Guide to Raising Your Husband to Be a Cuckold

If you are a woman and you are read­ing this right now, you will have already dealt with the issue of “sex with strangers” or “cuck­old­ing”. Most men nat­u­ral­ly react with jeal­ousy, sus­pi­cion and lack of under­stand­ing when a woman express­es such desires or fan­tasies. They do not accept a competitor!

Sex with strangers is one of the most pop­u­lar sex­u­al fan­tasies among women. Many ladies won­der how they can per­suade their man to open up to this top­ic, at least in their fan­tasies. Since men are dri­ve-dri­ven, it is not sooo dif­fi­cult for women to “edu­cate” the man in their minds to become a cuckold.

How a woman can edu­cate her life part­ner to a cuck­old, you will learn in this guide. We give you tips and tricks to imple­ment your plan. Do you have expe­ri­ences and opin­ions on the top­ic of male edu­ca­tion? Please take some time and write us via the com­ment field below this post.

Sex With Strangers Ghosts Around in Almost Every Head

All cuck­old cou­ples go through the first step: one of the two has to take the first step and say “it”. The top­ic of “sex with strangers” must first be care­ful­ly explored in a kind of sala­mi tactic.…

Very common gangbang fantasy with Hotwife and 2 Bulls
Very com­mon gang­bang fan­ta­sy with Hotwife and 2 Bulls

You can assume that your man has depraved fan­tasies that he has nev­er told you before. In all like­li­hood, they are also gang­bang fantasies.

Espe­cial­ly when it comes to a cock mas­sage, men are very talk­a­tive. Over the next few weeks, first find out what makes him horny.

Tell your man just before one of his orgasms that you have also already thought about swinger clubs. Then let him cum direct­ly. In the fol­low­ing days, try to care­ful­ly turn the con­ver­sa­tion more and more in the direc­tion of “part­ner swap­ping”. Moti­vate him to talk more, but always delay his orgasm a bit.

If you have man­aged to arouse his inter­est in hav­ing sex togeth­er out­side of mar­riage, you can cre­ate a com­mon fan­ta­sy world for your­selves. In this fan­ta­sy world, you can cuck­old your hus­band through fan­ta­sy alone, with­out ever hav­ing sex with anoth­er man. It can be almost as erot­ic for both of you as it is after­wards in realization.


Step 1: Inform Yourself and Learn a Lot About Cuckolding

If your man responds pos­i­tive­ly to part­ner swap­ping, you should first under­stand the psy­cho­log­i­cal rea­sons and the role of the penis in cuckolding.

Find out what makes men want to become a cuck­old in our oth­er guide texts. Lis­ten to what excites you so much about this top­ic. Edu­cate your­self and research this top­ic on Google and read some books about cuck­old­ing or hotwife topics.

Hotwife: Masturbation and learning while watching porn
Hotwife: Mas­tur­ba­tion and learn­ing while watch­ing porn

There are many books on Ama­zon, you can find eBooks on the inter­net, and there are even audio­books. Watch porn movies and porn pho­tos. Learn, mas­tur­bate and watch what makes you horny.

Have a dis­cus­sion with your hus­band about male com­pe­ti­tion. Edu­cate him about wom­en’s bio­log­i­cal desire to mate with mul­ti­ple part­ners. Tell him that the desire to have sex with strange men is a com­plete­ly nat­ur­al process, and draw par­al­lels with the ani­mal world.

Claim that most women have dirty sex in fan­ta­sy and they secret­ly mas­tur­bate or even cheat because of it.

But blame the sex­u­al desire on the pussies! Sure­ly you can’t help it that your pussy has such dirty thoughts, right? 😉 These con­ver­sa­tions are a huge kick for your future cuckold.

At first you will be sur­prised how fast your man will respond to your fan­tasies. He will be ready to “share” you in fan­ta­sy with strangers after only a few weeks. At first you should allow him to have sex with women.

When you cre­ate this fan­ta­sy world, you can bring in any­thing you like. The key is to bring in as many com­po­nents as pos­si­ble as often as pos­si­ble, so that your cuck­old will feel more and more desire to ful­fill your fan­tasies.

Stage 2: Gently Turn Your Husband Into a Cuckold Through “Rules”

Once you’ve man­aged to sow the first part­ner-swap­ping fan­tasies in your heads, you should swift­ly make sure that your hus­band knows that you cuck­old him. Oth­er­wise, he will slip too much into swinger or wife­shar­ing fantasies!

Empha­size that your sex­u­al rela­tion­ship will change and that you will not tol­er­ate cer­tain behav­iors of your hus­band from now on. You should define rules for this. Write them down and tell your man that he has to fol­low them from now on. Opti­mal rules for prospec­tive cuck­olds are:

  • From now on, mas­tur­bate togeth­er more often.
  • You or your con­sent are the only ones to cum. For exam­ple, dur­ing sex, blowjob, or penis mas­sage with oil.
  • You impose a strict ban on jerk­ing off for 3 or 4 days
  • Porn is watched togeth­er from now on.
  • The con­tent of the porn will often include cuck­old, wife­shar­ing and BBC movies.
  • You buy vibra­tors and dil­dos with which he must sat­is­fy you to orgasm.
  • Sperm will always be rubbed on your skin and left to dry from now on.
  • Kleenex, tis­sues and toi­let paper are for­bid­den from now on!
  • From now on both sleep with­out panties and underpants.
  • From now on you will be trained to ruin the male orgasm.
  • He has to lick your pussy more often when you attack it!
  • He must prac­tice lick­ing you to orgasm.
Slowly get husband accustomed to creampies
Slow­ly get hus­band accus­tomed to creampies

Your hus­band will enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly promise you the “blue of heaven”. 😉

Don’t go too far at the begin­ning by threat­en­ing him with pun­ish­ment. Rather deprive him more and more often the orgasm.

Teach him more and more that he has to work for orgasms, and that your new main goal is to ruin orgasms.

No longer accept that drops of desire, pre­cum (pre-ejac­u­late), and sperm are dis­posed of in trash cans or toi­lets after ejac­u­la­tion, but cel­e­brate the creampie with ten­der stroking and first, dis­creet sperm games on your skin.

The sub­mis­sive-dom­i­nant alter­na­tion on your part will cre­ate an extreme­ly inter­est­ing dynam­ic. Make sure that he feels more and more sex­u­al­ly submissive.

Com­plete­ly auto­mat­i­cal­ly you will increas­ing­ly be the more sex­u­al­ly dom­i­nant part­ner in your rela­tion­ship. But don’t be afraid: you will not lose your beloved part­ner mentally.

As soon as you man­age to cuck­old him sev­er­al times, he will focus more on the rela­tion­ship and become extreme­ly aware of your needs. 😉

Creampie Cathy

Stage 3: Train Your Rules & Sanction Violations

Now it’s time to tight­en the reins! The rules you cre­at­ed will be tight­ened and from now on pun­ished with the “sug­ar loaf and whip” prin­ci­ple. This does not mean that you should bul­ly him around. Cuck­olds are not wimps or losers! Tight­en your rules for exam­ple like this:

  • You decide from now on if, when and where to ejaculate.
  • Secret ejac­u­la­tion is strict­ly for­bid­den from now on!
  • Cum bans are imposed for 5, 7 or 14 days.
  • Creamp­ies are always licked clean after sex!
  • Porn increas­ing­ly includes lots of cocks, bisex, and creampie lick­ing clean.
  • He must endure nip­ple tor­ture as pun­ish­ment. (Wax, clamps, weights) 
  • Penis bondage is prac­ticed more often.
  • BDSM is prac­ticed more often.
  • Orgasm is always ruined 1–2 times before from now on.
  • Pussy is now thor­ough­ly licked out and licked off very often.
  • Used sex toys are now always licked clean.
  • Prostate games are announced.
Orgasm ruining as an educational measure
Orgasm ruin­ing as an edu­ca­tion­al measure

These praise and pun­ish­ment mea­sures will pro­vide an incred­i­ble jolt to your sexuality!

Sex will be fre­quent and alter­nat­ing again even after many years of mar­riage. Your sex­u­al hori­zons will now rapid­ly expand. You will also have to mas­tur­bate more and more often now.

Cuck­old­ing your hus­band can be one of the most reward­ing things you have ever done!

He will sat­is­fy every sex­u­al desire you have and be hap­py to do any­thing you want in or out of the bedroom.

And of course, despite pun­ish­ments, he will love you unconditionally.

Stage 4: Your Cuckold Has Accepted His Role

Noth­ing will excite your cuck­old more than sim­ply hear­ing you call him a cuck­old. It may seem strange, but it’s intox­i­cat­ing for him to hear you say it, show­ing your accep­tance of his reality.

The more you call him “my horny cuck­old”, “cuck”, “lick slave” or “plea­sure slave”, the bet­ter. And it does­n’t just have to be in the bed­room. Hear­ing you refer to him as a cuck­old in a nor­mal every­day con­ver­sa­tion will thrill him to no end.

He will real­ize that ruined orgasms are more to aim for, and real orgasms are to be saved. He will have a great­ly increased libido due to your orgasm con­trol.

Due to the per­ma­nent train­ing to clean up the pussy after insem­i­na­tion, he loves to lick your creampie clean. First fan­tasies for for­eign sperm arise, and also the readi­ness for prostate orgasms opens up.

Stage 5: Hotwife / Cuckold Dressing Room

Cuckold couple enjoy their BBC together
Cuck­old cou­ple enjoy their BBC together

Your cuck­old will see you as a hotwife or cuck­ol­dress by now. You turn him on super, so live this role. Go on a shop­ping spree and buy your­self some new sexy clothes and lin­gerie. Or even bet­ter, take your cuck­old with you and let him buy the stuff for you!

Dress provoca­tive­ly and sexy wher­ev­er you can. Not only dur­ing the day, but also at night. Throw away the sweat­pants and sweat­shirts and start wear­ing sexy night­wear or lin­gerie at night. To turn your fan­tasies of fuck­ing strange men into real­i­ty, you should build up some sta­mi­na. You can go to the gym or do sports at home.

Remem­ber, you want to send a sig­nal to your hus­band that you have changed. Once you start look­ing like a hotwife, you will become one. And when you do, not only your hus­band will notice, but oth­er men will too. And the result will be that your sex­u­al con­fi­dence will increase.

Step 6: The Anklet

Do you real­ly want to give your cuck­old the rest? Buy and wear an anklet. What it is For the ini­ti­at­ed, an anklet on the right ankle has become the uni­ver­sal sign of the hotwife. It can also mean that the woman is in a cuck­old relationship.

There are a vari­ety of pen­dants. They are called Hotwife Anklets, BBC Anklets, Queen Of Spade Anklets or Hotwife Charms.

It shows avail­abil­i­ty for sex with oth­er men and encour­ages these men to approach her even when she is with her husband.

You can wear an anklet when you go out with your girl­friends. Because not every woman who wears an anklet is aware of its sig­nif­i­cance, you can also tell any­one who asks that it is just jewelry.

But your hus­band, know­ing the mean­ing, will prob­a­bly start mas­tur­bat­ing after you leave the house for an evening with your girlfriends!

Stage 7: Constant Sexting and Triggering With Dildos, Photos and Porn

Cuck­olds love to be teased and sex­u­al­ly trig­gered, espe­cial­ly through text mes­sages. Be cre­ative and send text mes­sages about how wet you are, or that you are just think­ing about a cute guy, or a gang­bang with BBC bulls.

Whether you’re out with your girl­friends or he’s away on busi­ness, the imag­i­na­tion of his hotwife is extreme­ly fueled by short, sexy text mes­sages. Just be cre­ative. It means agony and ecsta­sy in one for the cuckold.

A pho­to of your wet pussy or soaked panties will dri­ve your hus­band crazy!

His Small Penis

All men put their penis in the cen­ter of atten­tion. If your cuck­old has a small or aver­age sized penis, you may still be sat­is­fied. You might even get sat­is­fied by his “lit­tle one” — But you should keep this lit­tle secret to yourself.

Hotwife orgasm by big BBC cock
Hotwife orgasm by big BBC cock

A hot but­ton is for a cuck when you start remind­ing him that he has a small penis.

If you haven’t said such things in the past, it will prob­a­bly make him intense­ly aware that you now accept that you need big­ger penis­es. This uncer­tain­ty is a great aphro­disi­ac for a cuckold.

No offense intend­ed, but you could even kind­ly explain to your man that he can’t keep up with “real men” down there, but that it’s not bad and won’t change your love and affec­tion for him.

At the same time, when­ev­er you see a big dick in videos, mag­a­zines or on the inter­net — don’t be shy to tell your cuck­old. If he hears you say some­thing like “Oh my God, that dick is huge”, “Look hon­ey, his dick is so much big­ger than yours”, that’s music to your cuck­old’s ears. If you don’t believe it, check out his stiff cock. Hard dicks don’t lie.

The Dildo Competitor

All the above writ­ten will excite your hus­band a lot. But to take it to the next lev­el, he needs (and wants) com­pe­ti­tion. If you’re not ready to take that next step — at least not yet — con­sid­er an imag­i­nary friend.

Hotwifes love thick dildos
Hotwifes love thick dildos

In the cuck­old world, the boyfriend is often referred to as a bull. You invent/create an imag­i­nary boyfriend by buy­ing a good dildo.

It should be sig­nif­i­cant­ly larg­er than your hus­band’s penis, and prefer­ably brown or black. Real­is­tic-look­ing dil­dos are per­fect because they rep­re­sent a com­peti­tor for your cuckold.

Your Favorite Dildo: Lover or Friend?

You should call your new toy a “lover” or a “friend”, or bet­ter yet you should give it a name. Call it “Nico” or what­ev­er you like.

Com­pare your boyfriend’s dick to your hus­band’s. It’s one thing when HE does it, but it has a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent effect when YOU do it. Don’t rush your­self in the process, “play” with your boyfriend.

Let your cuck­old watch you hold and work your boyfriend’s cock. Rub it between your breasts. Give him a long, slow blowjob. The image of your lips or hand around anoth­er cock, with the wed­ding ring vis­i­ble, is a very pow­er­ful image.

Thick dildos also fit easily inside any woman and stimulate areas where the normal penis can't reach.
Thick dil­dos also fit eas­i­ly inside any woman and stim­u­late areas where the nor­mal penis can’t reach.

When you decide it’s time to be fucked by your boyfriend, take your time and enjoy a hard dil­do fuck in front of him. Make long, slow and deep thrusts at the beginning.

Your cuck­old will love watch­ing the show. If he usu­al­ly comes quick­ly, it will turn him on to watch you for a longer time. If you are capa­ble of it, then cli­max or have mul­ti­ple cli­max­es. A vibra­tor on the cli­toris is very help­ful to come to orgasm. This will give the kick in it. Just sat­is­fy your­self and have fun.

Sur­prise your cuck­old in the evening spon­ta­neous­ly and often get your boyfriend out from under the pil­low and say some­thing like: “Hon­ey, I real­ly need Nico’s cock now! You don’t mind, do you?” When you’re done, make sure to describe the expe­ri­ence with glee. “The feel­ing of being tak­en so deep is incred­i­ble,” or “Oh my God, he’s reach­ing places in me that you’re just not capa­ble of reach­ing and it feels amazing.”

Incredibly violent orgasms are guaranteed with XXL dildos
Incred­i­bly vio­lent orgasms are guar­an­teed with XXL dildos

After your boyfriend has sat­is­fied you, and you would still like to have sex with your cuck­old, chal­lenge him. “I real­ly want your sweet penis now, but can you keep up with Nico’s big cock?”

Be pre­pared for him to fuck you with an inten­si­ty and ecsta­sy you’ve rarely expe­ri­enced. Just be cre­ative, play with his mind and you’ll make him end­less­ly horny and float him to cuck­old heaven.

Anoth­er play­ful sto­ry is pos­si­bly send­ing your cuck­old a text that says some­thing like, “I’m think­ing about Nico and I’m so wet” or if he’s on a busi­ness trip, send him a text mes­sage that says some­thing like, “I for­got how big Nico was”.

This implies that you just got spoiled by your stud boyfriend. Your cuck­old will prob­a­bly cum on himself!

Have Cuckold Pictures Collected on the Internet

An extreme­ly effec­tive way to con­di­tion your man’s brain is to look at porn pho­tos. This does not mean porn videos. Erot­ic pic­tures, small ani­ma­tions or col­lages (called cap­tions) stim­u­late the imag­i­na­tion enor­mous­ly. Your man will inevitably engage with the “snap­shot” of the photo.

Every now and then give your part­ner the task to col­lect e.g. 30 very horny cuck­old pho­tos or big black cock images and show­ing them to you. Let him also col­lect peg­ging, orgasm ruin, cum­food, creampie, and creampie cleanup pho­tos to keep him busy with pussy cleanup after sex and oral cum contact.

Praise him for the great pho­tos and mas­tur­bate in front of them in his pres­ence!!! You can thus con­trol his sex­u­al devel­op­ment notice­ably and high­ly effectively.


After a few months, you have done it! Your man will devel­op fan­tasies to share you with strange men! And more and more you will feel the desire to let your fan­tasies become “deeds”. When it is so far, your gut feel­ing will tell you.

Stay on the ball and don’t let up to trig­ger him per­ma­nent­ly with porn, sex pho­tos, dirty talks, pussy juice and cum. Prac­tice ruin­ing his orgasm with him and teach him to swal­low his own cum. Live and love the fantasies!

Slutwife Trainig

Conclusion: Create a Shared Cuckold Fantasy World

In real­i­ty, cuck­old­ing is not for every man, but an incred­i­ble num­ber of men get excit­ed about the fan­ta­sy of mak­ing their wives avail­able to oth­er men for sex.

Cuckold watches his happy wife fucking her bull.
Hap­py wife, hap­py life! Cuck­old watch­es his com­plete­ly hap­py wife fuck­ing her bull.

To “edu­cate” a clas­sic hus­band to become a cuck­old requires good com­mu­ni­ca­tion, a strong rela­tion­ship, a cer­tain dominance.

But espe­cial­ly the will­ing­ness to throw over­board the pre­vi­ous bor­ing rou­tine vanil­la sex life and replace it with a much more erot­ic, intense and excit­ing relationship.

There are many cou­ples who live out their cuck­old thoughts only in fan­ta­sy. Cre­at­ing a fan­ta­sy world is a safe mid­dle ground that allows the cou­ple — to live this lifestyle with­out com­pli­cat­ing their every­day life.

If you want to take it a step fur­ther togeth­er, get inspired in our Cuck­old Guide.

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