SpermaStudio — Real wifesharing gangbang sex with real amateur hotwifes

There is prob­a­bly no cuck­old or wife­shar­er who does­n’t wish that his beloved wife, life part­ner or girl­friend will be fucked by numer­ous men dur­ing a gang­bang and copi­ous­ly inseminated 

These fan­tasies are most­ly real­ized at men’s sur­plus par­ties and sex par­ties in swingers clubs. Some­times also in hotels, vaca­tion homes and pri­vate apartments.

The main prob­lem here is: no videos may be shot and pho­tos tak­en dur­ing pri­vate gang­bangs. For­tu­nate­ly, there are porn stu­dios that orga­nize sex par­ties them­selves and stage the kinky goings-on with hotwifes in exchange for finan­cial com­pen­sa­tion. Besides GGG and Gang­bangCreampie, the Ger­man porn site Sperma-Studio.com is a very pop­u­lar porn label for wife­shar­ing and gang­bang parties.

We want­ed to know exact­ly and sub­ject­ed Sper­maS­tu­dio to a porn site test. We were inter­est­ed from a hotwife, bull, lover, cuck­old or wife­shar­er per­spec­tive, which porn videos can be found as a member 

In our review below, we com­pare the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of the Sper­ma Stu­dio sex site and eval­u­ate con­tent, struc­ture, load­ing times and much more. If you have been a mem­ber before, we would love to hear your opin­ions and expe­ri­ences. Please write us a com­ment below the review.

Vis­it spermastudio.com

The preview area of spermastudio.com

Before we start with this review and rat­ing of Sperma-Studio.com, let’s take a look at the pre­view area of the porn site first. It rep­re­sents the web­site’s busi­ness card, so to speak, and is meant to show vis­i­tors what to expect as members 

Just like the Sper­m­Ma­nia, Ger­man­Goo­Girls and Gang­bangCreampie sex sites, the back­ground of the web­site, videos and pho­tos is black. It makes a good con­trast on the web­site and in the videos, per­form­ers, dicks, sperm and horny actions come out incred­i­bly well.

The pre­view area is not over­loaded, but focus­es on the essen­tials. Above the menu bar, the links “Sper­mas­tu­dio Girls”, “Pre­view Area” and “Infor­ma­tion” are quite inter­est­ing. Besides infor­ma­tion about the web­site, you will find in the pre­view area, sev­er­al clips from pop­u­lar Sper­mas­tu­dio videos that you can watch.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, all texts are in Eng­lish. You learn that Sper­mas­tu­dio is one of the lead­ing, Ger­man hard­core pro­duc­tion stu­dios since 2006 with a dis­tinct pref­er­ence for sperm, creampie, cumshot and gang­bang. The pro­duc­ers love and live sperm and extreme gang­bangs, nat­u­ral­ly horny girls and their high pas­sion with con­vic­tion. Through the link“Mod­els Want­ed” men and women can sign up for the pop­u­lar sperm parties.

What is very cool is that you can watch dozens of pre­view videos. Each trail­er is about 70 sec­onds long. Among them you can find short clips of 20 sec­onds dura­tion, in which the most pop­u­lar mod­els are intro­duced. A pro­mo video of 35 sec­onds dura­tion shows spec­tac­u­lar scenes from the videos.

The pre­view clips alone are incred­i­bly awe­some. The hotwifes are fucked incred­i­bly horny and copi­ous­ly insem­i­nat­ed. In addi­tion to mass creamp­ies, there are also always gush­ing scenes of a horny face bukkake, breast bukkake and pussy bukkake.

Facts and figures about the website

The web­site Sperma-Studio.com has been online since 2006. The con­tent runs on two servers, one in the USA, the oth­er in Germany.

The Sperm Stu­dio bears its name right­ly. The oper­a­tor does­n’t buy some videos togeth­er some­where and put them on his own web­site, but main­tains a stu­dio where he pro­duces the videos himself 

The cost of mem­ber­ship is struc­tured quite sim­ply. You pay for a 30-day sub­scrip­tion with auto­mat­ic renew­al: €24.90. If you want, the sub­scrip­tion is then renewed every addi­tion­al 30 days for 24.95 €.

All major cred­it cards are accept­ed as pay­ment meth­ods, as well as Pay­Pal, SEPA direct deb­it, instant bank trans­fer and oth­er options.

Test report: Review of the member area of spermastudio.com

Site structure, content and special features

Dur­ing my web­site test of Sperma-Studio.com I liked the sim­ple struc­ture of the mem­bers area. The design is suc­cess­ful in its col­ors black, red and white. Even though it is a Ger­man-lan­guage project, every­thing in the mem­ber area is also in Eng­lish. How­ev­er, you can quick­ly find your way around even with a sim­ple knowl­edge of school English.

Accord­ing to its own infor­ma­tion, Sper­mas­tu­dio has about 800 high-res­o­lu­tion sex videos avail­able for stream­ing and down­load­ing on its web­site. Since new ones are added all the time, there should be more than 1000 by now. So far, around 170 mod­els have already been fucked in the recordings 

Besides the videos and the pho­tos, there is an area where mem­bers can share and chat with each other 

The porn is above aver­age horny!!! As expect­ed, Sper­maS­tu­dio is all about taboo gang­bangs, plen­ty of creamp­ies and horny bukkake. In my test report, I can con­firm that the sperm in the movies just squirts.

The miraculous transformation of hotwifes during gangbang 

One, often two women are fucked by a horde of men. Tails drill into all holes at the same time and squirt sperm in pussy, ass­hole, mouth, face, hair, in short every­where. The name “Sperm Stu­dio” is there­fore ful­ly jus­ti­fied. Usu­al­ly it takes less than half an hour until the girls are cov­ered with cum.

The per­form­ers are both real, Ger­man ama­teur women and well-known porn stars. It’s insane to watch how most of the ama­teur hotwifes, after a quar­ter-hour set­tling-in peri­od, grad­u­al­ly become more and more lust­ful and final­ly fall into a kind of sex frenzy!!!!

Even ini­tial­ly quite timid girls become extreme­ly filthy and start to mess around with sperm, vio­lent­ly come to mul­ti­ple orgasms and enjoy cum kiss­es with oth­er women.

Most ejac­u­la­tions take place not in the pussy, but in the face (facials) and direct­ly in the mouth. Nev­er­the­less, a breath­tak­ing creampie occurs every time. Rarely there is also cum in the ass. The cam­era­man does an excel­lent job of stag­ing each cumshot and you can see each creampie and bukkake in great detail.

Advantages of the sex site

Sper­mas­tu­dio’s porn is some of the hottest I’ve ever seen 

The mod­els are just great. All types are rep­re­sent­ed, from the (ini­tial­ly) shy begin­ner to the expe­ri­enced porn actress. You will find blondes, black haired, Lati­nas, even some Ebonys and Asians. 

The lust of the horny women is real. They squirm and moan and can’t get enough cum. Add to that the very skimpy out­fits that many wear. There is not just naked fucked, but in wet­look leg­gings, sus­penders, overknees, the whole arse­nal of female seduction. 

If two women are fucked, they lick each oth­er’s over­flow­ing pussies and exchange cum kiss­es.

Disadvantages of the porn site

At this point of the review, I can only name three things that I noticed negatively. 

The first is the fact that there is no tri­al sub­scrip­tion or free tri­al access. 

Also, they could have tak­en the trou­ble to offer the texts in Ger­man as well.

The third is the dai­ly lim­it. The oper­a­tor does not allow stream­ing more than 10 videos per day. That’s about 10 — 15 GB of data volume.

Review Conclusion: Is spermastudio.com recommendable?

Sper­mas­tu­dio.com is one of the hottest porn stu­dios in Ger­man-speak­ing coun­tries. The porn con­tent and qual­i­ty are so good that a mem­ber­ship is def­i­nite­ly worth it. Hard­ly any porn label man­ages to stage the gang­bangs and insem­i­na­tions so incred­i­bly horny!

What I like most is that they are most­ly real ama­teurs. The porn stu­dio is con­stant­ly look­ing for male and female per­form­ers for its cur­rent pro­duc­tions. So you can be sure that the lust and pas­sion of the actors are real­ly real and unacted.

For every wife­shar­er and every cuck­old, PornoS­tu­dio’s incred­i­bly horny sex movies are a must. You can won­der­ful­ly put your­self in the posi­tion that it is your own wife or girl­friend who is fucked, insem­i­nat­ed and final­ly extreme­ly lib­er­at­ed by count­less men dur­ing the horny sex orgies.

But also hotwifes we rec­om­mend this porn. Even though some scenes are pret­ty rough, they pre­pare the woman men­tal­ly for what extreme plea­sure, what intense orgasms and what tremen­dous fun awaits the hotwife at such a gang­bang event.

So… All thumbs up for the inge­nious con­cept and the horny imple­men­ta­tion of the ganbangs.

Vis­it Sperma-Studio.com

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