The Powerful Effect of the Wedding Ring During Sex With Strangers

Although there are a vari­ety of sym­bols in wife­shar­ing and cuck­old­ing, the wed­ding ring is con­sid­ered the most pow­er­ful symbol.

Wedding ring lies provocatively on the pussy of the hotwife
Wed­ding ring lies provoca­tive­ly on the pussy of the hotwife

In count­less porn movies you can see hotwifes wear­ing a wed­ding ring while hav­ing sex with strange men. If pho­tos are tak­en, some women even hold their ring demon­stra­tive­ly or even grin­ning into the camera.

At swinger par­ties, orga­nized gang­bangs, gen­tle­men’s sur­plus par­ties, and also when meet­ing BBC bulls or lovers, many mar­ried cou­ples wear their rings on pur­pose. They proud­ly sym­bol­ize that they are a mar­ried cou­ple and explic­it­ly want to remain so despite friv­o­lous sex life.

In this guide, we look at why it’s so impor­tant for the mar­ried cuck­old cou­ple to wear their wed­ding ring when hav­ing sex with strangers. We’ll give you tips on what you can play­ful­ly do with the hotwife’s wed­ding ring.

Why Should Wedding Rings Be Worn During Sex With Strangers?

At the lat­est, when the hotwife makes her­self pret­ty for sex with strange men, her gaze lingers on the wed­ding ring. When she paus­es, she asks her­self the ques­tion: do you take the ring off or do you leave it on?

The answer is quite clear and com­plete­ly plau­si­ble: the ring must remain on the fin­ger. Even the cuck­old or wife­shar­er does not take it off!

It is impor­tant for the cou­ple as well as for the strange men to real­ize that the mar­riage vow “to love and hon­or each oth­er” also applies when stranger fuck­ing togeth­er! It is com­plete­ly irrel­e­vant whether it is sex with a white big cock, a big black cock or a horde of gang­bang fuck­ers — The ring stays on!

You will notice, dur­ing sex with many men, what the “sym­bol of love” has for a strong con­nec­tion and, at the same time pro­tec­tive effect. It is almost like a mag­ic ring in this focus. 😉

A hotwife always wears her engagement ring or wedding ring anyway when she meets with bulls and lovers for cuckolding sex or wife sharing.
A hotwife always wears her engage­ment ring or wed­ding ring any­way when she meets with bulls and lovers for cuck­old­ing sex or wife sharing.

Horny Games With the Wedding Ring

Prob­a­bly the most bla­tant con­trast is a wed­ding ring and for­eign sperm. Because the com­bi­na­tion of “faith­ful mar­riage vows” and “mass insem­i­na­tion of strangers” is pure provo­ca­tion and is cer­tain­ly for mil­lions of peo­ple an absolute no-go!

And just there­fore it makes sex­u­al­ly open mar­ried cou­ples par­tic­u­lar­ly much fun to play with this for­bid­den contrast.

Although the fol­low­ing are only small games, they have a pow­er­ful effect on all par­tic­i­pants. They are per­fect for teas­ing or even humil­i­at­ing the cuckold.

1.) Let Bulls Ejaculate on the Wedding Ring

Symbolic insemination by a BBC bull
Sym­bol­ic insem­i­na­tion by a BBC bull

When the hotwife’s wed­ding ring is copi­ous­ly insem­i­nat­ed with thick, white sperm from a strange man, it’s a sight that will take the breath away of every­one involved in the stranger fuck, with­out exception 

Because the insem­i­na­tion of the sym­bol­ic dia­mond set in gold looks incred­i­bly dom­i­nant and high­ly wicked with stranger sperm 

Nev­er­the­less, the bull, or the lover with this ges­ture shows that they ful­ly respect the mar­riage and the respect of the insem­i­nat­ed woman and want to enrich it with their potency 

Each Hotwife excites such a ges­ture enor­mous­ly — Espe­cial­ly if the ring insem­i­na­tion was spon­ta­neous and with­out notice. Inevitably, the sperm runs all over between ring and fin­ger until the fuck juice com­plete­ly sur­rounds the del­i­cate met­al like a glaze 

Hotwife licks clean her cum inseminated wedding ring
Hotwife licks clean her cum insem­i­nat­ed wed­ding ring

If the Hotwife forces her hus­band to lick the for­eign-insem­i­nat­ed ring clean, this exerts an extreme feel­ing of pow­er on the Bull and on the wife that should not be underestimated 

If the woman licks the insem­i­nat­ed ring her­self, she shows Bull and Cuc­ki again with a sub­mis­sive ges­ture that both men play a cen­tral role in her love happiness.

Some Hotwifes would like to car­ry the ring but also so stained uncleaned for days on the hand. Every brief glance at the ring in every­day life reminds her of the wicked, horny date.

2.) Drop the Wedding Ring Into a Sperm-Filled Condom

Hotwife throws wedding ring into an inseminated sperm condom.
Hotwife throws wed­ding ring into an insem­i­nat­ed sperm condom.

Anoth­er very severe humil­i­a­tion of the cuck­old is when the hotwife takes off the ring after hav­ing sex with her lover and drops it into the cum-filled condom 

The cuck must either fish the wed­ding ring out of the bul­l’s mas­sive cum load or pour the warm con­tents com­plete­ly out onto the wife’s body 

Most of the time, he then has to lick the sperm-adorned sym­bol of mar­riage, as well as the entire for­eign sperm lake clean in front of the eyes of the Hotwife and Lover. In this way, the hotwife demon­strates her sex­u­al pow­er to her hus­band. But she also shows that stranger fuck­ing with lover and bulls are com­pat­i­ble with real love between the couple.

3.) Let Inseminate the Ring on the Body of the Hotwife

Wedding ring was splashed with sperm
Wed­ding ring was splashed with sperm

When it comes to for­eign insem­i­na­tion, it’s most­ly pri­mar­i­ly about fuel­ing the hotwife’s vagi­na heav­i­ly with sperm and cre­at­ing the most impres­sive creampie pos­si­ble. An often too rarely men­tioned fact is that almost all women also like it very much to be sprayed direct­ly with hot sperm 

If you ever put the wom­an’s wed­ding ring on her pussy, on a breast, on her bel­ly, on her fore­head or on her mons pubis, you will be sur­prised. The mar­riage sym­bol has almost a hyp­not­ic effect on the wife, cuck­old, bull, and the lover! 😉 Each of the par­ties under­stands this ges­ture and will try to squirt all his cum very specif­i­cal­ly on the ring.

Espe­cial­ly at the end of a gang­bang, when very many fuck­ers cum on the wed­ding ring, this again exerts an absolute­ly unfor­get­table strong attrac­tion on Cuck­old and Hotwife. The more men cum on the ring and the longer it remains in the cum pud­dle, the more bla­tant the cou­ple will remem­ber this event­ful for­eign insemination.

As described above, the wife­shar­ing cuck­ol­dress has the choice of sim­ply putting the insem­i­nat­ed wed­ding ring back on her fin­ger, lick­ing it clean her­self or leav­ing the clean­ing to the cuckold.

Cuckold fantasy
Cuck­old fan­ta­sy “Mar­riage ring”. Ring on boob splashed with a lot of sperm.

4.) Put the Ring in the Creampie Pussy

There is anoth­er horny task for the cuck! After the for­eign insem­i­na­tion of his wife, the hotwife push­es her wed­ding ring into the horny sperm pussy. Before the eyes of the spec­ta­tors, the hus­band must then try to fish the wife’s ring back out with his tongue.

Wedding ring with creampie
Wed­ding ring with creampie

The wife tries to help her sweet­heart with this dif­fi­cult work by press­ing move­ments. She can also squat over the man’s face to help him a bit.

Depend­ing on how much sperm the bull or lovers have pumped into the hotwife, this is a huge chal­lenge for him. Real­ly mas­sive amounts of stranger semen have to be dealt with. 

After some time, the grav­i­ty wins, and the man is able to push the ring back onto the ring fin­ger of his beloved wife with his mouth.

The woman feels a mix­ture of excite­ment and pow­er to give him this extreme humil­i­a­tion. The spec­ta­tors will clap and cheer the cuck with humil­i­at­ing slogans.

Wedding ring stuck in stranger inseminated cum pussy
Wed­ding ring stuck in stranger insem­i­nat­ed cum pussy

5.) Mixing Wedding Ring With Bulls and Cuck Cum

Cuckolding: The wife dumps a sperm condom with wedding rings and foreign cum on her pussy venus mound.
Cuck­old­ing: The wife dumps a sperm con­dom with wed­ding rings and for­eign cum on her pussy venus mound.

When a cuck­old fucks his hotwife after she was pre­vi­ous­ly insem­i­nat­ed by her bull or her lovers, he finds it very horny when the hotwife com­bines the bull sperm and beta sperm and mix­es them with a finger.

The effect increas­es many times more when the wife asks her cuck to put his wed­ding ring in the sperm mix­ture and she adds her own ring to it!

It is a very pow­er­ful and at the same time horny cuck­old game when the cuck has to lick the horny cum pud­dle clean and also lick the two rings thoroughly. 

Only when the wife is sat­is­fied, he may use his mouth to put the wife’s ring (and his own) back on.

Creampie Cathy

Conclusion: Wedding Rings Can Also Be Fun

As you can see, sex in mar­riage can be any­thing but bor­ing. With a lit­tle cre­ativ­i­ty and a small dose of courage and crazi­ness, any wife can dri­ve her hus­band into sheer madness.

Bull inseminates the ring of the hotwife
Bull insem­i­nates the ring of the hotwife.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, only a few straight cou­ples come up with the idea of play­ing with sperm togeth­er. Wife­shar­ing and cuck­old cou­ples, on the oth­er hand, are much more relaxed and exper­i­men­tal in this regard.

Sex­u­al games with for­eign sperm and wed­ding rings are equal­ly horny for hotwife, bull, lover and cuck. How­ev­er, this nasty fun is some­what humil­i­at­ing for the respec­tive husbands 😉

All in all, we would like to encour­age you to make non­sense and try fun­ny and crazy things dur­ing sex. Because only one thing is real­ly for­bid­den in mar­riage: monot­o­ny and bore­dom in the mar­riage bed!

With this blog post, we hope to give you new, dirty impuls­es about wife­shar­ing and cuck­old­ing. Please leave your opin­ion on this top­ic in the comments.

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