horny to orgasm to let… After very kinky and extreme­ly horny sperm kiss­es, it final­ly gets quieter…

We cud­dle, caress, lick each oth­er, and rem­i­nisce until we fall asleep smil­ing and hap­py arm in arm.

Of course, the sperm clean lick worse than expect­ed, so that a horny sperm scent accom­pa­nies us until tomor­row’s wake-up under the cov­ers and in the bed­room — which ani­mates us in the morn­ing to a new round of pussy lick­ing, kiss­ing, cud­dling and sex. Because show­ered is with us at 12 noon at the earliest! 😉

Aftercare: After the stranger-fucking we hold hands and chat
After­care: After the stranger-fuck­ing we hold hands and chat
AEBN Best porn source

Conclusion: Wifesharing Is Very Beneficial for the Partnership

As you can see, there are numer­ous rea­sons why men find it very horny to watch their wife or girl­friend hav­ing sex with strange men. For a sex­u­al­ly open cou­ple, there is def­i­nite­ly noth­ing more beau­ti­ful and horny than get­ting involved in wifesharing.

Let wife inseminate strangers: Two BBC are perfect!
Let wife insem­i­nate strangers: Two BBC are perfect!

As crazy as it sounds: For unknown evo­lu­tion­ary bio­log­i­cal rea­sons, there are mil­lions and mil­lions of hus­bands world­wide who want to let their wifes fuck­ing by strangers watch them do it.

First and fore­most, wife­shar­ing is about keep­ing the mar­riage or cou­ple rela­tion­ship alive and even more bond­ed through shared sex­u­al adven­tures. Shar­ing is about sym­bio­sis: the Hotwife, the Wife­shar­er, the Cuck­old and also and the Lovers and Bulls expe­ri­ence a very deep sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion on an emo­tion­al level 

How­ev­er, the con­se­quence of any pos­i­tive sex par­ty is that it very quick­ly becomes a kind of addic­tion in the woman and devel­ops a momen­tum of its own, with the Wife­shar­er hav­ing to keep up. Many hotwifes devel­op more and more kinky fetish­es and desires of their own accord, which the hus­band has to serve and sat­is­fy tolerantly.

I love watch­ing my own wife get fucked! I can real­ly only rec­om­mend it to every man to sound out in a con­ver­sa­tion how it stands around the sex­u­al fan­ta­sy of the part­ner / the part­ner. You can find a guide to this here: Stranger Fuck Fan­tasie: How Do I Tell My Wife!!?

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