Easily Train Away Nipple Hypersensitivity Through Nipple Games

Most women like gen­tle nip­ple play. Due to the many nerve end­ings in the nip­ple tis­sue and are­o­la, light­ly pulling and screw­ing, rub­bing back and forth, stroking, cir­cling and rhyth­mi­cal­ly tap­ping with fin­ger­tips feels very pleas­ant. The eroge­nous zones have a direct nerve path­way to the female plea­sure center.

Although inflict­ing pain through stronger pres­sure or trac­tion or even light strokes is not pleas­ing to every woman, this nip­ple stim­u­la­tion trig­gers very strong feel­ings of plea­sure in a sur­pris­ing num­ber of women 

How­ev­er, expe­ri­ence shows that unfor­tu­nate­ly, only a few women come up with the idea of play­ing with their nip­ples a lit­tle hard­er on their own. Most of the time, a more dom­i­nant man has to con­front the woman with such types of play “again and again” with a lit­tle per­sis­tence. Once the woman gets used to suck­ers, clamps, clamps, most of these women find such sex toys so horny that they start exper­i­ment­ing with them themselves.

Prepa­ra­tion for a gang­bang with sev­er­al lovers also includes nip­ple train­ing. We rec­om­mend you to train the mam­mil­las at the same time with a pussy train­ing and a cli­toris train­ing.

In this guide, we’ll give you tips on how and why to do nip­ple play. You’ll learn prac­ti­cal tips on which nip­ple toys are espe­cial­ly rec­om­mend­ed for women. You can share your per­son­al expe­ri­ences, opin­ions and sug­ges­tions with us below this post.


Why Are Nipple Games a Good Preparation for Hotwifes?

The major­i­ty of hotwifes are not sat­is­fied with one lover or bull in the long run. They want to fuck with sev­er­al studs at the same time. How­ev­er, such a gang­bang puts the lovers into a kind of sex­u­al fren­zy. The lust blocks their ratio­nal think­ing and their actions are con­trolled by instincts 

There­fore, they deal with the hotwife any­thing but squea­mish. She is not only fucked hard, also her tits and nip­ples are treat­ed rough­ly. These are pulled in length, pinched, twist­ed or beaten 

Through reg­u­lar nip­ple train­ing, the hotwife hard­ens her­self and avoids a lot of the pain. To pre­vent pain, every cuck­old­dress should hard­en her nip­ples on her own.

During a gangbang the Bulls are not squeamish with nipples! Previous training is the be-all and end-all!
Dur­ing a gang­bang the Bulls are not squea­mish with nip­ples! Pre­vi­ous train­ing is the be-all and end-all!

How Can Nipples Be Played With?

Light to mod­er­ate pain from nip­ple stim­u­la­tion gives many women great plea­sure. How­ev­er, the tran­si­tion to strong nip­ple pain is flu­id and it is even pos­si­ble to trig­ger an orgasm!

Since mam­mil­las can pro­trude and erect, there are very many ways to play with and stim­u­late them. The best “tools” for nip­ple play are the fin­gers. They are very sen­si­tive and can gen­tly caress and light­ly or rough­ly grasp as need­ed. How­ev­er, there is still a whole range of sex toys. This is excel­lent for horny nip­ple games:

Nipple clamps with a wide bearing surface and cover caps are perfect for nipple stimulation
Nip­ple clamps with a wide bear­ing sur­face and cov­er caps are per­fect for nip­ple stimulation
  • Tweez­er clamps
  • Clamps
  • Wood­en clothespins
  • Weights
  • Mag­net­ic clamps with neodymi­um magnets
  • Screw clamps
  • elec­tric vibrat­ing sex toys
  • man­u­al suck­ing sex toys
  • elec­tric suck­ing sex toys
  • Elec­tro­sex / stim­u­la­tion cur­rent / elec­tro stimulation
  • Cold spray
  • Flog­ger or pad­dle, whips
  • Plas­tic or wood­en ruler
  • Can­dle wax
  • thin laces
  • small rub­ber bands
  • Cup­ping glass­es / plas­tic cup­ping cylinders
  • Pack­age-laces

The 10 Best Ideas for Nipple Games

Manual Nipple Suckers: The Perfect Way to Get Started

Man­u­al nip­ple suck­ers can be used for both nip­ples play and cli­toral stim­u­la­tion. The prin­ci­ple of oper­a­tion is sim­i­lar to that of a penis pump. A cylin­der open at the bot­tom is placed over the nip­ple and the air is sucked out by a bal­loon-like hand pump. The neg­a­tive pres­sure caus­es the nip­ples to straight­en, become hard and fill with blood.

The elon­ga­tion of the nip­ples by means of vac­u­um is very pleas­ant and most­ly pain­less, which makes it pos­si­ble to use man­u­al nip­ple suck­ers for sev­er­al hours with­out any problems.

There are the nip­ple suck­ers in dif­fer­ent ver­sions. In addi­tion to the mod­els by hand pump / a pump bal­loon, there are oth­er prod­ucts that cre­ate the vac­u­um by a mem­brane, which is pulled up by means of a screw move­ment. Nip­ple shaper for a mam­mil­la train­ing before breast­feed­ing and invert­ed nip­ple suc­tion cor­rec­tors are also perfect.

Electronic Nipple Suckers: For Advanced Nipple Play

If inter­val suck­ing is desired, as with a milk­ing pump, elec­tron­ic nip­ple suck­ers are suit­able. There are also elec­tric nip­ple pumps that suck with a con­tin­u­ous vacuum.

In elec­tric vac­u­um pumps, the vac­u­um is gen­er­at­ed by a small motor. The advan­tage is that the strength of the neg­a­tive pres­sure is adjustable. Elec­tric pumps with rhyth­mic inter­vals are incred­i­bly pleas­ant and effec­tive. Usu­al­ly, a hose sev­er­al meters long is con­nect­ed to the pump unit, to which two short hoses with nip­ple cylin­ders are attached via a Y‑adapter

Also rec­om­mend­able are pur­pose-built devices from the man­u­fac­tur­ers Sat­is­fy­er, Wom­an­iz­er, and Sona. These elec­tric vac­u­um pumps are spe­cial­ly designed for cli­toral stim­u­la­tion and trig­ger an intense cli­toral orgasm with­in a few sec­onds: Wom­an­iz­er vs. Sat­is­fy­er vs. Sona. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, how­ev­er, these devices must always be held in place.

The giant nip­ples sucked for sev­er­al hours can then be played with and pam­pered using oth­er meth­ods (clamps, clamps, strings, rub­ber bands, weights).

Big nipples after 60 minutes of training with nipple sucker
Big nip­ples after 60 min­utes of train­ing with nip­ple sucker

Ice Cubes: Nipples Love Cold Stimuli

Ice cubes are very pop­u­lar for nip­ple games and oth­er pur­pos­es. They are easy to use, rel­a­tive­ly harm­less, and avail­able in every house­hold. The cold stim­u­lus from the ice cubes caus­es the nip­ple mus­cles to con­tract. The nip­ples become hard and straight­en up. This makes them ready for the fol­low­ing nip­ple games.

It is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed for cuck­old cou­ples to use two to three sperm ice cubes or home­made cum­si­cle / cum pop­si­cle. The cuck must lick the sperm ice cream clean after thawing.

Nipple Clamps, Clothespins, Hair Clips, Clamp Clothes Hanger: Just Perfect for Nipple Play

Nipple clamps
Nip­ple clamps

Nip­ple clamps are the clas­sics for nip­ple stimulation 

In all BDSM and erot­ic online stores, there is an incred­i­bly wide assort­ment avail­able in a vari­ety of sizes and designs 

Qual­i­ty prod­ucts can be rec­og­nized by their wide con­tact sur­face, a rub­ber coat­ing and an adjust­ment screw. Their advan­tage is that they are bear­able to wear and are a bit more ten­sile. They do not fall off so easily.

Nip­ple clamps with an adjust­ment screw are espe­cial­ly rec­om­mend­ed for begin­ners. They are con­sid­er­ably more com­fort­able and also last longer.

Clothespins are ideal for nipple play, but should be made of wood
Clothes­pins are ide­al for nip­ple play but should be made of wood

Hard­core nip­ple lovers should buy Chi­nese but­ter­fly clamps (clover clamps) or bind­ing clamps (fold­back clamps). You can’t stand them for long, but the pain is inde­scrib­ably awesome.

But you can also impro­vise and use, for exam­ple, clothes­pins made of wood, hair clips, or bob­by pins 

Wood­en clothes­pins are very pop­u­lar in the BDSM scene. They have the advan­tage that they do not slip off so easily.

Before using clothes­pins, you need to make sure that the con­tact pres­sure is not too tight the clamp. Most­ly, the springs are flex­i­ble, and you should loosen them a bit so that there is a gap of three to five millimeters.

Very Cool: Clothes Hanger From MAWA

By the way, high­ly rec­om­mend­ed for nip­ple play are the clothes hang­ers, under­wear hang­ers, trouser hang­ers, and boot clips from MAWA, which every­one has seen in depart­ment stores 

They have anti-slip, sheathed pro­tec­tive caps and are used in very many BDSM stu­dios and BDSM porn. High­ly rec­om­mend­ed for horny BDSM games 

  • 1.) MAWA K2 — Sin­gle Clamp Clip K2, met­al clamp with small hook
  • 2.) MAWA K3 — sin­gle clamp clip K3, met­al clamp with big hook
  • 3.) MAWA Poly Clip, uni­ver­sal clip for pulling through cords
  • 4.) MAWA K30/D — clip hold­er, 30 cm long bar, with slid­ing clips
  • 5.) MAWA K11/D — Clamp-hold­er, 12 cm long bar, with slid­ing clamps (for labia)
Amateur hotwife enjoys the incredibly horny pain while her girlfriend tortures her nipples with adjustable pants hanger / clothes hanger.
Ama­teur hotwife enjoys the incred­i­bly horny pain while her girl­friend tor­tures her nip­ples with adjustable pants hang­er / clothes hanger.

Adjustable Nipple Clamps (Tweezer Clamps): Good Pressure Control

Often con­fused and yet not the same thing are so-called “nip­ple clamps”, they are also called tweez­er clamps. They are tweez­er-shaped toys over which a met­al ring is slid.

The two legs there­by clamp the nip­ple more and more. The advan­tage is that the pres­sure of these nip­ple clamps can be very fine­ly adjust­ed. Nip­ple clamps can be worn con­sid­er­ably longer than clamps and are per­fect for nip­ple training.

If you take two Chi­nese chop­sticks and tie rub­ber bands to both sides, you can also make your own nip­ple clamps.

Perfect for nipple training: adjustable nipple clamps: Highly efficient and can be worn for a long time
Per­fect for nip­ple train­ing: adjustable nip­ple clamps: High­ly effi­cient and can be worn for a long time

Nipple Weights: Pure Pleasure for Professionals and Nipple Pain Connoisseurs

These prod­ucts are use­ful acces­sories for nip­ple play with clamps and clamps. How­ev­er, the nip­ples get used to the applied clamps very quick­ly, so the pain and thus the plea­sure diminishes.

Trouser clamps from MAWA are very resilient and enormously slip-resistant.
Trouser clamps from MAWA are very resilient and enor­mous­ly slip-resistant.

To can­cel out the habit­u­a­tion effect, the use of nip­ple weights is rec­om­mend­ed for opti­mal nip­ple play.

Many clamps are pro­vid­ed with hooks for attach­ing the nip­ple weights. The weights are avail­able in dif­fer­ent sizes. Up to 100 g, most women find nip­ple weights plea­sur­able. From 200 g the weights become a chal­lenge and from 300 g the nip­ple weights hurt a lot.

The essen­tials are good, non-slip clamps with a wide con­tact sur­face and a rub­ber coat­ing. Good tips are clothes hang­ers and boot clamps from MAWA. The con­tact pres­sure is absolute­ly endurable and hard­ly any nip­ple clamp is so slip-resistant.

Nipple Bondage With Cords, Rubber Rings, and Fishing Line

This form of nip­ple train­ing con­sists of a com­bi­na­tion of nip­ple suc­tion and bondage. First of all, the nip­ples are enlarged by a suc­tion device 

The extreme­ly enlarged nip­ples are then held firm­ly in place with fish­ing line, string or rub­ber rings so that they can­not retract. They are then avail­able for fur­ther nip­ple play. Fixed nip­ples not only look very horny, but also feel extreme­ly horny.

Nipple Spanking: Painful but Extremely Horny

Not only in the BDSM field, the pain effect of slap­ping a wide object on the skin is per­ceived as very horny. Nip­ple spank­ing involves hit­ting the sen­si­tive nip­ples with a spe­cial flog­ger or pad­dle, a whip or even a ruler 

How­ev­er, nip­ple spank­ing requires tact and good com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the woman. She must say imme­di­ate­ly if the pain becomes unbearable.

In prac­tice, it has proven best when light, quick strokes are alter­nat­ed with stronger strokes. Nip­ple spank­ing extreme­ly stim­u­lates blood flow to the nip­ples. This makes them more sen­si­tive and caus­es very strong plea­sure. Some women even reach orgasm with it.

Candle Wax: Hot, but Indescribably Horny!

The effect of can­dle wax dur­ing nip­ple spank­ing is sim­i­lar to that of nip­ple spank­ing. When the hot wax drips on the nip­ples, it trig­gers a strong pain. The nip­ples get more blood flow. Along with the pain, this stim­u­lates plea­sure. The orgasm inten­si­ty can be increased enormously.

You should make sure that you buy either can­dles made of veg­etable oil (also called com­po­si­tion oil light, com­po oil light, grave can­dles, com­po­si­tion oil light) or mas­sage can­dles with low melt­ing point. Advanced users choose white, clas­sic house­hold can­dles. Only pro­fes­sion­als should buy col­ored can­dles. You should keep your hands off beeswax candles.

Cosmetic Brush or Bird Feather: For a Tingling Goose Bump Feeling

A large bird feath­er or a cos­met­ic brush are suit­able for nip­ple stim­u­la­tion are suit­able for gen­tle nip­ple train­ing and foreplay 

They cre­ate nice goose­bumps and stiff nip­ples. When the nip­ples have grown nice and big, you can stim­u­late them with more toys.

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Cold Spray / Ice Spray: Horny, but Please With Caution!

Cold spray is rather known in the sports area against sports injuries. It is used in the BDSM area to make nip­ples stiff.

Be extreme­ly care­ful when play­ing with ice spray that you do not cre­ate any tis­sue injuries.

Electrosex / Electrical Stimulation / Electro Stimulation: Freehand Nipple Stimulation

Elec­tros­tim­u­la­tion is also called stim­u­la­tion cur­rent or elec­tro­sex. By means of a small bat­tery-pow­ered stim­u­la­tion cur­rent device (e.g. the myS­tim Ten­sion Lover), cur­rent puls­es are deliv­ered to adhe­sive elec­tro des or nip­ple elec­trodes.

Nip­ples erect stiffly at the cur­rent flow and find the stim­u­la­tion very plea­sur­able. Tap­ping, swelling and throb­bing inter­vals of mild or painful inten­si­ty can usu­al­ly be set.

Be care­ful not to let the cur­rent flow from nip­ple to nip­ple, but to leave the + and — pole direct­ly on a nipple. 

What Does the Cuckold Get Out of Nipple Play?

Hotwife proudly presents her nipple clamps to her Bull
Hotwife proud­ly presents her nip­ple clamps to her Bull

The cuck­old should assist his hotwife in pussy train­ing and nip­ple train­ing. The woman should also be sure to involve the cuck in nip­ple play.

First and fore­most, it is incred­i­bly plea­sur­able for the cuck when his wife enjoys his “treat­ment”. He usu­al­ly feels right along and enjoys the pain of his Cuck­ol­dress mentally.

When anoth­er per­son puts nip­ple suck­ers or nip­ple clamps on the wom­an’s nip­ples, it’s a con­sid­er­ably more intense feel­ing than doing it him­self. The cuck active­ly encour­ages his hotwife, moti­vat­ing the woman to enjoy her pain a few sec­onds longer until he reduces the intensity.

Since the hotwife gets horny from the nip­ple train­ing, the cuck­old has to sat­is­fy her by stim­u­lat­ing her vagi­na and clitoris.

At this point, we would like to point out that the cuck­old may also find nip­ple stim­u­la­tion dur­ing an edg­ing ses­sion quite horny as well.

Cuckolds find nipple play extremely stimulating. They should inseminate the battered nipples horny or decorate them with precum.
Cuck­olds find nip­ple play extreme­ly stim­u­lat­ing. They should insem­i­nate the bat­tered nip­ples horny or dec­o­rate them with precum.

Weight Loss Pain: A Pure Pleasure of Pain!

The decrease pain is a painful and at the same time incred­i­bly plea­sur­able feel­ing when, for exam­ple, nip­ple clamps are opened or plucked off with a jerk.

It is dif­fi­cult for out­siders to under­stand, but this jerky pain is so horny and intense that the pussy becomes extreme­ly wet.


Conclusion: Nipple Games / Nipple Games — Pleasure and Pain at the Same Time

Nipple weights provide a pleasant pull of the nipple clamps
Nip­ple weights pro­vide a pleas­ant pull of the nip­ple clamps

Reg­u­lar nip­ple train­ing with gen­tle or even chal­leng­ing toys not only serves to hard­en the hotwife, but also notice­ably increase her horniness.

If the nip­ples are stim­u­lat­ed in the right way, quite a few women enjoy their plea­sure-pain to the point of orgasm 

Accord­ing to sur­veys, strong­ly increas­ing­ly more and more men also enjoy nip­ple stim­u­la­tion. Espe­cial­ly in the wife­shar­ing and cuck­old­ing area it is the nip­ple tor­ture pop­u­lar prac­tice. In BDSM / Fem­Dom games, men’s nip­ples have not been spared for a long time.

Very pleas­ant and wear­able for hours are nip­ple suck­ers and tweez­er-like nip­ple clamps. Nip­ple clamps and nip­ple clamps pro­vide mild to severe pain, depend­ing on the inten­si­ty. Weights inten­si­fy the sensation.

Nipple games allow strong pleasure, pure pleasure and horny pain at the same time
A roller coast­er of feel­ings: Nip­ple games allow strong plea­sure, pure plea­sure and horny pain at the same time

Big played nip­ples can sub­se­quent­ly be pam­pered with nip­ple bondage (cords, rub­ber bands) or spank­ing (ruler, pad­dle, flog­ger), ice and wax.

How­ev­er, it depends on the right mix of plea­sure and pain. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion between part­ners is as impor­tant as reg­u­lar practice 

We advise you to do this sev­er­al times a week with nip­ple suck­ers and small rub­ber rings while watch­ing TV and train­ing with huge dil­dos and cli­toris train­ing.

Nip­ple games ensure on the one hand that they are no longer so sen­si­tive and at the same time that stronger stim­u­la­tion feels very horny.

Your goal should be that the hotwife devel­ops so much fun with nip­ple games that one day you can’t imag­ine your love­mak­ing with­out them.

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