How to Milk Prostate Massage and Penis?

Prob­a­bly every man and woman has heard at some point that the man has a prostate and that it can be stimulated.

How­ev­er, most straight men put this top­ic in the “gay” draw­er and nev­er deal with it again. But if a man gets involved in this kind of sex­u­al play, he expe­ri­ences such incred­i­ble feel­ings and orgasms — as he has nev­er expe­ri­enced them in his entire life.

In cuck­old rela­tion­ships, many hotwifes milk the Cuck­’s prostate reg­u­lar­ly and ruin his orgasms with plea­sure ruined.

Prostate massage
Prostate mas­sage

In this guide, we will explain to you in detail what a prostate mas­sage is, how to per­form it, and how it feels.

How to Perform a Prostate Massage?

First of all, of course, you need to know how to find the prostate gland. The prostate gland, also called the prostate and mil­lion dol­lar spot, is a chest­nut-sized, ball-like sex­u­al organ.

The prostate is where ejac­u­late is formed, and sperm (semen) from the scro­tum is added to it dur­ing a cum orgasm.

You can feel the prostate gland of your cuck­old by run­ning your fin­ger into his anus and mak­ing a slight bend of your fin­ger towards the tes­ti­cles. The man will notice it when you stroke it.


Step 1: Preparations

The most impor­tant and at the same time the most unpleas­ant thing before your “cum con­trol / edg­ing — game” is the pre­vi­ous emp­ty­ing of the anus. An anal show­er that you con­nect to the faucet is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed. The cuck­old puts on dis­pos­able gloves and takes 15 min­utes for cleaning.

The hotwife pre­pares two black tow­els, anal lubri­cant gel, dis­pos­able gloves and the desired anal sex toys.

Agrees on the traf­fic light sys­tem: red = stop!, yel­low = cau­tion!, green = every­thing ok! Also deter­mines whether, in the next one to two hours, the orgasms should always be ruined or whether the cum should not leak out until the final orgasm.

Stage 2: Slow Pre-stretching With One Finger

Prostate milking: Prostata abmelken
Prostate milk­ing: milk­ing the prostate gland

Put on the latex gloves and use lots and lots and lots of lube. Start by insert­ing your pinky or mid­dle finger.

You’ll need to pierce two rings of muscle.

Feel the spher­i­cal prostate and cir­cle it with dif­fer­ent pres­sure. Watch your hus­band’s face.

Take your time if the ass is still untrained. Leave it rather with a pos­i­tive expe­ri­ence with a fin­ger, instead of pro­vid­ing for a neg­a­tive experience!

Tip: If the man does not know the feel­ing yet, he may not find it so pleas­ant the first few times. How­ev­er, keep at it and repeat the prostate mas­sage again and again. He will learn the feel­ing of which mus­cles to relax.

Stage 3: Careful Insertion of an Anal Dildo / Anal Vibrator

If your cuck­old responds well to your prostate mas­sage, you can try insert­ing an anal dil­do. An anal toy is less stren­u­ous for the woman. If you notice that your cuck­old is not ready yet, it is bet­ter to use the fin­ger again.

Start mak­ing slow­ly increas­ing fuck­ing move­ments with the dil­do, or anal vibra­tor. The stim­u­la­tion is incred­i­bly intense for the man. There­fore, fuck only in bursts of 10 and take a short break. Accel­er­ate the pace grad­u­al­ly to the max­i­mum speed — as fast as you can.

Always pay atten­tion to the glans! Catch pre­cum with a spoon, a shot glass, a sperm plate, or your mouth, and don’t waste a drop of the sweet, horny pre-cum.

Prostatasex mit Anal- Dildo
Prostate sex with anal dildo

Step 4: Jerking off Your Cock Brutally Fast

Don’t dis­tract him with ques­tions or con­ver­sa­tions, just let him enjoy. Take his penis and start jerk­ing it big.

As your cuck enjoys the anal stim­u­la­tion, his scro­tum will pull tighter and tighter against his body so that his balls seem to dis­ap­pear inside his body. His hips will start to make invol­un­tary move­ments, and he’ll be purring soft­ly to him­self. His nip­ples will stand up.

It’s time to give the prostate a short break and work on the cock. Again, you should give him salvos of 10 or 15 jerks. In the jerk-off breaks, you fuck the ass again, or fin­ger the prostate.

It can hap­pen that your Cuck starts to rave, moan loud­ly, swear and scream. Enjoy the sight and watch care­ful­ly that your cuck­old does not come to orgasm!

Prostata abmelken mit Vibrator
Milk­ing prostate with vibrator

Stage 5: Blowjob and Prostate Massage

Blowjob bei Prostata Massage
Blowjob with prostate massage

When his ass is fucked horny a dil­do, his cock is extreme­ly hard. You can bold­ly touch the penis a lit­tle more rough­ly and bend it in your direction.

The angle is per­fect to stim­u­late his prostate and blow the con­sid­er­able cock. You’ll love the vein­ing, the glans hard­ness and the taste of the pre­cum ooz­ing out. It’s fun to jerk off that mas­sive penis.

It won’t take long, and your man will orgasm. You have a choice: do you make him come or ruin his orgasm!? Both have their appeal!

If you let him come, he will squirt all the hot sperm into your mouth. The feel­ing is incredible!

Let the anal dil­do stuck and crawl quick­ly to his face and spit in a long thread, every­thing direct­ly into his mouth! For­bid him with the words “Do not swal­low!” that he swal­lows the cum. He must be trained instead to get used to the cum taste per­ma­nent­ly and over and over again. After all, he should be able to absorb for­eign sperm one day, right? 😉 Fuck the ass some more and suck the cock emp­ty. After­ward, take plen­ty of time for horny cum kiss­ing, snow­balling, and cum games.

Prostate milk­ing femdom

If you want to ruin the orgasm, pro­ceed as follows:

Step 6: Ruin the Orgasm at Least Three Times

As writ­ten in the post Ruin­ing Orgasm, the cuck­old suf­fers a feel­ing of incom­pre­hen­si­ble pain, incom­pre­hen­si­ble plea­sure, and extreme frus­tra­tion when his cli­max is abort­ed. The sight of the man suf­fer­ing makes every woman extreme­ly horny! 😉

The tech­nique is sim­ple: If the Cuck says the agreed word “red” or you observe an incip­i­ent orgasm, you IMMEDIATELY take your hands and your lips away from the cock. The anal dil­do can remain stuck, but must not be moved anymore.

IMMEDIATELY place a bowl or a sperm plate under the wild­ly twitch­ing and quiv­er­ing penis. Con­sid­er­able amounts of very sweet and tasty pre­cum and sperm will run out.

For the first three rounds you should put a plate under­neath. From round 4 on, a shot glass will suffice.

Stage 7: The Prostate Orgasm

A very, very, very bla­tant method to dri­ve a man crazy is the prostate orgasm! Here, the edg­ing is done for at least an hour. How­ev­er, a loss of pre­cum should be avoid­ed in the process.

After an hour of “jerk­ing off at the absolute lim­it”, the cock is stim­u­lat­ed with ten jerk­ing move­ments, and alter­nate­ly the prostate is stim­u­lat­ed with ten strong fin­ger movements.

Analer Orgasmus durch Penis - Edging
Anal orgasm by penis — Edging

So, the woman jerks the cock, ten times. She IMMEDIATELY takes her hand away, and when he starts to twitch, she fin­gers the prostate very hard ten times!

The penis is com­plete­ly out of con­trol and moves uncon­trol­lably. A lit­tle bit of sperm squirts con­stant­ly from the very hard cock.

Sets then final­ly his longed for, orgasm, fin­gers the woman hard on! The guy will go crazy with lust. “Unfor­tu­nate­ly”, there is no more cum to squirt. The dry orgasm inten­si­fies the cli­max again enormously.

Dou­ble Cumshot by Hand­job Edg­ing (prostate milking)

Helpful Sex Toys: Nexus and Aneros Anal Plugs

If you are inter­est­ed in prostate stim­u­la­tion, we would like to intro­duce you to two extreme­ly horny prostate plug brands. They are called NEXUS and ANEROS.

Aneros Helix Prostata Massager
Aneros Helix Prostate Massager

The plugs can be insert­ed for exam­ple while edg­ing togeth­er with your part­ner or alone, and stim­u­late the prostate mas­sive­ly with every mus­cle move­ment. The orgasm is incred­i­bly intense, and it squirts a lot of sperm.

Our Personal Prostate Toy TOP5:


Bottom Line: Prostate Stimulation Is a Killer Experience for Both Men and Women!

Cou­ples who engage in “prostate mas­sage” open a door to a whole new world of feel­ings for the guy, with vio­lent goose­bumps and gigan­tic orgasms.

Prostata Massage
Prostate Mas­sage

But also, the per­form­ing woman has some­thing from it. The vio­lent emo­tion­al out­bursts, the beg­ging, and the loud moan­ing of the man makes her real­ly horny. She is real­ly excit­ed, cheers the man on with dirty talk, and tries real­ly hard to dri­ve her man even crazier.

With to the top­ic prostate mas­sage also belongs tease & denial and orgasm ruin­ing. The cock mas­sage should last at least an hour and every orgasm must be ruined (abort­ed)! That is why it is called orgasm con­trol.

In the Eng­lish lan­guage, prostate mas­sage is also called “prostate play”, “milk­ing”, “cock milk­ing”, or penis milk­ing”. In ruined orgasm, prostate secre­tion runs or squirts from the penis. It is sweet and tastes pleasant.

Additional Sources:

Three times orgasm ruined with fin­ger in ass

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